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Music returns to the Marlins clubhouse

There was music playing in the Marlins clubhouse again Monday night, which could only mean one thing.

"That means we won and we played a good game," Marlins ace Josh Johnson said.

Said manager Ozzie Guillen: "It was like somebody had been dead in there for the last couple days. I don't blame them. Their feelings are hurt when they're not winning. But hopefully this win against a good pitcher, a good ballclub helps us get on another hot streak and continue to win."

The Marlins (32-29) snapped their season-long six-game losing streak with a 4-1 victory against the Boston Red Sox. And Johnson was at the center, tossing a season-high 116 pitches and seven strong innings, striking out seven, scattering four hits and giving up just one earned run as he won for the fourth time in his last six starts.

Much like everyone else at Marlins Park, Johnson was surprised to see the roof open for the first time since April 18th. Asked if it made a difference, Johnson smiled.

"It was cooler. It was breezy. So it kind of kept the humidity down," Johnson said. 

The 116 pitches followed up a 113-pitch start in which Johnson went 7 2/3 innings. Johnson, who missed most of last season with shoulder problems, said he feels just fine with heavy workload.

"I like being out there. I want the ball. Again today, I went underneath and hid [from Guillen]," Johnson said. "I wasn't going to let them find me."


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Flav C

Beckett has been struggling against lefties this season and tonight was no different: Reyes batting left hit a triple and Morrison hit a double. Both scored runs. Coghlan could have yield a BB with some more patience.
Tomorrow will be no different: Lefties are hitting .330 against Buchholz and have a .422 OBP. He's walked lefties 3 times more than righties (23 BBs vs 8 BBs).
A little patience should pay off. And that is valid for our extra left bat tomorrow, Buerhle.

Flav C

And in Bradenton, our Jupiter Hammerheads beat Bradenton 10-5 tonight. Mark Canha,who yesterday had a 3 HR / 6 RBI performance, tonight hit 2 more HRs and 6 more RBIs. Unbelievable. He know leads the Class A in HRs with 15 and is second in RBIs (46).
Jose Fernandez, our 2011 #1 Draft Pick was pitching a 4 inning, 1 hitter shutout when the game against Kannapolis was suspended. His ERA dropped to 1.27 and he has now completed 24 innings without allowing a run.


Say hello to the Marlins new "Ace", Josh Johnson. He used to have that title a few years ago, of course. There was no doubt who was the Ace of this pitching staff back then. JJ was our dominating #1 starter, a guy who was considered one of the best young arms in the game. Then came one injury after another, and the well documented loss of velocity on his fastball, and going in to this year, no one was sure what kind of JJ we would have. His last start he certainly looked very good. But last night he did exactly what this team needed him to do: stop this 6 game losing streak. He became this team's "Stopper". Every good team has a Stopper, the one dominating Ace who can turn around losing streaks if need be. His performance is great news for us Marlins fans. If he continues to pitch like this, he is going to give this team a huge lift. Because none of our other starters, despite being good pitchers, is "Ace" material. Sanchy has Ace stuff, but lacks the heart and the killer instinct that all true Aces have. Ricky is a #3 or #4 type starter, and Buerhle and Big Z are good pitchers, but their days of being a #1 starter are behind them.

This team and this pitching staff desperately needed somebody to step up and stop the bleeding for the past 5 days. JJ did so last night and at the same time reclaimed his spot as this team's Ace.

Other notes from the game: Solano continues to impress. Coghlan continues to depress. I have no clue why he was in CF again tonight instead of Ruggiano. He can't hit at all; his confidence is shot. In my opinion, Ruggiano should be in CF, Solano in LF, and Lomo & Gaby should be platooning at 1st base. Yes, Lomo's bat is starting to come around and that is huge. But he will wind up costing us some runs with his Outfield Follies in LF. It's only a matter of time. Hanley is still horrible, now batting .056 over the last 7 days. He's 1 for 18. Thank God that Solano and Stanton are still hitting well and Lomo and Gaby are finally starting to hit too.

The stadium is great. Just outstanding. I don't care what anyone thinks of Loria or the Front Office; I'm not a big fan of theirs. But if you live in the Miami area and you bash this stadium and refuse to go to games there, you are an idiot. This stadium is a jewel for this town. Maybe some think that they overpaid for this jewel, but that's over and done with. The jewel is Miami's now. The citizens of this city should be proud to have such a gem. Go to the stadium, Miami. Enjoy the games. The team is pretty good, and the stadium is first rate. What more do you want?


You know I wouldn't mind seeing LoMo platoon when a lefty is pitching just to rest that knee. He appears to be getting better and maybe some continued rest for both he and Gaby wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. I'm sure that's not gonna happen though. Great game by JJ tonight, on ESPN he reclaimed his thrown. Well done.


Great game by JJ tonight, on ESPN he reclaimed his "thrown". Well done. -Flagstafffishfan

I don't know if you meant to say "throne", as in the throne a king sits on, but you are also correct the other way, he DID reclaim his "thrown" as well, because that was a well thrown game, LOL! The re-emergence of JJ as the team's Ace is huge. Remember, this team did not go out and try to sign a CJ Wilson or obtain a #1 starter by some other means. Just like the Front Office is counting on Hanley to hit so that the Reyes trade makes sense, they are also counting on Josh Johnson to return to form so that their strategy of signing guys like Buerhle and Big Z pans out. Because without that one dominating Ace, or Stopper, this pitching staff is just a bunch of secondary starters, a few #3 types, maybe a #2 if Sanchy can get his act together. They needed a #1 starter and since they didn't go and sign one, it was imperative that JJ returned as the JJ of old, or close to it. It appears that he is on his way to being that guy again, and none too soon, either. This losing streak had to be stopped before it became a month long nightmare like last June.

But I can't get over how awesome Marlins Park is. Just a great baseball stadium. The best part? That you can get up out of your seat and walk around the Promenade and watch the game from whatever angle you want, and see it very well, too. That's a really great thing, and you can't do that at most stadiums. I urge anyone who hasn't gone to go, ASAP. Me, I'm already planning my next game.


If I recall correctly they did submit an offer to CJ Wilson but thats neither here nor there. I didn't even notice how hard he was throwing until the 4th inning where he was hitting 95-96. I missed his previous start was he throwing that hard against ATL. Well it is a sight for sore eyes.


I agree that it was a blessing to see JJ pitch the way he did — especially since the Marlins didn't get a hit in the final seven innings of the ballgame. They got off to a great start and just when it seemed they were finding themselves at the plate, they went limp as Hefner's wang again. Let's hope the first two innings last night weren't just a temporary aberration.
In answer to Glags' question, even though Johnson's velocity was good against Atlanta, I think it was a little better Monday and his breaking stuff was definitely sharper.


LB, true, but let's not forget that was no bum pitcher out there for Boston; it was Beckett. I mean come on, we couldn't expect to pound him for 9 runs, LOL! In fact some of the "blame" for our poor hitting lately has to go to the opposing pitchers we have faced; the Braves and Rays threw some big arms at us.


JJ's performance last night is what was missing last June, a starter to step up and stop the bleeding, be a stopper. Neither Anibal, nor Ricky was able to step up last June when JJ went down. It was pathetic; our Ace went down and not one of our other starters was able to become The Man when we needed it. Eventually, Javier Vasquez, of all people, stepped up and pitched well, but by then it was too late, our season was over.

You guys watch what happens now; I would be shocked if the other starters don't respond to that performance by JJ last night. The same way his injury last year seemed to deflate the entire pitching staff, I bet that him pitching that game yesterday and ending the losing streak is going to give a major boost to the entire rotation, and even to the entire team. Teams that have a true Ace pitcher feed off him; they get a certain confidence and even a swagger to them, because they feel like that guy is almost a guaranteed win every time out. Conversely, when teams lose their Ace pitcher, very often the whole team let's down, they no longer have that cockiness, that attitude. That's exactly what happened to us last year. We were flying high until JJ went on the DL. Then it seemed like someone let all the air out of the balloon, and we came crashing down to earth last June.


Thanks Alex. Throne.

Flav C

I agree JJ came with a great performance when needed. But also it is important to remember that when he was having a series of 6 bad starts and with his ERA up to the roof, around 6+, there was another pitcher who was holding the fort, pitching 6 impeccable games, never allowing more than 2 earned runs in each of those 6 games span time. And mind you, with very little run support.
We could easily say that JJ is the ace that stopped the bleeding now. We can also say that Anibal was the ace who didn't allow a worse bleeding in the beginning of the season.

Flav C

Tonight's lineup:
1. Jose Reyes (S) SS
2. Omar Infante (R) 2B
3. Hanley Ramirez (R) 3B
4. Giancarlo Stanton (R) RF
5. Logan Morrison (L) LF
6. Gaby Sanchez (R) 1B
7. Chris Coghlan (L) CF
8. John Buck (R) C
9. Mark Buehrle (L) P


Where's Ruggiano? What's Ozzie thinking? I mean, I get the lefty-righty crap, I really do. But I'd rather have Ruggiano hitting against a righthander — even with Buchholz' record — right now than have Coghlan batting against him. And from what I've seen, Ruggiano is a better CFer. I guess this baseball stuff is just too deep for us mere mortals.


Ruggiano & Solano are getting jerked around, No natter how well they play, or how many hits they get, they have no guarantee of any playing time. Personally, I see the Front Office's hand in all this. Maybe Coghlan's trade value was not much, so they were trying to give him some playing time to see if they could showcase him. Unfortunately all these 0-fers are just showcasing the fact that this kid is completely shot. His confidence is just blown, and his BA continues to go lower and lower.

I don't know how we are supposed to win games with a lineup where the #7, 8, and 9 hitters are all automatic outs. Well, buck did get his weekly hit yesterday.


LB, I definitely agree that Ruggiano is a better center fielder than Coghlan. Cogs is not bad at getting to balls and catching them, but his arm in that huge outfield is pathetic.


You will probably accuseme of "being on your case again', Flav C, but I really don't care. I just want to know about these "series of 6 bad starts" that JJ had. Shall I list out his game log?

Apr 4 vs. St Louis - 6 innings, 3 ER - quality start
Apr 11 vs. Philly - 3.2 innings, 7 ERs - bad start
Apr 17 vs Chi - 7 innings, 2 ER - quality start
Apr 24 vs NY - 6.2 innings, 1 ER - quality start
Apr 29 vs AZ - 5.1 innings, 5 ER - bad start
May 4 vs SD - 2.2 innings, 6 ER - bad start
May 9 vs Hou - 7 innings 2 ER - quality start
May 15 vs. Pit - 7 innings 2 ER - Quality start
May 20 vs. Cle - 7 innings 1 ER - Quality start
May 25 vs SF - 5 innings 3 ER - not a bad start, got W
May 30 vs Was - 6 innings, 3 ER - quality start
Jun 6 vs ATL - 7.2 innings 2 ER - quality start
Jun 11 vs Bos - 7 innings 1 ER - quality start

Obviously there were no "six bad games in a row". Hopefully, you are not going to be one of those clowns who will say anything that is the opposite of what I say just to be contradictory because "you don't like me". I don't like YOU, either. I think you are one of these guys who likes to be The Big Wheel on the website. Be that as it may, I'm not going to go out of my way to to CONTRADICT YOUR POSTS just because I think you have issues. And if I DID contradict your posts, I would at least do some RESEARCH so as not to look like a FOOL. "SIX BAD STARTS IN A ROW!" LMFAO!!! In your DREAMS.

And as for Anibal being an Ace and holding this team together, blah, blah, blah, too bad he wilted like a dead flower last June when JJ got hurt. And he has only 3 wins this year against 5 losses and three of his last 4 starts have been horrible. Not exactly an Ace record. But he does have Ace stuff, like I said. But he is lacking something. I don't know if it's heart, guts, killer instinct or what, but he ain't no Ace.


For the RECORD, JJ has had THREE bad starts this year, only TWO of them were back to back. He had one start where he won the game but only went 5 innings and gave up 3 runs, an inning short of a quality start. Certainly not a "bad start", but not a quality start.

Gentlemen, opinions are one thing, but let's try not to post MISINFORMATION here just because you don't like somebody and want to "show them up". These things are easily checked.

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