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Guillen doesn't think Zambrano will miss a start, but bothered he wasn't honest about pain; plus Murphy designated

Carlos Zambrano's stiff lower back may have cost him in Saturday night's start, but it doesn't appear as thought it will force him to miss any time according to manager Ozzie Guillen.

"Carlos had a stiff back. He couldn't get it loose. That's what I heard from the training staff," Guillen said. "I don't think he'll miss a start."

Guillen was more disappointed that Zambrano just wasn't more honest about the pain he was experiencing so he could take him out of the game. Guillen said Zambrano told him twice he was okay when he went out to the mound in the third inning.

"It was a very tough situation because I wish my players trusted me more," Guillen said. "I can appreciate what Carlos did. He wants to pitch. He wants to stick up for us. He didn't want me to use the bullpen. We appreciate that. But meanwhile, I wish he could be more honest. I'd rather lose a game than lose a player and really lose him for no reason."

Afterward, Zambrano was a bit remorseful, admitting he came in with a stiff back and was simply trying to tough it out.

"During the game it was aggravated to the point I couldn't pitch anymore," Zambrano said. "I think it was too late. I should have said something before I faced [Ben] Zobrist. I learned something today. I learned it's not about being a hero. It's about being smart. Even if you've been in the big leagues for 11 years you learn something everyday."

> The Marlins announced after the game they were designated Donnie Murphy for assignment. Murphy was hitting .133 -- 6 for 45 -- with two homers and five RBI as a reserve.


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It's about time for Gaby to come back. LoMo, Dobbs & Kearnes can't play 1st as well as Sanchez.


Agreed. What's the status does anyone know? Clark any news on Gaby getting called back up?

Eddie S

Gaby did not play for the zephyrs today. Hewill be coming to the Marlins on Sunday.Besides the Big Z not being honest, Marlin management is not fair to Lomo. Why doesn't management admit that LOMO CAN'T PLAY UNTIL HIS INJURY HEALS PLAY RUGGIANO IN CENTER AND SOLANO IN LEFT UNTIL THEY STOP HITTING. I DON'T CARE WHETHERIT IS AGAINST A RIGHTY OR A LEFTY- COUGHLIN CAN'T HIT HIS OWN WEIGHT!!!!!!


Ah, so maybe that "raving nut job" guy actually knows what he's talking about when he says that playing so many guys out of position is a really bad idea that will hurt the team. The outfield has been a defensive mess all year because we have been playing infielders, 1st basemen, and pinch hitters in the outfield; now the same thing is happening to the infield as Kearns shows he can't play 1st any better than he can play LF.

But that "raving nut job" guy is just a 56 year old guy who doesn't know ANYTHING! He should learn to shut up and to kiss the butts of "board experts" and shills like Joe Frisaro, the Marlins beat writer. Guys like Joe Frisaro are the biggest idiots in existence. If someone says that Eduardo Perez is a lousy hitting coach and should be fired, Frisaro and his pals will viciously attack you. But guess what? Once the Marlins finally do fire someone like Perez, Frisaro will be right there to PRAISE THE FRONT OFFICE for making this great move! "That smart Marlins Front Office got rid of a guy who was not doing the job and look at the new guy we hired! He's the BEST!" LMFAO


I just hope that Anibal Sanchez steps up on Sunday and pitches like an Ace, a "stopper". All good teams have that one pitcher, the guy they lean on when they absolutely need to win a game. The "stopper". In my life I have seen many great stoppers. Tom Seaver. Ron Guidry. Bob Gibson. Jack Morris. Pedro Martinez. These were the guys that teams gave the ball to in the midst of losing streaks and asked them to stop the bleeding, and they almost always did.

I hope that guy is Anibal today, because if not, it all falls on JJ's shoulders on Monday. And I'm not sure if he's that guy anymore. He used to be at one time. But can he be that guy again? We'll see! Go Fish!


Thanks for the heads up Eddie about Gaby. What's a little eerie is that this feels like last years skid in June. Maybe Gaby will provide a spark.


I been saying since last year when Gaby started falling apart after the All Star Game for the second straight year, that they should PLATOON Gaby & Lomo at 1st base. Maybe now it will finally happen.

Everybody on this BLOG

What a freakin douchebag blowhard

Stan M

Among many unproductive players, Murphy has been the least productive (not including Buck and his big salary of course). So this is a good move, for Gabby can't be any worse than some of our slumping players. Let's note that this slump, while far from a good sign, has not knocked us out of contention. To my way of thinking, the attendance picture is a much more foreboding omen. Last night they couldn't fill a brand new ballpark on a Saturday evening and overall attendance is 15-20 percent below expectations. And that is if we believe the attendance figures and not our eyes. This could lead back to the team's biggest weakness...Loria. Yes he make 3 big signings, but just below the surface was the disasterous dumping of Cody Ross and questionable trade of the Hopper. In today's market these were "small change" transactions. But can anyone picture Loria actually spending some of his own money on player purchases or signings if his revenue is down by that margin. A gross loss of 15-20 percent in attendance is probably a 60-80 percent loss in bottom line profit. A respected member of our posters, LB, said we must wait till the better drawing teams arrive. LB, the Braves and Rays certainly should draw well, we can't rely solely on the Red Sox, Mets, and Yankees. And if this inagural year is down, what can we expect in the future? We've seen enough salary dumps to be familiar with that scenario.


What a freakin douchebag blowhard

Posted by: Everybody on this BLOG | June 10, 2012 at 02:54 AM

Not cool to talk about your Mother like that.


snappy retort ..for an 8th grader


Once "everybody on this blog" (no, just all these anonymous PUKES and the MLB blowhards like Joe Frisaro & pals!) gets it through their stupid moronic heads that I really DON'T CARE if any of you "Like Me" or not, you will have a better life. Carrying around all this hatred for someone who just LAUGHS at you must be very bad for your miniscule self esteems. I keep telling you children, I'm 56 years old. I'm from BEFORE THE INTERNET. Therefore "internet popularity" means SQUAT to me. In fact, I love it that my posts BOTHER YOU SO MUCH! LMFAO


The other day I was being attacked for saying mean things about Hanley. Now take a look at how this season has gone. We had a poor April, and so did Hanley Ramirez; he batted .207. The team struggled to score runs and win games. Then came May, and the Marlins took off and had a very successful month. So did Hanley, batting .322 in the month of May. Now the Marlins are having a disastrous June. And so is Hanley, batting .172 this month, practically all of that in the first few days against Philly.

All you guys who are "good friends with scouts" and all, maybe you might want to tell Hanley that he's a big reason that this team is slumping. Of course you won't get stats like that from the MARLINS MLB website.


Big Z is just a pain in the "back" ;-)

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