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Guillen says players -- not hitting coach -- are to blame for offensive woes

     ST. PETERSBURG -- While the Marlins have been disappointing offensively, hitting coach Eduardo Perez does not appear to be in any danger of losing his job. Manager Ozzie Guillen was forceful in his defense of Perez, and the front office is not looking to make a change.

     “It’s funny how this game works,” Guillen said. “Nobody gives Eduardo credit when we were doing good. Now they’re going to (expletive) on him because we’re not hitting? That’s a bunch of (expletive). No, blame the players. They were good two weeks ago (with the) same hitting coach.”

     The Marlins rank 14th in runs scored in the National League, 13th in batting average, and 14th in hitting with runners in scoring position.

     Guillen acknowledged that poor hitting is the major reason the Marlins had lost nine of their past 10 games entering play on Saturday. They scored a total of only 17 runs in those 10 games.

    “You look at the numbers we’ve had the last couple of weeks, it’s ugly,” Guillen said. “Every number we have offensively is negative. That’s the reason I think we are where we are right now.”

    But Guillen was adament that Perez is not to blame, that he is putting in extra time working with the hitters going over scouting reports, examining video and hitting in the cages outside of of batting practice.

    “I fire my coaches,” Guillen said. “The only reason they’re going to get fired is if I see them not do what they’re supposed to do. If they don't work, I fire their (butt). This guy (Perez) has been working hard every day. He makes suggestions, tells (players) what he thinks. When the game starts, he cannot perform for them.”

   Guillen said the biggest problem is that hitters have been swinging at bad pitches.

   “The only reason they fail is because they swing at a lot of bad pitches,” Guillen said. “They’re not going to tell me they don’t because I (notice).”

   Said Logan Morrison, who is among a handful of Marlins who have struggled offensively: "I think at this level you should be able to fix yourself. It's good to have (a hitting coach) to help you notice something you don't see. But, for the most part, you should be able to help yourself."


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I know managers have to follow the line in public (and Twitter probably doesn't want to get into more trouble), but if Guillen actually believes Eduardo is blameless then he deserves to be the least respected managers.

Guillen, the Marlins have not been good offensively the whole time Perez has been the hitting coach. Nobody gave him refit when the Marlins were doing good because he deserved none. The signs have been there all season. The Marlins have been disastrous with RISP. Hanley has been a joke on the road. Buck, Morrison, and Sanchez forgot how to bat. It's clear to everyone that Perez needs to go, but because he is the son of Tony Perez they won't even consider it. Tony needs to man up and fire his son for the good of the team.

The Marlins only went on a tear in May because Player of the Month Stanton hit home runs left and right, but he can't lift the team by himself the whole season. The Marlins need a hitting coach that can whip the whole lineup into shape. But at this rate, it looks like they will need another pitcher to throw a perfect game against them before the Marlins wake up.


Totally agree with Bobs statement. Ozzie is showing that he's the uneducated bafoon that everyone said he was. Look all tied up. Just perfect. Infantes average is dropping faster than you can say face eating.


I wish somebody would explain to me why Ozzie keeps pulling the starting pitcher prematurely when the bull pen sucks. Anabel gets screwed again. He even gets charged with the run that Cishek give up beside not having a decision.


That's BULLSPIT, Ozzie. I have been saying Perez needs to go since April. Even in May when we were winning, our offense SUCKED. We won because of great pitching, and so many of those games we struggled to score runs. Perez is a complete BUM.


@PJ: you are 100% correct. Sanchy wasn't struggling. He wasn't shaky. No need to pull him. Sometimes when you take a pitcher out, the next pitcher's pitches look better to the opposing team, even if it's a good pitcher like Cishek. There was absolutely no reason to take Sanchy out.


No, it's not Perez's fault. Is anyone watching this nightmare tonight? This is the worst example of hitting I have seen in a long time. Hanley lets Burke Badenhop gas him with a 91 mph fastball. Why oh why did we not trade Hanley instead of Uggla?


Hanley Ramirez has to go. I sometimes wonder if this guy was using PED's during his two years of dominance because he is a shell of that other player. After this season or maybe during the Fish are going to have to part ways with him. It's painful watching him play baseball. He's not even a fan favorite so there won't be any lash back from the majority of us. They've been patient with many of these guys and Ozzie doesn't seem equipped to motivate them, but in fairness three other managers couldn't either. It's time to focus on the FO and guys down in player development and drafting. They have failed. Many of these players should be peaking in their physical abilities and instead they are and have been below average to average at best. Once The Heat win the championship I hope that the sports writers begin to focus on baseball for a little, because soon our season will be over. Regardless of tonight's outcome it's gonna be a long summer so enjoy The Heat!!


Sorry meant backlash.


Nice pitching from the late inning guys.


I stayed up and watched all 15 painful innings. Ozzie didn't have to pull Sanchy there. He did and got burned. And if I was managing this team I would bench Hanley, Infante, Stanton, Buck, and Gaby for a game or three. They are pressing like crazy and it's just getting worse for them. The young kids (who have not been coached by Eduardo Perez) from the minors or like Ruggiano, from other teams are the only ones hitting, except for Reyes. Let the young guys play. As for Reyes, this is a perfect example of why I say his signing is useless IF Hanley ET AL are not hitting. He's been on fire, getting hits in every game, but the team is still struggling to score runs. He gets doubles and triples and winds up STRANDED on the basepaths. Reyes without SLUGGERS behind him is about as useful as teats on a bull. On a team that can HIT, a guy like Reyes is a fantastic guy to have. On this team, not so much.

But hey, we avoided going under .500! And we have JJ going later today, so maybe there's some hope!


@flaggstaff, I wonder about Hanley using roids too. The drop off between 2008-2009 and now is just too severe. I hate to say it, but us Marlins fans might have to resign ourselves to the fact that we will NEVER see the Hanley of 2008-2009 again. And that really sucks because this team was structured with Hanley being the key guy, him and Stanton. Like I said, the only way it made sense to sign Reyes was if Hanley returned to form; Reyes ain't a guy who can drive himself in. He needs guys that can hit behind him. Otherwise all you got is another table setter to strand on the basepaths.


Agreed Alex. I still have hope for Stanton but someone is going to have to guide him when it comes to off speed junk. Hanley, Gaby, LoMo were all supposed to be RBI guys and they just aren't clutch. Telling ya time to wish Hanley the best and Bon Voyage.


To my untrained eye, there is nothing to suggest that Hanley was using steroids a couple of years back and is suddenly off the juice. If anything, he looks more muscular and pumped up than he ever has in the past. The problem is, Hanley's swing is all messed up and there doesn't seem to be anyone in this galaxy who can fix it.
There were some promising signs from the bottom of the order last night. In fact, I'd rather have Ruggiano, Cousins or Solano up in a key situation right now than Hanley, Stanton or — particularly — Infante. Did anybody notice that even Buck got a hit? I had to watch it three times to make sure I wasn't dreaming. It should have been a double, but he managed to leg out a single.
Well, I'm off to church. Anybody need a prayer? (Sorry, I don't pray for wins on the diamond or at the race track.)


Nobody here is saying that Eduardo is a bad person or is not trying. However, it is very obvious to all alive people watching that he is not getting any positive results.

As for the comment from Ozzie that nobody was ragging on Eduardo when the team was winning, take a look at how they were winning. Stanton, Stanton, Stanton, and a whole lot of Angels from Heaven. Nobody was lighting up the score board.

I appreciate Ozzie, Rich and Tommy defending Eduardo. They are aware that he is obviously not helping anybody, but is probably a nice guy as well as being the son of a famous father, and probably works cheap.

Cheap is great for front office, they love cheap...Cody Ross, Uggla, Roof Open/No AC last three home games, etc.


A good win last night...13 hits against one of the best piching staffs in baseball.

tony in miami

While he was in ther Big leagues can someone mention what accomplish had the actual hitting coach Eduardo Perez...he was a mediocre-average hitter...whay he brings to the Marlins, other that he is Tony Perez son? in one word....NOTHING...so I think he is part of the problem..
Another thing, with H. Ramirez batting 3rd.-how could be possible to be a very, but very selecive hitter with runners in score position and 2 strikes... is a big time hot dog....bad ball player for any organization..TRADE HIM


I wish that all of you that are asking for the head of Perez tell me what he should be doing to get these players out of their slump. This isn't little league, this isn't Jr/Sr league, this isn't high school. Player get themselves out of slumps. You can't make a .250 hitter into a .300 hitter by coaching at the major league level. Players see the ball, hit the ball. The only thing a coach does is help a hitter with approach. Any of you play college ball or higher, yeah that's what I thought. I have.


I'm not coming down on either side of the Eduardo Perez issue here, but if a hitting coach can't help hitters when they're in a slump, why do they have a hitting coach at all? Most of the hitters already know which end of the bat to hold, and they sure as hell don't need a batting coach when they're hitting the cover off the ball. So when does a batting coach earn his keep?


I agree with Morrison. These are major leaguers. They should not need a hitting coach to teach them how to hit. Tweat their swing, maybe. Hanley may not be hitting, but he is turning into one helluva third baseman. By the way I apologize to the bullpen. Great job last night.


Maybe it's not PED's fr Hanley. Maybe he's too damn comfortable in Miami. It's like home away from home. I do agree that he is not a liability on 3rd like many thought he'd be but his approach at the plate is dismal. The rest of the league made adjustments after his success but he hasn't readjusted. Remember when he batted leadoff? Alex has a good point that Hanley relished being a table setter but he has never had total success as a RBI guy. Hope last night sparks the rest of the guys it was a hard fought win.


"The only thing a coach does is help a hitter with approach. Any of you play college ball or higher, yeah that's what I thought. I have."

Well, give yourself a big shiny medal, mike! See if it helps you get a discount on tolls or something. What a lame and ignorant remark THAT was, mike. But since you asked, yes, I did play baseball in college for a year.

However, here's proof that even a fool sometimes says SOMETHING intelligent: "The only thing a coach does is help a hitter with approach." Somehow, you managed to hit the nail right on the head, although of course, you have no CLUE about what you are talking about.

That is EXACTLY the problem with the Marlins: LOUSY, STUPID APPROACH. They have no freaking CLUE as to what they should be doing up there when they come up to bat. With runners on third and less than two outs, these guys are SWINGING FOR THE FENCES and trying to pull the ball, instead of cutting down on their swings and trying to just make contact to the right side to drive the runner in! This team has the worst APPROACH to hitting that I have seen in a long time. They seem to be oblivious of the game situation, what the score is, how many outs there are, who's on base, etc. They just go up there selfishly hacking away. I remember Hanley swinging at a first pitch leading off an inning in the late innings with the team losing by 4 runs! He wasn't even THINKING of trying to draw a walk, get on base, perhaps build a big inning.

The POOR APPROACH of these hitters is DEFINITELY the fault of the hitting coach and Ozzie as well. In the old days, Hanley would have been fined or even BENCHED for swinging at the 1st pitch down by 4 runs leading off an inning. These coaches TOLERATE this crap and then BLAME THE PLAYERS. Don't THANK ME for this simple lesson in Baseball 101, Mike. You probably just FORGET IT from your days of being a great baseball player.


What a joke! I'm sitting here watching a journeyman pitcher pitching a 2 hitter and striking out 10 Marlins. But no, this is not Eduardo Perez's fault, it's the PLAYERS' fault! Only these same players NEVER hit this bad in years past.


I honestly think I could get three or four of these guys out with my limited experience playing baseball. They are hilarious to watch get schooled night in and night out.


Hey Ozzie leave in your lefty specialist against righty's...fool.


Yet ANOTHER shutout. What's this, #8? Add it to all the one and two run games and OF COURSE it's not the hitting coach's fault. It's the PLAYERS. Their APPROACH is bad, and there is NOTHING THAT A HITTING COACH can do about THAT, right? Hey, just ask our friend "mike". He knows. He must be Mike Lowell, or Mike Schmidt, former major league great, and who are we? I only played one year of college ball, semi pro ball for many years after that, and I have coached kids at many levels. So I certainly don't know ANYTHING.

As for the rest of you guys, you might as well STOP POSTING HERE. Your opinions are meaningless, unless you played like mike did; just ask mike! LMFAO


@flagstaff - Ozzie does that a lot with Choate. He somehow thinks he can use Choate as a regular reliever, rather than just against lefties. As this season goes on, I'm getting more and more disenchanted with Ozzie. Why was Ruggiano benched again after getting a huge hit yesterday? And Dobbs' average is dropping like a stone. He has always been an EXCELLENT PINCH HITTER, and not an every day player, and when he does play regularly, he becomes a barely average hitter.


and yet one more Cy Young clone pitches againts the Marlins


It is so apparent that ozzie is not managing >> He never does any strategy plays like squeeze , hit and run , bunt etc. Its as if he is going through the motions .. Never comes out and argues . continues to play ramirez in the 2 or 3 spot rather the 7 or 8 spot .He should of been traded and maybe we would of gotten Gio . You are only as strong with a great catcher which we don't have . Buck TRADE him . Hes not worth the millions they pay him ..


Maybe we should just sell off the whole team and start from scratch, the home office sees things are messed up with the rash of losses. Think back people its only a matter of time till there is a mass exodus of players being traded out, shuffled out for other messed up players nobody has been able to fix from other ball clubs. It's nice to pick up young talent in the drafts but what do we do till the talent matures enough to play at this level, FIX THE DAMN PLAYERS something is wrong becuz how was Gaby hitting so well in the minors then do crappy 1 day after being back. Like most of you have pointed out and I'm not a bandwagon fan I stick with them thru thick and thin, I defend them to the end my flag goes up at the beginning of the season then it comes down at the end. I can honestly say that I have blocked about 50% of family and friends on my fb for talking smack, about our Marlins. I can honestly say that lately I have been looking away lately cuz to see them get beat as bad as it has been lately hurts too much, the hitting coach is not working out time to part ways time to get someone in that can get them back into the groove, sorry Mike I have to agree with the majority of the folks, Perez has to move on.


The Marlins hitting coach does not know anything about hitting. The only reason the Marlins aren't hitting the ball is because of Perez and him changing everyone's swing so when they do good for a day or two so he can take all the credit. I have analyzed all the players swings and if they keep on doing that crap they will not win ever again. I can go to the Marlins right now and teach every single player how to hit and how to hit hard and consistently. If someone from the Marlins organization reads this contact me at wilsanchez1996@yahoo.com and I swear to you that the Marlins will start hitting again.


The Ozzie issue is another but he is not the firestorm I had hoped he was and really I wanted to see a Zambrano tantrum he is to soft he needs the anger factor and I want to see more angry and pissed off Ozzie not politically correct Ozzie, he hardly leaves the dugout maybe the players dont feel he has their backs on the field. Like Jack McKeon would get tossed out every so often but his players loved playing for him.

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