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U.S. visa issued to Juan Carlos Oviedo

       Juan Carlos Oviedo received his U.S. visa on Friday and told reporters in the Dominican Republic that he plans to arrive Monday at the Marlins' minor league facility in Jupiter. Oviedo said he decided to wait to Monday to travel because Sunday is Mother's Day in the Dominican Republic.

       "I'm very happy to get the U.S. visa this morning," Oviedo told Listin Diario newspaper. "I decided to leave on Monday to be in Jupiter becasue I wish to be with my mother on Mother's Day."

       Sources confirmed that Oviedo received his visa.

       Oviedo, who pitched under the name of Leo Nunez before his true identity was discovered last year, will be slapped with an 8-week suspension by Major League Baseball after he arrives, sources have said. That means he could be eligible to resume his major league career the last week of July.


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Karl Malden

Did he get an American Express also? Dont leave Chrome without it.


Juan Carlos. Giancarlo. I like to hear Jack McKeon wrestle with that situation. Of course, he'd still be calling them Leo and Mike.


Hey Hanley is in the lineup. Nice to see after the shot he took yesterday. Let's get it going tonight Fish!

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