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"Old" Zambrano would have thrown a fit after latest Bell collapse; Guillen mulling his options for closer

     SAN FRANCISCO -- Carlos Zambrano has every right to feel frustrated after being denied a pitching win for the third time this season because Heath Bell failed to come through. Bell didn't receive the blown save on Wednesday, but he definitely cost Zambrano the victory.

      The latest installment: Bell took over in the ninth on Wednesday with a 2-0 lead but couldn't hold it. The Giants ended up tying the score and sending it to extra innings, where the Marlins won on Giancarlo Stanton's solo homer in the 10th.

      But the still winless Zambrano said he wasn't upset at all. Not in the least.

       “I feel like I’m a new Carlos Zambrano,” he said, “because the old Carlos Zambrano would be throwing a chair and screaming at his teammate. But God has changed my life. I’m happy that we won today. That’s the most important thing.”

         Zambrano said Bell apologized to him afterward.

          “Heath failed and it’s time to pick him up,” Zambrano said. “Everybody has to pick up each other. That’s what the game is all about. I talked to him and I told him to keep your head up, as soon as I see your head down, I’m going to come to you and we’re going to have problems. Things will turn around. He’s one of the best and he’s had a rough start, but I know he will settle back and be the same closer that he was in past years.”

          Bell was unable to record an out in the ninth, prompting manager Ozzie Guillen to pull him for Steve Cishek. Cishek, who pitched the final two innings, was credited with the win. Bell said he understood the decision.

          “Ozzie made a good decision, worked out for us,” Bell said. “Stanton picked me up big time right there. I just feel really bad because Zambrano pitched a heckuva game. It still hurts, but it’s one of those things that, for whatever reason, I’m not having any luck this year. The tide will change for me, hopefully sooner rather than later.”

          Meanwhile, Guillen was non-committal about whether he'll continue to stick with Bell as his closer. But he sure did offer plenty of praise for Cishek afterward, an indication that he night be leaning toward handing the closer's role over to him.

          "Cishek did a tremendous job to go out there and stop that bleeding and come back and save the game," Guillen said. "It was nice to see. My job is to win games. I'm going to put the best guy we think is doing the job there. This is a tough call to any position because we spend a lot of money on this kid (Bell). I've got to put my best guy out there, and right now he's not our best guy. We got to wait to see."



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Blown save is a ridiculous stat if it stuck Cishek with Bell's mess. Ridiculous that a man getting paid millions not to do his job is being shown up by a rookie getting paid the league minimum. Wonder how Bell feels when he can't even get a strike where Cishek gets six without throwing away the game.


Bell is just lucky he didn't have to deal with the old Carlos.


Bell needs to be demoted to a situational reliever. His confidence is totally gone.


Maybe Bell needs to get socked in the face by a teammate to get him out of this rut. How embarrassing.

Peter Gammons Dog

Too bad Big Z didnt use fat ass Bell for a gatorade cooler. Great game(yawn). Two teams that cant hit worth a crap.Thanks to Stanton,otherwise they still might be playing to score a lousy run. Pathetic offensive baseball from both line-ups.They both suck.

Taz Man

2 wins in a row. It was ugly. But I'll take it. Bell needs to be moved out of the closers role. They can't let him blow any more games. He was a waste of $27 million. What will we do with him for 3 years.

Flav C.

@ bob, not only blown save is a ridiculous stat, but also measuring a starting pitchers performance with Ws and Ls is totally unfair. A team wins and loses, and the starting pitcher is a big part of both.
At some point MLB should stick to measuring pitchers performancemsolely by what they are really responsible for: ERA, BBs, runners on base, HRs allowed, hits allowed, strikeouts, etc...


Bell Smells can be the full time bartender at the Clevelander during the home games,called into pitch in a mop up role in blowouts. On the road he can serve as the team go-fer and rally clown .That's all he's good for now.


When is the Ozzhole gonna shuffle his anemic line-up?After they have been no hit? or go 0 for the week with RISP? Wake up and smell the cafe cubano, Ozzhole.


Lomo has been doing a great job hitting clean-up. Hitting a blistering .237 with 0doubles 0triples 2hr's and 6rbi's in 11 games and 38ab's. why would the Ozzhole want to change that? Stanton not any better in the 4 hole,but is showing signs of getting his power stroke back. What's an Ozzhole to do? And then there is Hanmutt in the 3 hole. What's an Ozzhole to do with the Hanmutt? Pat him on his head/ass to keep him happy?


Why Statistics Are Meaningless, Part Umpteen: Technically, Heather Smells didn't blow the save last night. Cishek did. That's hysterical.
Anyway, the old Zambrano cared. This one doesn't. Had he thrown fewer pitches, he might've been allowed to finish it out. Had he done something at the plate, perhaps the Marlins would've had more than three runs. Zambrano's just to blame for what's going on here as everyone else.

Brent Caulder

The issue with this team is the same as last year. If you ask the players who the leader on that team is they'd probably all have different answers. Its not Hanley, Buck, LoMo, Reyes, Sanchez, Stanton, or Boni. They have no leader. Actually Zambrano right now seems like the leader if he really is picking the other guys up. You need a captain.


I vote for Captain Morgan..150 proof..on the rocks. This team is making me thirsty.


if it comes to it, wonder who will be asked to close Thursday afternoon?

 E.A. Poe

for whom the Bell does not toll,it will not toll for thee. Bell Smell go to Hell.


I think you meant to sign in as E. Hemingway. But who cares, right?

 E.A. Poe

sorry...got my drug addict,alcoholic writers mixed up.

 E.A. Poe

Whoops...got my drug addict/alcoholic writers mixed up. Burp...I'll take another hit. At least Im getting alot more hits than the Marlins are lately.


Off Topis - What's up with the squeaky bimbo voices of the Fox Sports girls who announce things like the Marlins Pre Game and Post Game shows. Yeah, the girls are easy to LOOK AT, but none of them should EVER open their mouths, LMFAO!!!! As good as that one girl looks, I would put a sock in her mouth rather than listen to that voice all day. "Tune in to Marlins Post Game on Fox Sports"...that girl's well on her way to an Edith Bunker voice.


I see Ozzie has Dobbs at first today, spelling Gaby, who can't seem to hit the ball anywhere but straight up. Seems like it would have been a good day to start Petersen in center to give Bonifacio a break. Like most of the Fish, Boni's looked totally lost at the plate lately.


Everybody ripping Ozzie for the line up; are you for real? Who is Ozzie supposed to bat clean-up? None of them have been hitting at all! Stanton just strted hitting the last couple of games. I will absolutely criticize Ozzie when he deserves it, but to "shake up the line-up" makes no sense. Besides, the truth is that Ozzie has NOT had a steady line up. He HAS played quite a few guys and shuffled the batting order trying to jump start the offense; it just hasn't worked, although he played Kearns a couple of times and Kearns came through. I'm sorry, I think you just don't like Ozzie PERIOD so you are going to criticize him all year whether he deserves it or not.


And another guy is ripping Zambrano because he DID NOT go berserk and is showing some MATURITY..LMFAO!!! What is wrong with you people? Zambrano is pitching excellently this year. He is not to blame for ANYTHING. He had a quality start every single game this year. You are crazy if you think he should go and start a fight with Bell for blowing his games. This is a BUSINESS to these guys. You don't punch out your co-workers. Well, SANE people don't punch out their co-workers, that is.

Beatch,dont Talk w/Mouth Full

Would put something in her mouth and it wouldnt be a sock. But it rhymes with sock.

Opie Taylor

Is Austin Kearns a blood relative of Goober and Gomer from Mayberry? Cousin Betty Jo wants to know.


Ozzie has Hayes playing more (great move; Buck stinks) and he benched Gaby today too. Can't say he isn't rying.


Alex, the only quality start is a win. Ryan Dempster's ERA this year is under 1.00. He's 0-1, and the Cubs are 0-4 in his starts. What's more important? His ERA? Or the fact that he's still been outpitched in every one of his starts? National League pitchers, especially, have no excuse. They get to bat. Do something. Screw Zambrano.

Stan M

Where are all of these "crazies coming from? I guess Clark can't do anything about them. Too bad. Ozzie benched Buck and Gabby. That shows a try for some change. Hayes is doing very well, let's hope his performance, and not Buck's salary, can determine who continues to play. Ozzie has been preaching "adjustments". Hanley is, as usual, not listening. Please, Ozzie, move the guy down in the order for a few games to open his eyes and dampen his ego.


Denis you're an ozzhole. Zambrano should be at least 2-0.

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