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Marlins have "strong" interest in Cuban outfielder Jorge Soler

     PHILADELPHIA -- After losing out on Yoenis Cespedes, the Marlins are now showing strong interest in another free agent outfielder from Cuba: Jorge Soler. Ken Rosenthal of FoxSports reported Saturday that Soler has been declared a free agent.

     Soler, 20, has “Mike Stanton-like power,” according to one source, and projects to be a right fielder.

    Soler But his asking price might be too steep for the Marlins. Sources said that Soler’s agent has told teams he already has offers on the table for $25 million, and that might be too rich for the Marlins' blood, especially for a player who is thought to be a few years away from the majors.

     The Marlins have thoroughly scouted Soler, who defected from Cuba in 2011. The Marlins bid for Cespedes over the winter, but lost out to the A’s, who signed him to a 4-year/$36 million deal.

     The competition for Soler is expected to be just as keen, if not more so. According to reports, the Red Sox, Cubs, Blue Jays, Phillies, Orioles and Yankees might all have interest in him.

      Unlike Cespedes, who is starting for the A's, most feel Soler is still a few years away from being major league ready, which should make him less expensive. Cespedes is hitting .236 with five home runs and an on-base percentage of only .309 for the A's.

      Jim Callis of Baseball America described Soler (6-3, 225 lbs.) as a "five-tool player." Soler played for the Cuban national team in the 2010 World Junior Baseball Championship, hitting .304.



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So far the best Cuban ballplayers have been Cuban-Americans, rather than refugees from the Cuban Leagues. Only the Hernandez brothers, Livan and El Duque have been really good in MLB.


They were right about Cespedes, so Soler is probably another one to go after.


"They were right about Cespedes."

Uh, he's not exactly tearing up the league, Bob.But he might turn out ok. Time will tell. Most refugees from the Cuban Leagues do not, and are just average or below average players.

Stan M

If I recall corecty, the FO was thoroughly convinced that this team would average at least 30,000 fans per game. They darn sure aren't and the novelty is wearing off. Keeping that in mind, who can picture Loria dropping those kind of dollars on anybody at all! Maybe a third of that in August if the pennant is within sight.


This was a game the Marlins needed to win, because as strange as it sounds to say this, the Phillies are about the weakest team they're going to see for a while. And they actually got a hit with a runner in scoring position, so that takes care of that for this week.
Stan M,
I think attendance will go up this month when they play for more interesting opponents, like the Braves and Red Sox. Of course, if the Heat are playing in the NBA finals next door, that's not going to help. I'm trying to look on the bright side because if Loria and his henchmen aren't making money, they won't be spending money and then it's back to business as usual in Marlins land.
By the way, has anybody heard anything solid about when they're going to sign an agreement for naming rights to the new park? That could bring in a little more cash.


It's interesting that Hamels is 8-2 on the year and his only two losses have come to the Marlins, who've been notoriously bad against lefties. Am I the only one thinks the guy, as good as he is, would be a disruptive influence in the clubhouse? From watching him and reading about him, he doesn't seem like somebody you'd like being around.

Flav C

Great to see three Hammerheads making the All Star team on level A (Ozuna, Yelich, Realmuto).
Skipworth has been batting .306 in his last 10 games, maybe things can turn around for the young catcher. If they do, it means good news for the Marlins, since Realmuto is a pretty good prospect for the position as well. We'll need those two in a near future because...boy...the other two that we have in the majors are pretty bad. Hayes is slowly moving his bat avg back to his career average of .235. And he still manages to be worse than Buck on fielding pctg and allowing bases stolen.
The whole reason why Buck has more playing time than Hayes, besides his contract? The Marlins is 23-16 in the season when he starts. 7-7 when Hayes starts.


And he still manages to be worse than Buck on fielding pctg and allowing bases stolen.

You're talking about the John Buck who had a dismal 17% caught stealing percentage last year? That John Buck? And even IF Hayes bats .235 (which I doubt would happen), that is STILL 75 points HIGHER than Buck's .160.


By the way, Flav C, do you work for the Marlins Front Office? You sure do a lot of defense work on their behalf! Like what you said recently about our LOUSY outfield when you actually praised Coghlan's arm! Coghlan is ok in the OF because he does have the speed to get to balls. But all ANYONE needs to know about Coghlan's arm in the outfield was on display yesterday as he tried to throw out Pence and BOUNCED THE BALL HOME ON THREE HOPS. His arm in Left Field is bad; in CF it is TERRIBLE.

The Marlins have had a bad outfield defensively ever since they gave Cody Ross away. Coghlan has an infielders arm. Not surprising as he WAS an infielder until the CHEAP Front Office made him an OF rather than going out and GETTING a real OF-er. Petersen is terrible in CF; he has problems tracking the ball in flight and takes poor routes. Lomo was a statue in LF who should NEVER play another game there. Dobbs is a pinch hitter who should NEVER play the OF, and that goes for Kearns as well.

I do like Ruggiano, though. Maybe HE can play CF!


The amazing thing is that this team is winning, despite the poor hitting (See ya, Eduardo Perez!), poor OF defense, and dumb plays like all the guys that have been picked off, and guys swinging at 2-0 pitches, etc. But then again, it really ISN'T that amazing, because one thing has been consistent all year: great starting pitching. What worries me is what will happen if the starting pitching goes into a slump. Hopefully that won't happen. Go Fish!


Another thing: it's real easy to bash Hayes on his caught stealing percentage. Unless you actually WATCH THE GAMES THAT HAYES CATCHES. Like today, for example. Neither Pudge nor Johnny Bench would have done better than Hayes today, because Ricky Nolasco allowed those stolen bases to happen, not Hayes. Ricky didn't even bother holding runners on, and when Cishek was pitching, no way was Hayes going to throw to 2nd base with Pierre on 3rd. If you are going to tell a story about Hayes, TELL THE WHOLE STORY.

Flav C

Alex, just get off of my case. You are really annoying taking personal shots when someone does not agree with you.
When Buck allows a base-stolen, you say he is bad. If Hayes does it, you say its on the pitcher. At least be consistent.

I'm talking about the .966 fielding percentage Hayes, versus the .983 Buck.
I'm talking about the 29% caught stealing Hayes, versus the 31% caught stealing Buck.
I'm talking about this season.

Buck is having a horrible season, there is no way to deny it. But I'll take him any time versus Hayes. This is my opinion, if you don't agree, then fine. I don't need anybody's blessing.
I don't need to bash Hayes. He is what he is, a back up catcher. He is a career .239 hitter. Don't trust me? Look it up. I have "zero" expectations about him, just like my expectations about Buck as a hitter are not high.

You and several others criticize Perez, but no one recognizes the hard work he put into helping Stanton, Infante, Hanley, Boni, Reyes, etc... All of the players don't get tired to praise his work ethics and hard work. You can't blame him for Coghlan and Petersen bad performance. Until the other day they were playing at AAA level and he was not their hitting coach.

Everything for you is easier on a hindsight. On a first comment you were praising Ricky, how great he was doing. On another comment, after he allowed two base runners, you said he should have been pulled out before the inning started. Really? The guy had less than 80 pitches and was doing well. Easy to say what a coach should have done after the fact.

As far as Coghlan, sorry, but your opinion means nothing to me. You have zero knowledge about outfielding or infielding. You criticized Hanley when he moved to 3B. Look how he's doing now. Actually, you used to criticize Hanley a lot. Guess he's been showing you how much you know about his ability.

I base my opinion on what I see, on data and comments from scouts. Coghlan doesn't have a powerful arm, but it is good enough to play decent outfield. Scouts were very surprised with the fact that he was able to actually assist on putting runners out, as he did when he first started playing CF and LF. You don't have to believe me on that. There are several websites full of data info that shows his fielding performance: 100%

From all those guys that are currently playing outfield he is the one who best track the ball off of the bat. Your boy Cody had the same instinct and skill.
He is originally a 2b. But guess what: there is no place for Coghlan in 2B, his original position. But I'm sure you know that already. Just like there was no position on 1B when LoMo was back from his thumb surgery, but the team needed his bat, and there was an open position at LF. So it was pretty much take it or leave it.

As far as Cody: He's gone. Left the team 2-3 years ago to be World Champion with the Giants. Bad mistake by the FO. So be it. Amazing how his name is mentioned here over and over. There are several great kids right now in the AA and A classes who will be fine outfielders and I don't see you talking about any of them. Stop living in the past.


Flav, it's best not to consider any of Alex's posts as rational thoughts or expressions. The last thread he was basically having a conversation with himself which doesn't really surprise me.


Alex are you on meth? Just saying.

scotto charlton

The Marlins are doing pretty good, they're averaging around 26K per game and its summertime and the Heat are winning. Loria is going to do whatever it takes to win another World Series in Miami. Would be great to win it in the ballparks first season.


Now you know why "Alex" was banned from the Marlins MLB website. He's a raving nutjob.


Stan...your comment about the attendance, I have been to a game, expect to go to a few more...& I live in Sarasota. What is amazing is the amount of 'fans' that are just walking around, hanging out & not in their seats. The food areas are like a crowded shopping mall all around the entire stadium. TV screens are everywhere...so many people socializing like it's a gigantic bar. Grant you there are 'no shows' among the season ticket holders but I would say that the attendance is within 10-20% of the actual paid.


Ah, Frisaro chimes in! Hey Joe, tell us all about how Hanley Ramirez is much better than Derek Jeter, LOL. And then tell us WHO THE REAL RAVING NUT JOB IS, LMFAO!

Joe Frisaro, if you don't know this, is a shill for the Marlins Front Office. That's his job; he gets paid a lot of money to praise every move the Front Office makes. Must be a coincidence that he just happens to show up here when Flav C, another Front Office defender, needs back up.

The Marlins Front Office is like all Front Offices: they make mistakes. Some of these mistakes are hilarious, like trading away all your Center Fielders and then having to play 1st basemen, infielders, Pinch Hitters and washed up types in the OF. Guys like Frisaro and Flav C seem to get very upset when anyone pokes fun at the Front Office! Well, Frisaro gets PAID to slobber all over their knobs. Maybe Flav does too, who knows?

If I was in a popularity contest I guess I would be very upset. But I could care less about being popular or loved on the internet. LMFAO


Flav C is very upset! I'm "on his case" because I disagree with him! Of course everyone must agree with Flav C because....because he's Flav C, damnit! And he has inside knowledge about the Marlins that the rest of us peons just don't possess! How dareI disagree with the great Flav C? It's obvious that "I'm on his case"! Sorry Flav, I wasn't aware that we were not allowed to disagree with you. What is your real name, Flav C? Billy Beane? Tony LaRussa? My real name is Alex.

So Flav C has to LIE about me, saying I opposed Hanley's move to 3rd base. Of course I never said anything of the sort, but that doesn't matter. If you disagree with Flav C you are in for a hard time over here! After all, he is...Flav C, well known baseball genius. But he will lie about you to look good.

I'm just a 56 year old guy who has played baseball, coached it and watched games since the days of Koufax. Who am I compared to the likes of Flav C? How DARE I ever criticize the Front Office! Hey, if they trade away all their Center Fielders and have to play infielders and pinch hitters like Dobbs in the OF, we should all just bow down to their wisdom! If the Marlins are always gerry-rigging their line up by playing guys in positions that they never played before, who am I to criticize them?

I thought this was a place where we can debate each other and discuss our favorite team, the Marlins. I wasn't aware that I had to kiss butt to be accepted over here. Oh well, I guess I just won't be accepted, because I NEVER kiss butt. Never have and never will.


No, Flaggstaffmarlin, I'm not on meth. I'm 56 years old and meth wasn't the "big drug" during my youth, LMAO. If disagreeing with Flav C makes me a meth user, then I guess a lot of people are meth users because a lot of people I know shake their heads about Buck playing with his .160 BA and about having no outfielders so we have to play guys like Dobbs in LF. A lot of people shake their heads about the Front Office.

Glags, I never disrespected you. But I didn't know you were one of Flav C's sycophants. Why does he need all you guys backing him up? He is perfectly capable of making up his own lies about me, like he did was his Hanley comments, which I never said, PERIOD.


"Buck is having a horrible season, there is no way to deny it. But I'll take him any time versus Hayes. This is my opinion, if you don't agree, then fine." - Flav C

No, that isn't true, "Flav C". If someone doesn't agree with you they will be attacked. You will make up lies about what they posted in the past. You will get your G string in a bunch and you will get all high and mighty: how DARE anyone disagree with the Great Flav C? He has INSIDE INFO! He TALKS TO SCOUTS! Nobody else has the right to have an opinion that goes against what the great Flav C says. Even Joe Frisaro, another notorious Marlins shill and Front Office apologist will show up to bash you. So don't say it's "fine" if someone disagrees with you, Flavie Boy. That's a lie. Your second one today.


Can anyone say Greeneville?

Stan M

Alex, you sometimes have interesting things to say. And you have sometimes agreed with me and that is always rewarding. However, this site is not meant to be a catharsis for salving your ego. You entered this site with rank criticisms of other fans who have their say in different places. You weren't very complimentary and yes, there are "crazies" out there. Perhaps you don't realize the depth of some of your own contradictions, but they're out there and have been ignored or even accepted by others here. However, Flav is a very respected member of this little community and while there is nothing wrong with disagreeing with his/her opinions, there is no reason to disparage him/her personally for expressing them. Your recent rants above do not reflect well about you and even suggest that more is evident than a mere disagreement with a fellow poster. May I emphatically suggest that you stick to baseball. Disagree all you want, but do not make it personal. It doesn't become you in any way and does set you up for ridicule if it continues. And especially do not disparage Flav personally, or I'm sure that I won't be the only one scolding you. Flav, I don't know your gender, sorry.


Very well said, Stan M. So much so that I wish I had said it myself. We know that our friend Flav C — along with others like Glags, Spitballer, Flagstaff, Bob, rbleigh, JUANdiggler and Stan 3, to name just a few — are knowledgeable, sane and worthy of respect. We know that Alex is knowledgeable. He may also be sane and worthy of respect, but that is still under investigation. Anyway, having spirited arguments about the team and its players and the decisions of Ozzie and the FO is part of what makes this blog fun. But personal attacks are unwarranted. You can challenge an opinion without calling the guy who wrote it nuts or questioning his motives, and it would be more pleasant if we all operated that way.
(In posting this, it made me wonder, whatever happened to Samson's Boyfriend? Wonder whether he's vanished or whether he's posting under a new name.)

Stan M

LB, I have wondered the same thing. He used to have good "straight from the ballpark" tidbits that added much to this site. If you are out there Samson, please return, we miss you. And LB, you Greenville comment wasn't lost on me. I don't think so though. Big age difference.


Stan the Man,
I think you're right about Greeneville, but there is more than a touch of that holier-than-thou Greeneville attitude there.

Stan M

LB, the caps are also revealing.


That guy from Greenville, wouldn't use LOL or LMFAO unless maybe he's been hanging out with teenage girls which would be creepy.


The guy that mentioned that Realmuto is batting .300+ the last 10 games or so, that's very positive news. Because as you said, the Buck/Hayes combo behind the plate is clearly the weak link to the team.

However, it seems that Buck calls a pretty good game because every time he's back there, our starting pitchers seem to always pitch to their standards or pitch gems when he's back there. We shouldn't UNDERvalue that in a catcher. Perhaps Realmuto comes up through the system quickly and can bat consistently .275+ but does anyone know how good of a game manager he is?


* Skipworth is batting .306. Not Realmuto.

Both are good prospects however.


Loved the walk that Buck took yesterday. It seemed to start the unraveling, if he's gonna play, sometimes it's those little things that matter in getting a W. Everyone contributing on a team matters so much. Stanton has an off day or two and Hanley and Reyes step up. Big Z pitches and hits along with going deep and the bullpen will be fresh for the Braves. LoMo knocks down the ball and doesn't hurry the throw to get the out at first. All the makings for a shot in the playoffs. And right now more W's than Losses gotta love it as a fan.


I thought this was a post about soler. I don't mind the signing the more we build the farm the more trade chips and depht we build for July. I think the minor league scouts miami has haven't been that bad considering most of the players they have have been mostly drafted. havent seen the marlins sign alot of foreign players or miami guys mostly oklahoma or cali.until fernandez,wouldn't mind if they invested more on signing international and building the dominican league team some more draft are great but christian martinez, ozuna ,and cabrera are the only ones I can think of that they actualy developed maybe it is time to catch teams like red sox,nats braves and yankeees especialy with a new cap it could open alot more possibilities with the blend of culture in miami cubans whites chinese what ever they can play they can play in the same uniform as for catchers go we gave up on olivo to soon he is a hell of a catcher already caught two no hitters and could give u a couple of fun at bats


how about Pudge can he do any worse his defense is better calls a great game and can problably hit better than .200. buck should concentrate more on hitting and eilding than on his mask designs

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