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Jeffrey Loria address players in clubhouse meeting, says he still believes

    BOSTON -- Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria addressed players and coaches in a closed-door clubhouse meeting shortly before batting practice, telling them he hasn't given up on them and doesn't want them to quit, either.

     Players I spoke with said Loria was calm and matter-of-fact, never raising his voice, during his talk, which lasted for about 10 minutes. Coaches and manager Ozzie Guillen also sat in on the meeting. Here's what Loria said he told the players:

    "The general theme was I wanted them to look back when they first started discovering baseball. And then they discovered that they could play baseball. And then they discovered that they could play it really well. And that they could become professionals, and what it meant to them....to start thinking about that for a few moments each day. I went on from there to talk about that this is the best team I've ever been involved with, and I believed in them. That they're capable of doing a lot of successful things this year.

    "I pointed to Josh (Johnson) and told him you have that little adorable blond here kid who's in here everyday, running around, and lots of you have little kids running around. Wouldn't you like them to know that you did something good? I'm not quitting on you, so don't quit on yourselves. We have a very good club.

    "I"m not angry at anybody. I have no anger with anybody. And Heath Bell at the end reminded them that it's still a family and we should all keep working with each other. There are ups and downs in this business. I still have enormous faith in everybody. The talent level is enormous."

    Loria said it was when he couldn't sleep last night following the Marlins' 15-5 loss to the Red Sox that he decided to speak to the team.

    "I was up the whole night thinking about it," Loria continued. "I care about this, as you well know. And I mentioned to my wife that I want to say what I want to say to the players.

    "I talked to them about that I've had the success I want to have in my life and you still haven't experienced it. Yes, you're making money. But when the money is all spent down the road, it's going to be what you accomplished that matters. And that's what you'll be talking about, not that I had a contract for X million dollars.

    "I think they heard. It may resonate with a few guys. It may resonate with many. But, eventually they'll think about it. I can't hit for them, I can't field for them and I can't pitch for them. But I do my part."


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As for Anibal Sanchez, he is without a doubt the most frustrating pitcher I ever rooted for. With the stuff he has, this guy should be a top #2 starter, good for 15+ wins a year, yet he constantly under-achieves. Look at his stats for last June and Ricky Nolasco's too, for that matter. Both of these guys completely fell apart last season in June right after Josh Johnson went down. When this team needed those two guys to STEP UP and help them to overcome the loss of their ACE, both of them failed miserably. In horse racing parlance, they both "spit the bit" as they say.

This is bad news for the Fish, and financial bad news for Sanchy, who will be a free agent when the season ends. I'm sure he will be offered decent money by teams that have money to burn, like the Yankees, but if he wanted to really get paid, he needed to have a big year this year, and he has not done that, not by any stretch of the imagination. In my opinion, if he doesn't completely turn things around, the Fish should let him go. Same with Nolasco when his contract comes back up, next year, I believe. Let them both walk!


Good thing we aren't in the American League. They are killing us, or at least the AL East teams are.

Loria&Samsons accountant

Hey guys...Cheer Up!!!! The Marlins attendence went over the 1 million mark tonite. Earliest in team history!!!!

Loria&Samsons accountant

and the Miami Marlins are #1 in MLB property sales so far..hats ,jerseys etc.

Loria&Samsons accountant

so what if the team sucks. We are raking it in....


Marlins tickets for the remaining homestand are available on Stubhub.com starting at $1.75


hard to believe that there hasn't been a blowup in the clubhouse. these guys must be getting very discouraged. very important for some good quality leadership. the coaching staff looks like they have no positive effect. there can't be 10,000 fans at the game tonight. good thing there are "all you can eat" seats. those people will stay till the end of the 9th inning. with the score 12-4 people are leaving early.
sad, very sad.

Jimmie the geek

Got to shake it up soon, shuffle the deck,and get a better hand.

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