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Buehrle on standby if Johnson falters

    ST. PETERSBURG -- Mark Buehrle is scheduled to start the series opener at Boston's Fenway Park on Tuesday. But, due to a depleted bullpen, manager Ozzie Guillen said he's notified Buehrle to be prepared to take over this afternoon if Josh Johnson is knocked out early by the Rays.

    Chad Guadin, who went 4 2/3 innings in relief of Carlos Zambrano on Friday, is unavailable. So, too, are Edward Mujica and Ryan Webb, each of whom pitched three innings in last night's 15-inning victory by the Marlins. That leaves only Steve Cishek, Chris Hatcher, Randy Choate and Heath Bell.

    If Buehrle was to relieve this afternoon at The Trop, everyone in the rotation would move up a day and still pitch on full rest due to Monday's off day.

    So where does the 15-inning affair rank in Marlins history in terms of longest games? In terms of inning, it was the ninth game played by the Marlins of at least 15 innings. And it was the team's longest game since the club-record 20-inning loss to the Cardinals at Sun Life Stadium (or whatever it was called that year) on April 27, 2003.

    Marlins' Longest Games (by innings)

    20 -- April 27, 2003 -- Sun Life -- Cardinals 7, Marlins 6

    17 -- June 8, 1998 -- Sun life -- Marlins 4, Toronto 3

    16 -- Aug. 29, 1999 -- Sun Life -- Houston 6, Marlins 4

    16 -- July 12, 2002 -- Wrigley Field -- Cubs 5, Marlins 4

    15 -- Aug. 10, 1993 -- Sun Life -- Marlins 3, Cubs 2

    15 -- May 11, 1995 -- Sun Life -- Reds 3, Marlins 1

    15 -- June 18, 1996 -- 3Com Park -- Giants 9, Marlins 8

    15 -- June 19, 1996 -- 3Com Park -- Giants 7, Marlins 4

    15 -- June 16, 2012 -- Tropicana Field -- Marlins 4, Rays 3 


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I remember going to a 14-inning game against the Reds at Sun Life a few years ago, I think back when it was called Landshark. I was out in right field and Jay Bruce was heckled to hell. Marlins ended up winning that game. Good times.

Hopefully this late-inning win will light a fire under the Marlins' rears and get them to get going, and it won't just make them too tired to play today and lose by 10 runs again.


hahaha, I was at that game with a large drunken contingency that day heckling one jay Bruce mercilessly.

Stan M

Read all comments on the last blog; especially concerning Hanley. It appears that I am not alone in thinking that this team would be better off in the long run if he were moved. I do agree with what LB said about him and steroids. He is much bigger now than he was 3-4 years ago. Before considering steroid use, I'd look at his contract to find any change in his performance. I don't know the exact year when his multi year contract commenced, but it does seem to me that there is a time line correlation between that new contract and his performance decline.

Regarding Ozzie, the more I see of him the more I think he is an "old school" type of manager at a time when change in outlook is in a time of transition. New ideas on what constitutes a successful hitter, what type of defence is most successful, treating player personality as a major responsibility and the like are now prominent features of more forward thinking managers. And spending the night in the hotel bar was last seen as a plus when Casey Stengel managed the Yankees.


You know the Hanley comment I posted was more a joke...I don't think he's ever juiced but I still feel he's the cancer on the team. I think too that other teams would jump at the chance to sign him thinking they could fix his woes.

You're right Stan about his old school approach. I look at a Joe Maddon who uses new and interesting ways to manage and a guy like Billy Beane and his sabermetrics when it comes to evaluating a players worth. 2 flipping hits today are you kidding me? And now into a big boys stadium in Boston. The losing will continue. But hey at least Ozzie knows that it's not the hitting coach!


We should start betting how many strikeouts this team can rack up each game. Gotta post it before the game starts and the winner gets bragging rights. Today was 14. So when the latest post goes up put your best guess in on Tuesday. I would say that it should matter who's pitching for the opposing team but.......... it doesn't. Don't worry though because again Ozzie said the hitting coach has no responsibility. Oh yeah and Go Heat!


Cobb = Cy?
Well at least they doubled their productivity from a couple of nights ago!


Now you guys better be careful! A certain board expert is going to attack you for saying mean things about Hanley Ramirez. He sure ripped me a few weeks ago. Of course he was completely WRONG, but that never stopped him. I was never against Hanley moving to 3rd base. I WAS against the Front Office gambling the entire season on Hanley returning to 2008-2009 form. Unfortunately we will probably never see that Hanley again.

Hanley's swing is terrible to watch. He takes this super long HR swing on damn near every pitch, and his bat speed has declined BIG TIME. The truth is that he can no longer catch up to even mediocre fastballs, and with that stupid long swing, he cannot adjust if he guesses wrong; once he starts that swing, it's over. The other night Burke Badenhop, of all people, blew him away with a 91 mph fastball. He could go to Eduardo Perez and ask for help, but Eduardo hasn't helped anyone else, so I doubt he will. Plus I think he's too ARROGANT to ask for help. But anyone watching Hanley bat can see that he is a mess.

Gaby Sanchez is batting .143 since returning from New Orleans. Stanton has caught the dread hitting disease too. I said it yesterday and I'll say it again. Stanton, Hanley, Infante, Buck, Gaby - all of them need a BREAK. They need at least a few games off.


Hanley is hitting badly, but not much worse than the rest of the lineup with the exception of Reyes. After being a Marlins fan since the beginning there has never been a Marlins' catcher as bad as Buck. What's even worse is that the FO passed on Buster Posey one of the best players to come out of FSU.


Hanley won the batting title the first year of his contract.


"After being a Marlins fan since the beginning there has never been a Marlins' catcher as bad as Buck."

Truer words have never been spoken. Buck was another El Cheapo move by the Front Office. He had just had a career year in Toronto where he hit .280 with 20 HRs, so the FO decided that if they can get that caliber of a hitting catcher for 6 million a year, they'd be getting over, because that kind of catcher can command 10 million a year. Unfortunately he went back to the mediocre hitter he always was last year and this year he just sucks.

As for Hanley not doing worse than anyone else except Reyes, I beg to differ. He has been the #3 hitter in the line up (now he's batting 2nd) and when such a key guy in the line up bats .190 in June (most of those hits coming the first two days in Philly) that hurts MUCH MORE than anyone else batting .190, with the exception of Stanton.


The AL East has been knocking the snot out of the NL East. I'll be glad when this inter league junk is over.
6 more to go.


Was interesting to here Rays anouncer comments on
Marlin hitters.Quote"John Buck with his long looping
swing cannot catch up to most pitches."
Other big problem other than Reyes&Dobbs,no one seems
able to evulate pitch count and what is likely to be


At first I was crucifing Gaby when he wasnt hitting, now its time to go after the entire lineup and if thats the case fire the hitting coach. FIRE PEREZ! call up Tony Gwynn see if he wants to be the hitting coach for the Marlins, or Cal Ripken Jr.

Stan M

Pete, one would think that evaluating pitch count , etc. would be one of major jobs of a batting coach. Our coach must be great at this because our manager has explained that he is doing fine and his job is not in any danger. Now that we all know and understand that, we should be making up a list of needs for Santa to bring the ball club this Christmas. That is, if we haven't been naughty.

Stan M

We have a catcher who can't hit a lick. But have you seen the Cleveland Club? We have a #3 hitter whose swing is ridiculously long and who has stopped hitting. Hope you haven't missed that great new home run gizmo? There are rumors that it has become rusty from lack of use though. Our team has not scored in 22 straight innings. But you must walk around the concourse and notice all the places to spend your money. The team has fallen from the third best record in the majors to a tie for 17th. None the less, isn't the view out the left field windows of downtown Miami mesmerizing? Our teams strikeout totals have become a thing of derision. But we have a swimming pool and dancing girls for your entertainment so not to worry.

But don't miss a view of all of those empty blue seats all around the ballpark...woops...I mean we intend to average 30,000 fans per game...so please ignore all of those beautiful empty blue seats...we'll came back to this some other time...maybe if we invited Fidel Castro to give one of his marathon speaches here all of those beautiful blue seats would be full. We should ask Ozzie for advice on this because he doesn't appear to be doing any other damn thing lately. And Fidel need not worry about his safety. No one in Miami is able to hit anything at all. Then again, maybe a dictator could do a better job than this current FO.

Stan M

Sorry, we got one run in those 22 innings, I'm just totally frustrated


I'm telling you I would love to work for an organization that has absolutely no productivity standards at all. Could you imagine going to work and producing 10 to 15 percent of the time as a professional and getting paid really really well. The players, coaches, president, GM, player development, owner. None of them have to do anything productive. Ozzie said it himself that his hitting coach is fine, no worries, not hitting no biggie. Let's all apply for a job with The Miami Marlins...kick back your feet, smoke a doobie and relax watching boring baseball and eating good food from around the park.

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