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Ball strikes Hanley Ramirez in nose, out of lineup

     ST. PETERSBURG -- Hanley Ramirez was a lineup scratch after taking a batted ball off the nose during a session inside the indoor batting cages here at Tropicana Field. Manager Ozzie Guillen said Ramirez was feeling a bit woozy and would be examined by a physician as a precaution.

     "He should be ready tomorrow," Guillen said.

     Guillen had originally penciled Ramirez into the No. 2 spot in the lineup, with Giancarlo Stanton batting third, just ahead of Logan Morrison at cleanup.

     "In the past, Hanley was a great leadoff hitter," explained Guillen. "I wanted to get Stanton batting with people on base and hitting in the first inning. Hopefully that will work, at least for a little while. My job is to try to put them in the best spot to have success."

     Tonight, at least, Donovan Solano will bat second and play third in Ramirez's spot.


     As expected, the Marlins recalled Scott Cousins from Triple A New Orleans on Friday. Guillen indicated Cousins will see some starting time (though not tonight with lefty Matt Moore on the mound for the Rays). If that happens, Cousins would become the 10th different player to start in the outfield for the Marlins this season.

     "I hope I can find one and stick with him," Guillen said. "It would make it easy for us. We wouldn't have to juggle with the lineup everyday."

     Cousins struggled mightily when he was with the Marlins last season, hitting just .135 in what was primarily a pinch-hitting role before going on the disabled list in June with a lower back strain that he has said was unrelated to his collision with Giants catcher Buster Posey.

     "As backs go, it was something I was dealing with for a long time," Cousins said. "It's a lot stronger. It's holding up a lot better on a day-to-day basis. I'm not going to say it doesn't get sore. It's a herniated disc. I had one doctor recommend I get surgery, but I didn't want to do that. I didn't want anyone cutting into my back."

     Cousins was hitting .292 for the Zephyrs with seven homers and 32 RBI.


     While the Marlins have been trotting out one new outfielder after another, especially in the absence of injured center fielder Emilio Bonifacio, they and the Cincinnati Reds are the only two teams in the majors that haven't had to use more than five starters.



     Marlins: 1. Reyes, ss; 2. Solano, 3b; 3. Stanton, rf; 4. Morrison, lf; 5. Infante, 2b; 6. Ruggiano, cf; 7. Kearns, dh; 8. Sanchez, 1b; 9. Buck, c.

     Rays: 1. Jennings, lf; 2. Joyce, rf; 3. Upton, cf; 4. Matsui dh; 5. Zobrist, 2b; 6. Pena, 1b; 7. Lobaton, c; 8. Rhymes, 3b; 9. Johnson, ss.

     Umpires: HP - Gibson; 1B -- Davis; 2B -- Cuzzi; 3B -- Gonzalez.



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Hanley takes himself out of the line up for every single bump and bruise. He's the complete opposite of Cal Ripken. Well, no problem. I bet Solano does well. Hanley is sucking big time this month, batting about .175.


Stan, I'm not sure you saw my response to your comment on the other thread where you wondered how I could be critical of Reyes. Here's my answer:

"Stan, please don't misunderstand me about Reyes. My problem is NOT with the Reyes signing. My problem is signing Reyes when we needed a SLUGGER, a guy who can drive in runs. But the Front Office GAMBLED that we already HAD that SLUGGER - a healthy Hanley Ramirez. That's why I keep making the point that Hanley is ruining the Reyes signing. Because we wound up with another "table setter" but no one to "CLEAR THE TABLE".

If Hanley was consistently producing in the #3 hole and we were getting decent production from the 5-8 spots, the Reyes signing would be a great move.

The Front Office believed that a healthy Hanley Ramirez would be the big slugger this team didn't have. But i watched Hanley these past years and was not convinced that all his problems were injury related."

There was MORE, but I'm not posting it here, LOL. If you want to read it, go to the previous article about the Guillen-Bell misunderstanding.


Funny Alex I was thinking the same thing about Hanley. Lomo gets hit in the face with a ball and stays in. Hanley is soft and everyone in the league knows it. I'm sure that there was concern about a concussion but come on. Maybe it's a good think and Solano will go crazy and actually dive for a ball hit in the hole.


It really doesn't matter does it? This team is simply horrible. Ozzie is clueless, FO is clueless and the owner is clueless. 5,000 people in the park after July. What a shame.


Clark The Herald should give you the front page of the sports section tomorrow. Write a good column about what's happening to Lorias team. I know the Heat are the talk of the town but this is epic. Forget about Zambrano's performance. The hitting continues to be a joke and you would think that someone's ass has to be on the line.


1 stinking hit through 6, these stiffs have given up. I guess the only silver lining here is many project Moore to one day win a Cy Young so perhaps the Marlins haven't turned an also ran into Denton True.


tu me hiciste brujeria! Bruja bruja!

Scott Pose

Does Ozzie really go into the hotel bar after a game(games??) like this??? If a Billy Martin incident does not appear soon I'll be shocked. Can you imagine his reaction if he sees one of these stooges really yucking it up over a Tanqueray 10 Martini after a game like this.

We don't need anyone from the local media covering this Chernobyl, but I would suggest that everyone gets Showtime. I'm sure everyone already has Showtime for "The Borgias", "Nurse Jackie" and "The Big C" but then again some people are notoriously cheap. This Marlins Extravaganza may get an Emmy.

Scott Pose

an you imagine the media reaction if this Little Big Horn was occuring in Boston, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia or any sports market with guys interested in achieving some national pub by their descriptions of this? I understand the Heat Thing and maybe the writers are hanging back until the series is over because they believe commentary will be wasted,however, if this does not become a huge story soon something is wrong. You have everything--smarmy characters, political intrigue, ethnic pathos, failed expectations, internecine rivalries,abject collapse, vanishing dreams, youth unfulfillled----This is great stuff. Who would not want to cover it? Stan, Flag, Glags, Alex, Samson's Boyfriend and so many others here are capable of writing the story. Hire one of them!!


Well said Scott...all we need now is to have Ozzie resign like Edwin. I wouldn't blame him, he's tried evey batting order imaginable and has remained patient and positive. We all want him to freak out but this is another Beinfest bust! When are the tough questions going to start? 515 million dollar park going to be empty soon. They can fire the hitting coach, pitching coach, manager, but the fact is none of these guys assembled this group of heartless athletes. Season ticket holders should be screaming bloody murder with this product. Hell the Marlins should think about refunds for this CRAP.


What is the function of the pitching coach and hitting coach supposed to be?


Ball hits Hanley in nose for a perfect bunt down the 3rd base line. Hanley fails to run on play because of booboo!! Average falls farther. Dobbs and Stanton have to carry team rest of year as front office refuses to trade for a very good hitting catcher.

New blood needed- trade Gaby,Buck, Hanley and get another starter (pitcher)--Bring back trader Jack and straighten this mess out.


I was at the game last night...it was a slaughter.Rays fans were having a good laugh. I'm sticking with this team. It is a good team that is in a bad slump. The season isn't even half over. Plenty of time to right the ship. Once we get Boni back, we should start to see some positive change. These teams have a worst record or have a near record as the Marlins...Tigers, Phillies, Brewers, Cardinals,Diamondbacks,Red Sox,Angels & even the Cubs. The whining that is being posted here is starting sound like the ladies room. Save the crying for Aug - Sept.

Carlos Sanchez

Lets continue to have Eduardo Perez as batting coach because he cannot get fired because he is the son of Tony Perez. Every other team fires there batting coach when team is not hitting.


@spitballer I agree it's early but if you really believe that Emilio Bonifacio is the answer than I have totally underestimated his talent. I just don't think that little Boni can solve the mystery that is, Buck, Gaby, Hanley, Infante, LoMo, and now Big Z, Nolasco, and Anibel! Even if he gets on base who is going to drive him in? I won't jump ship but I know when I see a dud. Still fun to see Stanton clobber balls and see JJ on the way back and of course watching Reyes hit triples only to see Infante and Hanley strike out and strand him there! This team just isn't gelling and it's obvious.


Not sure I read these types of comments in May. Baseball is a game of streaks. They are in a slump right now. It happens. They can turn it around. It is peaks and valleys and it is not even half way through yet. We are also in a tough division. Things will pick up just relax. Marathon not sprint.

Stan M

Marlin season in a nutshell:
Expectancy and hope; April showers; May flowers; June swoon....I'm afraid of what's ahead. As I said yesterday, we are at a crossroad, and the wrong route could lead well beyond 2012. Do something, Beinfest, do it right now, and it must be significant.

Am I too much of a Doubting Thomas for surmising that a teammate slugged Hanley? Do any of you remember when Cody Ross bounced a foul ball off home plate and it came up and hit him in the mouth. He leaned over with blood pouring all over the place. He had stitches INSIDE HIS MOUTH...yet he played the next day. Hmmmm!


Stan M,
I remember when Cody got hit in the head by a fastball and knocked silly. He tried to stay in the game but they wouldn't let him. The next day he came out and hit a home run on the first pitch he saw.
I think we all remember when LoMo got hit by a line drive in the on-deck circle and got what looked like a devastating injury. The trainer wanted him to sit out a few games, but he flew to Philly with the team after the game and played 18 innings of a doubleheader the next day with the imprint of baseball stitches clearly visible under his eye. He had that swollen eye for several weeks, but as I recall, he never took even an inning off. Some guys want to play baseball and some don't.


I'm with Stan unfortunately with the doubting Thomas' of the world. I hope K-Man is right because this team needs to start climbing the peak and get out of this valley. I'm always curious where Larry Beinfest falls in all this mess? He always seems so hidden and immune.


I would LOVE to believe that this is a good team that's just going through a slump, because damnit, I NEED baseball to get through the summer! That's how I have lived my life these 50+ years, having a baseball team to root for through the long hot summer. Sometimes we won, sometimes we lost, but this "we're out of it by June" crap is unacceptable to me.

Unfortunately I am having my doubts about this being a good team. The Front Office had since the 2006 house cleaning when they got rid of Cabrera, Beckett, ET AL to prepare for this season. That's 6 YEARS and take an HONEST LOOK at what we went into the season with. A first baseman in LF, a bunch of old pinch hitters like Dobbs & Kearns getting major playing time, a decimated bullpen that still had Mike Dunn on the roster, and most of all we had a lot of HOPE. The biggest hope was the Front Office HOPING that Hanley Ramirez would return to his 2008-2009 form, so that he and Stanton could drive in Bonifacio and Reyes. Because like I said before, if Hanley doesn't DRIVE IN RUNS, getting Reyes is useless. We can see this happening RIGHT NOW as Reyes is having a decent month (batting .314 in June), yet it is having NO IMPACT on the W-L column. Why? Because Reyes is a TABLE SETTER and he needs sluggers BEHIND HIM to hit and drive him in. And that's not happening. Basically, Hanley is ruining the Reyes trade with his lack of production.

Of course he's far from the ONLY one at fault. But everyone knew that when we signed Reyes, the key to the entire offense was going to be Hanley returning to form. He's the #3 hitter. If a team's #3 hitter isn't hitting, that team is usually in big trouble.

Gaby Sanchez has been a complete bust. Usually he falls apart after the All Star game (look it up!) but this year he has been horrible from Day One. So has Lomo, who in my opinion should never have been put in the OF. I'm not a fan of guys playing out of position; I don't think it's a good move for more than a game or two in an emergency. But this Front Office has been playing guys out of position for YEARS. I understood it during the years that Loria was BEING CHEAP and saving every dime for 2012. He was supposed to be spending the Luxury Tax money on PAYROLL, and in 200 and 2009 this team actually had a good chance to make the playoffs. But Loria pocketed that money, because it was for this 2012 team. So why does this 2012 team STILL have so many holes? Why do we still have guys playing out of position? Why did we get rid of everyone in the bullpen? I have no answers.


I still remember when Bill Hall slid into Hanley at 2nd base a year or two ago. He rolled around the ground like he had been shot! I was positive he had at least a torn ACL, if not a completely blown out knee! What happened? X rays were NEGATIVE! He had a slight bruise. Still took the next 4-5 games off though. And that's pretty much his M.O. He fouls one off his foot? Two days on the bench.

And here's another curious thing. Every time that Hanley says he's hurt and has to come out of the line up, he's in the midst of a slump. These things never happen when he's hitting well. But when both he and the team are struggling, look out. That's when he somehow gets hurt.

Like I said, he's the exact opposite of Cal Ripken who somehow managed to play every single game for all those years.

I know that it seems I'm a Hanley hater. I'm really not; in fact i was a huge Hanley FAN back in 2006-2008. Guys like Tim Kirkjian were calling him possibly the best player in the game! But he didn't WORK at getting better, the way that Pujols did, for example. I have no idea what happened to him. Maybe it was playing in front of 8,000 people every night, or playing for an owner who obviously did not care about any of those teams from 2006 to 2011, focused as Loria said he was, on 2012. I remember when Hanley got that big contract, about the same time Wade did, and him commenting that he hopes Loria gets some talent around him the way Pat Riley did for Wade. Of course Loria had NO INTENTION of spending anything until 2012. So maybe that turned him off; I don't know.

I do know this: the Marlins NEED HIM big time. He's the major piece in that line up, the KEY GUY who has to produce to make the whole thing work. It's NO COINCIDENCE that the Marlins' June Swoon is happening at the same time that Hanley stopped hitting. He's batting .175 in June. The team is 3 and 10 in June. Cause & effect.


One more loss & we are under .500. Unbelievable.

Stan M

In between all of that verbiage, Alex, you make some excellent points. Gabby stinks and this has been so for 1/2 of last year and 1/3 of this year. It is time to simply release him for he has no value. Your second point is one that I, for one, missed. He only comes out of the lineup when in a slump. Without the ability to check each case, I still tend to think you have a point. My heart wants to agree with you that he is the center of this team. But my mind keeps telling me that we will never win big time until he's gone.

I must disagree with you about a big slugger over Reyes as a signee. The big sluggers, Pujols and Fielder, were not the type to build our future around. One was too old and the other was too damn fat. Many teams have won with pitching, defense and speed; particularly in a pitcher's ball park. We had two of those ingregients and had even improved the third...defense. Injuries killed us in that regard, as it has done to many teams. As to our playing old worn out players, look at the lineups of many other teams. There are "nobodys" everywhere. We have promoted anyone with a modicum of talent. However, baseball has always been slow to make changes and I go back two decades further than you. I personally don't like it, but that's just the way it is. Just look at the broken bat problem. Baseball will wait until either a player or a fan has one of those swirling spears stinking out of a chest before they address what is going to be a major catastrophe.


Stan, are you really in your 70's? My hat is off to you! You got to see guys like Musial in his prime, Warren Spahn, and the great Yankee teams as well. I started being a baseball fan in 1961 when I was five years old, LOL.

Stan, I have to disagree with you about Fielder. The guy is a great hitter, and his weight hasn't stopped him yet. And we didn't let weight stop us from signing Bell, LOL! A guy like Reyes is only good if he's on a team full of good hitters who can take advantage of his OBP and his ability to get himself into scoring position. Reyes is useless to a team with no sluggers to drive him in! That scenario where he tripled to open the game and then got stranded at 3rd base, that was a microcosm of our entire season so far. That big failure underlined exactly what's wrong with this team: we are lacking players that can play simple, fundamental baseball and drive in runs with productive outs. Until Hanley starts hitting, the Reyes signing will be a bad signing, because the ONLY WAY a guy like Reyes pays off is if you have SLUGGERS hitting behind him. If you got BUMS hitting behind him who can't even make a little contact to get him in, having Reyes is pretty useless. Of course if Hanley and Stanton were lighting it up this year, the Reyes signing would be a great move. Funny how baseball is sometimes; one guy's success or lack of it can have such a profound effect on another player and team.

Stan, take a step back for a second and take a good, honest look at this team that we went into the season with. The Front Office had since 2006 to get a good team together for 2012; they had six years and MILLIONS OF DOLLARS worth of Revenue Sharing loot. And THIS is the best they could come up with? Seriously? I'm sorry, Stan, this is unacceptable to me. If they continue their slide to Below .500 Land, I will not spend another dime on them this year.

Stan M

Alex, I remember the exact time when Red Barber introduced Vin Scully as a young fella who would be joining Connie (Desmond) and him on the announcing team. I was at the game in 1951 when Richie Ashburn threw out Cal Abrams for what amounted to the pennant. My dad was the orthepedic surgeon who was in charge of the bonework on the emergency operation on Roy Campanella when he was in his tragic accident in my home town. My favorite ballplayer as a kid was Dixie Walker. Later Snider and still later Tom Seaver. I was at the first game Mickey mantle played in NY...it was an exibition game at Ebbetts Field before the season began. I have photo of myself standing next to Campanella before his injury. Have a signed ball my dad got me in Spring Training of both the 1951 Dodgers and Phil. Athletics. It has Chief Bender's autograph on it. He pitched a shutout in the 1905 WS against the Giants when Christy Mathewson pitched 3 shutouts. Have been a fan all my life,have a baseball library of about 75 books. There was a time when I could recite all pennant winners in both leagues from 1903 to 1960, but at 75, would miss a couple now. FYI...the most exciting ballplayer I ever saw was Jackie Robinson. The best ballplayer I ever saw in my opinion was Frank Robinson with Joe Morgan a close second. As I am of Polish decent, I wrote to, and received signed photos from Stan Musial, Ted Kluszewski and Carl Yaz. Among my baseball artifacts I have a signed photo with Ted Willians and Joe Dimaggio (both), a signed wall plaque with Joe DiMaggio's autograph, a signed bat by Bobby Thomson and a whole lot more. Enough about ages.

Despite all of that crap, there are others on this site who are much more discerning than I in evaluating this team. Listen to them, some even have first hand knowledge.

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