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Nolasco is one win from catching D-Train

    SAN FRANCISCO -- He craves In-N-Out Burgers and wears Vans sneakers, so it's no surprise that Ricky Nolasco pitches as well as he does when he's in California. The super laid-back hurler for the Marlins put on another show in his home state last night, joining forces with relievers Edward Mujica and Heath Bell in the Marlins' 2-1 win over the Giants.

    Nolasco gave up a run on seven hits over 7 1/3 innings at AT&T Park, where he remains unbeaten in four career starts. His 1.56 ERA in all games against the Giants ranks second-lowest all-time by any opposing pitcher (min. six starts) behind Clayton Kershaw (1.25) and ahead of Mike Cuellar (1.65). Nolasco improved to 3-0 on the season, which places him one pitching victory behind Dontrelle Willis on the franchise's all-time list.

     Marlins Career Wins

     1. Dontrelle Willis    68

     2. Ricky Nolasco       67

     3. A.J. Burnett         49

     4. Josh Johnson        48

         Brad Penny           48

     Perhaps more significantly to the Marlins is the fact that Nolasco is finally giving indication why they rewarded him with a 3-year deal. Now in his second season of that contract, Nolasco's 2.76 ERA is second-lowest on the team behind Anibal Sanchez's 2.73.

      Nolasco doesn't rack up the strikeouts the way he once did (only one K in last night's performance), but he has yielding far fewer hits than he did a season ago. He certainly kept Gaby Sanchez busy last night. The first baseman recorded seven unassisted putouts on ground balls hit his way by the Giants.

      With a win in San Diego on Sunday, Nolasco will tie Willis on the Marlins' all-time leaderboard. And given that Nolasco has been almost as successful at Petco Park (3-1, 2.20) as he's been in San Francisco, the odds would appear to be in his favor.


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Flav C.

Ricky, you got this! Win # 68 will be celebrated at Petco Park on Sunday, May 6!

Flav C.

I don't work for the Elias Bureau but I'm sure that this is the first time in Ricky's career that he has a beginning of season with a sub-3 ERA after 5 starts. If Anibal pitches at least 6 innings of 2 ER, he will equal this feat (less than 3 ER on first 5 starts).
Just a little bit more of useless info:
Marlins' first 23 games in the season show the team with a 3.52 ERA. That is the 3rd best result after 23 games in the season for the Fish. 2nd best was last year with 3.05 and the best one was in 2005 with a 2.28 ERA.


He'll get that win in San Diego. Hopefully that will demonstrate to him how good of a pitcher he is and help him avoid going into a slump like he's been prone to do in recent years. Anibal Sanchez and Ricky Nolasco have performed, and Big Z has at least exceeded expectations. We just need for JJ and Buehrle to step it up.


Don't they say that pitching wins championships? If the bats come around we'll be in a good position. Would love to see another win tonight!!

Stan M

Up to now, the league is batting .350 against our ace. That is frightening. Our starters have been excellent. In sum, we really traded Buehrle for Vazquez and Zambrano for Volstad, yet so far so good. Zambrano has done nothing to date that would show any tendency toward his attitude while in Chicago. I really would like to see Pererson get some playing time, but not tonight against those curveballs. We beat the best pitcher of the 3 we will face, now it's time to start hitting. Unfortunately, all a lefthander has to do is throw his glove on the field and we are in trouble. Did anyone besides me think that Stanton looked more confident at the plate. Even his stance seemed improved...or am I star gazing?


Tonight's Marlins lineup: Reyes, ss; Bonifacio, cf; Ramirez, 3b; Kearns, lf; Infante, 2b; Stanton, rf; Sanchez, 1b; Buck, c; Zambrano, p. -- Clark

Stan M

Just watched Brice Harper perform for the Nationals. AZ had runners in 1st and 3rd with no outs and a batter hit a ball to CF. It was by no means shallow. The runner on 3rd held up as Harper, playing CF, threw a bullet to home. His arm has already gained a reputation. He came up with a man on 1B. First pitch he hit a bullet just foul by 1B. After another strike, he took 3 consecutive "tempting" sweeping curves that were outside by the lefthander on the mound. Harper then clobbered a ball to the power alley in RF about half way up the wall. He's on 2B and runner scored. Next batter either flied out or got a hit (I was distracted for a moment)and Harper came barreling into home but the throw beat him...so...he knocked the ball out of the catcher's mitt and scored. Holy Mackerel! The only thing I didn't like was on his long double, he went into a semi HR trot becore realizing it was in play. He still couldn't have gone to 3B, but someone will certainly speak to him. Anyway, it was quite a show. This 19YO kid can really play and seems to thrive in critical situations.


When are they going to shitcan the human fly swatter, Bonifacio?

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