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Bonifacio to 15-day DL: Marlins call up Donovan Solano

    CLEVELAND -- The Marlins have placed outfielder Emilio Bonifacio on the 15-day disabled list with a sprained left thumb and have called up infielder Donovan Solano from Triple A New Orleans. The Marlins have also recalled outfielder Chris Coghlan to fill the roster spot left vacant by first baseman Gaby Sanchez, who was optioned on Saturday.

    Bonifacio's hand was so bruised and swollen on Saturday that he was unable to ball his hand into a fist.

    Solano made a favorable impression on manager Ozzie Guillen in spring training and was one of the last players cut. Solano would become the 12th player from Colombia to appear in the majors.

    Solano, who is primarily a singles hitter, is batting .262 this season. Coghlan is hitting. 275 with New Orleans.


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Wow, Big Help......Not

Two more stiffs.


Opportunity is knocking for Coghlan & Solano. If these guys can start hitting right away they might get to stay the season.

Fed Up

Another singles hitter? Great. This team is a catastrophe. Sports in South Flawriduh are a catastrophe. Not one team worth a damn that knows what it's doing.


Wow, Big Help, stiffs huh, why do you say that moron. Coghlan was ROY 2 years ago, and he can still get back his stroke. And as for a catastrophe, the team is 21 - 19 far from a catastrophe, the Heat was 2nd in the Eastern Conference, the Panther won the SE Division, and the Dolphins are look up. So you 2 morons, the sky isn't falling according the FACTS.


Lots of dumb comments by people who obviously know nothing about baseball. (Oh oh, I'm sure to be attacked for saying this! Guess what? I DON'T CARE. LMFAO!) There is much more to be excited about with this team than to be "Fed Up" about. For the first time in a decade we have an actual Major League starting rotation, which is the number one thing a team needs. You can always pick up hitters at the trading deadline or from the minors, or (hopefully!) you can get rid of a bad hitting coach, but as long as you have a bona fide Starting Five, you can contend.


Wow Ur a Genius...if Ur So smart ,why Do u waste Ur time on some crummy Blog? LMFAO

Zephyr Time

Marlins have a great AAA line-up today...Oh Wait...Hey Cogz when u gonna get back your ROY stroke? November?


Mike, please explain to me what Coghlan being ROY two years ago have to do with this season. Last I checked stats from previous years don't carry over. Hanley won the batting title that same year. So what?!!! How does that translate to wins in 2012? It absolutely doesn't. The sooner this organization stops relying on past performances the better off we'll be. This team is full of talent, I dont think even their toughest crtitic can deny that, but for whatever reason they aren't able to harness it when it matters.

You can blame the FO and the coaches all you want but ultimately the players have to perform. Just last season and in the off season there were posts about St. Claire was the "worst pitching coach" and what have you. I think we have a pretty good rotation, so does that mean St. Claire is a good coach now. Probably not, I wouldn't know a good pitching coach from a bad one. A perfect example is Rich Dubee and Charlie Manuel, how good is Dubee when you have three #1 starters. The two top hitters in that line up go down and they've struggled. So how good is Manuel? Rudy Jaramillo is another example. He was lauded in Texas and hasn't fared all that well in Chicago.

I guess my point is that managers and coaches are as good as their players and at this point everybody stinks (the starting rotation not included). I don't have to be Tim Kurkjian to be able to say that. With that said as bad as they are, winning cures everything so for the time being it is hard to be upset with this team.


Glags, oh and the Marlins have the best record in the NL in May. Imagine that,


You still didn't answer my question. Like I said its hard to be down on a team that keeps winning but the issues they had in April are still issues in May.

los marlinos es mericons

Whoopee!!! Marlins scored 5 runs...Big party tonite in Little Havana...BYOB...plenty of rice%beans...Whoopee ...Marlins have best record in May...call off rest of season...start playoffs tomorrow!!!


@ Sharp_Steel - Wow, U R a MORON who thinks he is texting his BFF. Try writing your posts like a man next time. That U R garbage is only acceptable in texts. But I guess U R 14 years old and don't know any better.


yes mommy


put the lotion in the basket,,,,,daddy

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