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Kearns exits in fourth inning with tight right hamstring

Just when he was starting to really heat up and become a factor for the Marlins, veteran outfielder Austin Kearns has a new problem to deal with -- a tight right hamstring.

The 32-year old Kearns was pulled from Tuesday's game against the Rockies shortly after chasing down a leadoff double by Michael Cuddyer with nobody out in the top of the fourth. Kearns was replaced by Chris Coghlan. 

The Marlins have listed Kearns as day-to-day.

Kearns walked in the first and started the Marlins third inning rally with a leadoff single to center. He came around and scored to tie the game at 3 on Giancarlo Stanton's RBI double to center. As he was rounding third, Kearns appeared to slow down a bit. But it's unclear if he tweaked his hamstring then or later on as he was chasing after Cuddyer's double. 

After starting the season hitting just .174, Kearns has gone on a tear, picking up 14 hits over his last 25 at-bats to raise his average to .375.


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Watching the game on channel 39 from Tampa. Looks like business as usual for the Marlins: Good team with great young players, new manager, new stadium...and a sea of empty seats. But, I'm not surprised.

Flav C

Only crazy ones to leave the comfort of their homes to brave this city flooded.


And the heat were playing a very important game. Sorry gang but this game takes a back seat to the heat.


And the girl scouts were having a basket weaving contest tonite.


I have been critical of this team about some boring games but holy cow that was exciting tonight. Congrats Ricky gutsy performance. Bell....way to go! Buck....well it's Buck....

golly gee

holy cow?


is buck related to ozzie 170 avg great throw john to 3rd trying to do to much how bout a hit u stiff take the pitch to right for once in your life


Kearns probably hasn't had to run from first base to home in about 5 years. I'm surprised he made it and not surprised he pulled his hamstring doing it.


Obviously the Marlins tix were numero dos in South Florida. The Heat with that pivotal Game 5 forced plenty of So.Fla fans to stay in their home or go to the arena.

Marlins have been on a tear for a really long time. But I wonder:

Is it that this time is still riding a hot streak, or are they actually this talented?

When you look at the roster, they have incredible balance in both their lineup and pitching. Reyes at the top, Bonifacio (when he comes back) at the bottom of the lineup provides insane speed at two different spots. Infante and Morrison are solid hitters that always make at least hard contact and have the ability to drive the ball. Han Ram and Stanton are the big boys that can make the ball explode at any time. They just have a little of everything in the lineup; they aren't committed to just hitting the long ball like the Marlins teams of past; they actually have versatility throughout.

Their starting pitching right now is arguably tops in the Majors, and that's with Josh Johnson only recently rounding into form. A week ago (last time I checked) on FoxSports.com, they listed the Marlins as NUMBER 1 in terms of quality starts in the MLB. Meaning their pitchers on a very consistent basis are giving them strong performances to begin. The bullpen has been good enough so that we get all these victories, and Bell finally seems to be getting his groove back, slowly but surely.

I think this team winning all the games is no fluke. It isn't by coincidence. They are just now starting to hit their potential because even their bats can produce more runs more frequently if Reyes and Ramirez continue to progress with their BA, HR, and RBI stats and continue to get hotter and hotter each game, then this team could be having pretty great months the rest of the year!


wait until the June Swoon,when they pay better teams.


Can't count your chickens before they've hatched. I've been let down too many times to be excited over ONE good month. Let's see where they are in July and we can talk about reaching potential. For now, I'll enjoy one game, one win at a time.

Stan M

That's a very interesting synopsis. Much of what you say is true and let's all hope that you are a soothsayer. There is one major ommission in your piece and at least a little rosy coloring. You have ignored the very obvious fact that we have an automatic out in our lineup with no chance of improvement. In addition to Mr. Buck, LoMo who by all accounts should be a fine major league hitter, is playing on one leg and it has drastically affected his hitting. Lastly, this team is in a very competitive division and it will be difficult to surpass all. Nonetheless, welcome for I haven't noticed any comments by you until now (probably my fault) and hope you add more optimism with further posts.

Stan M

Thank goodness we are in this hot streak. Our next foes are San Francisco and Washington. We do have the home field advantage but these are two tough customers. George, these teams might have other ideas as to whom has the #1 pitching staff.

Update on Brent Keys. Now hitting .392, went 3 for 6 in last to games (away) with 4 runs scored, 3 walks and no Ks. Where in hell did this kid come from? Wow!

Keep Taking your Meds

keep on making excuses for Lomo, a lifetime .260 hitter in the Bigs. He's gonna need all he can get in NOLA.

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