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When it comes to scoring, Marlins are sleeping giants

      Comeback wins are becoming the norm for the Marlins, who now count 11 of them following Sunday's ninth-inning fireworks.

       "It's exciting for the ballclub, the fans and the media -- but not for the manager," said Ozzie Guillen. "It's not fun for us. But it's great for this ballclub, because I think this ballclub is very young. Now they find a way to fight back when they're behind. It's nice to see that. Most young teams just pack it in and wait for the next day. Now they have confidence. Now when they get to the eighth or the ninth, it's in their minds -- they say 'Well, we've done it before.'"

       Yesterday's victory was a microcosm of the season offensively. The Marlins were dead early, failing to score through the first six innings, but explosive late. On the season, the Marlins rank 28th of the 30 big-league teams in runs scored from innings one through six. But they are fourth overall in scoring runs after the sixth.

        "At least we're get it done late," said Jose Reyes. "But we need to find a way to score early in the game and take some pressure off the starters. When you score early you're going to have a better chance to win the game. Hopefully it doesn't happen for too long. If we win late. We take it. But we don't want to have that habit for a long time. We want to score early in the ballgame."


        A.J. Burnett, who once threw a warmup pitch through the window of a moving pickup truck back in his days with the Marlins, said he would not attempt to break one of backstop aquariums at Marlins Park with one of his fastballs.

        "No, I love fish," said Burnett, who is now with the Pirates.


        Guillen is aware that some people might question why he's used Austin Kearns in the cleanup spot. The reason: "A lot of people criticize me because, 'How the hell is Ozzie batting Kearns fourth?' Well, if those people see his at bats, they're very professional at bats. And I need somebody, a veteran player, in the middle. We know he can do it against lefties. I want him in the middle to take the pressure off the (younger) guys."




         MARLINS: 1. Jose Reyes, ss; 2. Omar Infante, 2b; 3. Hanley Ramirez, 3b; 4. Logan Morrison, lf; 5. Giancarlo Stanton, rf; 6. Gaby Sanchez, 1b; 7. Emilio Bonifacio, cf; 8. John Buck, c; 9. Anibal Sanchez, p.

         PIRATES: 1. Jose Tabata, rf; 2. Neil Walker, 2b; 3. Andrew McCutchen, cf; 4. Pedro Alvarez, 3b; 5. Casey McGehee, 3b; 6. Alex Presley, lf; 7. Rod Barajas, c; 8. Clint Barmes, ss; 9. Brad Lincoln, p.

         Umpires: HP -- Mark Wegner; 1B -- Mike Muchlinski; 2B -- Wally Bell; 3B -- Brain Knight.

         Matchup notes: Kearns (1-3) and Buck (0-1) are the only Marlins who have faced Pirates starter Brad Lincoln; Pirates who have faced Anibal Sanchez include Barajas (3 for 7 with a pair of doubles and a home run), McGehee (2 for 3), McCutchen (1 for 6) and Walker (1 for 5).


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Lets all start a chant at Marlins Park....

BENCH GABBY....Clap. clap.. clap... clap.... clap..... calp......


i second that


It looked like Gaby was starting to come out of it but then took a step back. Not sure if starting Dobbs at first for a few games might give Gaby some mental health days off. He should have used the pink bat like last year. Tonight we have all our regular starters in the game, let's see how they do against the Pirates? Can we just have a laugher tonight fellas? Maybe a 9-2 type ballgame.

Any news on how Ozzie is going to use Bell?

the Hangman

Ozzie is going to give Bell enough rope to hang himself. Stuck with Bell for 3 yrs.


Gaby is a mystery. He doesn't usually start sucking until after the All Star Game.


Best Bet: Platoon Lomo & Gaby at 1st base, and get a REAL left fielder at the trading deadline. Lomo in LF is an accident waiting to happen. He is a 1st Baseman, and he plays LF like one. He is scary every time he has to run after a ball. He tries, but he just doesn't have the ability that good out fielders do of tracking a ball in flight. Often he runs to the right spot and leaps, and the ball just misses his glove either a few inches to the left or to the right. That's because he is not used to tracking balls in flight and making the correct judgement about where it will come down. Now I give him a lot of credit for trying, and he doesn't miss by much, but he still misses a lot of the time. In that final Astros game Lomo ran down a ball in the 9th inning on the line and made the catch...but damn near overran it and almost dropped it. He's scary out there. And he lets a lot of balls fall in front of him, too, playing it safe, which I guess is better than pulling what Stanton pulled in that game. Bottom line is we can afford one butcher in the OF, Stanton. But not two. And Stanton will improve. He has the speed and the athleticism.

PeterGammons Dog

The fact in the above article states that the Marlins are 28th in scoring runs from the 1st thru 6 innings. That stat shows that the Marlins cant hit average to better starters, but can hit mediocre bullpen pitchers fron the 7th inning guy to the closer. Just like other teams hit the Marlins.Marlins have scored 128 runs and given up 128 runs. Even. A wash. 2 games over .500. Tougher teams ahead. Marlins better pick it up.If it wasnt for Stanton they would still be under .500. One player can only carry a team so long,before they stop pitching to him.

Dr Jekyll

The word on Gaby is that he's trying to hard and putting extra pressure on himself. Turning 29 in Sept.,in his 1st arb contract next season with his 1st child due in the Fall, Gaby is playing catch-up to Hanley and Reyes,who are the same age. They have already signed for millions, Gaby has not. And he knows it. Also knows the clock is ticking. Hope Gaby relaxes and lets the game come to him,so to speak. He may have a bad first half with a strong finish.

Flav C

Looks like the way Gaby is playing he will continue playing catch-up to Hanley and Reyes for a while.

Perry W

Headline should read 'When it comes to scoring runs ,the Marlins are sleeping'.

Flav C

The funniest things is that I was chatting with some Bucs fans before the game and they said "if we score 3 runs, we will win the game". They were saying their pitching was actually pretty good, which i just realized afterwards looking at the stats.
And they were all bashing Barajas (a .170 hitter) saying that the only pitch he could hit was a fastball in the middle. Boy, were they right on all accounts! We gave up 3 runs to a team who scores less than 3 runs per game and a HR to a back-up catcher that can only hit meatballs in the middle of the plate, which was exactly what Anibal offered him. Oh well...

Dejavu All Over Again

On April 27 2011 ,Barajas hit a 3-run homer off Anibal Sanchez to help the Dodgers beat the Marlins 5-4. Anybody read scouting reports?

Dejavu All Over Again

By the way,Barajas was batting .182 at the time.

Flav C

Clark/Manny - Does anybody know if Petersen is going to be called up? Very strangely , he left and was replaced by a pinch-runner on the 2nd inning tonight against the 51s (Las Vegas) after going 2 for 2. He is now .333 on the season and .379 in May with a 1.058 OPS. Not bad.

answer man

Yes due back 10 days after May 5th...

Flav C

Thank you, answer man. That's what i thought. 10 days after he was sent back to AAA.

answer man

Petey will be here tomorrow...Mattison sent back to NOLA

Stan M

There have been "trade Gabby" posts in the past here. The question has to be, who would want him? Even when you consider his stats for the past 2 years, there would be few, if any takers. Just go down the other 29 major league teams and see how many already have a better man at 1B than Gabby. I came up with maybe Pittsburgh could use him, but that's about it. My point is that even when he is hitting, he's still not a first division ballplayer when compared to his peers


The fish better start looking for a replacement at first base, they need offense out that position really bad.. It's killing the pitching, so many men left on base!

I Hate Losing

Lulz. "Sleeping giants". More like "comatose midgets". This team is a disaster. The Sanchez Sisters -- Gabrielle and Anabelle -- were both worthless last night. Screw this organization.


Hey guys it could be worse we could have Albert Puljos instead of Gabby right now. Seriously, Gabby has no power whatsoever. What he ht 17 HR last season, this season he'll hit 15. Get rid of the guy already..

Stan M

See how this sounds. The Marlins desperately need hitting. Gabby is almost untradeable. The Astros have Carlos Lee who is an albatros for them. However, the guy can really hit and he's in a salary year...last year of his contract. I think the Astros, who aren't going anywhere, would love to dump Lee and Gabby might be attractive because he is 3 years from free agency. The Marlins could keep Lee for this year only at 1B and then he should be attractive as a designated hitter in the AL for next year...or simply release him. He would be an excellent stop gap addition for our pennant drive and I'll bet the Astros would eat at least some of his salary. Sometime next year, probably about at the All Star game, Yelich should be ready and that kid is a comer. I watched Lee around 1B a few times and was surprised how well he did. Scooped throws, fed the pitcher. Admittedly he has limited range but for 25 HRs and 100 RBIs, I'd take him. And I see no alternatives except LoMo at 1B and Peterson in the OF.


I posted this previously but was removed for some reason. So far Ozzie has been a fraud. When hired he said playing time would be determined by performance. If that were true then Hanley should not be batting third at this point. While there may not be better options, Infante should be taking some at bats from Hanley. Ozzie says he doesn't want to leave the back of the line up empty then stick Hanley in te sixth spot for a few games just to prove a point. Yeah hes got 7 HR and 20+ RBIs but he's done very little to contribute to the wins we do have. I recognize the walk offs but most of the time he does nothing until such opportunity presents itself.

As for Petey what would be the point of bringing him up if he's not going to get regular playing time. The headlines when he first came up were that he was going to provide a spark, which is ridiculous, but he never played at a time when there enough guys struggling to get him regular at bats.

As I recall Ozzie had no qualms about calling a player out but through Bell's struggles all he kept saying is that the team is better when he's out closer. How? How is this team better with him as our closer? He's now a company man. I didn't think that's what he was hired for.


I agree Glags. It seems to me that he's a little gun shy since his debacle with the Fidel comments. He has a few options when it comes to tweaking the lineup but has yet to significantly do so with the likes of Hanley and certainly Gaby. Why not start Petersen in the OF and LoMo on 1st? Gaby has had more than enough time to work out of his slump right? And one night off won't cut it, sit him for three or four and see how it works out. With Bell Ozzie is thinking just like a company man, 27 million, he's gonna pitch even if that means games obviously. Old Larry Beinfest should have to pay every time Bell loses a game to Marlins charities too. Loved what Stan posted about Carlos Lee, he would look good in a Fish uniform! Where is the ballsey manager that I thought we hired?


Don't forget, Houston is going to be in the AL next year and I'd bet they're counting on Lee to be their DH at a much lower salary than he's getting now. I don't think they want to trade him.

Stan M

LB, they could get him back next year and save some money this year...plus have Gabby to keep or try to trade. This is a lost year for them anyway. I know it's far fetched, but we have to do something to shake up this team, things are not turning around. Even when we win, we don't score.


For those wondering, here's tonight's lineup -- Clark:

1. Reyes, ss; 2. Infante, 2b; 3. Ramirez, 3b; 4. Morrison, lf; 5. Stanton, rf; 6. Dobbs, 1b; 7. Bonifacio, cf; 8. Buck, c; 9. Johnson, p.


Yes! Ozzie finally replace that crud Gabby, he's a nice guy and all but is stinking up the joint..

I Hate Losing

How the hell do you know Gabrielle Sanchez is a nice guy? First of all, he's ruining my team, so that automatically makes him not a nice guy. Secondly, didn't he have issues at UM which resulted in him basically being kicked off the team? Yeah, really nice guy. Screw him.


Ok, I guess he's a bad guy, who cares get rid of him..


This should be an intersting start for JJ. If he has another bad outing....I wonder how many the Marlins will allow him to have..


Wonder what Kevin Youkilis has left in the tank. He's gotta be available (once he gets off the DL), and he might be a nice fit for the rest of this year if Gaby can't get the job done. He was a hell of a first baseman at one time.

Stan M

LB, your last 3 words say it all. Yes he was. No he's not (in my opinion). Also, I wonder if he is one of those Sox who consider themselves above reproach. I don't like to think so, but there must have been some reason Valentine used him as an example. However, there is a player on that team who is all guts. He is 9th in the AL in RBIs. His name is Cody Ross. Ever hear of him? There is another pretty good hitter in the AL who bats cleanup for Minn. He is 4th in the league in slugging percentage. They call him the "Hammer". At least we got something for him.

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