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MARLINS NOTEBOOK GAME 1 V. RAYS: LoMo Getting a Break, Kearns Back off DL

MarlinsfishtankBY GEORGE RICHARDS grichards@MiamiHerald.com

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Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen said Friday that he was giving slumping first baseman Logan Morrison a few days off to get himself right – not long after saying there were seven players who were in the conversation for demotion to the minors.

It didn't sound like Guillen meant Morrison was one of those players.

“He needs to relax, work on things in the cage and in batting practice to see if he can get better,'' Guillen said. “He needs to get back to where he was. This is not a punishment, nothing like that. He needs a break mentally. He'll be playing soon. We cannot win without him hitting well. He's hitting fifth and we need him to be better. This isn't a message.''

After Thursday's loss to the Braves – a series sweep in which Miami was outscored 21-3 – the Marlins brought outfielder Austin Kearns off the disabled list (hamstring) and sent Bryan Petersen to Triple-A New Orleans.

Guillen didn't immediately meet with the media after Thursday's game as he said he was in a meeting to determine who went down. Petersen ended up being the guy, although Guillen said it could have been a number of players who got the demotion.

“It's tough for Petersen because it could be any other players,'' Guillen said before the Marlins opened a three-game set with Tampa Bay at Marlins Stadium on Friday.

“There were like seven names involved in the meeting and we had to pick one. Unfortunately it was Petersen. I think the team is better where we are right now. The front office is working very hard, looking for players not playing well to ship them out. It's a warning. The meeting was 45 minutes for one player. That means there were a few players involved. They better step it up. If they don't know, they need to be aware. They need to look in the mirror and say 'why Petersen and not me'?''

Morrison, who spent time at New Orleans last season, was hitting .250 when he was pulled in from the outfield to replace the demoted Gaby Sanchez at first on May 20. Morrison hasn't had an easy go of it lately, getting just two hits in 24 at bats this month as his average has dropped to .216.

Greg Dobbs replaced Morrison at first on Friday and batted fifth behind Giancarlo Stanton. Miami went 0-for-13 with runners in scoring position – leaving 11 stranded – on Thursday as Morrison went 0-for-2 in that situation.

“Every time we lose a game, that's why,'' Guillen said. “We're not getting the big hits. We're not. That's hurt us almost all year long. We have guys on and we can't drive them in. Is it a concern? No. We have to be better.''

-- The Marlins also sent left-handed reliever Dan Jennings to New Orleans and brought up Sandy Rosario from the Zephyrs.

Jennings pitched the ninth inning Thursday, giving up a three-run homer to Michael Bourn with two outs.

“I this this kid should be in the minors to prepare himself for a major league career,'' Guillen said of Jennings, who pitched two innings against the Braves this week. “I think he was excited, but it wasn't proper to bring him up to the big leagues. I'm not saying he wasn't ready, but it was too quick. He should be down there developing.''

-- Guillen, who spent the final season of his 16-year career with the Tampa Bay 'Devil' Rays in 2000, said Rays manager Joe Maddon is one he most respects in the game.

Maddon has helped transform the Rays from cellar dweller to contender, leading Tampa Bay to the playoffs in three of the past four seasons with a trip to the World Series in 2008.

“He's done a lot of good things for his ball club and especially his city,'' Guillen said. “Everything he does seems to work. He's been winning all these years because he's a very smart baseball man. His players respect him, love to play for him.''

-- Saturday night's game will start at 7:15 p.m. and will be broadcast locally on WSVN-7 as Fox Sports will broadcast both Miami-Tampa Bay Saturday night games this season.

The second game will be next week at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg.

COMING UP --Saturday: Tampa Bay Rays LHP Matt Moore (2-5, 4.45) at Miami Marlins RHP Carlos Zambrano (4-3, 2.81), 7:15 p.m., Marlins Park

--Sunday: Rays RHP James Shields (6-4, 4.27) at Marlins RHP Anibal Sanchez (3-4, 3.19), 1:10 p.m., Marlins Park

--Scouting report: Zambrano is coming off a strong performance as he gave up one run on four hits in a win at Philadelphia on Sunday. Miami has won six of Zambrano's past seven starts this season. Zambrano has only faced Tampa Bay once, losing in St. Petersburg in 2008.


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Not too many choices for us are there?

Trader Jack

The obvious choice is to play Monty Hall and Lets Make A Deal. Whatever package[s] solve the problems of Lomo,Gaby ,Cogs, and Petey. This month or next,something has to be done. Bye-Bye.


From previous thread, Harper: 19yrs old and the kid already has strike zone recognition. 900 OPS, 17 walks vs. 26 Ks,pretty impressive.

For comparison, Stanton on the year is at 950 and 23 / 53, OK with both these kids the sky's the limit. And if Stanton just improves those walk ratios just a bit better, wow watch out.

And if anyone is curious the US is having a really good push right now against Antigua.


And 2 minutes after I make that post Antigua scores. 2 -1 USA in the 66th minute.
Lastly for sh*ts and giggles I looked up Sheffield's career OPS: 907, a shame the alleged steroid use will keep him out of the Hall. Maybe in the top 5 of most feared hitters in the 10yr period from 93' to 03'

Where Have You Gone deAza

Went to the Braves-Nats game last Sunday and in the 1st inning I saw Harper hit a homer of off Hanson that may have been one of the hardest hit balls I've seen since 1956. The ball reached the 2nd deck in left center field as quickly as the Stanton homer off of Moyer, and trhis ball was hit off of Tommy Hanson and not jamie Moyer. Harper is a legitimate 5 Tool 19 year old who knows and respects the game past and present. I will start to root for the Nats when the Marlins drop out of this thing. That Coghlin is in there again and they have a guy who can't move playing a spacious left field--Well, it borders on insanity. Play Solano until he justifies that he shouldn't be playing. You CAN'T strand 9 runners in 4 innings. I'm about to turn this crap off and take a break from it.It borders on numbing.

Where Have You Gone deAza

We will never get a chance to decide if it was a good idea to pinch hit Morrison for Nolasco in the bottom of the 5th with runners on. Johnny B. Buck took care of that. I have never seen a guy hit a slow roller into the hole, have the SS have to throw across his body to get the force and have the relay throw easily beat the runner. That is John Buck. As a result of the DP they have only stranded 10 runners in 5 innings and with the 13 yesterday that is 23 runners left on in 14 innings. Many things are erroneously decribed as "futile", in this instance the word futile does not even begin to approach a level of ineptitude rarely seen. And make no mistake this was also going on in May BUT Stanton and some great pitching and bad opponents masked it. There will be no place to hide this month.

Has anyone else noticed the HUGE number of empty seats and I don't believe the Heat are playing tonight. That can be the rationale for tomorrow. The good denizens of South Florida need to be excited to spend their money and this ain't exciting.

Where Have You Gone deAza

24 stranded in last 15 innings. Is there a stats geek out there who might know the record for LOB in 2 games? Of course we will probably also need to know the record for 3 games, 4 games etc.By the way(and this is obviously said out of fraustration), is anyone else getting tired of this switching to Minervini while he conducts his interviews during the game? Preston Wilson seems like a very nice man and if this gig does not work out he can write the spin for either the Democrats or Republicans after bad news of any type. I had forgotten Donnie Murphy was still on the roster. There is a REAL!!!! old joke about a guy only being kept around because he has incriminating pictures. In this current situation there must be multiple players who are really good with a camera. That is Badenhop pitching out there and not Rollie Fingers or Eckersley, right??

Where Have You Gone deAza

Good Night All!! I'll leave it in your able hands.I just recently moved to outside DC and it may have been a fortuitous move as far as baseball. I will continue to pull for the Marlins but it will be very easy to pull for Strasberg, Gio, Jackson, Harper,Zimmerman and all these other good guys if it means thwarting the Braves, Phillies and Mets.

Stan M

One day when the NY Giants were at the pinnacle of their glory years...for those of you who are too young, Mr. McGraw and his Giants ruled NY until Babe Ruth came along and they still won pennants in 1921,22, and 23. Well, one day a retarded kid asked Mcgraw for a tryout. He had nothing but hung around for the game which the Giants won. I believe it was for the rest of the year that McGraw carried him just for luck. Maybe we need something like that to change things around. We really haven't been hitting all year but often winning in spite of it as de Aza points out above. Maybe Perez and his "patience" crap isn't the answer.

Flav C

Some serious soccer games tomorrow in the Eurocup:
Netherlands - Denmark
Germany - Portugal

Beer time with my folks from Portugal and Netherlands in Kendall!

Where Have You Gone deAza

Sorry!! I knew I said I was done for the evening, however, it just occured to me what they always say about the back-up QB being the most popular kid on the team. Well, right now I'm a big fan of Solano and if he and Ruggiano are not in there real soon--and for awhile---I'll only be able to conclude that something is seriously amiss. Stan, i wish to pay you homage for your preiscence when it came to Buck. You nailed it. I was dead wrong and I should have come on here and complimented you last year. is it obvious to you that Coghlan appears to be incapable of turning on the ball. he hit the bomb against Lincecum but I can't recall another ball he has pulled with authority this year. I'm also wondering if Morrison was so motivated by the courageous nature of his father's actions that it propelled him to be really special for his dad. Soon after his father dies he starts the silly tweeting and as far as I can see he lost focus. Now I know that not hitting can make you "look" like you don't care when in reality you are busting your butt. It's just this whole thing is so strange with Coghlan and Morrison going from what appears to be 10-12 year guys to now questioning if they can play. It's nuts. It really is. I don't know about you but this stuff is becoming unwatchable. It's almost becoming like "Groundhog Day", there is no variance to the pattern and really it WAS going on in May but the Padres, Astros, Tribe and Pirates helped to mask it. Now it's the Braves, Rays and Red Sox. Stan, Would you pay money to watch this. I know we are paying for DIRECTV but in that situation we have options. If you are at that beautiful park tonight, you are just looking for distractions.

Flav C

Stan - your boy Keys was invited to go to the All Star Game in the Class A. Looks really promising.

Stan M

Lamentations from an old man who has seen it all:
If this team can't draw with the Braves and the Rays, when will they draw? They wanted to average 30,000. Now it doesn't look like they'll hit 25,000 and that will affect signings down the road. Bad, bad, bad.
Flav, thanks for the lowdown on Keys. Now down to .361.
Alex, as per your point recently, Ozzie left Kearns in to run when he got to 1B in late inning even though it was obvious that he was still hurt.
LB, Coghlan didn't drag his rear foot, but he picked it up on all of his swings against the lefthander. He was hitting on one foot, his front one.
As per my post above about a mascot, how about McKeon back on the bench. No authority...just for luck.
If any of you saw the TV series "Brotherhood" set in Providence, Kearns looks like Tommy, the "good" brother.
The stat heads have used defensive stats to show that Bryce Harper is a below average outfielder. I'd like to have 3 below average outfielders just like him on my team any day. Those defensive stats stink in my opinion.
Most of us really like Coghlan and LoMo. But let's face reality. They both must be replaced, at least for the short run.
It's bad enough that Buck is an automatic out. But to watch him flail away swinging from his heels no matter the situation drives me up a wall.
Preston Wilson seems to be a nice young man. Loved his dad. But he takes away from all of the good points that make our two regular announcers enjoyable. All he seems to do is agree with what has been said but with too many words.
I find myself switching to the Nats games between innings. As someone said above, if the Marlins tank, the Nats are sure an interesting team to root for.
We are making too many pitchers seem like surefire Cy Young candidates this year.
I saw an article today (originally from The Sporting News I think), that claimed that the Marlins are the NLs best team. Hope is eternal, but it will take more than hope to prove that writer correct. Let's "hope" so

Just Wondering

Was the article in the Sporting News from 2003. Or 1997?

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