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Giancarlo Stanton wins NL Player of the Month

    PHILADELPHIA -- Giancarlo Stanton has been rewarded for his monster May by winning the National League Player of the Month award, becoming only the fourth Marlin ever to receive the monthly honor.

    The 22-year-old outfielder for the Marlins hit .343, smashed 12 home runs and drove in 30 runs. Only Hall of Famer Joe DiMaggio had as productive a month statistically at such a young age. Stanton's OPS (on-base percentage plus slugging percentage) was an off-the-charts 1.201.

    "To be mentioned in the same category, or the same sentence as him, is eye-opening," Stanton said of DiMaggio.

    With his 12 home runs, Stanton tied the club record for most homers in any month. Dan Uggla also hit 12 in May of 2008. He was three RBI short of Hanley Ramirez's club record 33 for any month. The dozen home runs tied the Rangers' Josh Hamilton for most in the majors last month.

    "I didn't give away too many at bats that month, and when I did it was boom, forget about it," Stanton said. "So I thought I was very disciplined and smarter in key situations."

    The only other Marlins to win the award were: Jeff Conine (June, 1995), Hanley Ramirez (June, 2008) and Emilio Bonifacio (July, 2011).     



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He's still a whiffer! One month doesn't change that! The Whiffer!

Old Gator

You got that right. He's just a bum, like Mickey Mantle.


Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Stan M

What I couldn't understand about Stanton's ABs against Hamels was that on a 2-0 count, he took a cripple pitch at least twice. Then he struck out by flailing at two impossible pitches to hit. I wish Ozzie would tell him that he must swing at all 2-0, 3-0, and 3-1 pitches...at least until the pitchers figure out what he's doing.
Isn't Zambrano a terrific addition? He's smiling all the time, and pitching very well. We couldn't ask for a more valuable addition to this team...at least so far.
For the past 3 years I've remarked that Coghlan doesn't hit well when his rear foot isn't firmly planted. He has started to drag it again and that's not good. If Ozzie keeps that new outfielder, it won't bode well for either Coghlan or Peterson when Kearns comes back.
The team is doing so well that it's fascinating to think how much better they could be with Bono hitting #7 again.
It seems like Infante hasn't been quite the same since his grandfather died. Nothing really bad, but not quite the dominant force he had been.


papi ain't happy.


Stan, i too sometimes get frustrated watching Stanton's ABs. Particularly when he keeps swinging at a pitch that he has no chance at all of hitting, as with that Hamels breaking pitch. But every time I think like that, I remember one all important fact: the kid's only 22 years old! He has only been allowed to drink for a year. And in baseball terms, he is a baby, still learning so much about the game. Those of us who have been lucky to watch him since Day One have seen the growth and development in him. Sometimes I wish he'd "get there" sooner, of course, LOL. But all in all, he's progressing just fine, in all phases of the game. He has all the talent in the world; a true 5 tool player. The only thing that remains to be seen is how well he learns his lessons. Back in my day, guys like Stanton did all their developing in the minors. Stanton is doing his on the biggest stage of all, and all in all, he is doing very well. It's downright scary to think about what the kind of player that he has the talent to become. Seriously, we're talking greatness here if the guy continues learning and progressing. Even if he just stays at where he is right now, we are talking about a very good player. If he keeps progressing, forget about it!

Oh, and Papi, you're a moron.


Someone elsewhere asked about Ozzie. Here's my opinion of the job he's done so far; I wonder what you guys think?

I could care less about his comments on anything but baseball. Look, I'm sure the guy at my dry cleaning store also has some opinions on various things, but all I care about is whether he can get my shirts and pants clean. As long as he can do that well, I could care less about his views of the world.

As far as baseball goes, I give Ozzie an A- so far. He is obviously a good motivator, and he is straight up with his players, treating them like men and not playing games with them. If a guy isn't doing his job, he will let him know. The only negatives that I have seen are in my opinion, things that he has to learn about managing in the National League; he still manages like an AL manager at times, but that's understandable. His drawbacks in my opinion:

1) He should pinch run for slower guys late in games.
2) He should take out guys whose Defense is not that good late in games.
3) He should never allow Randy Choate to pitch to any right hand batters.

These are not huge issues, as I'm sure you can see. For the most part he has done extremely well. I don't like the fact that he keeps Buck in the line-up, but I understand that it's not his call. The FO paid him a lot of money, so he's gonna play. I like the way he handles the pitching staff, pretty much. If a guy is not getting it done, Ozzie will come right out and yank him, even if he's "the closer". Thank God he's not so hung up on titles like "closer" and "8th inning guy", etc. He will let a guy pitch as long as he needs to, and he seems willing to let the starters go deep into games, although sometimes he does get a little greedy, trying to get an extra couple of outs out of a pitcher who is pretty much done. Still, that is preferable to a manager who is scared to let his starters pitch past the 6th inning, like many of the "new breed" of managers are.

After enduring the likes of Fredi Gonzalez over the past few years, Ozzie is a breath of fresh air. Fat Fredi did everything by "The Book" and it used to drive me up the wall. I'm 56 years old and have seen many great managers in my life. Guys like Sparky Anderson, Billy Martin, Dick Williams, Whitey Herzog, and others were never slaves to "The Book" the way so many managers are today. Look what happened to Fat Fredi's Braves last year. When they started falling apart in September, Fredi had no clue how to stop the slide that eventually cost them a playoff spot. There was no chapter in "The Book" about what to do when everything you've been doing all year no longer works. The situation called for radical, unorthodox thinking, something that is not in Fredi's DNA.

Ozzie, on the other hand, is unorthodox enough to think outside the box, or "The Book", which is what is needed these days, in my opinion. I've been into baseball for over 50 years, so I guess I'm kind of "old school", LMAO. Ok,you can just say "old period" if you want, LOL! But many of the current crop of managers are boring types like Fredi. One thing about Ozzie, boring he is not!


I bet that there are certain guys here who loved Fat Fredi, BTW. I never liked the guy. In 2008 & 2009 we had decent teams that had a shot, but between Fredi's managing and the Front Office's neglect at the trading deadline both of those years, we did not make the playoffs. Let me make something clear: I love the Marlins TEAM. I hate Loria & Samson; they are scum. As for the Front Office, I guess they do the best they can, limited as they are by the ownership. I'm sure they wanted to make some kind of moves at the trade deadline in 2008 & 2009, but Loria shot that down. Remember, he was pocketing the Luxury Tax money during those years, and us fans supported the team anyway, even though Loria obviously didn't give a damn about anything but the new stadium.

I love the Zambrano trade and said so immediately, because Volstad was a total bum. Even if Big Z was not pitching well, it would still be better than Volstad. I love the signing of Buehrle; he and Big Z have solidified the starting rotation. I hated the Buck signing from Day One. As for the Bell signing, I was a bit leery about giving a fat overachiever type of guy who is 34 years old, a three year deal. I thought we should have gone after Papelbon, but after we overpaid for Reyes, I knew that wasn't going to happen. Love Reyes, but yeah, we did overpay for him.\

I don't like many other things the Front Office does, but they are really no different than most teams' Front Offices. They have their share of hits, and also their share of misses.

Some clown said something about me being down on Hanley in the past, as if I were the only one to do such a shocking thing, LMAO. I certainly did NOT oppose his move to 3rd base. But as far as ripping him the past few years, I'm guilty as charged! I ripped him because he sucked and played like a punk very often since late 2009 when Uggla got in his face in the locker room. I certainly was not the only one who got fed up with Hanley these past years! Of course I always said that Hanley was giving the same effort to make the playoffs as Loria did during these past years, LOL. I am very happy he's doing well now; the team needs him. But no way do I retract any comments I made about his play the past few years.


I for one appreciated the good, thoughtful, rant-free commentary you've presented here, and surprisingly I agree with about 80 percent of it. I also couldn't care less about Ozzie's foot-in-mouth disease as long as he's handling the team properly and motivating them to win ballgames. (I admit I might feel differently if I were Cuban.) I don't know what I expected of Ozzie, but I guess when he was hired, I foresaw even more fire and brimstone, more vehement arguments with umpires when they blew a call. I don't know whether that would have been better or worse, but it would have been more fun. Maybe when you're winning, there is no need to get ejected from every third game.
I liked Fredi (no need to call him Fat Fredi) when he was here, but I have to admit that he never seemed to light a fire under his players.
Stan M,
Interesting observation about Coghlan and his back foot. I hadn't noticed that, but I'll keep an eye on him and see if I can pick it up. Cogs, Petersen and Murphy have all played just well enough that I'll feel sorry for any of them who gets sent down, but I'm convinced that Gaby is one his way back and that means two of the three will be gone soon.


Make that "on" his way back.


One of the things that I really enjoy about Ozzie that has surprised me is his total commitment to his players. He never threw Bell or Buck under the bus and he continues to show support for any struggling player...he definitely has more patience than I could ever have when it comes to the struggling Buck but if Buck comes out of it, I feel that part of the reason will be because of Ozzie's support. It goes a long way for a persons psyche. Ozzie definitely looks like a players manager. I agree with laurel that I thought it would be more theatrics, glad it's going this way and look were in a virtual tie for 1st! Simply being in this position will hopefully make us buyers come trade deadline.

Stan M

I, too, was pleased to see baseball only posts from you and also agree with most of what you present. Points one and two in your second post are valid.
In the past I had always admired Beinfest and felt he had an almost impossible job. However, I have not been at all pleased with his literally dumping several players that showed promise. It's not so much that they are gone as the fact that we got virtually nothing for them. Cody Ross was bad enough, but look at how well DeAza is performing...and the guy showed very well before injuries sidelined him in two instances. Why the Hopper was moved and for the clunk we received for him is most mystifying. At least with the Hammer and Jason Vargas we obtained useable returns. With regard to Gonzalez and managing Atlanta, I hope they keep him all year for he is not a good manager as we Marlin fans learned.
I am going to disagree with one point you made yesterday and that regards Coghlan's arm. Years ago, and I go all the way back to Carl Furillo, the "Reading Rifle" in RF for the Brooklyn Dodgers, nearly all outfielders threw reasonably well except for LFers. Now, however, the infielders often have the stronger arms and it is the outfielder's duty to hit the cutoff man. When Coghlan first went to LF, he most assuredly had an infielder's throw. However, as the year progressed, his arm became "stretched out" and he threw reasonably well. What is significant to me is that he almost always throws to the right man or base. (Remember Maybin's misadventures in this area?) Would you rather see Coghlan throw to home plate, or relay the ball to Reyes who has a cannon for an arm. I remember the play you refer to in substance, but not detail. However, it would be my guess that either the cutoff man was out of position or Coghlan's throw was missed.
LB, I forgot all about Gabby when I talked about Kearns returning. Which of them would you prefer...or both. If I had to pick one of the two right now, I'd take Kearns...he can play OF or 1B whereas Gabby is 1B only. As I speculated yesterday, the team should at least try to transform him back into a catcher.


Stan M,
I'd take Kearns over the Gaby we've seen so far this year, but I think they'll both be back within a couple of weeks. But then what? (Insert suspense music here) Do they platoon Lomo and Gaby at first or run Lomo back out to leftfield. I'd prefer they try a lefty-righty platoon for a while. If it doesn't work, go to plan B.


Marlins take LHP Andrew Heaney of OK State as their first round draft pick. The consensus of the guys on MLB.com is that he isn't likely to be a No. 1 or 2 starter, but may be able to get to the majors in a hurry (he's 21 tomorrow) and should be a competent starter. The FO will put a happy face on it, but it sounds like more first-round ho-hum to me.

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