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Hanley Ramirez called team meeting Saturday

Throughout his career, Hanley Ramirez hasn't been the type of player to open his mouth and address his teammates.

Hanley RamirezBut with the Marlins stumbling to their 15th loss in their last 17 games on Saturday, the three-time All-Star decided it was time to do something he had never done before. He called a team meeting.

“I don’t like to talk too much. I joke a little bit but I don’t like to speak. But sometimes there’s a time when you have too many things in your heart and you just want to say it,” Ramirez told the Palm Beach Post and Marlins.com Sunday morning.

“We wanted everybody to speak up and say what they think, what we’re doing wrong. We just wanted to hear everybody’s opinions.

The message?

“The past is in the past. We have to start today. It has been tough. You cannot just keep adding loses and losses every day. Clean your mind and let’s start from today,” Ramirez said.

“Everybody is struggling — 25 guys. What do you expect when everybody is struggling? We’ve just got to battle. It’s 25 guys, not just one guy.

“Every day in the big leagues can be a struggle. It’s what we’re going through right now. Some teams will get out of it quick. Some will take a little bit longer. It has been too long for us because the talent we have here [it should] not to be that much longer to be struggling right now."

Manager Ozzie Guillen held a meeting with players last week. Owner Jeffrey Loria met with the team in Boston before Thursday’s game. But all the talking is pointless, ace Josh Johnson said, unless the team starts to perform.

"It's all up to the guys in the room. We're the ones doing it," Johnson said. "Find a way to win a game. Find a way to win a couple games in a row and go from there. Once you start winning again, you like that taste. You want to get that.

"We know we can [win]. We proved it in May. Just don't go out there and put any pressure on yourself, relax and put in all the work you need beforehand. Just let it happen and let it speak for itself."

Guillen said after Saturday's loss it's hard to have on field leaders when everybody is struggling. 

Ramirez, who hit .342 and won the batting title in 2009, is hitting .258 with 11 homers and 38 RBI this season. But this month he's hitting just .213 with three homers and five RBI.

"It’s easy to lead the team when you’re hitting .390 and 100 home runs and pitching shutouts every day. Right now we don’t have anybody. It’s easy to lead the team when you’re a great player, but when you’re down on your knees begging for help, it’s hard to be a leader," Guillen said. "I don’t need leaders. I need good  players. I need them to go out and perform the way they should."


Former Miami Westminster Christian star and Blue Jays catcher J.P. Arencibia said Sunday he's enjoyed his first trip back home as a major leaguer.

"It's kind of crazy hearing people call my name and I look up and it's somebody I played with in high school or someone I knew when I was a little kid playing at Flagami Khoury League. It's cool," said Arencibia, who was taken 21st overall by the Blue Jays in the 2007 Draft (nine picks after the Marlins took third baseman Matt Dominguez).

"My sister has six kids and they've all been here [for the three games]."

Arencibia, who homered twice on Opening Day 2011 as Toronto's new catcher, said he remains close to former teammate and Marlins catcher John Buck, who spent the 2010 season in Toronto and tutored Arencibia when he was first called up.

"He wasn't only an All-Star, he was a first class human being," Arencibia said of Buck. "He was great to me, taught me the ropes and I tell him all the time I'm very grateful. The way he went about his business, prepared for games, talked about setting up hitters, attacking the game plan and stuff -- there is something to be said for that."


> Blue Jays (37-34): 1. Brett Lawrie 3B, 2. Colby Rasmus CF, 3. Jose Bautista RF, 4. Edwin Encarnacion 1B, 5. Yunel Escobar, 6. Rajai Davis LF, 7. Kelly Johnson 2B, 8. J.P. Arencibia, 9. Jesse Chavez RHP.

> Marlins (33-38): 1. Jose Reyes SS, 2. Hanley Ramirez 3B, 3. Giancarlo Stanton RF, 4. Logan Morrison LF, 5. Greg Dobbs 1B, 6. Omar Infante 2B, 7. Scott Cousins CF, 8. John Buck C, 9. Mark Buehrle LHP.


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So Ruggiano isn't starting today. Unbelievable!


Hanley is trying to give Guillen that leadership he doesn't care about, but it sounds like the team doesn't care either. If I were JJ I would have a few choice words for the team since they couldn't win the game for him and ended up losing 7-1 after the 9th inning, but JJ has legendary patience with this team.


Well, what do you expect from Ozzie? Maybe he no longer cares and is trying to lose. Seriously, what other explanation can there be for his incredibly BAD MOVES?

I'm waiting for Lomo to do something REALLY STUPID in left field, like having a ball bounce off his head over the wall for a HR like Canseco did, or finally getting seriously hurt. Lomo IS NOT A FUC*ING OUTFIELDER, especially not at HOME with that big LF to cover. And once again, OZZIE THE MORON has Dobbs starting and playing the field when he should be PINCH HITTING, nothing more.

This is ridiculous and this team gets ZERO from me until they turn it around. I will not spend ONE DIME ON THIS TEAM for the rest of the season. Why should I? Is Ozzie TRYING TO WIN? Is he putting his best line up on the field?


Oh, and Hanley trying to act like a "team leader" now after all the years of not hustling and selfish play is HILARIOUS.

Cy Old

will the Marlins make Chavez,a AAA pitcher,look like Cy Young today?

Cy Old

Who is the Lefty pinch hitter Today?


"will the Marlins make Chavez,a AAA pitcher,look like Cy Young today?"

Posted by: Cy Old | June 24, 2012 at 01:04 PM

Probably. They always do!


"will the Marlins make Chavez,a AAA pitcher,look like Cy Young today?"

Posted by: Cy Old

OK, it looks like they finally made a AAA pitcher look like a AAA pitcher. Even Buck went deep.


On another note, maybe the team meeting will actually have a positive effect; the team seems angry and they look like they actually were embarrassed with the way they have played lately. Will this last past the 2nd inning of today's game? I'm a Marlins fan, so I say yes, it will. But will it really? Who knows? I have my doubts. But a drowning man grasps at every straw that floats by!

Cy Old

Sasquatch Buck hits a HR in an empty Marlins Ballpark. Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while.

Cy Old

The crappy pitcher for Toronto has alot more to do with the Marlins scoring 4 runs ,then another team meeting.

Vinnie Boombotz

Bucks jersey now worth 1.95 after his HR


Marlins trying to win their one game a week in June

Joe Bagadoughnuts

Cheer Up Marlins Fans..they cant Lose them All

Heinie Manush

Whoopee ..Lomo the mighty clean-up hitter with a .230Ba and .167 w/RISP desparately lays down a bunt and then Dobbs hits a HR..Need 4 more runs so the great BP doesnt gag on it again.


And Dobbs finally hits a Home Run, in late June. Well, if Ozzie must play Dobbs in the field, I don't mind him playing Dobbs at 1st base instead of Gaby, who continues to be terrible. The problem with that is Lomo continues to get playing time in LF, with is not good. Nobody takes more called third strikes than Lomo. I would rather see Ruggiano in CF, Cousins in LF, and both Lomo and Gaby on the bench.

Illiterate Julio

Ozzie says " we notta goo teen rite now"


I believe the team will play much better when Bonifacio returns. When that happens, Ruggiano should move to Left Field, maybe platooning with Cousins once in a while. Lomo should play 1st base, or better yet, since Dobbs seems to be hot, let Dobbs play 1st and Lomo and Gaby should both sit. Once Boni returns, I hope we see no more of Lomo, Dobbs, or Kearns in the outfield. But we probably will, because Ozzie likes those guys there.

I also think the team will play better against National League opponents. One thing this inter league play has shown us is that the Marlins would be absolutely terrible in the AL.

Boo Hoo , they still suck

Enjoy it while you can Marlins fans.The best hitting team in the NL will be here to face the 3 turds, Nolasco,Zambrano,and Sanchez. Free boxes of Kleenex upon entry to the games.


Wow, even Hanley got a hit, a triple, no less! Maybe...just maybe...nah.


"The best hitting team in the NL will be here to face the 3 turds, Nolasco,Zambrano,and Sanchez."

After facing the AL East teams, I doubt that the Marlins fear St. Louis. And Zambrano has pitched well at times and Sanchez does have good stuff, so calling those two pitchers "turds" is pure stupidity.


dream on Fishstick Fans...

the White rat

Dont think the Cardinals fear the Marlins either. At all.Nothing to fear. Not even "Lost in Space Stanton"


dream on Fishstick Fans...

Posted by: MLK

What I love the most about this website is all the really intelligent baseball commentary that one can find here. What is it that makes people become trolls? A lack of self esteem? No self respect? The knowledge that on the internet, unlike in real life, no one can slap them in the mouth? I think it's probably a combination of all those things.

Heywood Jablowme

WTF do you care, azzzwipe?


Well, it's over, another 6 game losing streak. Chad Gaudin did his best to blow the shut out in the 9th inning as did Ozie by putting Dobbs in Left Field in the 9th inning and Dobbs allowed a catchable ball to fall in front of him, (Ozzie obviously doesn't believe in DEFENSIVE REPLACEMENTS in the late innings) but regardless, we won, 9-0.

Fish Still are Mullets

get ready for another 6 game losing streak...this team blows


Alexa....Marlins win ,go slap your boyfriend


The Fish won, so you guys cut the sarcasm crap.
Does anybody know when the Marlins' victory parade is? I'm flying in.


John Buck just said the team meeting last night was the best team meeting he's ever been to. Said Hanley said "all the right things." Hmmm.
If we can accept that at face value, maybe it's an encouraging sign.


Nice. Gay insults are exactly what I would expect from anonymous clowns that are insecure about their own manhood. But don't worry; this doesn't mean that you are gay. Still, you should go and have a talk with someone about these "feelings" of yours.


Now do we actually start winning games, or do we just start another long losing streak? Who knows? I have lost a lot of the hope I had earlier this year, most of it because of what I see from Ozzie Guillen. I don't see how his constant line up changes and his style of American League managing is going to translate into wins. Plus we still have Eduardo Perez, and we still have Gaby and Buck, etc.

Still, I guess we should have some hope. The grueling interleague schedule is over and Boni will be back soon.


I can't wait to see what that Clown Joe "The Shill" Frisaro will say about this win. Probably tell us to run out and buy some Marlins MERCHANDISE! That's what he does best, actually: sell T Shirts and hats for his Boss, Triple Chinned Jeff Loria. As a real baseball writer, he's an absolute joke, of course. But he sure can sell some HATS.

Marlins Energy Team

alexa...we thinks thou doth protest too much...Marlins want you as their guest of honor after their next win for their Marlins Bukkake Win Party behind the Clevelander. Towels are provided. Bring your own Wet Naps.

Sean Flynn-Marlins Marketing V.P

Marlins victory parade will be held tomorrow ,after the Heat parade. Samson sez free vuvuzelas for all. After parade Marlins will have a Pinata hitting contest on the West Plaza. No Marlins players allowed,as we dont have all day to declare a winner.


Gotta love all the gay comments that somehow magically appear here every time I call out Joe "The Shill" Frisaro. Now I never said Frisaro is gay, and if he is, so what? It still doesn't make him a good sports writer. LMFAO!!!!

Frisaro& friends@MLB.com

Miss Alexa..Frisaro says he will beatch slap your fat azzzz after any game this week. Just stop by the media entrance at Marlins Park and ask for him. He'll be there every game. Put Up or Shut Up. Until then ,dont get your panties in a wad.


On another note, two Marlins outfielders had very good games Sunday. Cody Ross had two HRs and Josh Willingham hit his 15th for the Twins.


On Hanley's triple, I noticed he loafed to first and then turned on the speed to 2nd and 3rd. A real leader is a Reyes or Pete Rose kind of hustler.


You are 100% correct, John. Hanley did loaf until he saw that he had a shot at a triple; at first he thought he had an easy double and he could just trot to 2nd base. What do you expect; it's Hanley. That's WHO HE IS.

Marlins clubhouse attendant

Hanley loafs most of the time,even when he has to pinch off a loaf.


With Austin Kearns leading the way from second, there was probably nowhere for Hanley to go until Kearns stumbled home and cleared the way for Reyes to follow. Having said that, we've all noticed that Hanley does like to strike a pose before hitting the base path — kinda the way some people like to make an announcement before hitting the john.


It's a start. Let's see where they go from here.


They've posted the lineups for Monday's game on the Marlins website, and a comparison of Cardinals batting averages vs. Marlins batting averages is terrifying. But what is really nasty is the way Cardinals hitters have knocked Nolasco around. The numbers don't look promising at all.

Flav C

lb, i dont see any hopes with Ricky pitching. This is his second worse season in his professional life. All his numbers are trending down, that is the 3rd year in a row.


Nolasco fukkin blows, simple as that. Is anyone still pissed off about letting go Migel Cabera, this guys is argubably the best player in baseball. FOCK U Loria!

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