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Guillen stops juggling Marlins lineup for a day; plus notes on Bonifacio, Webb, Ruggiano

As the Marlins have struggled through yet another June swoon, Ozzie Guillen has kept himself busy by changing his lineup on a daily basis. Only once during the team's 5-16 start to the month has the Marlins manager put the same lineup on the field on back-to-back days.

Ozzie GuillenHe finally broke the habit Monday. After the team's most lopsided win of the season Sunday against the Blue Jays, Guillen put the same guys out on the field and in the same order one through eight against the Cardinals. That's something he hadn't done since June 1st at Philadelphia, when he had the same lineup on the field for five games in a row.

"You're not going to change lineups -- unless there's a lefty pitching -- after you score nine runs," Guillen explained. "I think if we continue to play like this, this is the lineup we're going to keep to be honest... I don't think anybody here right now should be asking for playing time. I would have a lot of balls asking my manager for playing time if I was playing the way they're playing."

Guillen said Greg Dobbs, who got his second straight start at first base Monday, "is swinging the bat better." Does that mean Gaby Sanchez could see himself in a platoon situation moving forward? Guillen didn't elaborate. But the with Marlins struggling at the plate this month and Sanchez hitting .195 with two homers and 16 RBI that could be a possibility.

"I think the way we played yesterday, everybody should be back in the lineup and that's the reason we did it. If they win again today, that same lineup, the 90 games we have left, that's going to be the same lineup," Guillen said. "That's the way it goes. I got to put the guys who have the best chance to win for us."

Here's a link to every starting lineup the Marlins have used this season.

> While the Marlins bullpen -- with the exception of closer Heath Bell (no earned runs allowed in 6 1/3 innings) -- has had a month to forget (1-2, 6.72 ERA), Guillen doesn't put all the blame on his relievers.

"I think the reason we had a couple rough weeks -- if you can put it that way -- was because our starting pitching put us in a hole," Guillen said. "When you have good starters, your bullpen is going to look awesome. Because then, they're not going to be overworked. We're going put them in the right matchups. We're going to put them facing the people they should be facing, and everything is going to be set in the right place."

With Josh Johnson and Mark Buehrle giving the Marlins back-to-back quality starts of seven innings, Guillen is hopeful the struggling Ricky Nolasco (0-3, 8.80 ERA over his last three starts) will follow suit tonight against the Cardinals.

"I'm looking for Ricky Nolasco to stick his [pause] in the dirt," Guillen said. "Got to pitch better... JJ was very good. Buehrle was great. I expect Ricky to follow them. This can be a good competition between those five guys to see who pitches better. It's not about it's my turn, let me see what I got. How about 'I'm going to be better than you tomorrow.' I remember the Braves' five guys. It was a very friendly motivation to go out and be better than the other guy."

> Asked if he's seen the worst from his team this month, Guillen said: "If something is worse than this, let me know. I don't want to manage that team. Believe me. Everything was bad. It wasn't like we caught a bad break here, the ball bounced this way. No. The pitching was bad. The hitting was bad. Defense was okay. The bullpen was a complete disaster... But I think we've played our worst and hopefully we'll not play like that again."

> Outfielder Justin Ruggiano said Monday he still feels soreness in his left shoulder from the diving catch he made Saturday to save two runs off the bat off Brett Lawrie. The catch was considered the Best of the Best this weekend by ESPN.

"I robbed one last year in Baltimore from JJ Hardy. But this one, now that I've had time to think about it, is probably the best [catch I've made as a pro] because of the degree of difficulty," he said."This one was more diving straight back, sacrificing the body."

> Emilio Bonifacio said he's having a specially designed protective wrap made to fit his surgically repaired left thumb when he runs the bases when he returns after the All-Star Break. Bonifacio said it will be similar to one worn by Cardinals shortstop Rafael Furcal. In fact, Bonifacio said he got a photo from Furcal of the wrap to show the Marlins what he wanted his to look like.

Bonifacio will see a doctor Tuesday before receiving the green light to start swinging off the tee as well as his rehab regiment.

> Reliever Ryan Webb, who gave up a career-high six earned runs over two innings of relief last Friday's 12-4 loss to Toronto, said he's working with pitching coach Randy St. Claire to adjust his delivery.

"I think I might have been having a problem with even when I was having success. I'm not really throwing the way that I used to," Webb said. "It's a part of my delivery, staying closed with my front body and shoulder. It's something I kind of got away from over the course of two years, trying to make little adjustments. It's kind of put me in the direction where I wasn't entirely comfortable everytime throwing... I'm looking forward to seeing how it works out."


> Cardinals (38-35): 1. Rafael Furcal SS, 2. John Jay CF, 3. Matt Holliday LF, 4. Carlos Beltran RF, 5. Allen Craig 1B, 6. Yadier Molina C, 7. David Freese 3B, 8. Daniel Descalso 2B, 9. Jake Westbrook RHP.

> Marlins (34-38): 1. Jose Reyes SS, 2. Hanley Ramirez 3B, 3. Giancarlo Stanton RF, 4. Logan Morrison LF, 5. Greg Dobbs 1B, 6. Omar Infante 2B, 7. Scott Cousins CF, 8. John Buck C, 9. Ricky Nolasco RHP.


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Stan M

New day, new hope, new team, but tough opposing pitcher. If we get trounced badly tonight, it will be worse than just bad. But how can we lose with Capt. Ramiriz at the helm and Buck pounding out HRs.

Saw above where Ozzie said he didn't want to manage if it got any worse. I'm getting to the point when it wouldn't bother me at all if he moved on. He isn't what I expected him to be, that's for sure. No motivation that I've seen and way too many tactical mistakes and the lack of fundamentals that are supposed to be drilled over and over in Spring Training definitely are not in evidence. Why?

Why can't Bono be activated and used as a pinch runner?


Agreed Stan. I really thought there would be some more fire with Ozzie. I have often felt that with this core group over the past several years that the baby gloves needed to come off and it was time to light a fire under their butt. Fundamentals are obviously something that this organization has allowed their players to ignore. It bothers me the way they've come out of Spring Training the past two to three years. They need to sting something together over the next two weeks or we'll be waving goodbye to a few of these guys. Capt. Hanley to the rescue!!! YEAH BABY!!!


The baseball gods are giving the fish a break.


Alright let me have it folks...the gods have proven me wrong. I look forward to the discussion after that mess by Bell. I jinxed it!


Ozzie Guillen is turning out to be a huge mistake. We should have had more than six runs, but the moron let Lomo bat and he damn near hit into a DP.

Then that clown allowed Choate to PITCH TO A RIGHT HAND BATTER with DISASTROUS RESULTS.

Finally having NOBODY BUT BELL in the 9th inning is as STUPID as you can get. You ALWAYS have to have someone ready to come in when you bring in Bell.


That IDIOT Joe Frisaro was creaming all over himself when the Marlins signed that 34 year old fat tub of lard, Heath Bell. At that time I was still posting on that pathetic website and I had the balls to call Frisaro a moron, because I saw very little to be happy about with the Bell signing.

Heath Bell was a fat 34 year old OVERACHIEVER with a straight fastball that was losing velocity. The Marlins COULD HAVE HAD PAPELBON, but no, our STUPID CHEAP ASS OWNER LORIA wanted a bargain, a guy who was CHEAP. I was one of the ONLY guys on that website to raise the red flag about Bell; I didn't think giving a 34 year old FAT BOY a THREE YEAR DEAL was a smart idea.

Of course Joe The Shill Frisaro went berserk. Now who's laughing, Joe? What are you going to do now? Use another one of your fake sign-ons to make more gay comments about yourself? LMFAO

Stan M

Ozzie had to let Choate pitch to the RH batter. The reason is that when a reliever is brought into a game, he must face at least one batter. Ozzie's mistake was tactical as I talked about above. Either he ignored or didn't care that if he sent Choate to the mound, the rival manager would naturally pinch hit for the left handed hitter with a right handed batter to face Choate.

And as someone above pointed out, he should have had a pitcher warming up in the 9th, especially behind Bell. All of this nonsense is another example of the utter absurdity of the "closer" and how he is always brought in for the ninth. Why? Dunn just pitched his best inning of the year in the 8th. Anyone except modern ML managers would have sent him back out for the ninth with Bell warming up behind him.


Is there any question who the most dysfunctional organization in MLB is?


That's what I meant, Stan! Ozzie should have known that Choate would end up facing a Right Hand hitter, so WHY BRING HIM IN?

And it was me who said that you must have someone warming up behind Bell: hasn't he SEEN THIS MOVIE BEFORE?

I'm done with Ozzie. He is quickly becoming the most incompetent manager we have ever seen here, and that's saying a lot.

I'm also done with this team. This game is the straw that will break this camel's back completely. They will not recover from this. Season over.

This team is an abortion that needs to be completely dismantled and rebuilt from scratch. But that's gonna be hard because who is going to want garbage like Buck, Bell, Gaby, Lomo, Gaudin, etc., etc.? And you KNOW that we are STUCK WITH OZZIE for the length of his contract. Loria will NEVER fire him.


I for one will not spend ONE DIME on this team until they get back to .500. And as that is not going to happen this year, that means I will not be going to any more games.

Real Marlins fans need to start making some NOISE. This garbage team put together by this moronic Owner and Front Office is unacceptable. Real Marlins fans need to STAY AWAY IN DROVES. We got shafted; these idiots had since 2006 to get this team together to COMPETE in 2012, and just look at the pathetic collection of BUMS that they came up with.

Even Joe Frisaro can't put enough lipstick on this pig, although he will try! And of course he needs to sell Marlins Hats & Jerseys!


Just like any other sport, players are great before a new contract when the sign a new contract they dont care anyone till theyt are ready to sign or go to free agency. There is no love for any sport its all money

To Hell With David Samson

Last place, baby!
What a disgrace.
Worst organization in all of sports. Any sport, any level, anywhere in the world.
Hanloaf Ramirez, Mark Girlie, The Whiffer, SloMo, John Suck, Loss Johnson, Josie Reyes, Queef Smell, Ricky Fiasco, all 'em, disgraces, none of them belong in the league.
Screw you, Marlins.

To Hell With David Samson

Alex, the only way this'll work is to boycott the sponsors. Boycott anyone who advertises with the Marloons. Take money from the advertisers who give money to the Art Dealer and the latent homosexual. That's where it needs to begin.

Joe the Bartender

Queef Smell??? That's the best one yet...

Stan M

I can't go to but one or two games a year because I live in NC. But it's silly to punish yourself via a boycott of seeing the team. Rather, if possible, go for the sponsons as someone posted above.


Stan, I don't see how not going to the stadium equates to "punishing myself". I'll tell you what PUNISHMENT IS, Stan. Punishment is watching that fat piece of dog turd coming in and blowing a FOUR RUN LEAD. Punishment is watching Ozzie's STUPID MANAGING. Punishment is PAYING MONEY to watch STUPID BASEBALL. That's "PUNISHMENT". This team is a pure disaster that needs to be blown up and rebuilt from scratch, and that's not happening any time soon. That is what I call PUNISHMENT.

That's punishment and so is reading any of the STUPID IDIOCY that Joe "The Shill" Frisaro writes. LMFAO!!!!

James Moore

Do you ever notice how Ozzie is afraid to take the field?
He'll do anything to stay in the dugout and pose. He's lost respect of the team. And tell me why did he let Gabby pinch hit last night? Gabby can't hit the broad side of a barn. Why not Donovan Solano? That guy can hit. Gabby belongs in Triple A. I'm sorry, he's just not an asset to this team. I say fire the hitting coach.
Man if the whole team isn't hitting what's up with that?

James Moore

Also, Giancarlo...COME ON MAN!!


Yeah, i was off last night and was going to drive down there (from lauderdale) but figured, why?! watching that game live would have tore me up.
My patience is over. I asked a couple of weeks ago here for someone to explain john buck. Nobody could. He is not alone for the demise of the fish but is the shining example of mediocrity from ownership on down the line.
OK jeffy. You got your new playhouse by robbing the city of Miami. You gouge your faithful fans for the concessions. Now you have to put a winner on the field. Our team sucks. Our farm system does too. Beinfest and his scouts dont have a baseball eye for talent.
What will you do?

Orlando Bosch

Blow the place up

Dirty Frank

LOL. Love how people are realizing how horrible a manager Guillen is. It only gets worse from here. Have fun with the pos and his dipsh1t son Oney.

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