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Ozzie sticking with Bell, predicts Stanton will kill pitcher with line drive

   SAN FRANCISCO -- Ozzie Guillen is not waving the white flag on closer Heath Bell. Not yet.

   The Marlins manager told a group of reporters a moment ago that he intends to stick with Bell as his ninth-inning stopper despite the veteran pitcher's run of poor outings, the most recent of which came last night when he entered in the ninth and the Giants rallied for two runs to send the game into extra innings.

    "We're a better team with Bell closing," Guillen said. "There's no doubt. That's what we want. That's what I want. I never manage for the fans. I never manage for the owners. I never manage for the media. I manage for the ball club, and obviously we need wins. And I'm going to give Bell every opportunity out there to fail again, because we're a better ball club with him as closer. And I want him to be the closer. And he's getting paid to be the closer. And that's the reason we signed him to be the closer.

    "I know he's not pitching well. We all know that. He's throwing the ball good. He's just not getting people out. I'm not going to unplug that (stuff) yet. It's too early. If you do that, maybe they lose confidence."

    Guillen said that if Bell didn't have an extensive track record as a successful closer, it would be a much different story and he would be quicker to make a change.

     "It's not easy to have patience. It's not easy losing games that way. But, we are WAY better ball club with him as a closer."

     Guillen said he feels that Bell's arm strength is "fine" and the "ball's coming out of his hand pretty good. It's just location -- bad location -- and no strikes. That combination, you're going to lose games."

     "People will go, wow what are you doing? I don't work for people. I've got 25 guys here to take care of. If it drives everybody crazy, what, you don't think I have blood in my veins? Yes. It drives me crazy more than anybody else. I'm the one that put him there. I'm the one that's got to take him out. I'm the one that's got to take the blame. All those people that worry about it, just relax. Chill."

     Guillen said he made the decision to replace Bell for Steve Cishek in the ninth because he sensed a sudden downshift in mood inside the dugout when the inning began to unravel.

     "Yesterday if we lose the game, that's going to be painful and that's going to stick with us for a few weeks. The way the reaction was in the dugout, if we lose this game, this is going to be sticking with us for a little while."

     All that said, Guillen added that neither Bell nor Cishek is available this afternoon for the series finale. And Guillen said he'd like to give Cishek, who pitched two innings in relief on Wednesday, a couple of days to rest up.


     After watching Giancarlo Stanton hammer two line drives, one of which struck the wall at AT&T Park with tremendous force and the other that sailed over it to give the Marlins a 3-2 lead in the 10th, Guillen predicted his slugger will cause bodily harm to some pitcher or third baseman before the end of the season.

     "If this kid puts the ball in play, that ball is going to get hurt," Guillen said. "I (never saw) anybody hit line drives like that. I never saw anyone the ball come off his bat like that. That kid will kill one pitcher before the season is over. Or a third baseman. I hope not, but, wow, if this kid hit the ball back to the pitcher the way he hit it to left field yesterday, it's going to be a (medical) helicopter coming down, and hurry up, because that's scary."

      TODAY'S LINEUPS (scheduling note: due to a conflict with the Heat game, the radio broadcoast of today's Marlins game will switch from 790-AM to 102.7 FM at 6:15 p.m.)

      Marlins: 1. Jose Reyes, ss; 2. Emilio Bonifacio, cf; 3. Hanley Ramirez, 3b; 4. Logan Morrison, lf; 5. Omar Infante, 2b; 6. Giancarlo Stanton, rf; 7. Greg Dobbs, 1b; 8. Brett Hayes, c; 9. Anibal Sanchez, p.

      Giants: 1. Gregor Blanco, rf; 2. Conor Gillaspie, 3b; 3. Melky Cabrera, lf; 4. Buster Posey, c; 5. Angel Pagan, cf; 6. Brandon Belt, 1b; 7. Joaquin Arias, 2b; 8. Brandon Crawford, ss; 9. Ryan Vogelsong, p.

      Umpires: HP -- Lance Barrett; 1B -- Paul Emmel; 2B -- Scott Barry; 3B -- Jerry Meals.



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Ozzie Guillen is a sixth-letter-wording idiot.


There still has to be major concern with the way this team is performing offensively. The starting pitching has been really good but the bats are still missing. Hammering Hanley is teetering on the Mendoza line and only Infante is hitting above .300. So far 11 runners LOB! At what point do you sit Hanley or move him down? Nah can't hurt his ego right?


Is anyone else ready to see more of Brett Hayes?

Fed Up

Second and third, one out, two run lead, and Hanloaf strikes out. Bum. I've never hated anyone on a team for whom I root more than I hate Hanloaf sixth-lettering Ramirez. Not any of the idiots who have quarterbacked the Dudphins since Marino retired. Nobody. It's Hanloaf, and it's not even close. And now, let's bring Heather Smells in the game to collapse again. Fire Beinfest!


I'm definitely ready to see less of Hanley!!!


I do!


Infante is coming back down to earth too. Whenever a rally gets started either Hanley, Fat Gaby, Buck or Boni end it with either a DP or a swinngggg and a misssss! Is Heath coming in? Cue the theatrical music.

Bullpen Fertilizer

meatball moo-he-ka for the save...Phewww...What's that smell, Oh,it's Bell...Move Hanmutt down to 6th,Infante hitting 3rd then Stanton & Lomo.


Great pitching in San Fran....can we play every game against their anemic offense that is even worse than ours?

Get Ready for Disaster

Marlins sweep 3 games from weak hitting Giants, outscoring them 8-5,while leaving 30 men on base and hitting 4for29(.138) w/RISP. When the starting pitching doesnt hold up,this team will be in serious trouble. Like in June. Like last season.Marlins are a mediocre .500 team. Maybe worse.

Stan M

I don't think that there is a serious Marlin fan who wouldn't like to see more of Hayes. These same fans would also like to see Hanley dropped in the order. Let's all hope that sticking with Bell is just a FO ploy. It is too common for the determination of which player will be used is more determined by salary rather than skill.

Stan III

Am I the only one who reads a quote from Ozzy and I read it in his voice. It's like Tony Montana from Scarface is reading his lines.


It's amazing how many of you seem to be haters of Ozzie, or of the team in general. Me personally, all I care about with Ozzie is if he wins games. The Cuba stuff didn't get me upset. Really it's about time we end the embargo anyway and stop allowing all those abuelas from South Dade to dictate policy.

To a real Marlins fan, there is cause for optimism as the starting pitching has been excellent and shows no signs of falling apart any time soon. Quiet as it's kept, the Marlins have a damn good, veteran starting rotation.

Yes, the offense has been terrible. Hanley continues to be a slug; he hasn't hit since 2009 when he won the batting crown. Since then he has sucked. His stance is ridiculous, and his crazy long HR swing that causes so many strike outs and pop ups is painful to watch. Where's the hitting coach; not that Hanley would ever listen to anybody. A few games ago he led off the ninth inning with the Fish down by 7 runs and he swung at the first pitch! Popped out of course. Back in the day a manager would fine you or bench you for swinging at the first pitch in that situation when the team needs BASERUNNERS. But Hanley is as selfish a player as I ever saw; he doesn't care about the game situation, or what the team needs.

Hanley is far from the only problem we have, but at least Ozzie has shown that he has the guts to make needed changes. Buck has been a huge bust for this team and Brett Hayes has earned more playing time and Ozzie appears to agree. Gaby has been lousy not only offensively, but even defensively he has sucked. Trade him. Move Lomo to 1st base full time and play Kearns or Peterson in LF.

Still, with the good starting pitching we have, Marlins fans shouldn't feel too down. Unless they are just HATERS, that is.


The TV commercials are killing me, LOL! That "Depot Time" commercial for Office Depot with Tony Stewart and some little blond bimbo with an annoying voice, for example. I guess some advertising executive thought that she was "real cute and perky" or something like that, but every time she says "Depot Time" in that annoying voice I cringe. Commercials are very interesting because they reveal who advertisers think their market is. Obviously Fox thinks their market is young men who like looking at pretty girls, which I certainly don't have a problem with, as long as the bimbos just sit there and pose in their cute little baseball T shirts and hats, and don't try to talk, LOL! The second they try to speak I gotta cover my ears. Between the Office Depot chick and the Fox Sports stripper bimbos with their squeaky voices doing the commercials that say "Tune in to the Marlins Post Game show, on Fox Sports", I got my hand on the "mute" button all game long!


I agree about Hayes, Stan; Buck has been a bust, a terrible signing last year based on ONE DECENT YEAR he had in Toronto. Our cheap Front Office jumped at the chance to sign buck for 3 years at 6 million a year, figuring they were getting a bargain, because the going rate for good catchers is about 10 million a year. So they jumped at signing Buck, praying that he continues playing like he did that one year in Toronto, but of course he reverted to form. That's what being CHEAP gets you.

Same with Heath Bell. I was shocked when they signed this fat, 34 year old over achiever with the declining fastball. It was obvious already last year that his skills were eroding, but once again the Front Office decided to be CHEAP. After all, they OVERPAID for Reyes, and now they needed a closer but they didn't want to spend the money needed to land a REAL stud like Papelbon, who has saved nine games for the Phillies and has an ERA of LESS THAN ONE, .082. Meanwhile Bell has blown four games and lost two and has an ERA of over 11! So they went the CHEAP route, hoping that Bell would at least be decent. Instead he is a horror show, just like Buck.

As for Ozzie, what else can he say? That we made a terrible mistake signing this fat bum? But I don't think Ozzie will let him keep blowing games regardless of what he says publicly.

Flav C

Hey Alex, I agree with most of your comments. Since last year we've been talking about how bad Buck is, and the excuses (including from one Marlins bat reporter) were: Adapting to the NL; playing under scorching sun; playing too many games. Funny that with all those excuses gone, he is even worse than last year.
Regarding Heath, I will disagree with you partially. At the time bringing Bell looked like a great idea and we all bought into it, even though I agree with you on the "overpaid" part. There is a website that I'll try to find later on that actually shows the salary of each player compared to their historical performance and other details, etc..and shows if a player was overpaid, underpaid, or worth the investment. It is really nice.
Regarding the team performance during the trip to SF, all I can say is: last week the Marlins had games with the same type of scenario. Close games, 1-run type of games, low scores, great pitching performance. We lost them all. So, I'm glad we were able to win those this time.

Flav C

where you read "bat reporter", i meant to write "beat reporter".

Bill M

The 3 games series in SF was like watching the movie "Groundhog Day" 3 times in a row. Excruciating.

Stan M

Can't wait to see tonight's lineup. Will Hayes be in it. ..hopefully...Will Hanley be benched or moved down in order...very doubtful...will LoMo be at 1B...possibly. I tried to think of a single meaningful hit be Buck this year. I think there has been one...but only one. The guy is killing us.
If we can take advantage of these next two teams, we could head home with record above .500. Houston has been playing above their head lately. JJ's start could tell us a lot tonight. As I said in past, league is now hitting .350 against him. Incredible.
If I'm watching Marlins, and Harper comes to bat, I switch channels. I can remember Mantle, Mays, Strawberry all breaking in. However, with current media, this guy has the potential to become an instant icon. For how long will be the question. My opinion after seeing only 5 ABs. Unless pitchers find a weakness, this kid is the real thing. He's a pleasure to watch.


I, too, agree with most of what you have to say. And I appreciate the fact that you've joined Stan M, Flav C, and the handful of other regulars here who are capable of offering well-thought-out commentary as opposed to the silly "eff-u-Ozzie" type stuff that sometimes clogs things up around here. You're obviously not as old as some of us or you wouldn't be so annoyed by the commercials — you would understand that the time between half innings is meant to be spent in the bathroom taking a leak. That's why God put those little breaks in there.
As for Buck and Hayes, there is no doubt any manager unswayed by salary considerations would make Hayes the regular catcher and Buck the backup. But then, of course, the FO would have to admit it made a bonehead move in hiring Buck and would, in the end, have to pay Hayes the extra salary he deserves.
By the way, before the season started, the Sabermetrics people predicted that Reyes would hit .277 this year. Now it looks like he is going to have to go on a tear to reach even that lowly plateau.

Flav C

lb, it looks like a daunting task. Putting it in numbers this is how it looks like for Reyes: He had 93 at-bats with 21 hits. In his next 93 at-bats, he would need to have 31 hits (hitting .333 in this stretch). It would put him at .279 for the season.

Our hitting has been so poor of late, but luckily we faced another bad-hitting team and extremely porous defensively. The Giants is close to the bottom of the NL as far as fielding and errors. The only team worst than the Giants defensively in the NL? Yes, the Padres, who actually has the feat of having a worse batting average than the Marlins. So, there is hope for us!

Over & Out

The Miami Herald Marlins Blog has less than 10 chronics,blogging to each other over and over,about the daily fortunes of their MLB team. Pathetic following. Pathetic Blog . Who wants to hear the same opinions, same voices, on a continual SOS ramble. Hire some new writers, get some new material.


Alex...good post. It's still early in the season & the Marlins have an excellant chance of being over .500 when they get back to Miami. Look'n @ a good win streak!

Stan M

Over and out? Someone either never served in the military or watches too many movies. Over and out is a self contradiction. It's either "over" to the other party or "out" because you have completed your transmition. They are not meant to be used together.If you are going to criticize, at least show a modicum of intelligence. There are many other blogs where people of your ilk can wallow.

Stan M

It's one thing to stand behind Bell when your team is clobbering the ball. However, if Ozzie continues to send him out there in these close games, the team is in for some difficult times. One can only watch Ozzie from afar and guess his intentions. From everything I've seen and heard about this man in the past and as of late, it is my guess that this decision has been taken out of his hands. I was a big Girardi fan, and this is one situation that he would never have stood for. And frankly, I'm surprised that Ozzie is bowing to the FO if this is the case. Let us hope he is either saying one thing and planning another, or that he will have someone warming up behind Bell in every case in the foreseeable future.


another senile posting from the nursing home

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