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Slo-Pitch Baseball: Mark Buehrle vs. Jamie Moyer

    The way Mark Buehrle sees it, the pitch-speed display should be recalibrated tonight when he takes on Jamie Moyer at Marlins Park. Instead of glowing red whenever a blazing fastball tops 95 miles per hour, it needs to be adjusted downward for the two slow-throwers.

     "They're going to have to turn it down," Buehrle said, laughing. "Light it up red when it's 75 or higher."

      MoyerEven then the thing might not glow "hot" very often, not with Moyer and Buehrle doing their thing. According to FanGraphs, Moyer's fastball this season is averaging 77.7 miles per hour. Buehrle's? A shade over 84. And that's their fastball. Their other pitches clock in even slower. Never mind a fancy radar gun. A metronome would work just fine with these two. Or a sundial.

     No wonder Buehrle was chomping at the bit just thinking about his matchup with the ageless Moyer, who at 49 years of age became the oldest pitcher ever to win a major league game when he registered a victory last month for the Colorado Rockies. Moyer turns 50 on Nov. 18.

      "I finally throw harder than the other starter!," Buehrle said. "We're going to turn it on. We're going to be lighting it up, like there's no tomorrow."

      Joked Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen: "It's going to be Nolan Ryan and Steve Carlton -- gas! I know Buerhle's going to look like he's throwing 100."

       Buerhle says teammates sometimes tease him about his low-octane velocity.

       "I've been called Moyer before, guys joking around," Buehrle said. "They'll say, 'Your speed's getting close to his, or whatever. But it's what I've been dealt with. You see (Justin) Verlander. He throws a no-hitter every time. Well, if you had that kind of stuff, of course you should go out there and dominate every game with that stuff. I'd die to have that kind of stuff.

      "That's what amazes me (about Moyer). One, him being that old. And, two, throwing what he's throwing. With what he has and going out and getting guys out at his age...the speed he's throwing stuff up there....it's amazing."

       Moyer is so old that Guillen played against him. Went 4 for 22 against Moyer.

       "It's kind of weird," Guillen said. "Jamie Moyer went from bad to good to old. It's amazing what he's doing. Sometimes you just shake your head and say how does this guy do it? This guy throws 75 and he still gets people out. That's not easy. He knows how to pitch. He learned how to pitch."

        Buehrle doesn't usually pay attention to his pitch-speed readings on the scoreboard. Tonight he might take a peek.

        "Now I'm going to prove to the world that I'm not Moyer," Buehrle said. "I'm two miles an hour plus ahead  of him. I'll be yelling at him to throw fastballs, and throw harder, because I throw harder than he does."

        For once.



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Marlins to Moyer: "So, we meet again."

Slow-pitch pitchers mess the Marlins up, and Moyer has a great record against the Marlins. Let's hope slow-pitch vs. slower-pitch comes out in the Marlins' favor.


please sit buck .188 play hayes 288 hes better

Stan M

Andy, every single person on Clark's blog knows Buck is a stiff. So Ozzie naturally has to know it, too. It's got to be the FO and the money wasted on him. I thought we did just fine with a tandem of Paulino and Baker and still can't understand why Baker was dumped.


Baker was dumped because the Marlins went out and got John Buck, and the Marlins felt that they didn't need Baker since they had Hayes, who is younger and never underwent Tommy John surgery. If they hadn't signed Buck to a three-year deal, the Baker trade never happens, and Hayes would be the primary catcher with Baker as backup.


I thought the cooler ballpark was supposed to help old Bucko? Ok so looking forward if the Fish should be in contention what moves, if any, do you see the FO making? And who's worth anything for a trade? Any thoughts? 1B, maybe a solid outfielder? Can't wait to see the two vets pitching tonight. Always funny to watch our young hitters try and solve Moyer.

Flav C.

Hey Flaggs! It will be interesting moving forward (if the Marlins is in contention) to see what the Phillies will do (if they are out of contention). You mentioned a solid OF. Its been reported a few times already that Amaro is listening to offers for Victorino.
On Bucks, the only positive thing the adjustment to the NL brought after a whole season is the fact that he is more acquainted with the pitching staff and hitters from the other teams. It seems like his play-calling has improved a lot. He knows the other batters, what they like to swing at and he knows what our pitchers like and can throw. He does have some credit regarding the good performance of our pitchers and low ERA. Now on the hitting aspect....that's a different story! LOL


You're right. This is fascinating because it could go either way. If Moyer is just a little off his game, the Fish could really pound him, but if he's on, he'll make guys like Stanton and Buck and Lomo look like they're trying to swat a fly with a linguine noodle. Can't wait to see which way the worm turns.


Flav C,
Victorino would be a nice addition, but the price will be high and I can't think of anybody the Fish could offer that the Phillies would actually want. Then he's gonna want five years and $70-$80 million to stick around when the season is over. But think of the speed the Marlins could flash with Shane in center and Boni in left.


Laurel...awesome description with the linguine reference. Too bad Buehrle got pounded in the 1st. Would love to see the flying Hawaiian.


Stanton is legend.

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