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Heath Bell says he's patiently waiting to get his job back

HOUSTON -- Since blowing his fourth save of the season last Friday in San Diego, former closer Heath Bell has been relatively quiet in the Marlins clubhouse. 

"I've been watching a great team play baseball and go out and kick some butt," Bell said before Wednesday's game in Houston.

With starting pitchers going deep into games there hasn't been much opportunity for the bullpen to see action. Guillen said he's wanted to use Bell in the sixth or seventh inning -- or even in the ninth if the Marlins have a cushion -- before getting Bell back into the closer's role. 

So far, though, Bell has just been a spectator.

"I'm going to pitch when Ozzie tells me to pitch. Plain and simple. He's the manager. He's going to put me in when he thinks its time for me to come in. And I'm okay with that," Bell sid. "But I want my job back.

"... If he pitches me the first inning, second inning, ninth inning, it doesn't matter. When Ozzie puts me out there to pitch I'm going to go out there and shove it up whoever I'm facing. That's pretty much it."

Pitching coach Randy St. Claire said Bell, like struggling starter Josh Johnson, is simply pressing.

"I don't think it's so much of a confidence thing," St. Claire said Wednesday. "I don't think Albert Pujols lost his confidence. I don't think Jose Reyes has lost his confidence. I just think [Johnson and Bell] want to do well so bad -- because they're so used to doing well -- that the pressure of wanting to do well is getting to them and they're not letting it happen.

"When you do things and try to create things that's when issues start happening. I think they'll be fine."