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Solano brothers psyched for showdown

      There were tears when Donovan Solano picked his brother, Jhonatan, up at the airport Monday night.

      "We cried a little bit," Jhonatan said.

      Said Donovan to Jhonatan: "We did it!"

      Who could blame them for their tears and exctiement? Donovan Solano was an infielder in the Marlins farm system only 10 days ago. Jhonatan, the oldest of the Solano brothers by two years, was in the Nationals' minor-league system. Neither had ever spent a day in the majors. But in the short span of those 10 incredible days, both Solanos reached the big leagues for the first time. And they'll be sitting in opposing dugouts.

       "It's amazing," Donovan said.

       It's big news in their native Colombia, where the local papers are trumpeting the story, as well they should. They are only the 12th and 13th Colombian-born players to reach the majors. The Nationals, in need of catching help, called up Jhonatan following Monday's game.

       Incredibly, though, they're not the first brothers from Colombia to make it. The Cabreras -- Orlando and Jolbert -- beat them to that feat.

       The brothers' parents -- Luis Solano and Myriam Preciado -- quickly made flight arrangements to be in Miami for tonight's game. So as to remain impartial as possible, mom is wearing a Marlins jersey while dad has on a Nationals shirt.


       Marlins: 1. Reyes, ss; 2. Infante, 2b; 3. Ramirez, 3b; 4. Stanton, rf; 5. Morrison, 1b; 6. Petersen, cf; 7. Buck, c; 8. Coghlan, lf; 9. Sanchez, p.

       Nationals: 1. Lombardozzi, 2b; 2. Harper, rf; 3. Zimmerman, 3b; 4. LaRoche, 1b: 5. Desmond, ss; 6. Ankiel, cf; 7. Brown, lf; 8. Maldonado, c; 9. Jackson, p.