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Mujica has broken pinky on right foot, first trip to disabled list likely

The Marlins haven't announced it yet, but expect reliever Edward Mujica to go on the disabled list soon.

The veteran right-handed reliever has a fractured right pinky toe and said he expects to be out at until after the All-Star Break. Mujica, who is wearing a protective boot on his foot, was injured Friday when he was struck by a line drive off the bat of the Phillies' Placido Polanco in the seventh inning.

"That one was very quick. I didn't even have a chance to move my feet or get out of the way," Mujica said of the liner that plunked him. "That was like bang-bang, boom-boom."

Mujica said he remained in the game and finished the seventh inning after being hit because his foot felt numb. But as soon as he got back into the Marlins dugout the pain ensued. "One out of 10, I'd say it was a nine," Mujica said of the pain.

Manager Ozzie Guillen said he has yet to discuss the situation with President of Baseball Operations Larry Beinfest or general manager Mike Hill, but said he and his staff are recommending Mujica goes on the disabled list. Mujica (0-3, 4.46 ERA) has never been on the disabled list.

"There was a long conversation about what we were going to do because he can feel better in four days [and go back out there]," Guillen said. "But, realistically, when you got a broken bone you don't know. If we wait four days, send him back to the mound and he can't pitch, then he's going to lose four days, six days from going on the DL.... I think the best thing we can do is just put him on the DL."

> With Justin Ruggiano playing well, Guillen was asked if there will still be a spot for him in the Marlins lineup once Emilio Bonifacio returns from the DL.

"Oh yeah. I've never seen any manager bench anyone when they're playing good," Guillen. "... Ruggiano, the way he's playing right now, I will find him playing time [for him] -- believe me. How we're going to do it? That's easy.They do it for me. He's definitely going to have playing time. I'm not going to say he's going to platoon. It's not that way. But I will find him at-bats, some at-bats."

Ruggiano entered Saturday's game with the third highest batting average (.396) in June in the majors, behind Joey Votto (.40) and Joe Mauer (.400). His .729 slugging percentage is fourth. Ruggiano, a .258 career hitter in 121 major league games, said he's just taking advantage of his playing time. Saturday will be his 12th start for the Marlins.

"I'm not trying to do too much. I'm getting more comfortable. More playing time helps," Ruggiano said. "This is definitely the most I've been able to play over one stretch during a month. I've never had this kind of opportunity. I've had it maybe a week at a time or a week and a half at a time in Tampa, but it was never more than that. That lineup fluctuated so much it was tough to get in there sometimes."

> JENNINGS HONORED: Dan Jennings, who has spent most of his working life scouring ballparks large and small in search of baseball talent, on Friday was inducted into the Professional Baseball Scouts Hall of Fame in Fort Myers.

Jennings, the Marlins' assistant general manager and vice president of player personnel, was enshrined in ceremonies at Hammond Stadium. "It is a great honor to be recognized and go into the Hall of Fame of scouting," Jennings said.

Jennings, who began his scouting career with the Cincinnati Reds in 1986, signed and developed more than 45 players -- including Josh Hamilton, Carl Crawford and James Shields -- when he served as Director of Scouting for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for seven seasons. Jennings is in his 10th season with the Marlins.

Three other scouts are being inducted in the scouting Hall of Fame in ceremonies this summer. They are Bill Lajoie (Detroit Tigers), Chris Pitarro (Oakland A's) and Al Avila (Tigers).


> Phillies (36-43): 1. Jimmy Rollins SS, 2. Placido Polanco 3B, 3. Chase Utley 2B, 4. Carlos Ruiz C, 5. Hunter Pence RF, 6. Shane Victorino CF, 7. Ty Wiggington 1B, 8. John Mayberry LF, 9. Cole Hamels LHP.

> Marlins (36-40): 1. Jose Reyes SS, 2. Hanley Ramirez 3B, 3. Giancarlo Stanton RF, 4. Logan Morrison LF, 5. Justin Ruggiano CF, 6. Omar Infante 2B, 7. Gaby Sanchez 1B, 8. John Buck C, 9. Mark Buehrle LHP.


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y gaby

Scott Pose

Dear Gaby, Look at yourself on tape. I mean the entire time at the plate including time in and out of the box. I think I understand something of ritualistic OCD behavior and it just might be time to lose the thing with the cradling of the bat on both arms and the tightening of the batting gloves. These rituals are suppose to make people comfortable. Gaby, You are not comfortable. In fact you are pathetic at the plate. You might just be applying too much energy to these mannerisims. It obviously works for a lot of guys but how many months is it now that it has not worked for you?


I've been saying for weeks that Ruggiano should be playing every day. Of course there are some baseball geniuses who disagreed, saying he would eventually return to what he always hit, LOL. Problem with that brilliant argument is that Ruggiano never even played a full year, so it's impossible to say what "he always hit"; the guy had no track record to return to. The only track record he had was in the minors and he hit very well there. So Ozzie has finally seen The Light when it comes to Ruggiano. For now, anyway.

But he is still dumb as an ox regarding Lomo, Gaby, Dobbs, & Cousins. He insists on playing that statue, Lomo, in Left Field, sometimes putting Dobbs there, and he insists on shoving Gaby Sanchez down our throats at 1st base. Cousins? He sits on the bench. The only way Cousins plays is at the expense of Ruggiano's playing time. It's obvious that Cousins should be playing in the outfield and Lomo, if Ozzie really wants him, should be at 1st base. Gaby? He should be gone. He's just terrible.

I have lost a lot of respect for Ozzie's managing. I can only wonder what sort of stupid line up he will come up with once Boni returns. He'll probably have Boni in center, Lomo in left, and Ruggiano & Cousins can share part time outfielder duties. And we'll still have to suffer through horrible Gaby Sanchez ABs.


Absolutely correct, Scot Pose. When you watch Gaby batting, he's completely OFF BALANCE. He has his weight falling across home plate; he does not have his body's momentum going FORWARD. I swear, one of these times I expect Gaby to swing and miss and fall across home plate face first. Good hitters have their mass and power going FORWARD, towards the field in front of them, but Gaby's momentun is often taking him SIDEWAYS, across the plate.

I have no clue what to do about that, but it's obvious he needs to rebuild his swing, and possibly his entire stance, the whole nine yards.


Ozzie is a true clown. Seriously. He will "Gaby & Lomo" this team into last place. Gaby pops up not once with a runner on third and one out, but TWICE.

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