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LoMo's Slump, Boni's Surgery, Stanton hitting Cleanup, Posey Collision Anniversary

       Quite a few odds and ends to catch you up on here before Josh Johnson goes against Tim Lincecum in a marquee pitching encounter, at least one based on reputation.

     -- It's almost unfathomable to think that for all his big-bat wallop, Giancarlo Stanton has never hit a home run from the cleanup spot. And it's not like he hasn't been given a chance to do some damage from a lineup position that would seem like a natural for him. Yet, in 140 career plate appearances from the No. 4 hole, Stanton has a goose egg showing under the home run column. Manager Ozzie Guillen is returning him to the cleanup spot tonight for the first time since April 20 because 1) Stanton is rocking at the plate at the moment and 2) Injuries, slumps and demotions have depleted the lineup.

     -- Logan Morrison is slumping big-time this month. After hitting .310 in April, Morrison is hitting just .154 this month with no home runs and only three RBI, hardly the numbers that Guillen expected from him. "It's very surprising and confusing to see this guy struggle the way he is right now," Guillen said. "I think he's a way better hitter than what he's showed. And I think his ability as a hitter is better than what we see. I think he (worries too much) over 0-fers. As soon as he's out in the first inning, you can of see him go, 'Here we go again.' You've got to take one at bat at a time. It looks like he's always guessing at the wrong pitch. That's what we see from the dugout."

     -- Emilio Bonifacio underwent surgery on Friday to repair a torn thumb ligament. Guillen said he expects him to be ready in four weeks.

     -- With Bonifacio and Austin Kearns on the DL and Morrison playing first, the Marlins are so desperate for outfielders that Guillen said he intends to start infielder Donovan Solano in left on Saturday when the Marlins face Giants southpaw Madison Bumgarner, purely because he wants Solano's right-handed bat in the lineup. Solano made only one outfield appearance -- and only then in an emergency situation -- during his eight years in the minors. "He's a good athlete. And I have confidence he can handle himself there," Guillen said. "I'm looking for his bat. I'm not looking for his defense."

     -- And it was exactly one year ago today that Scott Cousins and Giants catcher Buster Posey were involved in a home plate collision in San Francisco. Both players are tired of discussing it. Cousins, who is presently at Triple A New Orleans, grew irritated with questions about the play during spring training. And Posey sounded as if he has had enough, too. Cousins and Posey still have not spoken with one another about the collision. "There's no extra anything to it, promise," Posey said. Collision

  -- As expected, the Marlins recalled left-handed reliever Dan Jennings from Triple A New Orleans. He takes Mike Dunn's spot in the bullpen. Dunn was optioned to Triple A following Thursday's outing in which he gave up four runs.


   MARLINS: 1. Reyes, ss; 2. Infante, 2b; 3. Ramirez, 3b; 4. Stanton, rf; 5. Morrison, 1b; 6. Petersen, cf; 7. Buck, c; 8. Coghlan, lf; 9. Johnson, p.

   GIANTS: 1. Blanco, rf; 2. Crawford, ss; 3. Cabrera, lf; 4. Posey, c; 5. Pagan, cf; 6. Huff, 1b; 7. Arias, 3b; 8. Theriot, 2b; 9. Lincecum, p.

   UMPIRES: HP -- Mike Winters; 1B -- Mark Wegner; 2B -- Mike Muchlinski; 3B -- Wally Bell


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The real Marlins have shown up at last. Oh, hurrah. What a catastrophe this team is.


The Marlins have shown up tonight, but the problem Heath Bell came into the 9th and gave up 1 run and left runners on 2nd and 3rd with 0 outs. Lucky Ozzie pulled him or we would have lost.

Flav C

well...some afterthoughts:

- LoMo has to go. Or go on the DL to fix that crappy knee.
- Bell closer no more.
- Cishek closer.
- Jennings sticking around for good.
- Infante and Stanton: All Star


Like I said, cautiously optimistic. Things can go south just as fast with the turn of a calendar page. Unfortunately, this team has the ability to go in both directions. It's a roll of the dice.

Flav C

As hot as he is right now, Stanton has to continue batting clean-up. This kid and Hanley scored 40% of all Marlins RBIs so far. We gotta ride this wave while they are hot, because its not everyday that Buck will hit with RISP and Cogs will hit a HR.


Stanton now has ONE homerun batting cleanup.


He doesn't have to hit home runs to drive them in.


It was great to see the bottom of the order contributing tonight, but who knows whether it was a fluke or a glimmer of real improvement.
The important thing with Stanton isn't where he bats in the lineup but who they bat behind him to protect him. If he's the last guy in the order with any pop, no pitcher in his right mind is going to give him anything to hit and his numbers will go down the crapper. I wouldn't mind seeing Stanton hitting third, with Hanley and Infante hitting fourth and fifth. That's not a crazy as it sounds at first blush.


What to do with Heath Bell?


bells fast ball no movement and no swings and misses from the batters cishek doesnt throw a straight ball so ozzie whos pitch is harder to hit not who makes more money


Either have LoMo trade places with Gaby or move him to second in batting order. Put Infante behind Stanton.

Eyecare Center

Lomo can trade places with Gaby...In NOLA. By May 30th. On Lomo's bright side ,at least he's looking for walks.

Stan M

Great to see Coghlan bop one. At least this guy has some upside so hope Ozzie sticks with him. As much as I dislike Buck, it does seem that he is taking more walks this year. Richie, I'd like to see Coghlan behind Stanton and see if it works. Mainly to move LoMo down in the order and take some pressure off him. He, too, has upside. If we are going to win anything, then we will need LoMo and Coghlan, or welcome to 3rd place at end of year. When one thinks that we have so many hitters underperforming, no closer worth a damn, and our ace getting knocked around our catcher who can't hit his weight, the team is doing pretty darn good. Ozzie will have a tough time ignoring Cishek for closer after this latest debacle.

Does Bell have any options left. Has there been any talk of his going down voluntarily for extra work, etc.?


Bell has more than five years of service time, which means he would have to give his consent to a minor-league assignment. Not going to happen. Ozzie Guillen said after last night's game that he was sticking with Bell as his closer and would use him in that role today. -- Clark


BTW, one interesting side note to Coghlan's home run. It was only the 20th of his major league career (and first since June of last season), but half of those have come against five pitchers: Tim Lincecum, Cole Hamels, Jon Garland, Tim Redding and Fernando Nieve. He's hit two out against each of those five pitchers. -- Clark

Every Opposing Pitcher in MLB

Would love to see Coghlan bat behind Stanton. Wouldnt throw a pitch to Stanton within 6 inches of home plate ,to get to Cogs. Duh.


Remember Oliver Perez of the Mets a couple of years ago. He refused being reassigned and basically took up a rotation spot and was paid a lot of money not to pitch. I'm pretty sure this organization will be more reluctant to take such drastic measures.

Flav C

3 more for 20 in May. It is achievable. Can this team make history?

Flav C

Stan, the only place Bell will go voluntarily is Uncle Tom's barbecue joint at 8th street and LeJeune in Little Havana.

Flav C

Minors Update (highlights):

Gaby went 1-5 on a 1-2 loss last night against the Omaha Storm Chasers (KC Royals). He is now batting .333 on 6-18 ,with 5 singles, 1 2B, 5 SO, 7 BBs, and 3 RBIs.
An opportunity to be called up continues to "slip slide away" for Matt Dominguez, who is now batting .224.
Player to keep an eye on: Scott Cousins, went 2-5 and is now batting .385 in his last 10 games, with 3 HRs, 9 RBIs and an impressive 1.124 OPS.


Skipworth(Marlins #1 draft pick 2009) didn't play last night on a loss against the Chattanooga Lookouts (Dodges AA). He's batting .182 and has been having less opportunities at the plate over the last 10-12 games.


JT Realmuto went 2-5 with an RBI and Yelich scored a couple of RBIs going 1-4, on a 7-5 win against the Marauders (Pirates A+).


Stan's favorite Brent Keys went 0-4 on a win against Delmarva (Orioles A-). But not without scoring 2 groundout RBIs. His bat avg now is .389.
Marlins' 2011 #2 draft pick Adam Conley earned the win in 5 IP and 1 ER. He is now 5-1 with a 2.63 ERA.

Tonight, Marlins' 2011 #1 pick Jose Fernandez will look to improve his 4-0 season performance and his impressive 1.88 ERA, against Delmarva.

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