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Oviedo eligible to return to Marlins July 23

Juan Carlos Oviedo, the Marlins relief pitcher formerly known as Leo Nunez, arrived in South Florida Monday and was promptly handed an eight-week suspension by Major League Baseball for age and identity fraud.

The suspension will run through July 22nd, meaning the first day Oviedo will be eligible to return to the Marlins is July 23rd, when they open up a three-game series at Marlins Park against the Braves.

According to the league, Oviedo, who spent the last eight months in the Dominican Republic trying to resolve the issue of his identity, will be eligible to participate in extended Spring Training during the period of his suspension. The Marlins allowed to send Oviedo for one rehabilitation assignment to a Minor League affiliate that cannot exceed 16 days. That is expected to happen at the end of his suspension so he can prepare to return to the team.

Oviedo will meet with reporters Tuesday morning in Jupiter along with President of Baseball Operations Larry Beinfest and general manager Mike Hill.


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In honor of Nunez/Whatever's return, Marlins will be giving out free Border Patrol t-shirts like thay did at the old stadium.


Good. We need all the help we can get! We signed Heath Bell because he was CHEAPER than Papelbon who is three years younger and WAY better. Why was money an issue? Because we OVERPAID for Reyes, that's why.


Whaddya expect when your owners are lying, thieving NY jews.

DeweyPhuckem&Howe CPA

When does the fire sale start? Marlins will never win another WS with these clowns running the team.

U.S. Border Patrol

Are they gonna have Support Illegal Immigration Night when Nunez comes back? We need a heads up for a head count.


wow the bigots are out tonight. On the lighter side of things Oviedo's arm should be well rested come August.


Wow...easy now fellas with all the bashing. Just talking baseball. Having another option could prove helpful come August agreed rbleigh.


Not only do we have MORONS, but we have BIGOTED MORONS here. Too bad The Herald doesn't require people to post under their REAL NAMES. All the COWARDS would quickly STFU.

Frisaro&Friends@ Marlins/Mlbcom

Hey Alex...now that you've been officially banned from the Marlins MLB blog, after running out of over 20 fake names that you have used there, kiss my ass. Nice capital letters ,douchebag. We see that they finally let you use a computer again at the mental hospital. Dont forget to take your meds.

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