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Bell/Guillen flare-up termed a "misunderstanding"; Coghlan demoted

      Heath Bell wasn't particularly pleased when Ozzie Guillen lifted him with two outs in the ninth inning of tonight's 10-2 monstrosity of a loss to the Red Sox. Bell was clearly unhappy with the decision and his anger showed when he entered the dugout and exchanged words with bench coach Joey Cora. Guillen also appeared angry when speaking with Cora about it.

       "It kind of looked like I disrespected him," Bell said. "I didn't mean it that way."

       Bell said that after a couple of fielding gaffes -- one by Donovan Solano in left and the other by Hanley Ramirez at third -- extended the meaningless ninth, he wished to stay on the mound after striking out Will Middlebrooks to finish the inning. Instead, Guillen summoned Sandy Rosario to finish it off.

       Guillen said he was merely using Bell to keep him "sharp" and didn't want him pitching unnecessarily in a blowout loss. He said he didn't want Bell, who threw a total of 19 pitches in the inning, add to his pitch count even further, and especially for no reason. Afterward, Bell said he understood Guillen's decision, but not after putting up a mild protest.

       "I just said 'I can get this guy out,'" Bell said. "He wanted to protect me. I understand where Ozzie was coming from. I apologized and I don't mean any disrespect."

       Guillen called it a "misunderstanding" and didn't seem put off by the incident in the post-game press conference.

        "Not a big deal," Guillen said. "It's over with."


        The Marlins optioned slumping outfielder Chris Coghlan following tonight's game to Triple A New Orleans. The former National League Rookie of the Year has been unable to get on track and is hitting just .140.

        No word on who the roster replacement will be, and the Marlins don't have to make a decision until Friday when they open a three-game series in Tampa.

        One strong candidate is outfielder Scott Cousins, who has been on a tear at New Orleans. Cousins, who is hitting .295 overall, has gone 13 for 35 (.488) over his past 10 games. 


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Flav C

The funny thing is that Petersen and Mattison also were tearing up when they were called up. Now is Cousins. Who is next? Chris Aguila? Another 30+ years old washed up minor leaguer like Ruggiano,?
What a joke our immediate farm system is (AAA and AA).


Marlins are hurting for Clay Hensley right now.

Stan M

And the Hopper, Bob, and the Hopper


Ozzie said "not a big deal". Hmmm really. The cracks are starting to show. Even Tommy was critical tonight of having so many players out of position and watching other teams do the "little things" right. Poor Cogs, don't think we'll see him again.


just a matter of time before lard-ass Bell and Ozzie blow up at each other. Cant wait for the fireworks show. Cogs is like Paulie in the Godfather. Like Clemenza told Sonny "Paulie,wont see him again".


Coghlan might get lucky and get on another team, one with a real coaching staff that will get him back to where he was when he first came up.

It is very obvious that these guys have all been good enough to get to the major leagues, then after a while they cannot hit, and, make dumb baserunning mistakes.

Cannot really blame some of the defensive errors due to playing out of natural positions.

Ownership and Front Office really should not be in the baseball business. They are much better with tropical fish, city skyline scenes, and amusement devices.


@Gabagutz...Samson to Ozzie "Leave the gun, take the cannoli".


Its Simple Boys:
Coghlan is an infielder, second baseman, never an outfielder, no arm but no excuse, he just cannot hit. GONE
Buck overpaid, no arm, overrated player, trade him or just release him. GONE play Hayes and bring up a catcher. Should have done this in Spring Training
MOST IMPORTANT FIRE THE HITTING AND THE PITCHING COACH. AM I THE ONLY ONE THAT SEES THE FAILURES HERE???/ Are we hitting??? Is this the type of bullpen we need???? Then if its not the players then it has to be the COACH, RIGHT??????? What are we waiting for, firesale in July????


If this team falls to below .500 it's time for Marlins fans to BOYCOTT them and stop going to games. They had all these YEARS to get ready for 2012, and THIS is the best product they could come up with? Remember, Loria POCKETED THE LUXURY TAX MONEY FOR ALL THOSE YEARS and he said he was "saving it for the 2012 team". Yet we went into this season without LEGITIMATE OUTFIELDERS and here we are once again playing guys out of position and trying to jerry-rig a team together.

This Front Office GAMBLED that Hanley, Buck, Lomo, Gaby, Coghlan, etc., etc. would all have good BOUNCE BACK seasons after not showing much in past years. Gambling on Hanley is a particularly bad move. Why the hell did we sign Reyes, a singles hitting "table setter"? Because he was a LATINO, and the Front Office was GAMBLING that Hanley would return to form. This team's deficiencies were WELL KNOWN LAST YEAR! We needed another SLUGGER, a guy who can drive in RUNS. Instead we signed Reyes and made NO EFFORT to go after Cecil Fielder after missing out on Pujols. See, Fielder was not a LATINO, and "Los Marlins" needed plenty of LATINO PLAYERS because of all the Miami Cubans that were going to storm the box office. But Hanley is back to being the inconsistent, maddening SLUG that he has been for two years already, and the Cubans are NOT storming the box office.

The same thing goes for the pathetic BULLPEN. We had ALL THOSE YEARS to prepare for 2012 and we went in to this season with BUMS like Chad Gaudin and Mike Dunn? Seriously?

It's pretty clear what the Front Office's thinking was: "This is the first year with the new stadium, so fans are gonna come out regardless of how bad we SUCK." Well, this is one fan that will NOT. I will not go to another ballgame if this team keeps losing and playing like this.

This team is not FUN to watch. This team has been TORTURE TO WATCH pretty much all year long so far. Even when they win, they have to struggle and scratch and claw to get a couple of runs and we have to pray the bull pen doesn't blow it. But most of the time the team doesn't hit and we LOSE despite our starting pitchers' best efforts. How long are we going to tolerate this? Why does Eduardo Perez still have a job? These SAME HITTERS were never THIS bad.

I am HOPING they turn it around. I am PRAYING that we do not continue this June Swoon #2 and head to below .500 land. I WANT to have a team to root for this summer. There's nothing worse for a baseball fan than his team being TOTALLY OUT OF THE PENNANT RACE in mid June. But if we do NOT, I know EXACTLY who is to blame: The Owner and this FRONT OFFICE. They had since 2006 to prepare for this season, to stock up and get some COMPETENT PLAYERS, guys who are ACTUAL OUTFIELDERS for example, not converted infielders and washed up pinch hitters. They knew at the end of last season that this team was a mess. Yet they chose to GAMBLE that Hanley, Buck, Gaby, et al would all come back and have wonderful years! Who needs to get new players? We can just recycle the bums we have here, move them around to new positions, and all will be well.

Well, so far it's NOT WORKING. So FAR this team is doing EXACTLY what last year's team did: crash & burn. I hope they turn it around and soon. Because if not, they won't get another DIME from me this year. If they keep playing like this it's time to boycott The Marlins. Time to send Loria and Samson a MESSAGE: we will not accept mediocre baseball from you. You had SIX YEARS to prepare for 2012 and THIS is the best you can do? Well, we aren't going to support you any more. Simple as that.


Ozzie comes out in the paper and says "Hanley needs to be more consistent". Gee, didn't anybody tell Ozzie how Hanley has been since 2009? Hanley's batting about .150 this month. Is anyone really surprised? I'm not. Hanley hasn't been a good hitter for years. That's why I wasn't going all crazy over the Reyes signing. The only way signing Reyes is a good move is if Hanley hits like he did in 2008-09. If Hanley hits like he's been hitting the past few years then getting Reyes is a very bad move. Reyes is a table setter. If Hanley's not going to produce, then who needs another table setter? The Fish should have went after a slugger who can drive in runs, not a singles hitter like Reyes.

But that's the gamble that the Front Office took. They bet everything on Hanley being the Hanley of old. Right now, they are losing that gamble.


And how long do we put up with Eduardo Perez? This team's approach is terrible. Guys are selfish, and don't concentrate enough on fundamental baseball like moving runners and driving them in with productive outs. Infante failed to get a runner in from 3rd base with less than two outs AGAIN last night. We are terrible at making "productive outs". That's an approach issue. And an attitude issue.


And Stanton gets thrown out at 3rd base and what should have been at least a two run inning barely is a one run inning. Not only does this team not hit, but they've been doing a whole lotta of stupid stuff lately. Reyes getting thrown out by 30 feet yesterday,and Ruggiano getting thrown out the other night at home, and let's not forget all the times we got picked off this year or did other brain-lock nonsense. We play STUPID BASEBALL. How can you win if you play stupid baseball?


Alex your right How long do we have t put up with Eduardo Perz!!!, How can you have a hitting coach that played 13 yrs in the majors and on hit .241, and 91 homeruns, ARE YOU KIDDING ME

Baseball Stew

Alex ...agree 100% with your posts however ,dont believe anything positve will be done to change things,especially with the state of the AAA and AA non-options available. Only a major trade for proven MLB talent will upgrade the roster. Plain and simple the talent isnt there right now. The Marlins will have to give to get and do not have much to give. Soooo, guess they will play with what they got till Boni comes back.By then it could be long over. The FO has proven once again they are a poor judge of talent.

Scott Pose

Cecil Fielder must be 50.

Scott Pose

I wonder how Chuckie Carr is doing? Now at least he was quotable without being very good. You know what is scary would be to compare the Marlins position player by position player with Washington and then compare bench, rotations and bullpens and farm systems.

Flav C

One bad action leads to another:

- A good hitting coach (Mallee) was promoted from the minors (where he was doing an amazing job) to the majors. The FO was probably expecting him to mirror what he did in the minors to be done in the majors, since some of his pupils had been promoted. They forgot to tell the guy that the pressure for success in the majors is 100 times worse. This action lead to:
- Bad hitting in early 2011. Lots of losses. Hitting coach fired. With him being fired and not sent back to the minors, the AAA and AA immediately lost the guy who had been working diligently for years, with great results. With him being fired, it also lead to:
- Marlins AAA and AA having its worse batting avg in years. They are in the bottom of their respective conferences. And the other consequence of him being fired was:
- Hiring of an unproven and inexperienced hitting coach. Bad hitting. Bad results.

It is true the lack of a good hitting coach has a negative impact. But ultimately the buck stops with the FO. Bad moves were made and good moves were not made:

Bringing Buck at the time didn't sound bad, but there was a big uproar regarding the size of his contract.

Giving too much leverage to Hanley is totally on the FO. As much talent as he has, it is more and more clear that his heart is not in Miami anymore.

Not trading Gio Gonzalez for LoMo was one of the most imbecile moves not done in the history of this team. Yes, some might argue that we didn't need to bring another pitcher. But we are talking about a young and dominant lefty , who would be under team control for 2-3 more years.

But the biggest impact this FO has in this team is in the minors. Considering draft picks that could very well be playing in the majors right now, we should be looking at the drafts from 2005 - 2008. In this time period, 200 kids were drafted. From those 200 hundred, the only 2 players that became solid major league talents up to this point were Stanton and Cishek, both drafted in 2007. 1% return. 1%. We still have some guys drafted in this 2005-2008 that are contributing in the minors but God only knows how they would fare in the majors (Hand, Sanabia, Hatcher, Jennings).

Comparing them with the Nats, things become even worse:
2005 - 2008 drafts who became key players: Ryan Zimmerman, Jordan Zimmerman, John Lannan, Craig Stammen, Ross Detwiller, Cole Kimball, Chris Marrero, Bryam Harper, Danny Espinosa, Steve Lombardozzi, etc

Hopefully our draft picks from 2009 and on will write a different story.


As far as I am concerned Larry Beinfest has failed at his job. He's been given a free ride for far too long and should have to step up and answer some of these questions. Ownership looks to him and his cohorts and asks for a plan when it comes to making moves and evaluating talent. Loria did spend money this year...on the wrong f@! king players! Sad part is there going to have to blow up this team when it should have been done 2 years ago when the rest of the league thought Gaby, LoMo, Hanley, Anibel and Ricky were all that...cuz they're not. We know it as fans, how can they not? Now the team won't get crap for any of them because they're average players. Restocking our minor league system is impossible except through the draft and as Flav points out that has been a failure by the FO. At least Andrew Miller still sucks! That made me feel a little better. Frustrated fan.



DC Heater


This team is a misunderstanding!

What a joke these losers are. 17 runs in a 9 game homestand. All-time ineptitude.

Baseball Stew

@Flav C...your post regarding the FO handling of draft picks and the minor league organization speaks volumes and hits the nail on the head. Enough said.


Except for Boni, this is the same team that went 21-8 in May and finished off the month by sweeping the vaunted Nats, then started June by beating the Phillies 2 out of 3. Incredibly, that was just two weeks ago, but it seems like some time back around the Big Bang. Same coaches, same manager, same players — so what the hell happened? We can say May was all luck, but that's just ducking the question. Guess the easy answer is that the pitchers were carrying the load, and now that the pitching staff is starting to show chinks in its armor, everything has fallen apart. But the real problem is that this team has no leader, either on the field or in the clubhouse. Ozzie was supposed to be this dynamo who was going to make the Marlins shape up or ship out, but half the time, it's like he's not even there. Early in the season, it really looked like Hanley was trying to fashion himself as the on-field leader, playing preacher and cheerleader to the rest of the team, but now that he's struggling at the plate, his attempt at leadership has faded as well. Every halfway decent team has to have a leader, a focal point to rally around, and the Fish just don't have it. That's why when things start to go bad, they fall completely apart.
We've seen in previous years where the Marlins come home for a nice long home stand and decide to take a nice long nap instead. Maybe they get too comfy sleeping in their own beds and eating home cooking. Now they go on the road to play three teams they are truly capable of beating. If they don't, the next sound you'll hear will be the hoofbeats of the Four Horsemen on the horizon.


I always wondered why teams wait until the 7/31 deadline to make trades. A team like the twins and astros should know by now they're out of contention and team like Marlins should know what it is they need to possibly improve their ball club. Not to say that a Willingham or Lee are going to save this season but they're definitely upgrades to our current options. Shoot the Cubs have to very good options at 1B surely they can part with one of them.

Captain Obvious

The problem with this team is the same as last season. They cant score runs and hit with RISP. That's about it. It sounds simple and obvious enough ,but with the players they have ,the job is not getting done. With Moneyball the thing was to get players that get on base,with a high OBP. With Marlinsball they should get players with a high BA with RISP. Sounds easier said than done ,with this group in the FO.


@Glags.... good question. Why would a team in contention wait till the last minute and lower their bargaining position...having to trade away top talent in their organization to rent a piece or two to get them to the promised land... sounds like a dumb business practice with no foresight to me. If I didnt plan my business moves looking down the road at least months to a year ahead ,I wouldnt be in business for long. The only unforseen factor is the injury thing,which you have back-ups for. I dont get it either.


LMAO@ Scott Pose! Yes, I mistakenly said Cecil Fielder. Maybe THAT proves that I am indeed 56 years old!


What you say makes perfect sense. But teams like the Marlins want to wait till the last minute to see which way the wind blows, then they go into panic mode around the deadline and end up with somebody like Nick Johnson who's really no help at all.
There's been talk that Cincy might be interested in Austin Kearns. I had high hopes for Kearns before his injury, but I don't think he's hit a ball out of the infield since he came back, so I can't believe the Reds would offer much. Maybe some kind of package deal, huh?Just something to think about on a travel day.


Excellent analysis by LaurelBowie:

"Guess the easy answer is that the pitchers were carrying the load, and now that the pitching staff is starting to show chinks in its armor, everything has fallen apart. But the real problem is that this team has no leader, either on the field or in the clubhouse."

That's EXACTLY what happened. The starting pitching was excellent all year, but the hitters sucked, not scoring any runs for them. Even when we were winning we struggled to score runs. Now we are not hitting at all, and the pitchers are breaking down. What do you expect from them? Look at Buerhle's effort the other night, only to LOSE 2-1. Those kind of losses DEMORALIZE a pitching staff.

But the BEST PART of what LB wrote was the part about this team having NO LEADERS! We traded the only guys who were taking a leadership role, Uggla & Cody Ross, and that left a huge vacuum. Hanley is the opposite of a leader. Lomo & Stanton are just kids. Dobbs is a part time player like Wes Helms was; those types cannot be team leaders, it has to be a main guy, a starter, a respected player who produces and works hard. We have NOBODY like that, and when this team hits hard times, there is nobody to lean on to get things right again.

I have been saying many of these things since before the season started, and I have been saying them even when we were winning, because there were many warning signs that it was not going to last. For my troubles I was laughed at, ridiculed, and banned from the Marlins' MLB site because. Fortunately I have thick skin and don't CARE about being liked.

What I care about is THIS TEAM. Damnit, I'm a 56 year old guy who is used to having a baseball team to root for during the long hot summer! Summer SUCKS when my team is 10 games out in June. That's why I got so pissed off in 2008 & 200 when we HAD a good team, an over .500 team that was in contention for a playoff spot, and THIS OWNER & FRONT OFFICE did absolutely NOTHING at the trade deadline BOTH YEARS and we did not make the playoffs. And what was Loria's excuse? He was "saving money for 2012". What a JOKE. And guess what? With the sweetheart deal he negotiated with the city, Loria will make plenty of money even if the team is lousy and attendance is as bad as it was at Sun Life stadium. So I don't expect anything better anytime soon.

Still, I'm a baseball fan and I want to have something to do this summer other than read about football practices. I am hoping and praying they turn it around. I would rather be WRONG about these players and coaches and have them WIN, than be right that they are BUMS and watch them continue to lose.


I'm must've missed it. How old are you again?

Stan M

Watching the missed opportunities last night, all I could think of was Buck Shownenwalter(sic) the Baltimore manager. He drilled hell out of his team in the Spring and look at them now...way over their heads. Then look at us. Yes the batting coach is a major bust, but why is this team swinging for HRs when a ground out gets us a run. Or Stanton running to third with ball hit in front of him. These type of things point to Ozzie and to a lesser extent, his coaches. LB and I discussed a team leader last week and I suggested Giambi. Regarding the FO, I can't fault them for their three big signings. Bell did have a good track record and Reyes and Buehrle have been all that could be asked. It's those little moves that are killing us. Cody, the Hopper, deAza and the like. Virtually all of us are fed up to our eyeballs. And if we are disenchanted, what about the more casual fans? As LB said above, this is the same team that won last month...with one exception. Bono. His absense is hurting us in more ways than one. In my opinion, this team is at a crossroads...right now. Something must be done and it must be something that has major meaning. Bringing up a Cousins doesn't cut it. A trade for an OF or a catcher followed by literally releasing Gabby and/or Buck would send a message. However, in my mind and not my heart, I can't see this team ever being truly front line as long as the major focus is on Hanley. Watching him strike a pose when he swings and misses makes me want to throw up. It would be drastic, controversial as hell, but trading him might be adding by subtraction. If not a trade, then at least stop treating him like a prima donna. #3 hitters don't hit less than their weight and stay at #3. In a way, he's hurting us more right now than even the despised Buck.

Stan M

Unless I read things wrong, our top power prospect, Ozona, in high A ball is on a tear. Three HRs then 2 with one a Grand Slam the next day. Knocked in 6 runs two games in a row. Holy Cow! I might be a little off in my facts, please correct me if wrong, but that is kind of nice to read. My boy Keys has come down to earth. Hitting in the .290s in June and his BA is about .359 or so. Still respectable. We've got to have hope somewhere.

Flav C

Stan - you;re right on Ozuna. He is really in a tear. You might want to keep an eye on Josh Adams, he plays 3B with Keys in Greensboro. He is not even in the Marlins top prospect list, but is 4th in RBIs and 3rd in HRs, at the South Atlantic League. Not all is lost. 2014-2015 is promising.

Flav C

And Stan - At this point you probably know who the hitting coach for the Orioles is.


Stan M,
I don't know how much Giambi could contribute on the field at 41, but he could certainly be an imposing presence in the clubhouse. The more I think about that, the more I like your idea.
BTW, Ken Rosenthal says there are a lot more buyers than sellers at the moment, which means the Fish will have to go all in to get somebody who can help turn things around. Tough to buy a pot when you're playing with such a short stack.

Stan M

Flav, who is the hitting coach...I don't know. LB, an imported "leader" doesn't have to do much on the field. Remember the role Don Baylor played after he was done as a star. Ditto Joe Morgan. A shell of his former self but he went to SF and then Houston and both teams improved beyond expectations. This is a thought from heaven. But if the Twins would salary dump their catcher, or even their first baseman, it would be the kind of jolt that this team needs. The improved attendance from such a drastic move would compensate for some of their huge salary; especially if the Twins ate some as well. One thing the team could do...a little thing granted...is announce some promotions within the minors. Flav, I didn't mention Adams because at 23, he should be higher than low A ball. Let's hope he's a late bloomer.

Stan M

Just stopped to think of this. If some of us are crying for better leadership, what does that say about Ozzie. I'm beginning to think he was emasculated with the Castro incident.

Flav C

Stan, ol' Jim Presley is the O's hitting coach.

Stan M



Stan M,
And don't forget Dutch Daulton.


Double damn!!! And there would be a mutiny in Minnesota if they dumped Mauers contract after only two years. Remember he's their hometown hero.

Stan M

They're filling that new ballpark and that is their FO bottom line. Mauer's contract is their albatross.
To change the subject, Alex has had many positive and knowledgeable things to say above. But I can't understand his criticism of the Reyes' signing. After he got over "the free agent blues" in April, he has been all that we could ask for, in my opinion. And I thank the diety above that we didn't sign Fielder to those mega dollars. I'd love to hear what you folks whom I respect think about Reyes and Buhlre too for that matter.


Well fellow fish byters...Im going to be in the stands friday night...sec 113 to be exact. The season isn't even half over & some of you are threating to jump off the ship. Im looking for this team to hang around .500 & start the big push after the all star game... & Boni will be back to. It's going to be a fun Aug - Sept.

Stan M

Good comments, Spitballer, and I hope you're right.

good luck

better hope they're not 15 games out by then


Reyes is a solid, exciting player who is capable of providing a spark, but he's not the guy who can carry a team by himself. Reyes needs good people around him to help him get the most out of his game — guys who can bunt a little, hit and run, hit behind the runner, maybe even find a way to get him home when he leads off an inning with a triple. When the people around him are doing their jobs, he's a better player and he can make them better players. Right now, he doesn't have that. But Reyes is not what's wrong with this team. In fact, he's about the only thing that's NOT wrong with this team right now.


Wear a red rose so we can spot you on the tube. Where's 113?

good luck

spitball ,you might get lucky after the All -Star break when the Marlins play the Cubs,Padres and Rockies again,their May conquests. Too bad they cant play Houston 8 more times.


lb...sec 113 @ the Trop....right behind the 3rd base dugout.

Fiddler in the Roof

Whats the big deal about Ozzie voted the least respected manager? After all, he works for the least respected owners. That makes them a perfect fit , a match made in heaven.


I, for one, will be watching for you. But you'll have to do something dumb so we can spot you.

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