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Milestone Day? Marlins go for sweep in San Diego

      SAN DIEGO -- Ricky Nolasco will be bidding for his 68th career win with the Marlins when he takes the mound here at Petco Park in a bit. That would put him in a tie with Dontrelle Willis atop the franchise's all-time list.

       The Marlins are also going for their second straight series sweep on the road, something they've accomplished only once before on the same trip. They also swept back-to-back three-game sets at Atlanta and Washington to open a trip in 2009 and  With five wins already under their belt on a trip that continues on Monday in Houston, the Marlins can also begin thinking about the team record for most wins on a road trip -- 7. They've done that twice before, going 7-5 on a 2005 trip to Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Tampa Bay and 7-4 during a 2007 trip to Chicago, Milwaukee and Atlanta.

       More on Mark Buehrle's complete game yesterday. It was the first by a Marlins left-hander since Willis tossed a nine-inning shutout against Philadelphia on Sept. 10, 2006.

       Here are your lineups:

       Marlins: 1. Jose Reyes, ss; 2. Emilio Bonifacio, cf; 3. Hanley Ramirez, 3b; 4. Logan Morrison, lf; 5. Omar Infante, 2b; 6. Giancarlo Stanton, rf; 7. Gaby Sanchez, 1b; 8. John Buck, c; 9. Ricky Nolasco, p.

       Padres: 1. Will Venable, rf; 2. Mark Kotsay, lf; 3. Chase Headley, 3b; 4. Yonder Alonso, 1b; 5. Orlando Hudson, 2b; 6. Cameron Maybin, cf; 7. John Baker, c; 8. Andy Parrino, ss; 9. Joe Wieland, p.

       Umpires: HP -- Lance Barksdale; 1B -- Fieldin Culbreth; 2B -- Adrian Johnson; 3B -- Gary Cederstrom.


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Marlins Fans

A tip of the cap to the Marlins MVP of the game. Ex-Marlin John Baker. Way catch and choke at the plate. The only catcher in history to be out almost 2 full seasons with TJ surgery,get full pay,and travel the world,visiting troops. Way to go.Bake. Thanks for tanking it, against your old team.


That's funny. I guess he felt like he owed them one.


All those who were ready to bury the team when they were 8-14 forgot their fundamental baseball, if they ever knew it to begin with. I had no doubt that this team would turn it around because the Starting Pitching has been OUTSTANDING. Four starters with ERAs under 3. Any team that has that kind of good starting pitching will eventually turn it around because sooner or later the hits will start falling. Unless someone thought the entire batting order would go into a season long SLUMP.

If the starting pitching continues to be this good and they stay healthy, the team SHOULD be a contender. True, that's a big "IF", but I don't see why they wouldn't continue being this good. These pitchers aren't rookies; they are vets who know how to pitch. If their health holds up, this should be fun.


Brett Hayes went 0-4 on Friday and right away Ozzie puts that HORROR SHOW John Buck back in the line up? Why? Because he had a double Saturday in between striking out three times looking? And he was back again today, and his BA continues to fall below .185. But it's his defense which is really bad. He couldn't even get the ball out of his glove ON A PITCH OUT! But we all know why Buck continues to play: there are 18 million reasons why. The Front Office does not want to admit that both Bell AND Buck are BUSTS.


I'll agree that the pitching has been outstanding but I'm not ready to start singing praises just yet. They barely beat out two teams that like the marlins cannot hit. And now they play an Astros team that is over achieving right now. If you recall they had to walk off on them twice so it's not going to be a cake walk.

I'm not as down in them at the moment because they've won six in a row, as they say winning cures everything, but if this team is going anywhere they have to improve the RISP average. Otherwise, they're the Mariners and A's of the last few years. All pitching no hitting.


not ready to feel good about this team just because they won 6 in a row. This team has glaring weaknesses.

Flav C

Each series is a different story. I had mentioned before the series against the Padres they, by having the worst defense in the NL, were going to help us score some runs without big hits. And they really did: balks, passed balls, bad fielding, etc..
Now on to Houston: They've been hitting well of late, but their weapons right now are Schafer and Altuve. They scored a lot of runs in the first series against the Fish mainly due to lots of walks. If those two get on base, they create havoc. They are in the top 20 in the NL on Runs scored. Altuve is batting .352 and very high OBP (.393). The Marlins has to do everything possible to limit those two from getting on base.

Buck definitely is a liability as a hitter. We cannot deny though, after a whole season in the NL he is much more acquainted with the other team's hitters; as a result, his game-plan and game-calling are one of the reasons for the good performance of the pitching staff so far. This is one thing I'd love to see him helping JT Realmuto in the future.


what do you call 4 relief pitchers unavailable? the Marlins overtaxed bullpen. At game 28. In june their arms will be falling off.


Some of the comments are obviously from HATERS who are putting their own negative spin on things for a variety of reasons. They may hate Loria and the Stadium deal (so do I, but I LOVE THE TEAM) or they may hate Ozzie (get over it already) or they may hold long standing grudges from the past history of fire sales, etc. Or some of them might just be what i call typical Miami sports fools. I call them sports fools, not sports fans because they definitely are NOT fans. These are guys who NEVER go to any games of ANY TEAMS, yet they always have something negative to say about all our teams. Some of these people get no respect in life, no one listens to them, so they take advantage of the internet where they can spew their garbage. I am slowly but surely learning who's who over here.


It's certainly not time for a parade, but this team is showing good signs for long term contention this year. Because the games have been so tight, our pitchers are pitching every inning very carefully and this is excellent practice for what is going to come down the line later if we get into the pennant race. If our pitchers were winning all the games due to big offensive explosions from our hitters, later on in the season when the games start counting, they would have no clue how to pitch without a whole bunch of run support.

There's always two ways of looking at an issue, LOL. So far, I prefer to look at things positively with this team because we are good in the most important part of the game, our starting pitching staff. Remember, last year our rotation had Volstad and Vasquez in it, which until Vasquez started pitching well in July, was a guaranteed two losses every five games. If we were four games over .500 but two or three of our starting pitchers were giving up a lot of runs, I would actually be more worried than I am now even though our record was better. Because in the course of a long season there are going to be times when the hitting goes into a slump or they just go through a streak of bad luck where everything they hit is right at somebody, but as long as the starting pitching is holding up, the team has a good CHANCE to contend, and that's all I want from this team, a CHANCE that the games this summer might mean something.


who's who over here??? How many other sites,under how many different names have u been blocked from??? maybe some of the comments are the truth,but they dont fit your agenda.


My "agenda" is to talk about Marlins baseball, "u" little 13 year old twerp. I can always tell hell how old and how intelligent someone is by how they post. If they post as if they are "texting", they are usually some little teen aged LOSER.

But you do make one good point, and it is exactly what I already said. Most of these haters have an AGENDA and it damn sure ain't to talk about Marlins baseball, which I THOUGHT was what this was supposed to be about. The haters' AGENDA is to post all sorts of hater garbage because they don't like Ozzie or Loria or the Stadium deal or they don't like baseball. Or maybe they are little 13 year old losers, and their AGENDA is to show everyone how much of a LOSER they really are.


As for other sites, I was banned from the Marlins MLB site for ripping Fredi Gonzalez' poor managing, ripping Hanley's poor play and not hustling, and ripping Loria for not putting any money into the team in 2008 and 2009 when they had good teams that could have made the playoffs. I also clashed with that SHILL Joe Frisaro over there, who is the biggest joke of a sports writer that ever lived. I have absolutely NO SHAME in me for being banned by that website, LMFAO.

I tell it like I see it and I have little patience for morons and haters. If you are a baseball fan and you want to discuss the Fish or baseball INTELLIGENTLY and RESPECTFULLY, we will get along great! I can already see there are many good guys here like Stan, Glags, lurelbowie, and a few others, and I am enjoying talking Marlins baseball with them. But like all sites, there are some haters and clowns too. I am starting to see WHO IS WHO. Capisce?


how many different names are you using, Asssswipe?

Stan M

Alex, you seem to have a lot to say about a great many things and it's nice to have you aboard. However, I want to point out one thing that disturbs me about your posts. People can differ with you and still be knowledgeable baseball fans. There are many good reasons to have negative things to say about our owner. And Ozzie might be the first to admit that he still has a few things to learn about managing this team. Yes, there are too many "crazies" of the "so and so is an idiot" mold. But there are also many knowledgeable and well meaning posters who criticize some aspects of this team and understand baseball quite well. I've only started to thing positively again over the past couple of games. Good baseball teams clobber the also rans and hope to play .500 ball against the best teams. We just did the clobbering and now face 3 games against a team that is probably the poorest in the league, yet is on a puzzling hot streak. We have to win at least one game in Houston and taking 2 of 3 would be terrific. The following series is against the team that is immediately above us and has shown no signs of becomming doormats. Great pitching and mediocre hitting can still win, but our hitting hasn't even reached the mediocre plateau just yet. I have seen positive improvement from Gabby, Reyes and Stanton and even our star albatros, Hanley. Infantehas been fine all year but Bono is presently worrysome and Buck is a negative from any perspective. But right now this team is winning and that is all that counts. The only real necessity one needs to follow this team closely is having a strong heart for nearly every game is a nail biter. Earl Weaver used to have a relief pitcher he called "three pack" because of the butts he would smoke while the guy was on the mound. Well, whatever else we have on the field, the appellation "three pack" would fit them well.

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