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Marlins go position player heavy on Day 2 of draft

A day after using their only pick on the second best left-handed pitcher available in the draft according to Baseball America, the Marlins used their first three selections on Tuesday to reel-in talented position players out of high school.

Avery RomeroAvery Romero, a 19-year old senior shortstop and University of Florida commitment out of Menendez High in St. Augustine, was the first player the Marlins took with the 104th overall pick.

At 5-11, 190 pounds, Romero is a player Baseball America listed as a second-round talent with above average power who will likely have to make the switch over to 3rd base because he lacks the quickness to stay in the middle of the infield. Romero hit .400 with 18 RBI and five homers as a senior.

The Marlins then spent their next two picks on outfielders -- Kolby Copeland (3rd round compensation, 127th overall) out of Parkway High in Bossier City, La. and Austin Dean (4th round, 137th overall).

Copeland (6-0, 190), according to Baseball America, "has tools that are somewhat comparable to first-round candidate Courtney Hawkins. Hawkins has more raw power, but some think Copeland is a better pure hitter. He runs well and has solid arm and fielding tools to with his considerable offensive potential."

Kolby CopelandA quarterback who earned honorable mention all-state, Copeland hit .390 with four home runs in his senior season and was named honorable mention Class 5A All-State in baseball.

Signed to a scholarship at Texas, Dean (6-1, 190) is a player with above average power.

According to Baseball America: "He may not be Exhibit A in a how-to video on batting stances and approaches, but Dean's ability to punish a baseball is the main reason he's in the Top 100. Dean has quick hands and strength, which leads to above-average raw power. He does it with an unorthodox swing and there are, as a result, some holes, but when he makes contact, it's hard. He goes all-out at all times, which allows him to use his solid average speed well. He's likely limited to first base or maybe left field at the next level because of fringy defensive tools. His size, bat speed and power potential lead to a Jonny Gomes comparison and the team that takes him will hope he lives up to that billing."

The draft concludes Wednesday with Rounds 16-40.

Here's a list of all the Marlins picks on the Second Day of the Draft:

- Avery Romero, SS, R/R, 5-11, 195, St. Augustine Menendez High, 3rd round, 104th overall VIDEO
- Kolby Copeland, CF, L/R, 6-0, 190, Parkway High, La., 3rd round compensation, 127th overall VIDEO
- Austin Dean, OF, R/R, 6-1, 190, Klein Collins High, Texas, 4th round, 137th overall VIDEO
- Austin Nola, SS, R/R, 6-0, 185, LSU, 5th round, 167th overall
- Anthony Gomez, SS, R/R, 6-0, 185, Vanderbilt, 6th round, 197th overall
- Ryan Newell, RHP, 6-2, 185, Shorter U, Ga., 7th round, 227th overall
- Drew Steckenrider, RHP, 6-5, 215, University of Tennessee, 8th round, 257th overall
- Nicholas Wittgren, RHP, 6-3, 210, Purdue University, 9th round, 287th overall
- Ron Miller, 3B, R/R, 5-11, 205, Junipero Serra High, Calif., 10th round, 314th overall
- Matthew Milroy, RHP, 6-2, 185, University of Illinois, 11th round, 347th overall
- Christian Rivera, SS, R/R, 5-10, 165, Escuela Nueva Superior, 12th round, 377th overall
- Blake Logan, RHP, 6-1, 225, Eastern Oklahoma State JC, 13th round, 407th overall
- Michael Vaughn, C, R/R, 6-2, 190, Pacific University, 14th round, 437th overall
- Cody Keefer, OF, L/R, 6-1, 185, UCLA, 15th round, 467th overall


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Fed Up

Nice job against the Braves tonight. June Swoon Redux has begun. Last place by June 18th.

Flav C

LoMo = Hermida


I hope the Front office drafted some OUTFIELDERS because the daily Outfield Follies Circus continues for this team. This time it was Coghlan's turn to misplay a ball, allowing Uggla's hit to get by him all the way to the wall, leading to the first run of the game.

It's getting to the point that there is some kind of poor play in the outfield almost every day. Even if there is no error, there are poor routes taken to the ball, poor throws made, or just general sloppy outfield play. The only one I give a pass to is Stanton; he's a 22 year old kid who is very raw, and still learning the position. Back in my day, he would be in the minors. But at least Stanton is a bona fide outfielder; he has the skill set and physical tools to play the position. Most of the other "outfielders" are not outfielders at all, but converted infielders like Cogs, or 1st basemen, like Lomo, or guys like Dobbs & Kearns who at this point in their careers are no longer suited for the OF. Peterson is an outfielder, but he is a back up type, at best. He is certainly not an every day Center Fielder as his terrible routes to the ball clearly show us.

Watching yesterday's game I heard Tommy Hutton say "the Braves have basically two center fielders out there". Too bad he didn't finish the sentence and say "and the Marlins don't even have one"! Which is the truth.

Who is to blame for the sad state of the Marlins outfield? The Front Office, of course. I'm sure one of their Public Defenders over here will attack me for saying this, but it happens to be the TRUTH. Look, I'm FAIR. I give the Front Office big time credit for their good moves, like getting Buehrle and Zambrano, for example. Those were brilliant moves and they deserve our praise when they make moves like that. But that doesn't mean that we shouldn't criticize them when they make bad moves, like this outfield situation, or the Buck situation. I don't work for the Front Office, nor does my father (God rest his soul)or any other family member of mine. If they do well, I praise them. When they suck, I'll say they suck. Too bad that offends some people so much that they lose their tiny little minds over it.

I'm 56 years old and grew up BEFORE the internet, so my self esteem is not based on what people online think of me. I could care less about anyone's "approval', or if I get "likes" from ya'll. I don't post here to be the great "Baseball Guru" of Fish Bytes. I post about the team I really like, the Marlins, but I'm not a cheerleader either. If something is not good about my team, I'm not going to lie and say everything is awesome. The team has paid SHILLS to do that, to write cute little fluff pieces about how great everything and everybody associated with the Marlins is. Guys like Joe Frisaro are paid to put lipstick on the pig, not me. If I see something about the owner, management, or players that SUCKS, I'm going to say it sucks. Maybe that gets some people really upset because in their minds a fan never criticizes his team. Well, that ain't the way I grew up. Before the internet, we'd go to games and express our displeasure by booing. Well, that's basically what I'm doing. "Hey Front Office: BOO!!!! That we went into this season with this type of outfield SUCKS. And it's YOUR FAULT."

Tolstoy the 8th

wow....almost as long as 'War and Peace'

Lincoln speechwriter

he should have started out "Four score and seven years ago".....


I counted 29 references to I, me, or my in Alex's latest post. Does anyone know the previous record for egocentrism in a blog comment?


any suggestions on what to do about Lomo Hermida?

Where Have You Gone deAza

Did Alex say anything that was inaccurate? We do NOT have a CF in our outfield. Well, tonoght we do becauce Ruggiano is playing LF.


Fellas, what Alex failed to point out is that 1/2 this teams plays out of their natural position. I think we all have made that observation the last couple of seasons. Even though Cabrera should never have been traded by this organization the major chip, Maybin was the future CF and well he just didn't pan out. The Marlins have made due with various guys out there for no other reason then they needed their bats in the lineup.

Where Have You Gone deAza

rbleigh-I think Alex realizes how strong this team is with starting pitching, set-up men, and at 3B, SS and 2B and with Boni in center and I think he realizes as do others that it would be a SHAME with this amount of talent to tolerate your 6 7 and 8 guys hitting close to .200 and costing you a playoff spot. We do not need Mantle, Williams, Bench and Musial, however, it would be nice to show, if not a sense of urgency, at least a cognizance of the situation. Agreed? There are guys out there who can cut off a line drive in the outfield, not stare off into space after every bad at bat and can throw out Fat Freddie Freeman at the plate to keep a score at 2-0.

Where Have You Gone deAza

By the way, it will be obvious that Donnie Murphy has pictures IF he stays and the guy who has hit around .400 since March gets sent down when Kearns is activated.


hi lou

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