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Do Marlins have any deserving All-Stars? Mike Dunn recalled

    BOSTON -- A month ago you could have argued Omar Infante deserved a spot on the N.L. All-Star team. But Infante has slumped, like practically everyone else on the Marlins, and it's more difficult to make a case for him these days. A lot more difficult.

    Giancarlo Stanton had a monster May, coinciding with the Marlins' own good fortunes. But Stanton's gone into a June swoon and is hitting only .172 for the month with one home run and three RBI. Among all outfielders in the NL, he's tied for eighth in OPS.

    Someone on the Marlins will go to Kansas City for the July 10 All-Star Game. Someone has to go. Every team must be represented by at least one player. That's the rule.

    But does anyone actually deserve to go? Let's hear what you have to say.


    A bit of roster news. The Marlins optioned RHP Chris Hatcher to Triple A New Orleans and recalled LHP Mike Dunn. Hatcher was not only shelled in relief of Ricky Nolasco, giving up a grand slam to David Ortiz, as a solo shot to Jarrod Saltalamacchia, but threw 55 pitches in the process. Chad Gaudin also pitched for the second straight night, throwing 26 pitches in Wednesday's game. That left the bullpen a bit thin, especially with a degree of uncertainty surrounding Carlos Zambrano, who is on the mound tonight for the Marlins. Zambrano hasn't made it out of the third inning in either of his past two outings. So the Marlins brought in reinforcements in the form of Dunn, who has been up and down a couple of times this season.


    Tonight's lineup:

    Marlins: 1. Reyes, ss; 2. Ramirez, dh; 3. Stanton, rf; 4. Morrison, lf; 5. Dobbs, 3b; 6. Infante, 2b; 7. Cousins, cf; 8. Sanchez, 1b; 9. Hayes, c. Pitching: Zambrano


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I need a mental night off. Can anybody out there fill in for me tonite in front of the tube?


Yes. Two. Send Loria and Samson to the game. They are All-Star Bullshittt Artists, in a league all by themselves.


Well, the good news is, Mike Dunn is back.
Why not give Sanabia or LeBlanc a shot? They can't do any worse.

Scott Pose

Did anyone else notice Stanton's slide coincided with Tommy Bahama's tirade about Michael--I ain't calling anybody by a name they decide to use over 20---not being in the Top 15 of All Star voting? Do you guys ever listen to the Mets announcers? it is so enjoyable to hear the truth. why can't everyone do that? Would the Bobbysey Twins really fire an icon of the notoriety of Tommy Bahama??

Stan was correct about Infante's regression starting with the death in the family. I was thinking you could see the pain in his face and then I actually looked at ppast games and he always looks like that. I'm suggesting it wouldn't hurt if he lost the ritual of wiping his face on his sleeve after every pitch. Try some other superstitious claptrap. Why Not? gaby could quit that thing where he cradles the bat in both arms and Hanley could quit--Well, let's not get into that.


LeBlanc will be up shortly as a spot starter and long reliever, taking Bombs Away Gaudin's roster spot.


There isn't one all star on this team. That's the sad truth. How bout just sending Billy? Our mascot usually ranks in the top 10 in baseball. Ive got 8 K's tonight against DiceK. Anyone care to bet more or less?

jimmy the geek

will take the under 8

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