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Marlins sign 25. Can any of them supply offense? Immediately?

    BOSTON -- The Marlins today announced the signings of 25 players from this year's draft, though not their top two picks: pitcher Andrew Heaney (9th overall) and shortstop Avery Romero (104th).

    Which somehow leads us to.....

    It was nine years ago that the Marlins rolled into Boston for what was arguably a turning point series to their World Series season. The first game of that series was particularly memorable. The Red Sox scored 10 runs in the first inning before an out was recorded, and Johnny Damon nearly hit for the cycle -- a single, double and triple -- in the FIRST INNING ALONE.

    The Red Sox won that game 25-8, Marlins reliever Kevin Olsen was hit in the head with a line drive that brought a frightened hush to the Fenway faithful and landed the pitcher in the hospital, and owner Jeffrey Loria's personal guest in his box seat near the dugout was none other than that year's first-round pick, local product Jeff Allison.

     The following night, the Marlins rallied for one of their biggest comeback wins in franchise history, and the team took off from there.

    At any rate, the current-day Marlins come crawling into Boston mired in a pronounced hitting slump. Will their bats wake up in Boston?

    Signings: OF Kolby Copeland (Comp B); OF Austin Dean (4th round); SS Austin Nola (5th); SS Anthony Gomez (6th); RHP Ryan Newell (7th); RHP Drew Steckenrider (8th); RHP Nicholas Wittgren (9th); 3B Ron Miller (10th); RHP Matt Milroy (11th); SS Christian Rivera (12th); RHP Blake Logan (13th); C Mike Vaughn (14th); RHP Brian Ellington (16th); OF Christian Keene (17th); LHP Patrick Merkling (18th); LHP Hayden Fox (21st); RHP Robert Ravago (22nd); OF Cameron Flynn (23rd); 3B Matt Juengel (24th); RHP Dane Stone (25th); RHP Justin Jackson (27th); RHP Casey McCarthy (28th); RHP Ronald Barnes (29th); C David Cruz (30th); 3B Patrick Claussen (34th); UT Blake Barber (undrafted free agent).


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Peter Gammons Dog

Doesnt matter if their bats wakeup in Boston ,as the talent is not there to sustain any kind of a winning team over the 162 game season.

Scalpers get scalped in Miami

Tickets for the Marlins next homestand available @ StubHub starting at $4.00....if you wait til gameday they might be $2.00.

Scott Pose

I wonder what Marlins tickets actually cost on StubHub?


Sad but I'm losing interest.


marlins need a catcher that can hit
the yankees have a ton of catchers in their system
come on beinfest pull the trigger
do you know how many catchers the marlins drafted
last week out of about 40 choices


did not finish







Thank God the Heat have taken my mind off this team for a while.
Very dissapointing thus far.
A trade is brewing in my opinion.


I'm starting it out on a high note. I say the Fish strike out only 9 (you heard it here first) times in tonight's game. That will be cause for high-fives in the dugout, win or lose.


Alright laruel it's on!! I'm going with 7 SO tonight!! Yep I know I know that's a low number but I think they'll be first pitch swinging and popping up quite a bit!! lol!!

Stan M

The point is they'll lose...again. Know what you mean by losing interest, Flags. I don't know if others feel as I do, but Stanton, while a fine player, just isn't fun like Bryce Harper.
Read a couple of articles by some stat heads. They thoroughly condemmed Sanchez, pretty much ignored Bono's improvement (probably because that had predicted a decline), wrote pretty disparagingly of LoMo, but ignored his injury, and while admitting Buck is pretty awful, claimed some of it was bad luck. Sure, fellas. Some of these new methods of evaluation are fine, but in my opinion at least, the subjectividity that was used in determining the criteria to be studied still has too much influence on the supposed objectivity of their results.


Stan M,
Trouble with all that stat stuff is that it takes the human element — and therefore all the fun — out the game. I'd rather just watch a baseball game with a beer in my hand than pore over a bunch of arcane statistics that can't possibly tell me whether the guy at the plate is going to get a hit or strike out. Of course, some stats — like the Marlins' RISP — just reach out and slap you in the face and those you can't ignore.
Truth is, I'm losing interest, too, because watching their futility makes you feel like you'd have to be nuts to care what happens to them. But about two wins in a row and we'll all be right back into it.


The highs & lows of a season....hope none of you guys live in any of those tall condos in S. FL.

Cheer up...we still have about two thirds of the season to go. I'm going to get tix for the Phillis series.


Agreed laurel. If they rip off 5 or 6 in a row. I know myself well enough to admit that I could never be a manager due to lack of patience. That being said I find myself more apathetic with this team than in years past. Even some of the other losing seasons I would sit back and be amazed by a walk off from Cody Ross or a double play by Alex and Louie, but with this team I find myself falling asleep as they have been so predictable. A few hits...maybe a stolen base and some decent pitching if you're lucky. I go see them in August when them come to AZ and I really hope that they are a little closer.


I really think Spit has the best attitude of all.
Call me crazy, I've thought in the past that sometimes it's more fun when you go into a season with few expectations and little chance of making the playoffs. Then you can watch the games without holding your breath or throwing your 1977 Trail Blazers beer mug at the TV. If you win, it's an unexpected blessing, if you lose, there's always tomorrow night.
Maybe being crazy is what keeps Cubs fans from going insane.

Stan M

LB, I grew up a Brooklyn Dodger fan, so "Wait Till Next Year" became a byword of my baseball psyche. Thomas Caryle said something like, "Lower thy denominator, blockhead" and you are saying the same thing more sanely. Totally agree with you that this years high expectations followed by mediocre performance has lessened the joy of following our team. And Spitballer, you are correct and I wish that I felt the same.
Talking about a spitball, I learned one thing and it might not be true. At a very young age I read that to throw a spitball, the pitcher literally puts his two top fingers in the saliva and when the ball is released, it slips from his fingers causing a forward spin and the ball drops significantly. Now it just sounds like spitting on the ball will change wind currents against it. My bottom line thinking is that whereas a scuffed up ball will do strange things when thrown by a conditioned arm, a true spitball is an entirely different thing. Otherwise, why does it (slippery elm, etc) have to be slippery. Does anyone have any better knowledge on this?


We need to teach our Little Leaguers to throw Knuckleballs, the Knuckleball has totally re-invented RA Dickey career. RA Dickkey = BIW pitcher


Stan M,
Don't know whether there is anything on the above site that will answer your question, but if you aren't familiar with the stuff there, you should give it a look. It's fun. Find out whether you can react fast enough to hit a 90 mph heater.

Stan M

BraMan, a generation ago we had the two Niekro brothers popularize it, one reaching the HOF. Then there was Joe Wood who threw both games of a doubleheader and our own first pitch ever fellow. The generation before that Hoyt Wilhelm rode the knuckler to the HOF and I believe during WWII, all 4 of the Washington Senator starting pitchers featured the pitch. It was said that Mickey Mantle has a wicked knuckleball. Popularizing it would certainly save some careers, not to mention arms.


Wow, thanks for the info Stan M. Who says we dont learn something new everyday!

George S

It's a long season but it's ridiculous that on nights the bats produce more than 4 runs, the pitchers give up 8 runs. When the starting pitching is stellar, only Reyes belts a double at some point in the game. This team was winning in May because they were all clicking at the same time; producing runs, timely hitting, great starting pitching, etc.


Cool posts Stan with the baseball history. Thank you.


The best pure hitter (Avery Romero)in the 2012 draft is still waiting for the Marlins to sign him. This kid is flat out an offensive machine. The boy can hit for average and power. I sure hope the Marlins dont screw this up and lose him to Florida. Sign him and get him on the roster ASAP.

Stan M

A couple of days ago someone was complaining about Minervini's interviews and I didn't have time to respond. Personally, I don't mind either him or Frank Forte doing interviews during the game because if something happens they almost always comment on it. But that babe, who must be there to equalize political correctness, would keep on blabbing if there was an unassisted triple play on the field. A bit of trivia. Minervini is from Huntington on Long Island and for a while dated Jerry Cooney's sister (the heavyweight boxer)


Minervini looks like he'd be lucky to be dating Cooney, now.

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