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Infante: "It was an easy ground ball... I feel terrible."

HOUSTON -- When it comes to sure-handed second baseman, few are better than the Marlins Omar Infante. Tuesday night, Infante finally looked human -- making two errors on the same play during a costly sequence in the sixth inning.

Infante said afterward it's the first time in his career he's made two errors on the same play.

“It was an easy ground ball,” Infante said. “When I didn't catch it, I hurried up the throw. I don't know where I threw it. I just feel bad because Anibal [Sanchez] pitched a great game. I feel sad for Anibal. I feel terrible.”

The Marlins (15-15) came in having made 20 errors in their first 29 games, tied for 11th worst among all major league teams. But the two Infante was charged with Tuesday were killer.

Until then, Sanchez looked like he was inline to pick up his third win of the season. Instead, he settled for a no decision despite striking out eight and giving up just five hits to go with his two unearned runs. Sanchez (2-0) still lowered his ERA to 2.01 on the season. His 46 strikeouts in 40 1/3 innings now lead the National League.

Afterward, Sanchez was supportive of his teammate. On the way out of the clubhouse, Sanchez tapped Infante on the rear-end as told him "let it go" in Spanish.

“That's part of the game,” Sanchez said of Infante’s errors. “I don't have any concern about it. He's one of the best second baseman in the game, has the best hands in the major leagues. He's not perfect. I know he didn't want to make any mistakes -- especially in that situation. I'm going to support him.”








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Stan M

Anabel has never complained about anything that I can remember. Nor has he ever been involved in any off the field antics that would hurt either his reputation or baseball's. If some of you younger folks don't know his history, he is married to a doctor and comes from an upper middle class background. His father owns a prosperous trucking company if memory serves me correctly. About 4 years ago his year old baby was bitten by an insect, developed an infection and died. At this same time he also needed surgery, I think on his shoulder. Despite this he rehabbed and has been healthy since. And all this quiet professional does is give us consistent pitching. Others have received more ink and both JJ and Nolasco have received long term contracts. Now 28 YO, this consumate pitcher is, in my opinion, more deserving of a long term contrat than any other pitcher on the team.

Sick of Losing

The real Marlins showed up (or didn't show up, depending on your point of view) last night. The previous 7 games were a mirage. Last night was the real thing. This team is a catastrophe. And Omar Infante sucks. We'd be better off with Lindy Infante trying to handle ground balls. What a jerk.

Taz Man

Team chemistry is often overrated. When you are winning, things are fine in the clubhouse, and vice-versa. Still, the Marlins seem to have a bunch of good guys on the team this year.

ignorant Julio

Can someone explain why Ozzie had Choate start the 8th, then bring in Webb to face the lefties? No comprende.


Good post Stan
This is the guy we should think of resigning long term
He quietly might become our ace this season


When is Ozzie going to move the strike-out hack Bonifacio down to batting 7th, in front of Buck,with a line up of Reyes Infante Hanley Stanton Lomo Gaby Boni Buck and pitcher. Boni K's too much doesnt walk enough to hit 2nd. Marlins are 27th in MLB in hitting and cant score runs. WTF is Ozzie waiting for???? Boni is a rally killer. Infante has scored mor runs,strikes out far less and has more power.Boni has none.His stolen bases havent meant anything in the way of run scoring. They didnt score much during the win streak. WTF?????

Stan M

LB recently posted that Bono needs a rest. I think he's got a point. Hasn't he played every game. Last year Bono had a higher OBP than Reyes and almost everyone else in the league. He started off great. Resting him would give Peterson a chance to get a few ABs. Move Infante to number 2 and Stanton goes up one notch, but not to cleanup where there is too much pressure on him. Besides LoMo is fine there. Losing to a kid up from AA ball is not the way to win pennants. That hurt, but if JJ returns to normal, it will be a tremendous boost. He if falters again, it's time to bring back Sanabia and try to talk Vazquez out of retirement. Oswalt is still unsigned as far as I know.

Stan M

Things that tick me off:
Cody Ross wasn't good enough for the Marlins to pay him arbitration money so he was let go on waivers. But he is good enough to sometimes hit cleanup for the Boston Red Sox
De Aza wasn't good enough after suffering injuries so he was let go on waivers. He is now leading off for the White Sox and was second in the AL in runs scored as of 2 days ago.
Andino was young and still cheap, but was traded for Hayden Penn who was let go on waivers after one year. Andino is the starting 2nd Baseman for Baltimore and is hitting over .300.
The Hopper was a very useful pitcher but was traded for a grade C catching prospect who is hitting 3 for 28 in AA and AAA ball. He's not even a regular.
Jason Vargas was traded to te Mets for 2 pitchers who are long gone and is now one of the Mariners better starters.
It's bad enough that our talent evaluators deemed these players unfit to be Marlins, but we have absolutely nothing to show for them.


Sounds great,but Petey went 2 for 6 last nite in NOLA and they are playing right now against Tucson. Petey didnt start today,after nite game. Cogz in LF,Mattison in CF.Marlins have been a player short since last weeks relief fiasco.. Maybe Petey is on his way here. Hopefully.


Forgot that Petey cant come back for 10 days ,unless replacing an injured player.


Marlins most productive cleanup hitter last season was Hanley at .304/188AB's/.885OPS followed closely by Gaby at .294/289AB's/.868OPS. Last year Lomo hit.280/193AB's/.931OPS batting 5th,by far his best production.. This season batting 4th Lomo is .231/50AB's/.732OPS. Would try Infante Hitting 3rd,then Hanley,Lomo,Stanton,Gaby. Gotta do something to score more runs.


@georgeB....Looks like Ozzie saw your post and took your advice...Boni is hitting 7th tonite..any more suggestions? Way to go.

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