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Talking Fish: Beat writers Clark Spencer, Manny Navarro discuss Marlins' lack of offense, closer Heath Bell, the Ozzie effect

Welcome to the first installment of what we hope will become a weekly podcast on Fish Bytes.

After the first 25 games, Marlins beat writers Clark Spencer and Manny Navarro caught up this afternoon to talk about the Marlins 11-14 start, their struggles at the plate, how much longer Hanley Ramirez should wear the superstar tag, closer Heath Bell's woes and the effect manager Ozzie Guillen has had on the team among other topics.

Listen in and let us know if they're right, wrong or just plain dumb.

CLICK TO LISTEN: Talking Fish - Recorded May 4, 2012 


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excellcent change and addition, instead of the usual suspects spouting redundant info. Keep up the good work Clark and Manny,


enjoyed the podcast....hope it becomes a regular addition.

Stan M

Just listened to the podcast. First I must say that it is a terrific idea and hope that it becomes a regular thing. That being said, I must reluctently offer some criticism for this blog is sort of a home for me when following the Marlins. First and formost, there were too many, "Well you knows". No, we don't know and you fellows who follow the team have information that is unavailable to us. Too many generalities, we don't need you for that. We live with our own suppositions. Regarding questions, there was room for improvement here and I'm sure this phase will improve with future podcasts. You both should read what we fans would suggest. I was especially disappointed that the Buck-Hayes situation wasn't addressed at all. I personally would like to hear if Loria has started to interfere. (at this point and the way the team has performed to date, his interference might be welcome.) I realize that you live with these players and the FO probably could make things uncomfortable for you if you were too critical. But if you are only going to talk so broadly,there is no need for this podcast al all. Lastly, Manny's lack of up to date knowledge of the day to day performances of individual players shocked me.

Stan M

Just reread my comments a couple of hours later and I am sorry for being so harsh.It was the first show and it is meant to be informal. Some of my comments were unnecessary.


I missed the podcast, but wonder if y'all have looked at why the Padres didn't try harder to keep Bell. Did they know something about him that the Marlins should have found out but didn't?

Can't overlook this opportunity to mention that the redundancy and over-use of RBI as an adjective in MH baseball coverage has reached the laughability level. Please turn off the automatic pilot and think while writing...or write while thinking, whichever works for you.

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