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9th inning collapse was worst ever for Marlins

     Sifting through the day-after debris of last night's mammoth collapse by the Marlins....

     Never in the history of the Marlins -- either the Florida or Miami versions -- have they experienced a ninth-inning meltdown as severe as last night's debacle. The Marlins took a seemingly comfortable 6-2 lead into the ninth before losing 8-7 in the 10th. Heath Bell cracked big-time in the ninth, coughing up four runs to the Cardinals.

     According to Stats Inc., the Marlins had never before blown a ninth-inning lead of four runs or greater in a loss. They did, however, squander a four-run lead in the 10th inning of an 8-7 defeat in Atlanta on Sept. 17, 2006. Here is the box from that particular disaster.

     Before last night, the largest blown lead in the ninth inning of a Marlins loss was three runs, which had occurred seven times previously.


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Flav C

Well, guess there is a first time for everything. First time for the Marlins to blow a 4 run lead in the 9th. First time in the season that the Cardinals came back to win it all when losing after the 8th inning (they were 0-28 when losing after the 8th inning until yesterday).
Maybe this will be the first time where we will have back to back "5 wins in June" in Marlins history, to go along with the first time the Marlins had a 20+ wins month in its history.

Flav C

Clark -- Is there a way to confirm if Adam Conley and Jose Fernandez were promoted to Jupiter? That would be awesome. I've been going to Roger Dean once a week to see those kids and now I would have one more incentive.

Stan M

I checked the high A roster and both pitchers are both there. Great move, but I'm disappointed that Keys wasn't also moved up. Thing is he's hitting over .400 at home and less than .300 on the road. As the home park is a known hitter's paradise, it makes those two pitchers look even more awesome. So yes, they were promoted.

Flav C

Stan, thanks!
I guess it will take a while for Keys to move up. The OF of the Hammerheads has good talents in Yelich, Ozuna, and Pertusati. There were some rumors that Ozuna would move up to Jacksonville sooner than later, so then Keys could move up to Jupiter.

Joe W

Wonder when the next team meeting is. Ozzie says if this continues,it will be an AA meeting .

Stan M

We all look at sports as a recreational tool and even an escape hatch. But with America's prestige falling worldwide, our country's economy tanking, our homes losing value every day and our standard of living in jeopardy if not already falling, watching our team also doing so poorly is really a bummer. I'm serious. If my home returned to 2005 levels, the Dow was showing an upswing, I probably wouldn't be nearly as upset. Conversely, were the Marlins playing like they did last month, life wouldn't be nearly as depressing. It's all interrelated, and right now it stinks and a bunch of underperforming millionaires are letting us all down. Just my opinion.

Ensign Roberts

Heard that when Lomo was a kid, he was used as a boat anchor by the Coast Guard trainers. Left him underwater too long, too many times. That explains why he's a slow learner.


I said it yesterday and I'll say it again. As Stan points out it's depressing to watch. I realistically never thought this team would make it to the W.S. but certainly thought they'd be in the hunt for the playoffs now that seems HIGHLY unlikely. As Clark points out it was the worst loss in franchise history in the 9th, with this team? Of all the fire sales and triple A clubs we've endured over the years, this ensemble managed to blow it. I used to criticize Fredi, Edwin, John Boles, Rene, Tony...but this Ozzie guy is by far the worst manager this club has ever hired. His critics have been absolutely right in their criticisms of his management style and game management. Alfredo Almezega could have pitched a better 9th than Heath Bell....and I'm so f ing sick of hearing Bell say "this one is on me". Really guy ya think? Honestly, how many of us knew without a single shred of doubt that Gaudin was going to give up the winning runs? Was anyone that blogs here comfortable with that move? How the hell can the rest of the baseball watching world know that this guy is good for 1-2 runs except Ozzie and that pitiful coaching staff with the Marlins? I'm sure Ozzie was going with his "gut" .....you know what, "gut feelings" are overrated and statistics and past performances don't lie. My "gut" tells me that we're stuck with the likes of Bell, Gaudin, Gaby, LoMo, Hanley, Buck, and most of all Ozzie! Statistically this will amount to a .500 season or below. The numbers don't lie. One stat RISP...for this year it should read RIP....Miami Marlins.


Stan M,
You're right. Baseball season is supposed to be fun, and all of us on here looked forward to this season with great anticipation. And now that the wheels have fallen off, it's a lot more depressing than it should be in the whole scheme of things.
But it's weird, the twists and turns life takes. I was a newspaper reporter in Washington, D.C., from 1975-81, and was involved with a group that lobbied hard for a return of MLB to D.C. Unfortunately, but we could never pull it off while I was there. Eventually, I got sick of D.C. and moved to Florida, and I was ecstatic when Miami got a team I could root for. My point is, had I stayed in Washington, the Nats would be my team, I'd probably hate the Marlins and I'd be happy as a pig in shiite right now. Sigh.


Pitiful Marlins

Flav C

LB, looking from another angle, had you stayed in DC, you would have had to endure years and years of cellar-dweller with the Nats until this season.
Not only that - You would have had to cheer for the Redskins and Wizards. Now, that is tough.


Flav C,
Did have to root for the Redskins and the losers known back then as the Washington Bullets, and it was tough. Fortunately, I was able to drink more back then, so most of it is kind of a blur. We'd have a big party when the Skins won their one game of the year.

Scott Pose

Stan, look at the Dow in January 2009. Look at it now. That also holds for the S&P and Nasdaq. Also look at the gradual recovery of the housing market. Now if you and i were just finishing college-----. Well off old dudes like yourself and I really don't need these silly sports teams for our vicarious pleasures. Now if you're under 40 and see it all slipping away you probably need the Marlins to play well.

Stan M

Flav, good point about the outfield in high A. I never thought of that. And I do agree that Ozuna might have shown that he is now too advanced for that league. Then Keys has to move up. He's got nothing left to prove where he is. Still hitting .355 after a little downturn that seems corrected now.

LB. what paper did you write for? Sounds like an interesting career. Especially the drinking. As a rule I don't drink...as a habit I drink. And always remember, "to err is human, but it feels devine!"

Scott Pose

I think I resent Bell more because of his slovenly appearance. If this was the Pro Bowlers Tour and he was Andy Varipapa--how about that reference??---I wouldn't be so disgusted but he is just such a slob. I'm 64 and if I looked like Heath Bell I would be ashamed.

Scott Pose

Started posting because I just found out Barrack is in Atlanta---and you know what that means to traffic--and I'm trying to decide if I meet up with my wife near the Georgia World Trade Center for a Jerry Seinfeld show--already paid for---or just hang around a nice hotel and drink(I sound like Ozzie), it's a tough choice and I have 1 hour to decide. Just the fact i will have to leave 2 hours early should be a determinant.


Agree entirely about Gaudin. When I realized that Ozzie was leaving him in, I was sick to my stomach. Even after screwing things up the way he did, he could have saved the day by getting out a pitcher who'd never had a hit in his life — and he couldn't even do that. If he'd managed to cash in on that linup snafu, the run the Marlins got in the bottom of the inning would have tied it. Just pathetic.

Scott Pose

There are NO options anywhere in this system to what they have right now. That is the tragedy of this entire thing. They have 6 prospects---GOOD prospects--who COULD play but they are a WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY away. This 40 man roster and minor league system may be among the 3 worst in Major League Baseball. Gaudin is pitching because there is nothing behind him. NOTHING!!!!


Stan M,
To answer your question, I worked for the old Newhouse News Service, which provided White House and Capitol Hill news for the Newhouse newspaper chain and a few dozen other papers that subscribed to the service. The pay was nothing to write home about, but the free nightly cockail parties sure cut down on the cost of food and drinks.


It's not good for my state of mind to always be getting aggravated like this. This entire season has been torture, even back in May when we were winning games. It's not like we were blowing anyone away back then; we were squeaking by, struggling to score runs, and I said back then that Eduardo Perez must go. I remember saying then I would hate to see what would happen if the starting pitching went into a slump; well, now we know what would happen, another June swoon. Watching baseball should be fun, something enjoyable and relaxing. Watching the Marlins has been anything but fun.

I am sick of watching Ozzie manage like he doesn't have a clue. This is the National league, not the AL. He lets Choate pitch to right handed hitters, he allows Buck to bat and run the bases late in games, he puts Gaudin in when there is still a chance of winning, which is a huge mistake, he lets Lomo and his .228 BA play LF while Ruggiano sits on the bench, he doesn't bunt or squeeze, he takes starters out of games when they still have something left, he brings Bell into games without having someone warming up in case he starts walking people and serving up gopher balls.

Anyway, I'm done with this team, at least for a while. I don't need the aggravation.


Andy Varipapa - "the greatest one-man bowling show on earth" I'm a little younger but I know my Italians!! Love the reference!! Heath Bell swears that his routine is intense and that he works out....really dude who you kidding? I know a good 1 pack when I see one!!

Gotta agree with Alex that this team is simply not enjoyable to watch. Loveable losers like the Cubs in years past were enjoyable but with all the millionaires running around like bafoons on the field and Ozzie with that damn towel around his neck like he's doing something is brutal!!


Nobody should spend any money on this team. Nobody should go to any more games this year unless they start playing like a REAL baseball team, not the Bad News Bears. Make Loria take notice of the fans' ANGER! Hit him where it hurts - IN THE POCKETBOOK!


"Gotta agree with Alex that this team is simply not enjoyable to watch." - flagstafffishfan

I defy ANYONE to tell me that they have ENJOYED watching this team play this year! In April they sucked and Bell was blowing games left & right. No enjoyment in that!

In May we rode the streaking bat of Stanton, but no one else was hitting, and every game was a nail biter with Bell usually walking guys and playing with fire, win or lose. That wasn't any FUN either. Eduardo Perez couldn't get these guys to hit their way out of a wet paper bag. So May wasn't fun either, despite the wins. Every game was a heart attack nail biter because this team can't hit.

And June was another disaster, and the only ones having fun were the Marlin hating trolls that post here. And maybe Joe Frisaro, if they sold a lot of HATS. Other than that, no fun in June either.

So I ask you guys - if the team you are watching provides little or NOTHING in terms of FUN, ENJOYMENT and RELAXATION, why continue WATCHING THEM? Because we are masochists? Because we THINK they are gonna turn it around? Well, sorry, that ain't good enough for me. IF THEY TURN IT AROUND, maybe I'll be back. Otherwise I'll spend time getting ready for college football season and write this disaster of a team OFF until further notice.


Marlins fans..even though the team sucks you can enjoy an airconditioned new stadium cheap. Tickets for tonites game start at only $1.00 on stubhub. Smuggle in your own refreshment,and it cant be beat for cheap entertainment. Bottoms Up


And I don't wanna hear any garbage about not being a "real fan". I have supported this team religiously for YEARS. I suffered through all these years since 2006 while Loria stole the Luxury Tax money and I STILL supported the team. Hell, I supported them while Loria was NEGLECTING THEM and not even adding players when we had good teams in 2009 & 2009! So don't give me any GARBAGE about not being a real fan. I'm as real as they come. But right now I am REALLY DISCGUSTED. Disgusted by this team's leadership and ownership. It's THEIR FAULT that this team is such an abortion.

love em or leave em

soooo... stay home and dont watch or listen

06 Marlins were better

after clicking on the box score of the 06' team in clark's story ,I'd rather have that line-up any day ,over the shittttt they have now.

Pat Leonard

You know what I loved most about last night's debacle? Jose Reyes made the last out!


This is what really gets me about sports and these multi million dollar contracts. Here you have a player like Bell that gets this big contract, and all he has to do is pitch 1 stinkin inning. Everytime he comes in no lead is safe. The Marlins really got snookerd in this deal. I think we should change how players are paid . Players should be paid for the amount of time they contribute and from there they get incentives the more they produce. This way you won't have a slug like Bell just coming in and riding his paycheck , if he want's more bucks he will earn more with each save.

Loria's Svartza, Mike Hill

Stay Home ,drink beer and laugh at these losers.

Stan M

How do you think baseball was played in the days of the reserve clause and before the union. You just described baseball for the first half of the last century. It had it's good points, but the balance of power was completely with the owners. Unfortunately a happy balance didn't follow. Now we are in the age of a much too powerful union.


Is anyone watching this at home? This is unreal. I'm at work and thought my eyes had deceived me!! Again at what point does the manager or GM or special GM or Hitting/Pitching coach lose their job? Errors and walks and all the other crapola that goes along with a minor league team except we have star players playing at this level? Season is over.

marcel lachemann,pitching coach

Bring Back Rene Lachemann.


What about the "outright release of Carlos Zambrano?" This experiment has failed and whoever said they could bring him back to his glory days that works for the fish should be fired as well.

H. Wayne H.

Bring Back Charlie Hough


Who are all these gay people that Allison Williams is interviewing..Is it Gay Pride nite there?

I'll Have Another

Well sports fans...looks like Ozzie saw enough and wanted to start pounding the vodka early tonite at the Clevelander. Cant blame him.


Ozzie looks more confused than a secret service agent in a Colombian brothel....sorry Ozzie too f ing late pal....weak attempt to spark the team...really weak.

Flav C

Not that this means much at this point of the season, but why is this team keeping Gaudin as the long-relief pitcher?
Wasn't LeBlanc supposed to be it? He continues to pitch relatively well as a starter in NOLA.


With every loss the Marlins colors are getting disgustingly worse. Why were these awful colors choosen?


Flav C,
I don't know the answer to your question, but LeBlanc is 4-3 as a starter in NO with a .382 ERA and he seems to be getting stronger as the season progresses (his first couple of outings were bad, as I recall). Maybe it's a lefty-righty thing, but I have a feeling Gaudin will be gone soon, which is too bad because he did OK until they threw him to the wolves.
Have to agree with BraMan that the Marlins' colors (especially the orange), which I liked when they were winning, suddenly have started to look like clown suits now that they've turned into stumblebums.

Tastless Drec

Because Loria is so artsy-fartsy. Ever notice that he usually wesrs vertically striped shirts that went out of style in the 70's and Ms. Samson usually wears pink?

Flav C

Interesting to hear Peter Gammons on the radio yesterday mention that Carlos Quentin is a plausible trade for the Marlins.

Peter Gammons Dog

nothing will help these Marlins other than blowing up the roster.

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