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Omar Infante returns to Venezuela for family funeral

    CLEVELAND -- Omar Infante received word this morning of his grandfather's death and is returning to Venezuela to attend the funeral. Manager Ozzie Guillen said it's uncertain how many games Infante would miss as a result.

    "I expect him to be back in three days I guess," Guillen said. "Venezuelan funerals are a little bit different than here. In Venezuela, you die, you're out, see ya. Here it's like 10 days to bury you. It's a tough situation (for Infante)."

    Along with Gaby Sanchez being optioned to Triple A and Emilio Bonifacio going on the 15-day disabled list, the lineup has undergone quite an overhaul.

    Here's the revised lineup for today's game against the Indians:

    Marlins: 1. Reyes, ss; 2. Petersen, cf; 3. Ramirez, dh; 4. Dobbs, 3b; 5. Stanton, rf; 6. Morrison, 1b; 7. Hayes, c; 8. Coghlan, lf; 9. Murphy, 2b. Pitching: Josh Johnson.

    With all of the moves, Guillen touched on several topics with reporters:

    1) With Sanchez in the minors, who will play first?

        Look for Logan Morrison to receive most -- but not all -- of the starts at first.

        "It's a funny thing about people think about how easy it is to play first base," Guillen said. "Every play happens on the field, the first baseman has to move. A lot of people say if you play LoMo at first base, his knee is going to be better. No it's not. Every pitch you're moving. Lateral. In and out. Back and forth. You get involved in the game more. LoMo and (Greg) Dobbs, those are the two guys we'll use. I think maybe I'll play LoMo most of the time. I guarantee you LoMo's going to be sore. There's no question."

     2) With Bonifacio on the DL and Morrison at 1B, who will play the outfield?

        Today, Guillen has Bryan Petersen starting in center and Chris Coghlan in left. Giancarlo Stanton is in right. The Marlins also have Austin Kearns on the bench, as well as Dobbs.

        "I might move those two guys (Petersen and Coghlan) around, depending on who's going to be the left fielder," Guillen said. "And how they swing the bat. When we go back to the National League, I need Dobbs to come off the bench. Kearns (will play) against lefties."

     3) How long does he expect Gaby Sanchez to remain in the minors?

         Guillen said he hopes Sanchez spends no more than the mandatory 10 days at New Orleans.

        "I think he was trying too hard. He was rushing. he was trying to come out of the slump in one at bat. I talked to him last night. I said we need you here. This ballclub is better with you in the lineup everyday. I will be waiting for him."


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Flav C

Clark can correct me if I'm wrong, but if the Marlins can go 7-4 in these next 11 games left in May (including today), the Fish will have reached for the first time in its history a 20 games win in a month. The best result we have had so far was a 19-10 in August 1997.
Not bad for a team who is on the bottom of every offensive stat in the majors.


That's correct. The franchise record for wins in a month is indeed 19 in August, 1997. So a 7-4 finish to this month would establish a new mark. -- Clark

Flav C

Thanks Clark. I just sent my resume to the Elias Bureau. LOL!!


Here's one for Elias: Have the Marlins ever had a starting lineup this late in the season containing as many as three players with sub-.200 averages? Today's lineup features Bryan Petersen (.182), Chris Coghlan (.118) and Donnie Murphy (.115). Too bad John Buck (.186) isn't playing. Just wondering....- Clark

Flav C

Addendum: Has a Marlins team ever won with as many as three sub- .200 averages? Back to work, Elias Bureau.


The Sub-Mendoza Three (sounds like a terrorist outfit)went a combined 0-11 today. All three made a contribution to the win, including Murphy's huge play in the 9th, and everything worked out. But it's hard to believe they'll win many games with holes like that in the lineup. And Clark: I know you're being saracastic, but I think this is the first time I've ever heard a Marlins fans utter the words,"Too bad John Buck isn't playing." That's a good one.

Stan M

Glags, that was a terrific post on the previous blog. You are right about the players being the bottom line. Maybe more than a coaching change (I'd still dump Perez) this team needs a veteran player a la Darren Dalton and Jeff Conine on our two WS winners. He wouldn't even have to be a regular. There must be some guy out there with a lousy contract or declining production that would be a good fit. Think how much Chipper means to the Braves. The only guy I came up with who might be available is Pierzyenski, the WS catcher. He is getting old, 35 or 36 now, and is much hated because he plays so hard...and a little nasty. Some of that nastiness might rub off and his catching and hitting would be a tremendous boon. At some point this team has to admit its mistake and eat Buck's contract and see if anyone will take him. Ideas anyone?

Flav C

Stan, in my opinion, both Dobbs and Kearns should be those guys. Veteran hitters that should provide some stability in the middle of the line-up. Both players should hit #4 on a more regular basis, and maybe now platooning Dobbs on 1B for the next 10 days (along with LoMo), we'll have those two veterans taking the pressure off of the young guys. But if you are looking for a guy that right now is on the down side, but it is still young enough to turn things around, look no further and look North: Adam Lind from the Blue Jays. He hits real hard, provides a lot of runs, and was recently demoted to triple A. Upside: he plays 1B. He is same age as Gaby, but with 7 hears of major league experience.


Don't waste our time with Lind. Am hearing that the Marlins' interest in him is "minimal at best." -- Clark

Flav C

Stan - You can scratch this option. Back to the drawing board.

Flav C

Isn't that funny? In his first game as a Zephyr, Gaby draws a walk, scores a run, hits a double, and drives in 2 runs! Zephyrs + Gaby....perfect match?


What is a Zephyr?

Flav C

The definition of the word is more like a breeze. Other than that, we refer to it as a player for the New Orleans Zephyrs.


Coghlan, Petersen and Murphy are far from the problem here, and none of them have gotten steady ABs so I'm not surprised they are hitting below .200. If not for Coghlan and Murphy making great defensive plays, JJ loses today. The problem is Eduardo Perez; the entire team is in a slump!

Have you guys watched Gaby's AB's this year? He falls ACROSS THE PLATE after every swing. No balance, and all his momentum is not going forward but sideways. But Eduardo says nothing to these guys.


"I know you're being saracastic, but I think this is the first time I've ever heard a Marlins fans utter the words,"Too bad John Buck isn't playing." That's a good one

LMAO! Hayes had a nice game, 2-4. But the minute he goes 0-4 Buck will be back for 7 games in a row. Front Office's orders! Can't admit that they tried to get slick by signing this bum to a 3 year deal for 18 million figuring they can get over on him. Truth is good catchers cost between 10-15 million per year. Classic Marlins CHEAPNESS! Same with Bell, who is still shaky as hell! Could have had Papelbon but they overpaid for Reyes and wanted a "bargain" so they signed a 34 year old Fat Boy.


By the way, JJ is learning how to pitch with a "diminished fastball" that only goes about 94 mph these days, LOL. He is slowly becoming a real PITCHER rather than a thrower, and little by little he is starting to trust his fastball again. He still makes mistakes like throwing too many hanging breaking balls, but that is improving too as he realizes that a 94 mph fastball under a batter's fists is just as devastating as his old 96 MPH heater that he used to throw right down the middle and hitters couldn't catch up to it.


Wow your a genius LMAO


Have U ever considerered becoming a T-Ball coach? maybe girls softball?

Stan M

I don't think Dobbs or Infante have the personality, or Kearns have the pedigree to show leadership. Of anyone currently on the team, Zambrano probably has that type of makeup to spur others. I went all around the majors trying to find players that might fit that mold and be available and other than Pierzynski, all I found were Giambi and Todd Helton. Hunter Pense would be ideal if the Phillies continue to tank. It just seems that we are missing some intangible.

With JJ now looking like an adequate starter, Nolasco is our biggest puzzle. If he turns it around in his next start, we will have no problems with our starters at all and barring injuries, they can carry us a long way. We might not win it all, but we won't tank either.

Flav C.

In hindsight, everything looks easier.
When Buck was officially signed by the Marlins, it was general opinion that was a great deal, since Buck had just been a AL All Star catcher and coming off a very good season (his only good season in his career). Everyone in those Marlins boards (including here) was excited about it. Including me. I just thought he was overpriced.
The only person I can remember vividly being 100% against the transaction, in lieu of Buck's career numbers, was Stan M. A lot of people here actually mocked Stan at the time for he said the Marlins would be better off keeping Paulino and Brad Davis.
Also, have in mind that the free-agency market for catchers at the time was very limited. There were several veterans with club/mutual options (Ramon Hernandez, Miguel Olivo, Jose Molina, Torrealba, etc) who ended up re-signing with their clubs. There was a certain 39 years old Varitek, who, just like Buck, could not hit or throw decently anymore. And there was Pierzynksi who was quickly re-signed by the White Sox. And Victor Martinez, who signed a 50 million dollar contract with the Tigers, just to get his ACL destroyed during off-season conditioning practice. I think it is a stretch to say the FO was "cheap", after all they paid a lot of money to Buck. You could say they were not very smart. On top of that, the Red Sox was chasing Buck to replace Varitek as well. I guess they are relieved they stuck with Saltamallachia.
On Bell, everyone with no exception agreed it was a great deal for the Marlins. A bit overpriced, but still a great deal. He is just not performing to his capability. And in my opinion, if Bell was overpaid at $27 million, what to say of a $60 million dollars contract for Papelbon

Stan M

I believe that Martin was also available and signed for one year at about half Buck's salary. Good point about their being wrong, but not cheap. I was especially mad then, and now, that Cody was let go for essentially the money that Buck got.

I wish that we could get some information on this kid in high A ball, Brent Keys. He put in 100+ ABs then was promoted to Greensboro. He is hitting .450 in May, and here are his last 6 games...3 for 4; 3 for 4; 3 for 4; 3 for 6; 1 for 4; and 2 for 3. He has 10 SBs and double walks over Ks. He's 21, an OF, and is NOT listed as one of our top 20 prospects. He sure has me fascinated.

Flav C.

By the time Buck signed with the Marlins, Martin was still in a messy discussion with the Dodgers. He was going to arbitration at the time and the Dodgers was not willing to pay him a lot of money in arbitration. So, he was basically let go by the Dodgers. But remember he was coming back from a serious labrum injury and very low production/numbers, which was one of the reasons why the Dodgers was not willing to pay him lots of money. The Yankees basically gambled on him.
I'll keep an eye on Brent. He was drafted along with 2 of the top marlins prospects (Chad James/Noah Perio) in 2009. Just don't forget one thing about Greensboro Park: It is known as "Hitters Haven" in the minors league :)

Flav C.

On Brent Keys, this is what i found on a Marlins blog, back in 2009:
"Some names that pop up that you probably haven’t heard of:
Brent Keys – Taken in this last draft in the 17th round, the 18 year old did a lot of things right. His park adjusted line would be .301/.399/.331/.730. Yes, the .030 ISO is very very bad, but he’d also put up a 28/20 BB/K in 163 AB, and he’s also very young. He also went 13 for 17 in stealing bases. There’s no fielding stats for GCL league, so not sure how he did there, but if he’s a plus defensive CF, there’s quite a few things to like."

C. Brown

A Zephyr is also a crappy Ford my granpa used to drive.


@ Flav, though I was happy the Marlins shored up their bullpen w/ Bell I never thought it was a great deal. I'm of the Beane philosophy on closers. Never pay that much for someone who plays 1/2 an inning. Only Mariano is worth the dough in that spot and anyone else just find someone in the minors who throws hard and has a short memory. Then let some dumb GM/Owner pay the guy after you've burned out his arm: Foulke, Koch et al.
As for me well I'm patiently waiting for the Marlins to shoot for the moon on J Hamilton. South Beach be dam*d. He's worth the health and substance abuse risk.
But now you got me intrigued with this kid Keys. I wonder what John Sickels (minor league guru) thinks of him.

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