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Ozzie Guillen signals return of Heath Bell as closer

     Ozzie Guillen gave every indication that Heath Bell is returning to the closer's role immediately. When asked Friday whether he intended to stick with Steve Cishek, Guillen replied: "No. Let's put Bell back to see what happens. That's his job, and I liked the way he threw the ball (in Houston)."

     Guillen backed off slightly when asked point blank if that meant for certain that Bell would move back into that role beginning with tonight's game against the Mets, saying it's possible he could send in someone else to pitch the ninth.

     But he continued by adding: "I want him there. I'm going to give him another shot. He deserves another shot. And I like what I see (from Bell) in Houston. And I think we should. He threw very well, kept the ball down, threw a lot of strikes, kept us in the game. He's our closer. Let's see what happens."

     Bell was relieved of the role after blowing his fourth save on May 4 in San Diego. On Wednesday, in what marked his only appearance since then, Bell pitched one inning of scoreless relief in what was a non-save situation, allowing a hit but needing only 10 pitches to record three outs.


     Another new lineup twist for tonight's series opener against the Mets: Omar Infante is moving into the No. 2 spot in the order. Guillen mentioned the possibility of hitting Infante at No. 2 as far back as spring training.

      "I always liked the lineup with Infante batting second," Guillen said. "I think Infante is going to see more fastballs with Hanley hitting behind him."

      But Guillen said the move might not be permanent.


     As expected, the Marlins made it official on Friday, optioning right-handed relievers Chris Hatcher and Sandy Rosario to Triple A New Orleans while calling up lefty reliever Mike Dunn and outfielder Kevin Mattison.



    Marlins: 1. Reyes, ss; 2. Infante, 2b; 3. Ramirez, 3b; 4. Morrison, lf; 5. Stanton, rf; 6. Sanchez, 1b; 7. Bonifacio, cf; 8. Buck, c; 9. Buehrle, p.

    Mets: 1. Torres, cf; 2. Murphy, 2b; 3. Wright, 3b; 4. Duda, rf; 5. Hairston, lf; 6. Davis, 1b; 7. Cedeno, ss; 8. Nickeas, c; 9. Santana, p.

    Umpires: HP -- Brian Gorman; 1B -- Tony Randazzo; 2B -- Todd Tichenor; 3B -- Larry Vanover.



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too much buck 195 avg and gaby need more hayes and dobbs ozzie less money better players




Move of the game belongs to Ozzie ,with his last minute decision to sit Lomo{not injury related} and bat Kearns 4th...With Hanley stinking it up batting 3rd ,Ozzie woke up and realized that Lomo,hitting a paltry .227 vs. lefties and only .241 with 7RBI's in 58 AB's batting clean-up could sit, and be used for a PH later in the game. Ozzie should continue to shuffle the deck with Lomo/Kearns, Gaby/Dobbs, and Buck/Hayes to get the most run production. Already batting Infante 2nd and Boni 7th has paid dividends.

Stan M

All sorts of reasons for optimism. And club really isn't hitting at all. I like fact we've played 20 road games, but only 12 home games. Critics who disapproved of Marlins signing Bell cited a drop in velocity last year and Ks were significantly down. Well the velocity is fine so the rest should be correctable. He's actually looked good in last two appearances. Marlins have 29 HRs this year. Josh Hamilton has 17! Wow.


@ Stan: And today it looks nuts that 5 yrs ago hands down most would say the Rays should have taken Beckett instead of Hamilton. Wow, imagine the Rays with Hamilton today. Scary good. Oh well, thats life & baseball.

Flav C

Ricky Nolasco looking like the Ricky of old. Ricky "4.15 ERA" Nolasco, rather than Ricky "below 3 ERA" Nolasco.


Ship Ricky to the west coast he's a soft California guy and only likes pitching out with the fruits and nuts. The model of inconsistency.

Fed Up

The real Marlins showed up today. A disaster, an embarrassment, a catastrophe of a team. National TV, and that's the result? Game was over when The Whiffer got tagged out at third by Dickey for the first out of the inning. The implosion was evident then. Ricky Noooooooo!!!!lasco, The Whiffer, all of them, worthless bums.


Your #3 hitter is batting .212? Just saying Ozzie, maybe time to move the Dominican Prince down in the order? Again Rick is not a South Florida guy if he would only pitch better so we could trade him to Seattle or somewhere west....maybe Japan?


Fed up, you were uncharacteristically silent during the winning streak. How typical.


I don't think there is anybody out there as truly sad, ignorant of baseball and weary of life as Fed Up seems to be. I think he is trying to put us on, but just isn't smart enough to do a very good job of it.


How can somebody be uncharacteristic and typical, at the same time. An oxymoron. Or just a moron.


Yeah, Fed Up is a MORON of the highest order, LMFAO! You guys are a trip, though. This was the first really bad game that Nolasco has had in a long time and you guys are ready to ship him out. Ricky's no ACE but he is a decent #3 starter. Usually, if the team gives him some run support, Ricky keeps the team in the game.

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