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Marlins calling up Kevin Mattison, Mike Dunn

     With only one lefty arm in their bullpen, and that belonging to specialist Randy Choate, the Marlins are recalling Mike Dunn from Triple A New Orleans. Dunn was demoted on April 29 and has spent the requisite 10 days in the minors.

      They're also calling up outfielder Kevin Mattison from New Orleans to re-balance the roster with 13 position players.

      The Marlins have not yet made an official announcement, but both players were in transit to Miami from New Orleans and are expected to join the team Friday when it opens a three-game series against the Mets. Right-handed relievers Chris Hatcher and Sandy Rosario are being optioned back to Triple A.

      Mattison, 26, is a left-handed hitting outfielder and Fort Lauderdale native. He is hitting .250 with three home runs this season at NOLA.

      In his four relief outings covering 4 1/3 innings since joining the Zephyrs, Dunn has allowed six runs on six hits and six walks while stiking out five. In his most recent outing on Tuesday, though, he went 1 2/3 without allowing a run or a hit and walking just one.


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Uh-Oh...Dunn has stunk it up in NOLA with a 12.46era in 4.1 innings,giving up sixes..6r,6er,6h,6BB. Cant call Petey back up till May 15th. Guess they're giving Mattison a shot after seeing him all spring. Mattison hitting .250. Cogz is stinking it up in NOLA hitting .162 in 37ab's. Cogz might be bye-bye in the Marlins eyes.

Flav C.

GeorgeB, the worse of it all is that Cogz is not alone. Everybody up in NOLA is stinking. Several lousy hitters, lead by Mr. #1 pick Matt Dominguez.
Petersen still is the sole exception along with one of the catchers. He's been regularly hitting and fielding well. I wish he had more regular playing time with the Fish.
Mattison has been having lots of ups and downs. Right now he's been on his "up" side; playing well and hitting around .370 over the last 10-12 games. Hopefully he has the momentum going to the majors.


Marlins #1 picks Matty D and Skipworth are busts.Chad James has been stinking it up his second year in Jupiter. Let's hope that Yelich and Fernandez break the mold of the Loria owned Marlins lousy #1 picks. They have to get lucky sooner or later. They might as well use a dart board to pick their #1 draft choices.


Petey should stay on squad all year. Give Fernandez another year or two, but he's gonna be great


Who is Congz? Is that Chris Conglanz and when did he get demoted?


So it was Loria's draft picks. I guess Beinfest had nothing to do with the picks. I guess is the one that has swung and missed on countless 1st rounders, and the Miggy trade, right Loria.


Dunn is terrible. Just a really bad pitcher who has the straightest 95 mph fastball I ever saw. Mike Dunn throws 95, but the balls fly out of the park at 100! LMAO...maybe he straightened himself out in NOLA; I doubt it though. He's another Renyel Pinto, just throws harder.

Peter Gammons Dog

In the "Where are they Now Dept"....Pinto? Out of baseball since 2010 before the age of 30. Another fine aquisition by the vastly over-rated Marlin FO. Another one on the long list of bad moves.

Peter Gammons Dog

another bad one...Jose Ceda...last seen floating in the air above the stadium with 'Goodyear' painted on his sides. Samson is thinking of renting him out to Macy's every year for the Thanksgiving parade.


Coghlan doesnt deserve to be in the minors - Gaby Sanchez, who is a starter, has stunk it up all season long - struggling to even get to a .200 batting average and he is still up here as a starter and getting more playing time than he deserves. the struggles of coghlan should be expected as he comes off the bench and doesnt play much, if he played more he would have a chance to get in rhythm. but because gaby is cuban, the marlins front office is communist and they are trying to make up for what ozzie said about the lousy cubans so gaby will never get demoted no matter how mch of a cancer he is to this team.


paolo....stick to kicking soccer balls...write your idiotic horseshittt in the comic section, do not watch baseball,as you dont understand it and are wasting your time because you never will.


Paolo: what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

julio down by the scoolyard


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