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Marlins on cusp of best-ever road trip

    SAN DIEGO -- By sweeping the Giants and Padres in San Francisco and San Diego, respectively, the Marlins are on the brink of having the best road trip any Marlins team has ever had. To do it, they need only win one game in the upcoming Astros series in Houston.

    That would give them seven wins on this out-of-town trek, and no Marlins team has ever won that many contests on a nine-game junket. 6-3 is tops, and it's been done more than a few times. Yes, the Padres are miserably bad. And the Marlins managed to avoid facing Tim Lincecum and Madison Bumgarner during the series in San Fran.

     But they face bad teams on the road every season.

     Before anyone gets too carried away, though, remember that the Marlins barely scraped by the Giants, winning each of those three games by one run. They also pulled out a one-run win in their first game in San Diego. So it's not like they plowed over the Giants and Padres. Even Ozzie Guillen admitted to us today that the Marlins are "catching some breaks." (Like two runs scoring this afternoon when former Marlin John Baker allowed two pitches to get by him for passed balls in the same inning.)

      Another important note: the Marlins won the first six games of a trip once before only to be swept on the final stop. It was April of 2009 -- not even that long ago -- and the Marlins swept the Braves in Atlanta and Nationals in D.C. before being swept themselves in Pittsburgh to conclude that trip.

       Also, as another side note, the franchise record for wins on a road trip is seven, and it's been done twice -- once in 2005 and again in 2007. But one was a 12-game road trip and the other was an 11-gamer.

      Two wins in Houston would eclipse everything, and it would allow the Marlins (14-14) to return home with a winning record overall. 


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big deal their defense and situational hitting have been terrible. their bullpen already has been overused.


wow..whoppee..Marlins win 6 in a row...holiday in little havana....make your World Serits reservations.


I see the haters are out in full force today. Of course none of them actually GO TO GAMES, but hey, that doesn't matter to our Miami Sports Fools. No, what gives them a woody is the chance to say something stupid or to rain on someone's parade. These are the kind of guys that if JJ pitched a no hitter they would be bitching about the fact that he didn't pitch a perfect game. Guys like these are a big reason why Miami has a poor reputation as a sports town. Next time they show a bunch of empty seats at a Miami sporting event remember that each empty seat represents one of these professional haters who post stupid crap online.

The team is playing decent ball. Not great, true, but decent. A great sign is how well the starting pitching is doing, probably the most important ingredient of a winning team. Yes, there are also some things that are not going well. So what? That's what makes things interesting. Very few teams have seasons where all goes perfect from Game One to the final game of the World Series. The 1998 Yankees come to mind.

Too many of our Sports Fools are like vicious old women who love to talk sh*t about people and never have anything good to say about any team or player in Miami. Their "opinions" are usually not based on any sports knowledge or facts, either. When you ask them what the REAL PROBLEM is you find out that either they aren't baseball fans to begin with, or they are fans of other teams, or they hate Ozzie because of his Cuba comments, or they hate Loria because of the Stadium deal, or they hate the Marlins because they moved down south. Or they hate the Marlins because of the history of fire sales, etc. But there's always a REAL REASON behind their posts; ALWAYS.

Once you find out the REAL REASON why they post their hater garbage, then you can understand WHY they say such stupid crap. The reason is simple: they are haters and nothing the team can ever do will make these people happy. But some of them are huge hypocrites too. If the team starts winning later on, they are quick to jump on the bandwagon! No, they STILL won't actually go to the games, but suddenly these clowns are full of good things to say about the team they were TRASHING a few months back. They will jump ON the bandwagon, but God forbid if the team loses in the end! They jump OFF the bandwagon even quicker, saying they knew all long that the team would never win, blah, blah, blah.

If some of you see YOURSELVES in that description, GOOD. Maybe you will think twice about posting your sour grapes. But I doubt it. Guys like you crave the ATTENTION.


noboby give a phucke what u write....azzzhole


Obviously YOU CARED enough to make an IDIOT out of yourself. You're so STUPID that you can't even SPELL, MORON! Another typical Miami Sports Idiot. And this little clown is about 13 years old too; you can tell by the "texting" way of writing. Hey little moron, go put some of that Clearasil on your ugly pimply face or you will NEVER get a girlfriend. And start lifting weights and working out, or you will continue to get your butt whipped after school. LMAO


Dont worry so much alex
Marlins got to hit better and get much more confident at the plate.
It might be time to consider something with Gaby , he looks overmatched consistently


Yeah, I am really surprised by Gaby's slow start; he usually starts the season on fire and then fades away after the All Star Game. I have been in favor of moving Lomo to st base and maybe platooning him with Gaby against really tough lefties. His defense in LF is pretty shaky anyway.

Buck is a huge problem. He's batting about .185 and his Defense has been horrible. Brett Hayes should get much more playing time.


But yeah, you are 100% correct about the offense. Only Infante has been consistent.


Alex, turn it down a notch. Your rants are just as bad as those clogging up the blog with stupid comments. This team sucks right now so any criticism is warranted.


I understand your frustration with these idiots who log on, tap out some kind of sarcastic nonsense and then crawl back into their respective holes without having contributed anything to the world around them. In my mind's eye, I usually picture them as scared little men who wouldn't dare open their mouths to anyone face-to-face, so they take cover behind an assumed name to take shots at people and a game they know nothing about.
The Marlins are still not playing the kind of baseball most of us fans had hoped for, but they are finally finding ways to win games (against some admittedly weak competition). For a team to have any kind of success, they have be able to scratch out wins when they are not playing up to their potential, and the fact that they've done that on this road trip provides reason for hope.
Of course, there are some who would say they ARE playing up to their potential and this is as good as they are going to get. I don't believe that, but I know time could prove me wrong.


why is Buck still in the lineup? he can't hit


Buck can't even throw someone out on a pitch out


Before the start lf this road trip, the Marlins had a looot of problems with most of their hitters and just a few pitchers. Its a great sign seeing the Marlins scoring at least 5 runs in a game. If they keep hitting the ball well and Gaby decides to get going, we will be just fine. But I agree with you Alex, the starting pitchers are the #1 key for success. Besides JJ, everyone one have been just fine.


It's a funny game baseball. One minute the Fish can't catch a break and the next...two passed balls by their former catcher. We needed some breaks now it's time to get all the cylinders firing! I do believe that it's time to get LoMo at 1st and platoon with Gaby for a stretch so he can rest that knee. Hopefully Gaby will come around but how long to wait? Buck is a Beinfest special and hasn't played good ball since joining the team. I think Ozzie made it clear that he will be using Hayes more which is a positive. And JJ what to do with JJ? He says that things are fine with him physically but that he is missing his spots. What about sending him down for just two games to work on his mechanics? Don't think it will happen but who knows? I also find it interesting how the closer by committee is working just fine right now too. I wonder if we'll ever see a day that teams forget about the big contracts to closers and just send in whoever to get the three outs in the ninth?


Dude, the problems are still there. All pitching and no hitting. They're only masked at the moment because they've won six in a row. They've only won because they faced teams that have the exact same problem as the fish and well, somebody had to win. All but two games were one run games, even when Marlins scores 9. They could've just as easily come back 2-4.

My dad had a good theory though, last year they started of hot and cooled down. Maybe this year will be the reverse result. We should have a better idea where they'll end up at the end of this month.


No hitting - ace struggling mightily - closer a disaster - it really is a miracle they are at .500 since these 3 things were supposed to be our strengths. If just JJ comes back to normal we will be fine as hitting will come. Even if Bell is a total bust we have enough other guys to close.


There are a lot of teams that have more issues than the Marlins....let's ride this wave & sweep the srohs!!!

Stan M

I wrote this on the last blog but too late to be seen. It has some relevance here so I'm posting it again

Alex, you seem to have a lot to say about a great many things and it's nice to have you aboard. However, I want to point out one thing that disturbs me about your posts. People can differ with you and still be knowledgeable baseball fans. There are many good reasons to have negative things to say about our owner. And Ozzie might be the first to admit that he still has a few things to learn about managing this team. Yes, there are too many "crazies" of the "so and so is an idiot" mold. But there are also many knowledgeable and well meaning posters who criticize some aspects of this team and understand baseball quite well. I've only started to thing positively again over the past couple of games. Good baseball teams clobber the also rans and hope to play .500 ball against the best teams. We just did the clobbering and now face 3 games against a team that is probably the poorest in the league, yet is on a puzzling hot streak. We have to win at least one game in Houston and taking 2 of 3 would be terrific. The following series is against the team that is immediately above us and has shown no signs of becomming doormats. Great pitching and mediocre hitting can still win, but our hitting hasn't even reached the mediocre plateau just yet. I have seen positive improvement from Gabby, Reyes and Stanton and even our star albatros, Hanley. Infantehas been fine all year but Bono is presently worrysome and Buck is a negative from any perspective. But right now this team is winning and that is all that counts. The only real necessity one needs to follow this team closely is having a strong heart for nearly every game is a nail biter. Earl Weaver used to have a relief pitcher he called "three pack" because of the butts he would smoke while the guy was on the mound. Well, whatever else we have on the field, the appellation "three pack" would fit them well.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/fish_bytes/2012/05/milestone-day-marlins-go-for-sweep-in-san-diego.html#storylink=cpy


Remember when teams used to hit the horsehide off the ball. Hitting the cowhide off the ball just doesn't have the same ring to it. Anyway, I was just thinking how sad it was that Marlins fans never had a chance to see their team hit the horsehide off the ball. Good for the horses, sad for the fans.
Stan M,
Boni seems beat. He needs a couple days off to refuel. I don't know what Buck needs.


Buck is in the lineup tonight. Interesting. Wandy has owned us in the past. Time for his stats to even out against the Fish.

.,Baseball Stats

With 290 ab's vs. LHP Marlins have team BA of .200


thanks for the optimistic stat...is that 31st in a 30 team MLB?

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