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Recalled Gaby Sanchez on his trip down to the minors: "I figured out a couple little things"

After being sent to the minors three weeks ago to try and solve his woes at the plate, first baseman Gaby Sanchez was recalled to the big leagues on Sunday morning and reinserted into the Marlins starting lineup.

Gaby Sanchez
First baseman Gaby Sanchez has hit just .215 with 7 HRs and 39 RBI in the 104 games he's played in since making the All-Star team.

Sanchez, who hit just .197 with 1 home run and 11 RBI in 122 at-bats to start the season before being demoted on May 19th, hit .310 with three homers and 10 RBI in 19 games for Triple A New Orleans.

"I'm just here to play baseball," said Sanchez, who earned a trip to the All-Star Game last season after getting off to a hot first half (.293, 13 HRs, 50 RBI).

"I figured out a couple little things. Nothing too major. It was just going down there and playing, getting repetition. It was just playing really."

Sanchez said he wasn't shocked the Marlins sent him down after getting off to a slow start. In the 104 games he's played since the All-Star Game, Sanchez has hit just .215 (76 hits in 353 at-bats) with seven homers and 39 RBI.

"Knowing I wasn't doing what I was supposed to be doing and wasn't producing and knowing they weren't happy with what I was doing you know there is always that possibility of being sent down," Sanchez said.

"It's not what you've done in the past or have done, it's what you're doing right now to help the team out. As ballplayers we know that. It's something you can't get mad about because you're trying to help the ballclub win. If it's you getting sent down, then that's what it is."

Asked if he had figured out what was troubling him at the plate and led to him getting sent down, Sanchez responded: "I wasn't getting hits. That's all it basically is. I just wasn't getting any hits."

"You can always go back and start at looking at things always and see things," he continued. "Even when you are doing good there are things you aren't doing perfectly. That's baseball. You're going to get hits. Balls are going to fall and balls aren't going to fall. Balls weren't falling for me. I wasn't getting hits and I went down there kind of cleared my mind up and did what I needed to do."

Logan Morrison, who filled in for Sanchez at first base when he was sent down, has returned to left field. 


> Marlins (31-28): 1. Jose Reyes SS, 2. Omar Infante 2B, 3. Hanley Ramirez 3B, 4. Giancarlo Stanton RF, 5. Logan Morrison LF, 6. Gaby Sanchez 1B, 7. Chris Coghlan CF, 8. Brett Hayes C, 9. Anibal Sanchez P.


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We Suck

It'll help like having leeches suck the sick blood out of a corpse.
Worst team in the majors.


why do they have lomo the tool hitting 5th?

Where Have You Gone deAza

Poor Anibel goes into the game knowing he probably needs to pitch a shutout to get a no decision. Something nobody discusses is why the injuries linger so long on this team---I mean beyond what you would normally expect--- And also why surgeries are delayed months just jeopardizing significant portions of a season? Didn't they know for a fact Morrison needed surgery in September? If they did why did they wait until December? Was LoMo hesitant to put down his phone to go under the knife? The persistance of the Coghlin thing also seemed strange(By the way if they EVER get another walk off hit, I'm betting that Phi Beta Kappa is right in there jumping around. Similiar to Morrison with his bad knee picking Stanton off the ground. Maybe IQ tests should be in play before signings). Let's also not forget the Baker injury that became nearly interminable(they said short term at first) AND where I chose my name sake--deAza--a guy who was due to start the season in CF. Gets hurt in an exhibition game the day before. We were all told it was "nothing" and in AUGUST!!!! he gets operated on. What the Hell and where is the Cajun Fat Boy, Sean West,he was hurt screwing around in the outfield and has now disappeared.

OZZIE!!!!!----Don't be surprised by guys hiding injuries on this team. I know many players do it but the guys on this team bring it to an art form. Sometimes they even get the cooperation of management as when Fredo(You know the "challenged" son in the Godfather)Gonzalez KNEW that Kevin Gregg was hurt and yet continued to send him out there as a season spiraled out of control.

I understand we have bigger problems now--such as what Oz(The Forumite) mentioned yesterday when he brought up the point that with the exception of Stanton and Johnson there has not been one quality player produced with any Marlins pick in the last 10 years who is now producing in MLB. How in the Hell are people not talking about that? This is especially galling in light of Samson's comment that people are afraid of dealing with the "brain trust" that is the Marlins.

I'm in my 60's and can only run 6 miles around the beauty that is DC,therefore I can appreciate samson running dual marathons,however, I would much more appreciate the next time we have 5 selections in the first 64 picks of a draft that we get more than 1 starter. Is that possible? I told my wife that I will not watch today. I have loved this team since Opening Day in 93, was a season ticket holder until moving in 2002, and have never stopped caring but the decision making is now inane and the only thing to look forward to is eruption of Mt Guillen.


Morrison put off his surgery so he could play in that series in Taiwan in November. Hope it was worth it.

Where Have You Gone deAza

Dear laurel, I had no idea!! Are you sure? That is unbelievable. They allowed him to do that? Was there a tweting contest also going on in Taiwan. I'll be at the next Philadelphia series and will be purposefully sitting in LF. I will tell the big guy what he can do with his cell phone.

By the way, they better hope Anibel is on because the bullpen is decimated and they have not 1 long man available. Maybe we'll get to witness a position player pitching. Well, you guys can witness, i ain't watching.


With our new stadium, the need for speed in the outfield is a must. Boni is the only one we have that has great speed, Stanton has ok speed & LoMo is just plain slow. With Boni out we are just outmanned in the outfield. A trade needs to be looked at for a speedy LF. IMO....LoMo might be the chip to offer in a trade for a speedy outfielder.


@ De Aza: Love the Mt. Guillen eruption comment. Most of us on this board have made several comments in the past that the clock is ticking on Beinfest and Fleming to produce top draft picks who are a hit. Yelich and Fernandez may prove to be those, hopefully but thats 2-3 yrs down the road.

And yes this team is riddled with about 3 too many 1B and the 1/2 the lineup playing outside their natural position. Thankfully, Hanley has transitioned well @ 3rd.


It's unbelievable to me that Ruggiano is not in the starting lineup today after the way he's been swinging the bat. I know they're going against a righthanded pitcher, but I'd rather have Ruggiano at the plate than LoMo, even against a righty, and I'd certainly rather have Ruggiano chasing down a fly ball.
As far as a trade for Lomo is concerned, right now they're not going to get a better outfielder than Ruggiano in return, so why not play him?
Apparently they let Lomo go, because he went with no repercussions. And as I recall, he hobbled around like a three-legged jackass the whole time he was there. If Lomo concealed the extent of his injury so he could get a free trip to China, he should be shot. If the FO knew he needed surgery and let him go anyway, they should be shot.

Stan M

I put this on older blog by mistake so am pasting it here

Among many unproductive players, Murphy has been the least productive (not including Buck and his big salary of course). So this is a good move, for Gabby can't be any worse than some of our slumping players. Let's note that this slump, while far from a good sign, has not knocked us out of contention. To my way of thinking, the attendance picture is a much more foreboding omen. Last night they couldn't fill a brand new ballpark on a Saturday evening and overall attendance is 15-20 percent below expectations. And that is if we believe the attendance figures and not our eyes. This could lead back to the team's biggest weakness...Loria. Yes he make 3 big signings, but just below the surface was the disasterous dumping of Cody Ross and questionable trade of the Hopper. In today's market these were "small change" transactions. But can anyone picture Loria actually spending some of his own money on player purchases or signings if his revenue is down by that margin. A gross loss of 15-20 percent in attendance is probably a 60-80 percent loss in bottom line profit. A respected member of our posters, LB, said we must wait till the better drawing teams arrive. LB, the Braves and Rays certainly should draw well, we can't rely solely on the Red Sox, Mets, and Yankees. And if this inagural year is down, what can we expect in the future? We've seen enough salary dumps to be familiar with that scenario.


Stan M,
Guess you're right, 'cause the Rays certainly haven't brought in the crowds. Of course, the Rays, as well as they're playing, get only about 12,000-13,000 at home. After about five innings last night, the Marlins fans must have bailed out, because it sounded like more Rays fans than Marlins fans. And this afternoon's game will be lucky to draw 20,000. It is scary.


Loria is 71 years old. Now that he has his new stadium and the team is actually worth something, maybe he'll sell out to someone who'll dip into their own pockets to help the team. We can dream, can't we?


Who Cares?

Stan M

I guess I've read too many "LoMO sucks" type of posts. Let us all reflect on what I'm about to say whether you agree or consider me an out of touch old man. Has anyone ever seen LoMo, Coghlan, or any of our players (even Buck) ever dog it on the field? We all know about Hanley in the past, but these guys all run hard, dive for balls and in general conduct themselves like we fans want to see in our players. My point is that these guys are giving their all. We can criticize the results, but shouldn't denegrate the effort. LoMo in particular has tried to play when hurt. In my opinion, to criticize him for it is not fair. Management said at the beginning of this year that LoMo's knee was far worse than Stanton's. Look at Stanton now that he's healthy.

Where Have You Gone deAza

I'm guessing LoMo is being paid around 700,000 a year. I'll assume he only made 500,000 last year. That means he made 1,200,000 last year. Now I'll assume everyone on this Forum makes 100,000 a year that means it would take the individual Forumites 12 years to make what LoMo makes in 2. I'm pretty sure we are all Capitalists here and in this country--with the exception of pro athletes--you are paid for the sustainability of your production. If you are a surgeon at Johns Hopkins(Maybe making less than Lo Mo) nobody gives a rat;s bottom if you try real hard while continuing to botch operations. These athletes continue to inform us this is a BUSINESS, I'll take them at their word. In business--at least in this country--you don't get compensated this well just for giving an effort. Is that true or am I missing something?


Right now...the marlins do not have a single hitter batting over .300 in todays lineup. Infante just dropped below it. Anibel is starting to come apart. When the heck was the last time a Marlins pitcher came up and in against an opponent? Every team goes up there with no fear. Another Home Run! Sorry boyz but this team has officially come apart. Ozzie clearly has no control and they all look disinterested. Bring on the haters...I will agree that this stadium is gonna be a ghost town after this month. Where's Alex, he's right about firing the hitting coach 3-45 with RISP. Someone needs to go.


Not sure what Ruggiano is going to have to do to get consistent playing time. He goes 2-3 with a double and a homer and isn't starting. I've said it before and I'll say it until Ozzie proves otherwise but he's full of crap. If performance dictated the line up there's no reason why Coghlan is playing today. Slowly but surely the cautious optimism is going away.


Ozzie is showing that he's an uneducated bafoon. Ruggiano was one of the bright spots offensively so go ahead and sit him. Cogs is done. He's ruined and obviously the current instructors on this team can't help. Gonna be in the basement real soon. May have to change the name to the Miami Catfish cuz we may be bottom feeding. What a shame.


Stan you bring up a scary point about the attendance and profit. Miami likes a winner and this team, as they are right now won't win in the East. Loria spent on three players and although not total busts they weren't the pieces needed to contend. I've said it before that there are times when this team reminds me of the John Boles era. They can be boring and the players themselves often look bored. I was hoping Ozzie would inject some of his wacky energy but he appears to have left it in Chicago or by making idiotic comments. This team will begin to lose money...oh look Ozzie you jerk off Ruggiano just got a double!

Where Have You Gone deAza

Flagstaff, You may be on to something. Is it possible Laurel and Hardy(Loria and Samson) have told Guillen to keep his mouth shut after the Castro comments. I noticed in Chicago that he would vent fraustration quite quickly. If he is not showing anger with this collection of misfits, what exactly is it going to take. I said before the game Sanchez would need to pitch a shutout for a no decision. Well, it appears he was not up to a shutout. I've kept myself disciplined and am not watching. I check in every once in awhile at yahoo to check the progress. I'm watching the Nats. What is the idiot with the signs doing down the 1B line? He should hold up signs with AB's and hits for the year. Maybe that would traumatize some of these guys. Let's hope they don't need Ruggiano in a late game pinch hitting situation because he is already gone.

Where Have You Gone deAza

Well, I watched the 9th inning. And I just checked the box score. Very interesting. Ruggiano and Solano were 2 for 2. The rest of the lineup was 5 for 32. Now I'm not a conspiracy therorist ala Oliver Stone or Jesse The Body but I'm beginning to believe there may be a better story behind Solano and Ruggiano's absence from this lineup than there is emanating from Dealey Plaza.


deAza....the way I see it, baseball is a business/entertainment. The players give us the memories/entertainment with their play. The players more or less get paid less than movie, rock stars.
The players window of opportunity to make the big bucks is definately less than movie & rock stars.


The "new, patient Gaby" came back and swung at pitches practically in the dirt. This is what the line up should be in my humble opinion: Lomo & Gaby platooning at 1st base. Donovan Solano in Left. Ruggiano in CF. Dobbs & Kearns should be PINCH HITTERS and not play in the field.


There are obviously things going on behind the scenes that we don't know about. That's why Coghlan keeps getting playing time in CF, for God's sake, and Solano & Ruggiano, the two players with live bats, keep getting benched despite having good games. Lomo had a nice game at the plate, but I really don't wanna see him back in LF.


And as far as the hitting coach goes, it's not just the lack of hits that's the problem. It's the entire approach that sucks. This team does not play good fundamental baseball. How many times has a guy doubled to lead off an inning and the next batter has failed to at least get him to 3rd base with a productive out? That's how you can score runs even when you are not hitting well, but not this team! Their approach at the plate is lousy and selfish, as if they have no clue about situational hitting. Hanley is one of the worst at this. By the way, since Philly, he is batting less than .100.

Stan M

I must respectfully differ with you in some respects. The players are engaged in a business. However, they themselves are not businessmen. Rather they are performers in what is a sport; that is, one form of show business. There is no doubt that all players are drastically overpaid, as are virtually all members of show business. That is a problem with our culture and not the fault of the individual performers. As a boy, a box seat in Ebbets Fied cost 3 dollars and reserved seats cost about $1.75. That was about 2 hours pay for the average working man. Now a man can only attend very few games if he brings his family. Ballparks are well on their way to becoming studios for the TV audience and that stinks. From a personal standpoint, I am dismayed by what the union (which was very, very necessary at its inception) has done to this wonderful game. Now it isn't the individual's performance that determines his status with his peers, but rather his salary has become the deciding criteria. These players can't possibly spend even a portion of their money in one lifetime, but these salaries are forever escalating to the point (as you say) that we fans can no longer identify with the players. Yet, despite all of this crap, one shouldn't really blame the players when it's the system that is at fault. As Rome declined, there were more and more shows in the Colosseums. Draw your own conclusions. And it used to be just a damn game!

Eddie S


Where Have You Gone deAza

Dear Stan, I DON'T blame the players but I certainly will not absolve them from heated criticism. as far as the entertainment analogy and the comparison to movie stars and the like, I see a glaring difference. As followers of a team we form an identity with theindividuals. I don't form an identity with Meryle Streep. If see is in a dud movie--has that ever happened??----the experience only last about 2 hours and I write it off and I understand she makes way more money than MLB players, BUT(a Huge "BUT")we do not need to see her perform bad movies day after day after day after day. Same thing with a singer.Buy a CD and it stinks--don't listen to it. Go to a bad performance, it's a one time deal,however, pro sports BUSINESS ENTERTAINMENT is a grind if you have the misfortune of having a vicarious connection to a group of either underachievers or overratededs.

Where Have You Gone deAza

Dear Stan, Also forgot to mention how these guys call it a "business" when they are about to make a move to another team but once having arrived in a new destination they have the gall to say "Hey, it's only a GAME", if they start to underperform. And why do INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS require a union??

Stan M

deAza, I think you would enjoy a book called, "They Played the Game" It is sort of a more modern "The Glory of Their Times" in that the players careers were generally around the time of WWII and slightly after. One can't read their anecdotal stories without completely understanding why a union of some sort was desperately needed. Now, I couldn't agree more with your last statement wondering why independent contractors need a union. However, I don't see your rational in linking ballplayers with movie stars or singers. Their only similarity as I see it is that we pay to see them. Identifying with them is an entirely different matter. And whereas I agree with you in saying that players (and management) are quick to call it a business, I personally don't have any recollection of players then says that it's only a game. My short term memory is a thing of the past and you could be right, I just don't recalling hearing it. A multitude of other excuses, but not that.


I think this is important enough to post twice, but obviously some might disagree and FLAME ME! (LMFAO! I'm 56 years old and pre-internet, so all these "flames" only make me laugh.)

Before this season started, I said that the Front Office was taking a huge gamble this year on a player who has been very inconsistent over the years, Hanley Ramirez. They were betting the bank on Hanley being the Hanley from 2006-2009 again. In fact, the Marlins' Front Office's signing of Jose Reyes was also a gamble on Hanley regaining his form, because signing another "table setter" type of hitter only made sense if the Marlins had faith in the ability of Hanley & Stanton, in particular to drive Reyes in after he gets on base.

Now take a look at how this season has gone. We had a poor April, and so did Hanley Ramirez; he batted .207. The team struggled to score runs and win games. Then came May, and the Marlins took off and had a very successful month. So did Hanley, batting .322 in the month of May. Now the Marlins are having a disastrous June. And so is Hanley, batting .172 this month, practically all of that in the first few days against Philly.

Now of course there are other reasons that the team has lost 6 straight and is struggling. We have talked about the bottom third of the order, and the general lack of good fundamental baseball. But the Hanley numbers don't lie. And they shouldn't surprise anyone, either. Your #3 hitter in the batting order is a key guy. If he hits, the whole line up generally does better than when your #3 guy is scuffling. That's just simple Baseball 101.

Obviously the team needs Hanley to return to his May form. Will he? I don't know. I'm not too optimistic based on his performance in recent years. He generally does not do well against really good pitching, and we have to face some teams that have good arms. All we can do is hope he turns it around. Or hope that others pick up the slack. Otherwise it will be a long, hot summer.

I posted on the MLB board back when they signed Reyes that the success of that signing depends a lot on Hanley starting to hit again. Personally, I had hoped they would get a proven HR hitter and run producer rather than a table setter like Reyes, because I had my doubts about Hanley. I also had my doubts about signing Heath Bell. Joe The Shill Frisaro went berserk on that website attacking me for daring to question the Front Office. I really hope that Hanley turns it around. I don't want to "be right" about Hanley, because it means another tough season.




Posted by: Eddie S

Well said, Eddie; I've been saying the same thing. But I hope you have some THICK SKIN, because you are likely to get attacked for agreeing with anything I say. Some of these guys don't like me. (I will now cry myself to sleep! I just want to be LIKED on the internet! Please, just LIKE me!) LMFAO!!!!

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