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Bell/Guillen flare-up termed a "misunderstanding"; Coghlan demoted

      Heath Bell wasn't particularly pleased when Ozzie Guillen lifted him with two outs in the ninth inning of tonight's 10-2 monstrosity of a loss to the Red Sox. Bell was clearly unhappy with the decision and his anger showed when he entered the dugout and exchanged words with bench coach Joey Cora. Guillen also appeared angry when speaking with Cora about it.

       "It kind of looked like I disrespected him," Bell said. "I didn't mean it that way."

       Bell said that after a couple of fielding gaffes -- one by Donovan Solano in left and the other by Hanley Ramirez at third -- extended the meaningless ninth, he wished to stay on the mound after striking out Will Middlebrooks to finish the inning. Instead, Guillen summoned Sandy Rosario to finish it off.

       Guillen said he was merely using Bell to keep him "sharp" and didn't want him pitching unnecessarily in a blowout loss. He said he didn't want Bell, who threw a total of 19 pitches in the inning, add to his pitch count even further, and especially for no reason. Afterward, Bell said he understood Guillen's decision, but not after putting up a mild protest.

       "I just said 'I can get this guy out,'" Bell said. "He wanted to protect me. I understand where Ozzie was coming from. I apologized and I don't mean any disrespect."

       Guillen called it a "misunderstanding" and didn't seem put off by the incident in the post-game press conference.

        "Not a big deal," Guillen said. "It's over with."


        The Marlins optioned slumping outfielder Chris Coghlan following tonight's game to Triple A New Orleans. The former National League Rookie of the Year has been unable to get on track and is hitting just .140.

        No word on who the roster replacement will be, and the Marlins don't have to make a decision until Friday when they open a three-game series in Tampa.

        One strong candidate is outfielder Scott Cousins, who has been on a tear at New Orleans. Cousins, who is hitting .295 overall, has gone 13 for 35 (.488) over his past 10 games. 


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Ooops! I didn't mean that how it sounded. I just meant, drop your beer to catch a foul ball or something so they'll turn the camera on you.


Can't make a single complaint about the Reyes signing. Did the Marlins overpay? Yes, but they had to. A healthy Reyes hitting @ 80% of what he did a year ago I imagine was thought of as a triple machine and a bonafide star w/ flair to rally around in this large ballpark. And I'm also willing to bet the FO thought the rest of the team would follow suit off of his energy. Also the FO had to show legitimacy to other talent and potential FAs by making a BIG signing in Reyes.

I did not forsee Gaby & Lomo taking steps back as hitters and Ramirez continuing to be a shell of his former self at the plate. Coghlan, I was skeptical as far as being toast. I DID know this team has way too many players out of position and would have to rely on very good pitching and lots of hitting to compensate. Maybe 1/2 of that equation has happened.

Leadership from the players has to fall on Johnson and Buehrle. Buehrle won a WS with Ozzie and Chicago and has been there before. Is he willing is another question to be answered.

There's no way the Twins surrender Mauer & Morneau for anything less than a package of Stanton (defeats the purpose), Yelich, Fernandez, this year's no.1 and a "player to be named". And yes, I realize Mauer's days are done (very unfortunate) as a Superstar.

At least we have the Heat to root for tonight!

Scott Pose

Ozuna can flat out hit and he is very young. I'm beginning to wonder if Yelich does not have a very severe problem related to his concussion. When this organization flat out stops talking there is usually trouble.

Scott Pose

On a scale of 1 to 100 how surprised do you think Ozzie really is at the inepitude of the lower portion of his batting order? I bet he came in with visions of the pre 2011 Sanchez, Coghlin and Morrison. I bet he might be so shocked that he has turned silent.

friends in greenville

hi lou vales/scott pose

Flav C

Scott, I was thinking the same thing. He was put on the 7 day DL on Jun 1st, retroactive to May 31st. He is still out though.


Stan, please don't misunderstand me about Reyes. My problem is NOT with the Reyes signing. My problem is signing Reyes when we needed a SLUGGER, a guy who can drive in runs. But the Front Office GAMBLED that we already HAD that SLUGGER - a healthy Hanley Ramirez. That's why I keep making the point that Hanley is ruining the Reyes signing. Because we wound up with another "table setter" but no one to "CLEAR THE TABLE".

If Hanley was consistently producing in the #3 hole and we were getting decent production from the 5-8 spots, the Reyes signing would be a great move.

The Front Office believed that a healthy Hanley Ramirez would be the big slugger this team didn't have. But i watched Hanley these past years and was not convinced that all his problems were injury related.

By the way, it's freaking HILARIOUS that nobody is ATTACKING ME for criticizing Hanley now. About 10 days ago, I was getting RIPPED here for daring to say anything bad about the Great Hanley. Of course, Stan, YOU can say anything you want about Hanley and you will NOT BE ATTACKED. I guess you have IMMUNITY. I guess you are in the "in crowd" over here, and I am obviously NOT. Did I read correctly that you too got banned by the MLB website? That Joe Frisaro; what a snotty little punk he is. Oh well, that's how it goes.


And I have no clue why anyone can be happy we didn't sign Fielder. Is the Lomo/Gaby combo making anyone happy? I'm not following Fielder with Detroit, BTW. If he is struggling in the AL, so what? He would have been HERE, in the National League. But we all know the reason he's NOT here. He's a moreno (a black guy) and these are "Los Marlins", South America's team, so who needs any blacks? By the way, I'm a white man, so don't get stupid, if anyone is thinking of going there.

But what I'm saying is not my opinion, it's a FACT. The Front Office made up their mind that this was going to be a Latino team, and most of the moves they have made, including PERSONNEL moves, confirm this nonsense. Everything is in Spanish around this team, they even renamed the streets. Funny, when I went to the game Monday night, I saw lots of Anglos & even plenty of blacks there; I would say the whites & blacks OUTNUMBERED the Latinos. But we can't have any black players here. Miami's black population counts for NOTHING in this town, that much is obvious to anyone.

Finally, I am NOT "jumping ship", don't get my words twisted. But if this team keeps losing and journeying to the "Land Below .500", I will NOT spend one more DIME on this team! The Front Office had SIX YEARS to prepare for 2012 and get a decent product on the field. Instead they have given us a squad of washed up pinch hitters and infielders playing out of position, and of course, the Great Hanley Ramirez.


@rbleigh - it's very rare that a true team leader is a pitcher who only plays every 5 games. Plus JJ is coming off an injury and has never really lived up to his potential, and Buerhle is a NEWCOMER, so how can he lead?


A veteran newcomer CAN become a team leader the minute he steps off the plane. Stan M mentioned some who have (Joe Morgan, Don Baylor) and, again, I will always remember the leadership role Dutch Daulton, a midseason replacement, played in helping the Marlins win the 1997 World Series. But you're right — it's usually much tougher for a pitcher to assume that leadership role because their routines often keep them segregated from the position players.


Anybody think the Fish should go after Ozzie's old buddy A.J. Pierzynski? He's 35, but I think he's hitting over .290 this year. Or did I just dream that?


What's interesting is that we all seem to believe that this team doesn't have an internal leader. For the past few years it was Wes Helms but right now I really couldn't point to one player that has adopted that role. Of course we're not in the dugout so who knows? I do think that guys like Dutch, Helms can help focus a team that is straying off course. This could again be an example of how our talent evaluators in the FO didn't do their job in locating a guy that brings this to the clubhouse. Dobbs seems a little quiet to relish this role and because the other "vets" on this team haven't lived up to their expectations it would be hard for any of them to assume it. I could see a newcomer like Buerhle taking it over but the saddest part is, isn't this why we hired Ozzie? To lead the team? They look fragmented and pathetic right now. Still early, we'll see.

@Scott Pose - I would think Ozzie has to be a little shell shocked when it comes to how the bottom half has performed. You always hear from the "experts" how good guys like Gaby, Cogs, Lomo are going to be and then look...Not one is hitting over .250.

Scott Pose

Stan--Great point about the emasculation of Ozzie in lieu of the Castro comments. The man is probably shell shocked and then he has to witness Morrison, Coghlan, Petersen, Buck and Hayes as his 5-8 candidates in a batting order. Ozzie says he stays in the hotel bar on the road to stay out of trouble. Wish I was going to be in Tampa tonight so I could share a nice bottle of Caymus with the guy.There are so many strange things that have occured. We have focused on the abject deterioration of Coghlan and Sanchez but what about a 2 year removed batting champion suddenly losing it. I NEVER give credit nor blame to pitching coaches and batting coaches as I see them as window dressing but in this case there must be something somebody could do as far as watching prior year tapes and making adjustments. This whole thing with Sanchez, Ramirez and Coghlan may be unparalleled in MLB. Give me another example of 3 guys falling off the precipice in this short of a time.

Junior Felix

When will everybody realize that the talent just isnt there. All the before the season hype is just that. HYPE doesnt translate to TALENT. Sorry , fellas but that's the way it is.


Hanley batting second, Stanton third. Interesting.

Samson's Boyfriend

Lou....give me a call..if you still have the number.


Holy crap Hanley got hit in the nose during BP and is out? That may be the only way he gets a hit...when it smacks his face!!


LB, yes you ARE right about a well respected vet becoming a leader; great examples with Morgan & Daulton. But as you yourself realized, those guys were everyday players, not pitchers. Maybe a great pitcher can do it, a future HOF-er. Maybe. Buerhle is pretty close to that. I hope he takes a leadership role; in my opinion this team needs someone to do so.

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