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Heath Bell says he's patiently waiting to get his job back

HOUSTON -- Since blowing his fourth save of the season last Friday in San Diego, former closer Heath Bell has been relatively quiet in the Marlins clubhouse. 

"I've been watching a great team play baseball and go out and kick some butt," Bell said before Wednesday's game in Houston.

With starting pitchers going deep into games there hasn't been much opportunity for the bullpen to see action. Guillen said he's wanted to use Bell in the sixth or seventh inning -- or even in the ninth if the Marlins have a cushion -- before getting Bell back into the closer's role. 

So far, though, Bell has just been a spectator.

"I'm going to pitch when Ozzie tells me to pitch. Plain and simple. He's the manager. He's going to put me in when he thinks its time for me to come in. And I'm okay with that," Bell sid. "But I want my job back.

"... If he pitches me the first inning, second inning, ninth inning, it doesn't matter. When Ozzie puts me out there to pitch I'm going to go out there and shove it up whoever I'm facing. That's pretty much it."

Pitching coach Randy St. Claire said Bell, like struggling starter Josh Johnson, is simply pressing.

"I don't think it's so much of a confidence thing," St. Claire said Wednesday. "I don't think Albert Pujols lost his confidence. I don't think Jose Reyes has lost his confidence. I just think [Johnson and Bell] want to do well so bad -- because they're so used to doing well -- that the pressure of wanting to do well is getting to them and they're not letting it happen.

"When you do things and try to create things that's when issues start happening. I think they'll be fine."


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Bottoms Up

"going to shove it up whoever I'm facing". Funny. The hitters Bell has faced this year,have "been shoving" it up him . Guess he's tired of being the 'catcher' and wants to take on the 'pitchers' role. Finally.


If Bell had been able to convert those four saves, the Marlins would be 19-11 instead of 15-15, and in first place in the NL East. What a joke.

If my grandmother had balls....

If the Marlins would have hit more and been leading those games by more than 3 runs,Bell wouldnt have been in the game for a save. Alot of if's. That's Baseball. You cant say if this or if that.

not The Closer

Story headline shoud read...Bell says he's patiently waiting for his job back, Nunez/Oviedo says he's patiently waiting for his immigration Visa.Or American Express. Whichever comes first.

Flav C

Marlins has got to have the worse corner outfielders in the league. I really hope Yelich is the real deal and will become our LF. Trade LoMo. He is just an o.k. player, nothing to write home about. Next, move Stanton to 1B. For the team's and his own sake. A big guy with so little mobility and flexibility cannot stay on the outfield. It worked well with Derek Lee and with Joey Votto. Both were outfielders in the minors who turned to 1B.

Messin with the Sasquatch?Buck

Anyone seen Buck and the Sasquatch together,at the same time? Hmmmmm

Sick of Losing

So Cishek is a worthless sack of crap, just like his predecessor. Great. Screw this team.

Cousin It

Stanton = Herman Munster...at the plate and in RF


The really amazing thing about the Marlins' fantastic road trip is that they are still not hitting on all cylinders. The team is still really not hitting, and they are still making some dumb plays yet they wind up winning 8 out of 9 games. That's amazing. Usually teams on long streaks like this have everything working perfectly; that's not the case here. Every game seems to be a nail biter, a real struggle, but they have been finding a way to win, bottom line. That is a very good sign for the rest of the season!


"So Cishek is a worthless sack of crap, just like his predecessor. Great. Screw this team."

Yes, definitely go find another team to root for!


It was Ugggggglllllyyyy tonight. But we'll take it right....still don't know how to quite summarize this game.


Marlins are what their record is, a .500 team. That's all. Not expecting too much more from this bunch.


Well you have to consider that that run doesn't score if Lurch keeps the ball in front of him. That's a single 99 out of 100 and the game ends differently.


He3ath Bell will start having success again when he starts getting his curve ball over the plate for strikes. Until then all hitters are simply laying off his curve and sitting for fastball.
Unfortunately his fastball has been up, so far, and it keeps getting mashed (when he hasn't walked the batter). It needs to be down in the strike zone, with an effective curveball threat for him to be successful.
Good Luck Heath!!

Jeffrey Donner

The Marlins have been keeping these nothing but AVERAGE" pitchers for years... and Until we start ditching them, we'll be nothing but an average team..
I said that about Vanderwhatever.. who is finally gone... and I say it now about bell... Nunez was a loser more than a winner most of the time also- I've heard about The Marlins possibly getting him back with his new "legal" name... whatever it is... I HOPE NOT...

Stanton This!


Some "Expert" Comments from "Experts" that have never tried to hit a Baseball moving at 95 Plus MPH or have stood on a Pitching Rubber and tried tossing a baseball that 60 Feet 6 Inches for a Strike!

Guys...it's a Very...Very...VERY Difficult Game!

This "... nothing but AVERAGE" pitchers..." is showing the rest of MLB that they are a Staff to Contend with and Logan Morrison when he gets to 100 Percent will also show MLB that he's a Clutch Hitter.

I will agree that both of our Corner Outfielders are Defensive Liabilties and a move to First Base is in either one of those two's Future. Once Gabby gets back on track...you just might see a Trade happening.

This whole Team has been "Pressing" from the very Begining (Except for Infante) what with all of the "Hoopla" of a New Stadium and Unis and Name and so on and so on. They've shown what they are capable of Accomplishing and I Believe that once they do "Settle In"...they will be a Force to Reckon with!

What the need now is TRUE FANS...Ture Fans that will Remain by their side and SUPPORT them! Fans that are not luke warm and "front runners" and that will desert them when things get tough. Bell will come around! This is an INCREDIBLE TEAM and this will be an INCREDIBLE YEAR! PERFECT STORM!!

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