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Marlins draft LHP Andrew Heaney with 9th overall pick

    The Marlins went with a college lefty for their first-round pick, taking Oklahoma State southpaw Andrew Heaney with the 9th overall selection in the draft.

     Here's what Baseball America has to say about Heaney:

     "Scouts have raved about Heaney's quick arm and clean, effortless delivery since he was at Putnam City (Okla.) High. He beat Marlins first-rounder Chad James in a head-to-head matchup as a senior in 2009 and would have gone higher than the 24th round to the Rays had he not been intent on attending Oklahoma State. Heaney has led the Cowboys in wins in each of his three college seasons and has seen his stuff improve as a junior this spring. The 6-foot-2, 174-pounder has added 2-3 mph and touches 95 mph. He's not afraid to pitch inside with his heater and can spot it to both sides of the plate. Heaney's three-quarters breaking ball and his changeup are both solid pitches that play up because of his plus command. He not only throws strikes but also generates swings and misses, and in mid-May he trailed only projected Duke first-rounder Marcus Stroman in the NCAA Division I strikeout race. In a down year for left-handed pitching, Heaney is clearly the best college southpaw available and should go off the board in the middle of the first round."

     And here's what ESPN.com talent evaluator Keith Law had to say about Heaney:

     "Heaney established himself as the top college lefty in the draft this year largely through his performance, leading Division I in punchouts while showing average to above-average stuff across the board. He works from just under a three-quarters arm slot and sits 89-92, occasionally reaching 94 with some tailing action, and he's aggressive with the fastball to both sides of the plate. He throws a big, two-plane breaking ball at 78-81, like a hard slurve, and will throw several in a row to try to set up a fastball against left-handed batters. His changeup is solid average at 79-82, although he can slow his arm almost imperceptibly when throwing it, something major league hitters should pick up. Heaney's not a projection guy and there are concerns about his slight frame remaining durable in the long term, although his arm action is clean and fairly compact."

     Check him out here:


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Another tall and lanky pitcher. I guess they figure if they keep drafting them one will workout eventually.


6' 2" isn't incredibly tall for a MLB SP but I like that he's of slight build, means there's plenty of rounding out to do. Granted he was just a teen but I remember Beckett being very lanky when the Marlins drafted him out of HS and now he looks more like a truck. But I agree that scouting report reminds me a lot of Andrew Miller and Chris Volstad. Then again Miller and Volstad are 6'7 , 6'8. Maybe 6'2 is the magic number?

Flav C

He is slightly smaller than Jose Fernandez (2011 #1 pick). JF is 6-3".
Went to Roger Dean tonight and had a big surprise seeing Austin Kearns doing his rehab playing for the Hammerheads . He looks fine, went 1-3 as a DH.
Better keep an eye on Marcel Ozuna though. The kid is pure raw power. Tonight he hit a 3R HR, his 10th of the season. He plays CF.


Hopefully they'll have better luck with a college pitcher than one drafted out of high school, like Chris Volstad and Andrew Miller were.


Cool minor league update Flav, thnx.


Marlins trying once again to do what they have never done before. Draft a starting lefty and have him progress rapidly thru their system to be a quality starter. Tried it with Chad James and opposing batters are only hitting .307 against him in 10 starts this season,his 2nd go round in the FSL[A} League. Tried with Sean West,and you know the rest. Maybe they'll catch lightening in a bottle this time with a college pitcher. It's about time.


Miller was drafted out of college by the Tigers. University of North Carolina....


You are right Chris, very astute baseball fans here, 6'2" is tall for a pitcher, and we drafted Miller lol.

Flav C

Mike, it doesn't look like anyone mentioned Miller being drafted by the Marlins. Rbleigh above only compared this new kid scout report to Andrew Miller.


Andrew Miller is a Stud

mrs miller

andrew miller is a dud

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