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Kearns, set to return from DL, gets plunked in elbow in Jupiter; plus encouraging signs from JJ

The Marlins 2-1 loss to the Braves wasn't the only bad news from Wednesday night.

Over in Jupiter, Marlins outfielder Austin Kearns sustained a setback in his return from the disabled list when he was plunked on the elbow during an at-bat according to manager Ozzie Guillen.

Kearns, who was set to come off the disabled list Thursday after a tight right hamstring shelved him back on May 23rd, was hit by Brevard County starter Andy Moye in the bottom of the third inning and left the game after just two plate appearances.

"Tomorrow he'll be here, but we've got to see how bad it is," Guillen said of Kearns' condition.

Kearns joined the Hammerheads on a rehab stint Monday. He went 1-for-3 for Jupiter on Monday, and was 0-for-2 with an RBI and a walk Tuesday night. Kearns was batting .375 with three homers in 22 games for the Marlins before being hurt.


As Guillen pointed out if there was a positive from Wednesday's loss it was what Josh Johnson did on the mound -- going the deepest he's gone in a game since August 2010.

Guillen said Johnson's velocity was "way better. His breaking ball was pretty good and his command was a lot, lot better. He got out of trouble right away."

Johnson, who threw a season-high 113 pitches and struckout nine, agreed it was his best start of the season.M.p>

"It's being able to repeat my delivery," Johnson said of what felt better. "[Before I] got there, threw hard and didn't know where it was going. Now, I'm getting to the point where I make that same delivery every time and I know where the ball is going."


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Justin Green

June 2012 is going to make June 2011 look like New Year's Eve at the Playboy mansion in comparison. Great going, guys. Last place isn't that far away. Screw this team.

Fed Up

When your best start of the season is a loss... well, you're a Marlin.

Frank Llaca

Jesus Mary and Joseph. We swept Nationals, took 2 out of 3 from Phillly and now we lose 2 and you guys are pulling the ripcord? Grow a pair and realize that no team, including this one, is going 162-0. This team had best May ever, we have guys coming off dl, and we get a reliever who had 25+ saves back in July. We should be competitive All year. Butch up.


Jesus Mary and Joseph? Who are they? Can they hit? Play catcher?


Fed Up, with what moron they're 31-25, tied for 2nd in the East, and had the best record in the majors in May. Are you an idiot.


Yeah, lots of clowns here, that's for sure! We have a good team that SHOULD be in it all year and has as good a shot to make the playoffs as anyone in our division.

But the poor hitting is a HUGE problem. Of course the Front Office's Public Defenders over here will say it's NOT hitting coach Eduardo Perez's fault. And shills like Joe Frisaro who gets paid by the Marlins to lie about things will keep saying that Perez is a great coach right up to the day they fire him. Once they fire him, THEN these shills and clowns will say he wasn't getting the job done.

This team has been SHUT OUT six or seven times already! And there have been a whole slew of 1 and 2 run games as well. But no, that isn't the hitting coach's fault. Half of the team is having their worst offensive seasons in their entire career, but no, that isn't the hitting coach's fault! Maybe Gaby is learning something in New Orleans, because Lomo sure seems like he has forgotten how to hit. Maybe he'll come back and platoon with Lomo at 1st base, a power hitting position that has contributed almost nothing to the Fish this year. Lomo's hitting started going down hill after his favorite hitting coach, John Mallee, got fired last year for pissing off The Triple Chinned Fat Man & The Poison Dwarf.


Hanley's ABs the past few games have looked like his April ABs rather than his May at bats. Of course, now that Hanley has finally started to hit a little bit for the first time since the 2009 season, it's not allowed to say anything negative about him. I never opposed Hanley's move to 3rd base, but I definitely criticized his lazy prima donna butt many times over the past few years. Why? Because he deserved it; he sucked.

Now I don't know WHY he dogged it over the past few years, and I know that he was injured for some of that time, but the fact is that Hanley was a prime target for criticism and that was because of how he played. Of course, maybe he was dogging it the past few years because that's what Loria & Samson were doing. From 2006 through 2011, Loria and Samson obviously were pocketing Luxury Tax money that was supposed to be used on payroll. It was obvious that these two slime balls had no intention of even TRYING to compete until they moved in to the new ballpark. So if I'm Hanley and I see the owner dogging it and not caring if the team wins or loses, why would I care? Why would I play hard? Why would I hustle? Out of professional pride, you say? Yeah, if he HAD any professional pride, I would agree with you.

Let's take an honest look at Hanley. When he came on the scene in 2006 many called him possibly the best talent in baseball, like Tim Kirkjian did. And what has he done since then? Has he worked hard to IMPROVE himself, to take his potential and make something out of it? You tell me. Is there ANYONE who still calls him "maybe the best talent in baseball?"

I am glad Hanley is hitting this year. He's doing a fine job fielding at 3rd base. This team really needs Hanley to play well for the team to have success, and he is doing his part, so far. And when he hits one out I cheer for him with gusto. But lets not act like all the criticism he got from MANY MANY FANS over the past few years was not deserved, ok? He damn sure DID deserve it. He played poorly at times, didn't hustle, and had a lousy, sullen attitude. Maybe he was taking his cue from Loria & Samson; that's a possibility. And of course, the injury. But whatever the reason was, he was a slug for a couple of years. That cannot be denied.


Hope Kearns isn't hurt. I'd like to see him at 1st base, give Lomo a break. In fact Lomo might need a couple of weeks in New Orleans to work on his hitting.

Just as long as they don't put Kearns in the outfield, LMAO. Our outfield is hilarious defensively. Make ya laugh till ya cry.


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I'm glad to see the unreasonable Marlins haters immediately drowned out by knowledgeable fans. The Marlins will be solid all year b/c of our starting pitching. If it wasn't for Bonifacio and Kearns going down, we would look much better than basically having to start our 5th and 6th outfielders. I would like to see Dobbs get starts in LF on a regular basis...don't know why that hasn't been done. This is a solid team that is onlyh going to get stronger as our guys come back.


To me the MVP of this team has to be Bonifacio. He is the difference between the May winners and the June losers. For the life of me I don't understand why the bloggers on this site are giving Reyes a free ride. The man is making over $17,000,000.00 per year and he is, deservingly, 4th in all star voting and is nowhere near the talent of Bonifacio. What is more upsetting is that the Marlins could have gotten Prince Fielder for that kind of money. A Herald columnist wondered why the Marlins would go after a shortstop when they already had an All Star there.

.Dr Kevorkian

Nick....if you think the MVP is Bonifacio and Reyes is nowhere near the talent of Boni, you should donate your brain to science ,so they can study long term drug abuse by baseball fans.

Mr. Mxyzptlk

Boni MVP playing half a month in May.
Marlins called June losers after just 5 games in the month.
And somebody wrote "knowledgeable fans". Guess Nick wasn't included.

.Dr Kevorkian

make that whatever is left of your brain, Nick.


The question is what is going on with Gaby? I have to agree with Alex that Lomo is regressing and it appears that our options are limited. We do have several power hitting positions that aren't providing any pop and it is going to be hard to protect Giancarlo with the guys hitting behind him doing nothing. I do think however that this team will stay close and love him or hate him, Loria will make a move come the trade deadline if the past is any predictor. Thing is, who is going to want any of the current guys that might be on the trading block? Alex brings up a good point about the hitting on this team and the fact that we have so many players hitting under .250 heck even under .200 this far into the season. Loria's gonna have to spend a little bit more money as we hopefully push towards the playoffs. Any names that might come to the Fish? How bout Carlos Lee at 1b? Change of scenery, rent him for half a year?

Mr. Mxyzptlk

Boni better than Reyes? LMAO
Marlins losers in June? LMAO
Dobbs LF on a regular basis? LMAO


Not sure who posted it previously but it does seem like Hanley wakes up on a given day and decides to hit. While I'm happy the team is where thy are in the standings you have to be somewhat skeptical of where they'll end up come September. You can't be too high on this team based one months performance alone.

The best approach is to be cautiously optimistic. In five games this month Stanton is hitting .250 with 0 HRs and both Hanley and Infante are hitting below .200. Not surprisingly Reyes is hitting .360 something. Seemingly these guys can get on the same page at the same time.

If the season ended on May 30 then we should've celebrated but it didn't. Let's see what they do up until the allstar break before we project where they may or may not be in the end.

Stan M

As with all major league teams, ownership has millions invested in the players...millions. Last year, LoMo's favorite hitting coach was let go...not demoted, but let go. We can debate the merits or demerits of new coach Perez; I personally think he stinks. But a bigger question could be...why not rehire Mallee to work exclusively with LoMo. How much could that cost? Peanuts compared to the money invested in LoMo himself, and where does that seem to be going?
Over the years I've been one of Hanley's severest critics. That can't be the case now. He's producing and seems to be trying his best as well. Buck now seems to be swinging better, but we all know that his upside is limited. This will be the first series we have lost since when? April something? Not too shabby. The good news is that JJ certainly looked a whole lot better. On the previous game, I thought that Sanchez' pitches were breaking better than ever. His curve was outstanding and he was placing all of his pitches where he wanted them. Until that damn called strike. It must have really upset him because we all saw him completely lose it from that point on. Too bad, but he is one player that we need not fret over. I like Bono. No, I love Bono, he is my favorite Marlin. But to even think for a moment that he is Reyes superior, or even his equal, is preposterous.

Mr. Mxyzptlk

Mallee works for the Blue Jays organization now. Maybe Logan can hire him as a private instructor though.
There is a very interesting quote by Mallee himself, posted here in this blog, a few days before he was sent away: "They've been doing this for years and they know what they're supposed to be doing. There's no more trying here. We can't say we're trying. We need results and we need to execute."
This was in the midst of a 9 game losses and an amazing slump by Logan and a few others. The big debate at that time was the inability of the team (specially Logan) in scoring with RISP. Last year, around this time he was batting .160 approximately w/ RISP. This year he's batting .140 w/ RISP

Stan M

Didn't know that. Thanks for the info. Too bad for LoMo but best wishes to Mallee.

Flav C

hey folks - i wonder if what this team needs is an everyday LF who can bring more pop. Let LoMo be in 1st Base for now and bring a legit LF that can hit. We do have pieces for a possible trade with teams that are not contenders. Carlos Quentin (whom has worked with Ozzie in the White Sox and likes him a lot) is with the Padres. The Padres are going nowhere. Willingham is playing for the Twins who is going nowhere too. We do have prospects that might be of their interest. Even players like Petersen, Coghlan, Gaby, Cousins, Hatcher, can be used in a trade.
I remember bringing the name of Bobby Abreu as a veteran at-bat and good LF as an option. Right now he's platooning LF with Juan Rivera at the Dodgers, and being used as a PH as well. The guy is hitting .316 in his first 70+ at-bats and 438 OBP. Not too shabby. Dodgers are paying the pro-rated portion of MLB minimum (approx $400k year) while the Angels are on the hook for the remainder of his $9mm salary. Sounds like a Zambrano type of deal!

Flav C

folks - Tonight's lineup:

1. J. Reyes SS
2. O. Infante 2B
3. H. Ramirez 3B
4. G. Stanton RF
5. J. Ruggiano CF
6. L. Morrison 1B
7. D. Solano LF
8. B. Hayes C
9. M. Buehrle P

One thing we can't deny: Ozzie is trying everything possible, every type of shake up to get things going with the 5-9 part of the lineup.


I wonder if the Angels would be reluctant to trade Kendrys Morales or Mark Trumbo. We could use either one at 1B. This is assuming they are completely out of the race come July. Wishfull thinking.


Glags, I appreciate all of your knowledgable comments but the last thing this team needs is another 1B. Don't we have like 4 of them already in the starting 9?

Stan M

Good idea about Quentin or Winningham, whom I always liked. A stand up guy, sort of a later Conine. But Abreu...nah! And you are dead right about Ozzie willing to try new things. Glags, although either of those players would be a wounderous addition, we would have to trade half of our team for either. I'll bet the Angels would sooner trade Pujols than either of them. I still have confidence in Kearns so, in my opinion, it would be better to wait things out for a few more weeks. It's not that we're falling apart or anything. Hayes is getting another chance. Virtually all of us wanted to see him take over, but he didn't do his chances any favors with his recent performances. He can't hit a low outside curve (who can?) but won't lay off of it and that seems to have spread around the league. And I still think his fingers are visible beneath his butt when he gives the pitcher signs. So easily corrected. If you see that too, Clark, tell him about it.


I'd easily give them anyone they want minus our main guys to get Trumbo or Morales. I realize theres a log jam at 1B but in terms of production none of the ones we have come close. They're dead weight. I said before a rental of Carlos Lee would do wonders if he's hitting behind Stanton. If Kearns gets the job done then there's no need. I guess well wait and see.


Ican't believe the Reyes lovers on this site. More New Yorkers than I thought. So they are saying that the shortstop who is hitting what .260, 4th place in the all star voting is definitely worth 17 million. I suppose they also feel that he is better than Prince. By the way those of you with your grade school education, don't insult my intelligence. Also, Bonifacio still leads the league in stolen bases even after missing 2 weeks and his importance to the team is obvious by the team's dismal record without him.

Stan M

I'm sure that there are more like me than like you, but for your information I have 3 college degrees. No one on this site within memory has even mentioned Reyes' salary. So from a logical standpoint, you have made a false comparison, not something usually done by a first rate intellect. Perhaps it would serve you well to look up the Marlin's record since Bono was hurt. Someone else here who also considers your comments juvenile will give you the exact numbers, but you might be surprised that the team record has been very satisfactory since Bono was hurt. Your comment about anyone on this blog comparing Reyes to Prince Fielder has absolutely no foundation in fact and I would consider it a figment of your imagination if I thought that there was any chance that you had one.

Where Have You Gone deAza

Now I understand that people in South Florida are home watching the Heat,however, that "crowd" sure resembled the old place on the Dade/Broward County Line. I really "believe" management is trying to do something special but you just can't have this number of "Black Holes" in your lineup. And you CAN'T even have certain guys on a Major League roster. Before I write anything else, could we please dispense with the "haters" crap. I get the MLB package up here in DC ONLY to watch this team. I make trips to Philly, New York and even Atlanta to see them. I'm invested emotionally BUT to sit back and not criticize some of these performances would be insanity. You spend this amount of money to win SOMETHING and I don't think they just had a playoff spot in mind.
Let's start with Coghlin. If you can, watch some of the AB's in his rookie year and what he has now evolved into. If this is entirely related to never coming off that adolescent celebration and the knee injury then FIX! the knee. The man has only pulled one ball with authority all year. Morrison is a liability in left field and 1B and anywhere else you wopuld try to hide him. He is a base clogger,however, that does not really matter if you can't get on base. If Morrison is not hitting .280 and above WITH power he is a huge liability. Buck--This is not a slump. Slumps don't last over 200 games. He is what he is, and that is a financial mistake that you made that must be rectified. There is an economic term--I can't recall it--that says we all tend to hold onto bad investments too long because we can't believe we were that stupid. And yet 90% of the time the best move is to just divest. Buck needs to be divested. Murphy will be gone tomorrow(If as the PR crew speculated that this is a "difficult" decision as to who goes down----Well, we can at that point write the whole thing off. Imagine telling Solano or Ruggiano--"We're sending you back to New Orleans to keep Murphy" Petersen---a 5th outfielder for a very good team. Not his fault, as it is not Buck's Murphy's, or Jennings', fault they can't play. However, if they are kept around for the duration with no moves, at that point it is someone's fault.

Axel - Alex's twin brother

whatever YOU say, Alex

Where Have You Gone deAza

Well, It's a start. Petersen and Jennings back to the Crescent City. I hope Murphy is still currently making 500,000 a year ONLY because the Marlins see Solano in a platoon with Coghlin.. That would be the only sane reason for Donnie Murphy remaining on any roster in MLB. You can't have your 5th,6th, 7th and 8th place spots in a batting order giving you nothing. Hayes has only 6 fewer hits than Buck in 75 fewer AB's. UNBELIEVABLE!!

Stan M

An interesting post. I was blocked out on Direct TV so had to watch the Brave announcers. One thing they pointed out could be very important. They pointed out that every time Hanley makes a throw he places his arm in a recovery position and even had camera on him rubbing his elbow. They speculated that he could be hurt for the future. They also showed how bad the turf is. Put camera in outfield and it looked awful. Bare in many small spots and patched in others. Also a patch right in front of the pitcher's mound. I still find the attendance figures hard to believe.


This team is standing at a very important crossroads. We can either go in one direction and win games and play well, or we could be on the verge of another June Swoon, especially with all these tough inter league games coming up. No one knows which way they're gonna go, but I do know this: the hitting is terrible. Look, this is basically the same team we had the past few years, but we have never hit this bad. I know guys say you can't blame the hitting coach, but someone is to blame, and he's the logical suspect.

Ozzie needs to shake things up. Send some guys to New Orleans, which he did; Peterson & Jennings are gone. Would not be surprised to see Lomo go next and Gaby return. An eventual R/L platoon featuring the both of them is a possibility. I have talked about since last year, although with Kearns returning, he may get some time at 1st base. I wouldn't mind; Kearns kis a line drive hitter that reminds me of Lou Piniella with a touch more power. As long as they don't put him in the OF again, LOL.

And they should make a statement by firing Eduardo Perez. The time to shake things up is now, not after we go into another June Swoon.


I like this kid Ruggiano and I like Donavan Solano too. Ruggiano is a rare thing on the Marlins: an actual bona fide Outfielder, not a converted second baseman or 1st baseman. He has a true outfielder's arm, too. And he hits well. Solano might be an infielder who makes the adjustment to the outfield without any issues, although from the small sample size I've seen, his arm is not that great. Looks like an infielder's arm, but I admit I have not seen too many throws.

Lomo looks completely lost at the plate. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets sent down. I can't help but notice the similarities between Lomo & Coghlan, both of whom appear to be all messed up at this point. Both were guys who had some early success, both were told to play positions in the Major Leagues that they did not play in the minors, both would up getting injured, and both eventually "lost it" and both look like mere shells of what they once were.

I know that those who defend the Front Office lose their collective minds when I say that taking young kids who never played a position and then making them learn that position (for which they also do not have the physical skills, like an outfielder's arm (Cogs), or speed, in Lomo's case) HERE AT THE MAJOR LEAGUE LEVEL, is a really bad idea. Well, since they already all hate me, I'll even go further: not only is playing young guys out of position a bad idea, it is also bad for the player. Look at both Cogs and Lomo now. Of course you are free to disagree. But again, there are usually VERY GOOD REASONS why these guys are not playing the outfield in the minors. And I don't know ANY TEAM that does this kind of stuff on a regular basis. True, some guys seem to be able to play ANYWHERE. A lot of the very athletic Latino players, for example. Solano might work out as an outfielder, for example. But again, there are usually VERY GOOD REASONS why other teams stay away from this practice.


"whatever YOU say, Alex

Posted by: Axel - Alex's twin brother"

Hilarious! I now have my own personal trolls! I guess that's what happens when you don't kiss the BUTTS of certain self proclaimed "board experts" and shills like Joe Frisaro. Frisaro is a hack writer publicity department flack. His job is to tell everyone how great the Marlins are, that the owner & Front Office are such excellent people, etc.

I don't have a job here on this board. I'm just an old guy who grew up watching Whitey Ford & Sandy Koufax, and has played, coached, and loved this game for more than 50 years. I'm a Marlins fan. I left NY years ago, and I have been a Fish fan for YEARS. I like discussing the Marlins, everything about them. The good stuff, and the bad stuff too. No team is perfect. I also am not afraid to talk about the UGLY stuff. Like our owner, the Triple Chinned Fat Man, and his sidekick, The Poison Dwarf. That's the part that gets some people very mad at me. In their warped minds, fans are supposed to be mindless cheerleaders. Sorry, that ain't me.

Where Have You Gone deAza

Alex, Ignore thye "trolls" and understand they probably spend 4 hours thinking up those 7 or 8 words. The Coghlan and Morrison freefalls are really difficult to believe. It is shocking to consider what they would have netted 32 years ago on the market. The farm system is barren except for the 2 quality starters at Greensboro and Yelich and Ozuna. I REALLY like Ozuna.The Dominguez and Skipworth picks have really hurt us when you consider where they were selected. Just remember if you come across with the erudition of someone who reads more than the local sports section, you will be disliked. Keep posting and also know that Stan and a couple of others are good guys who you can seemingly disagree with and still come out respecting one another. I think we are in trouble because I believe they have spent what they plan to spend and that is it. I am surprised by the attendance and let's hope it is attributable to the Heat on TV. IF they want the attendance to get to where it needs to be the product in that market must be entertaining. You will need more than Mike Stanton hitting bombs.The 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th spots MUST be corrected or this could go downhill fast. Boni will be a start and Solano MUST play somewhere until he demonstrates he doesn't deserve it. I find it hard to believe Ruggiano suddenly found it at 25 but he is better than what they have put out there. Petersen will NEVER be more than a spare part. Let's hope Ozuna and Yelich can turn it up.


totally agree with Stan on the Uggla at bat when he ended up with Home Run. The first "squeeze pitch" was in the heart of the plate. The second one that upset Sanchez was borderline, but the kid was definitely upset. Pretty sure I have seen Sanchez get upset when being squeezed by the umpire. Matter of fact, later in the game when Rich and Tommy were talking with the Spanish Broadcasters, they also referred to the one pitch to Uggla that should have been strike three.

Alex, totally agree with your post above regarding the hitting slide that began when the prior hitting coach was fired. Eduardo might be knowledgeable about hitting, but is obviously not helping anybody. Doesn't make him a bad person, but not doing well here.

I said it before and I will say it again, when they bring Gaby back up, they need to send Lomo down so he can get help from a real hitting coach.


Its curious that you and the other two name-callers are defending the front office, regarding the 106 million dollar contract given to Reyes and that it is of no importance or that I was personally attacked for praising Bonafacio, who by the way was successful in his recent arbitration against the front office. It is also laughable that you do not think Reyes should be compared to Prince Fielder. You might want to consider the overall value of each player to his team.
Lastly, I only have 2 college degrees. If you have 3 you must have been a professional student probably still living at your parent's house.

Flav C

Firing Perez might be a good statement and probably the right thing to do. Will that fix Buck? Will that fix LoMo or Coghlan? On top of making a statement, a fix for these issues is what the FO has to look for at this point, before its all down hill.
Remember that before Mallee was fired last year, LoMo was already in a terrible skid and Mallee even said it was much more mental than anything else.
More experienced hitters or good hitters they have the mental toughness to get out of the slump. Experienced hitters know this is temporary. Good hitters simply know they are better than what their numbers show and they will turn things around.
If we look at each of the "slumpy" players, this is what we have:
Buck is a good catcher, but he's not a good hitter. It doesn't matter who we bring, he will be a below average hitter.
LoMo and Coghlan, either we want to admit it or not, still are prospects. Nothing more than that. The sample size of their professional life at the Major League is very small to determine if they are good or not.
LoMo was simply rushed through the minors. He played full seasons at the Class A teams, but only half seasons in Jacksonville and Nola. "Where Have You Gone deAza" is very knowledgeable on minor leagues and I'm sure he can confirm that.
Coghlan barely played with the Zephyrs, a little more than 20 games and boom, here goes Major League.
Stanton even worse. he skipped triple A all together. Luckily, apparently, he is too good of a hitter and has been able to adjust much better than the other two.

Now, the FO will have to, at some point, determine if they think it is worth to continue developing those guys or if they've seen enough of them already. The other day i wrote here "LoMo = Hermida". Not that they have similar styles. But their stats for their first 900 at bats is eerily similar, in every single aspect (HRs, Hits, 2B, bat avg, OBP, etc) including the moment they started to go downhill. In the case of Hermida, the Marlins still waited 2 more seasons until he was traded to Boston.
The Marlins had the opportunity to get something very good in return for LoMo before the season started. They passed on that, believing in his potential. They will probably get a lot less right now. So, maybe a suggestion given by Alex seems good, having LoMo platooning 1B with Dobbs or Gaby (who also is doing terrible with NOLA right now).
Ruggiano is ok. Maybe temporarily. But the Marlins still lack that at-bat, experienced, veteran, that brings some consistency to the rest of line-up.
If the Fish thinks someone more solid at 1B is needed, maybe Carlos Lee (as suggested here) or Morneau. If LF, we have Carlos Quentin or Willingham. All those players are within reach and I think they can make a difference. Or maybe the Marlins will opt to stay put and see how things go until mid-July. I just hope it isn't late enough.
And "Where Have You Gone deAza" - Our Triple and Double A stink right now (you know it better than us). Worse bat avg in both leagues. But Greensboro and Jupiter have much more talent than only the 4 you mentioned, which is a good thing.

richiej - the real hitting coach we had in the minors was wrongly promoted to the majors last year, and wrongly fired. Instead of being fired, he should have been sent back to where he did wonders: the minors. As I mentioned above, both our Double and Triple A have the worse bat avg in their respective leagues. Gaby is batting .179 over his last 10 games and .259 overall. Not exactly good numbers for a major leaguer playing at triple A level. Not sure how being sent to the minors will really help LoMo.


While we're on the subject, can someone please justify john buck??? lousy hitter and cant throw anyone out. i was feeling content to having hayes with john baker as the backup and it would probably have worked out just as good for a lot less money.

Flav C

jk, fear not. His salary will be out of the books next year. There is a good guy coming from the minors who will certainly have good opportunities at a higher class level next year and will be our permanent catcher in 2014.


Your use of the term "black holes" for the glaring weaknesses in the Marlins' lineup was colorful and right on the money. A black hole sucks everything in its path to certain doom — and unfortunately, that's a perfect description of Lomo, Cogs and Buck right now. (I would have added Petersen, but he's gone.) The Fish need to bring Gaby back immediately. He might not be any better, but he sure as hell won't be any worse than what they have now. I know it's stupid, but damn! — the world seems like a lot happier place when the Marlins are doing well than when they suck.

Where Have You Gone deAza

Dear Flav, At this point I take nothing for granted with this farm system. That is why I only mentioned those 4. The Skipworth and Dominguez picks will see us back at least a year. You can't have picks that high be such near epic busts AND Dominguez will be a bust.

The most shocking thing relates to Coghlin and Morrison. It's almost as if the Marlins don't utilize video equipment. Hell, I only watch the games on TV and go to about 20 a year and yet I can see the total differences in what they are doing now as opposed to when they come up. Coghlin is particularly fraustrating because after every bad swing he will invariably step back and appear to be searching for an answer somewhere in the stands behind the plate. It is really bizarre. Something else very strange is what the entire team does with 2-0 and 3-1 pitches. I want everyone to start paying attention tonight and check out what these guys hit ahead in the count. It has almost reached the point where I would consider giving about 6 of them the "take sign" on 2-0 and 3-1. Now I understand there would be a rebellion if that was done but I can guarantee Ozzie is aware of it. I know i just started posting yesterday and therefore none of you guys know me from Adam. I have read here for years but never felt like contributing. Maybe I can win your respect. I know there is no reason to believe this----I must prove it with info that turns out to be true---but I know 2 scouts from different organizations and they are both appaled by the quality of talent in the Marlins'system. The both of them believe Skipworth is really close to being written off. The Marlins won't say that and they might not do it but just remember this is an organization that drafted 5 pitchers in about the first 32 picks a few years back and check how that turned out and that dooes not even bring into account the talent that was Taylor Tankersley.

Stan was right on with what he said about Buck when he was acquired. I thought at the time it was a good acquisition,however, now I've learned to pay much attention to Stanley.

Alex, Keep posting.

Where Have You Gone deAza

Dear jk, I too would have been happy with Baker and Hayes but after Johnny B. Baker misrepresented the extent of his injury to the organization and basically threw away 2 years, I don't the Marlins felt too comfortable with him. Many Marlins players have a "proud" history of hiding injuries that they play through with disasterous results--Let's never forget Kevin Gregg.

Flav C

Tonight's lineup:

1. Jose Reyes (S) SS
2. Omar Infante (R) 2B
3. Hanley Ramirez (R) 3B
4. Giancarlo Stanton (R) RF
5. Greg Dobbs (L) 1B
6. Austin Kearns (R) LF
7. Chris Coghlan (L) CF
8. John Buck (R) C
9. Ricky Nolasco (R) P


hi lou vales de aza

Stan M

Nick, Just got home and saw your latest attempt to be rational. Please show me where I, or the other two to whom you refer, am a name caller. You were the one who referred to most of us as a bunch with high school educations. I am not going to converse with you any more for two reasons. It is too easy to show you up as a fool, and to try to reason with you is like trying to reason with wet cement. However, I must give you credit for pegging me as a professional student living with my parents. At 75 years old, I would be lost without my mommy and daddy.
Nearly everyone on this site tries to be respectful of other opinions. Should you continue to post in a non scurrilous manner you would be respected and welcomed. But when you attack the person, this is the type of response you deserve and will get.

Stan M

Will agree with all above about LoMo. But it does seem like every time he comes up in a clutch situation, there is a lefthander on the mound as of late. Many of us have speculated about Carlos Lee. Did you see article last week where Marlin coaches were saying the same thing. Many good articles on Marlins on the Sports Illustrated site today.
I haven't seen this Trout kid yet, but he must really be something. I really love to watch Bryce Harper because he plays the game the way it should be played. Remember two years ago when Heywood was rated well above Stanton. Now a good question would be...if you were starting a team and could pick any one player to build your team around, whom would you want...Trout, Harper, Stanton or Strasberg, or anyone else. Any ideas folks?
Sorry if I took up time jumping on that Nick guy, but I really care about this site and those of us who keep it topical.


Nice post Stan....Bryce Harper would be my pick if you're asking. They say that he has a great baseball IQ and is a student and historian of the game. I too love the way he plays and it looks like he's a 5 tool guy. I would agree that LoMo appears to always be up with the bases juiced and a lefty on the mound but I can't figure out what has happened to his swing since his rookie year. Remember he used to be called "2-0 Lomo" seems like those days are gone. Baseball is a cruel game but does have a tendency to average out...unless your John Buck...just saying. OK and what is the deal with Gaby right now? It doesn't appear that the FO is in any rush to bring him back up. Would anyone care to speculate? Winning also cures everything right.


It's interesting to note that Nolasco is hitting .174 — and his average is still higher than the two guys "hitting" above him in tonight's order. That oughta strike terror in the hearts of opposing pitchers.
I keep checking back to the Marlins' website, expecting any minute to read that Gaby's on his way back. As I said above, he may not be the answer but he can't be any worse than what the Fish have going right now. I'm as mystified as you are.
I've always been a fan of both Coghlan and Lomo (and Petersen, too, for that matter), but right now they look teary-eyed and bewildered, like little boys who've just dropped their ice cream cone. With guys like Conine, Hawk and Tony Perez employed by that team, there must be somebody around who can help them through this.

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