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Ozzie: "We've got talent. We're good. We're not playing good."

     BOSTON -- Hot as blue blazes in Boston, where the "feels like" temperature was 95 hot ones a moment ago. Perhaps it's time they put a roof on Fenway?

     Ozzie Guillen used most of his pre-game chat with media talking about how he still believed in his players even though the team is in a June nosedive. Guillen said there's a natural "tendency to change lineups" when things aren't going well but that, from experience, it doesn't work.

      "I'm going to stick with the guys," Guillen said. "I'm going to believe in them. I'm going to make the same lineup if I can to make sure they know I'm behind them. We're know we're not performing. It's not a secret for anybody on this ballclub. I think everybody that wears this uniform knows we're not performing."

     But even Guillen said he's mystified how things have turned south so quickly.

     "It surprises me how good you can be one month and then so bad," he said. "I think everybody here has talent. Everybody here has done it before. And I think everybody will come out of this. We've got talent. We're good. We're not playing good."


     Most of the finger-pointing during the slide has been on the offense, or lack thereof. The Marlins, this month, have scored the fewest runs of any team in the majors. But the pitching hasn't exactly been stout as evidenced by a hefty staff ERA of 5.49 this month.

     "April and May we were really good," said pitching coach Randy St. Claire. "It hasn't been good since. About the last week of May was when it started getting some hiccups in there."

     The 5.49 ERA ranks 14th of the 16 N.L. teams, but is a full run higher than the team just ahead of them, the Phillies. Only the Rockies (5.49) and Astros (6.86) rank lower. Last month, the Marlins ranked fifth in the N.L. with a 3.57 ERA.

     "When you look at most of the pitches we're getting hurt on are pitches up in the zone," St. Claire said. "Right now we're making too many mistakes. I've talked to them about it. Whether they feel like they have to throw zeroes up (due to the lack of offense), I don't know. But you can't feel that way."



    Marlins: 1. Reyes, ss; 2. Ramirez, 3b; 3. Stanton, rf; 4. Morrison, lf; 5. Ruggiano, cf; 6. Infante, 2b; 7. Kearns, dh; 8. Sanchez, 1b; 9. Buck, c. Pitching: Nolasco

    Red Sox: 1. Nava, lf; 2. Kalish, cf; 3. Gonzalez, 1b; 4. Ortiz, dh; 5. Ross, rf; 6. Saltalamacchia, c; 7. Youkilis, 3b; 8. Aviles, ss; 9 Punto, 2b. Pitching: Doubront.




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Alright only positive vibes! Cmon boys bring your A game and end this now!


R u kidding? There goes all my positivity. It's like a repeat of yesterday! It's Groundhog Day and we're all stuck watching the same sheeeety team! Unreal.


Clark just wondering when the last Marlins HR was?


This team is a pile of horse s.h.i.t!!

They may go down as the worst hitting team in history


Ricky Nolasco is on the take! Just listed the tickets I have for the game in Phoenix on StubHub. Screw it man.


Morrison hit one last night and tonight. -- Clark


It's only a matter of time before this story hits the national sports media. Ozzie Guillen should be on the hot seat but isn't. Tommy and Rich were just talking about it that right now this team is worse than last years June collapse. The numbers don't lie. Edwin fell on the sword but this dipsheet Ozzie says that all is well and the owner says all is well. We've all been watching baseball for a long time on this blog, have you ever seen anything like this? A team with so much hype, new stadium, new look and a TOTAL Bust? This has the potential to really set this team back. The Marlins were already disliked and not trusted by so many fans because of their firesale history and creepy owners throughout their history and the opportunity to gain a fan base is quickly slipping through their fingers. As we've come to know this team it's hard to find a likable player to really root for. Quite simply the lack of action regarding hitting, pitching coaches and showing no concern from the FO is insulting as a fan. So they just drilled LoMo......if a Marlins pitcher doesn't come out and protect his teammate it shows you that they have no balls. The onlynway to send any message is for fans to leave that beautiful stadium empty.


Ok, who is that "raving nut job" here who is always getting on the Front Office's case for playing all these guys out of position? Did anybody catch Lomo's staggering play on that ball hit by Cody? Hilarious. But as always happens, he gets to where the ball is...but he doesn't make the catch. a REAL OUTFIELDER (Like Cousins, maybe?) makes that play. It would be a very good play, but that's what major league outfielders are supposed to do.


But Ozzie just loves these washed up guys like Dobbs & Kearns. Except they are only good as pinch hitters now, nothing more! Look at Kearns. Struck out looking twice with a runner on 3rd and no outs.

Ruggiano, Stanton, Cousins should be playing the OF till Boni gets back. Lomo should be at 1st base; sorry Gaby, you suck. Solano should spell Infante and Hanley as needed. Dobbs & Kearns should only pinch hit. Period.

To Hell With David Samson

This is, by far, the worst team in the major leagues.
But, hey, we've got a great fish tank and a stupid home run structure and a replica of the Clevelander!
Hey, Marlins, in the immortal words of Ari Gold, GET THE **** OUT!!!!
I hear Portland is lovely this time of year.


Flaggstaff, NOTHING is going to "hit the national media" about the Marlins. This is MIAMI, brother! Nobody here cares and neither does the Sports Media. In 2008 and 2009 with this team only a couple of games out of a Wild Card spot and playing over .500 ball, the Front Office sat back and basically did ZERO. In any TRUE baseball city like NY, Boston, Chicago, etc., the press and fans would have gone berserk. How could the owner just sit back and not even TRY to improve the team at the trade deadline? The papers would be crucifying the owner & Front Office. Here? Nothing at all happened! Zero! Nobody said a WORD.

That was a REAL eye opener for me. That told me that the Marlins ownership and Front Office can basically do ANYTHING they want. And when it came out that Loria pocketed the Revenue Sharing money? Yeah, the people got mad! But not because he didn't put that money into the TEAM, like he was supposed to. In a real baseball town, the fans would have gone berserk over that. But no, the people in Miami were mad because Loria out-smarted their stupid politicians! That's what got them angry! So do not expect ANYTHING to make even a ripple in the media, National or otherwise.


I agree Alex but I do feel that this still has the potential to be a good story. It's got all the ingredients. Loud mouth manager, least likable owner in MLB, new stadium, Showtime, and Total Failure. There is more to this team and their performance. I have to wonder how much these guys dislike their new manager? I think if a reporter were to dig deep enough we'd find a deep rift in this team. When they come to AZ I'll check out what the baseball writers say about them as they typically do a feature on visiting teams. And on we go into the dog days of summer.


Hahahaha. How much does John Buck suck? So much that he hit a homerun and hurt himself in the process. I guess his body couldn't absorb the impact of making good contact with the ball.


lol about Buck. Think Bobby V is happy that he isn't in Miami? He's over there laughing at you Ozzie!


5 K's who won?

The Buck Stops Everywhere

I just finished watching "41" on HBO. George Herbert Walker is a good man.

Flag--Would like to see this become a major story but someone in the local media is going to have to go beliggerent and risk the wrath. Now it seems like it would be worth it and it might even elevate you out of that market if you played your cards right. The big guys seem to get out and the little guys linger because they almost appear to like it. How long did Winderman slink up to Goldberg and his silly radio show. Ira is talented. He does not need "3 Kings" to become a name.

Someone called and told me that Rich seems to be trying to get Tommy to open up. Is that true? Tommy seems so comfortable taking the leisurely drive up and spending 3 hours saying nothing. Why would he want to speak out and ruin the chance to be "Number 2" on Marlins telecasts. I'm really looking forward to that trip to Nationals Park. I guarantee that the "clown" who is Craig Minervini will not be interviewing me about my feelings about some inane matter not related to this disaster of a baseball team.

Stan M

This is awful to contemplate, but be honest. How many of you are hoping that Buck's injury will keep him out till Kingdom come? I'll admit it.

Three losses ago I contemplated that this team is at a crossroad and something must be done. It's many times worse now as we have been humiliated. Never mind just losing games, they are well on their way to losing their fan base. Again...something must be done, if nothing else, just for the sake of doing it. Some of us and some writers have talked about Carlos Lee. Fine! Anything...sign that latest Cuban defector...

The Buck Stops Everywhere

Stan, Hell!! Sign any Cuban defector even if it's a 63 year old woman.

The Buck Stops Everywhere

Craig, We'll be the guys with the Marlins gear and the "Buck O'Meter" sign. You will be the guy with the mic in his hand trying to chase down someone nobody wants to hear during an AB. By the way, PLEASE!!! Release Conine, Floyd and Wilson from that gig and let them go home. Preston, I'm sure you would rather be back in Bamberg and what the Hell does that say about the situation. Poor Conine looks like the Novacaine is about to wear off and Cliff is way toooooo nice of a guy to be anywhere near this zoo.

Flag, I'm serious. I'm really hoping the traveling secretary and management has made it clear that ID better be readily available. I would keep Numez--or whatever his name is---nowhere near Maricopa County.

The Buck Stops Everywhere

Ozzie, I would pursue the line of reasoning that "I don't have any talent", because IF anyone in baseball grasps even the slightest suggestion that you DO have talent, how in the Hell does that make you look?

Your catcher is John Buck, your 1B is Gaby Sanchez, your outfielders have been Logan Morrison, Chris Coghlin, Brian Petersen, Kevin Mattison, Ruggiano. Your backup infielder has been donnie Murphy, your 3rd place hitter has ben an NL Batting Champion doing a bad impersonation of someone doing a bad impersonation of Mario Mendoza doing a bad impersonation of Charlie Lau, your 2B unfortunately looks like he still needs a lot more time, your starting pitchers have finally thrown in the towel, your relievers will have their arms fall off, your President--Well, he has been more adequately defined by others on this Blog, there may still be a Federal , state, county and city investigation of financing measures, the Cuiban Community is still mad at youand you will probably elevate Showtime to the highest ranking in cable history while not making a penny for yourself. And you don't have talent.


It's sad I read all these successes from guys like Strasburg and RA Dickey and then there's the Marlins...watched that has been Kearns SO 3 times and all I can wonder is why is this old fart taking up a roster spot? There is nobody on this team to brag about and look at the mess this pitching staff is in now? We rip on Eduardo Perez but who the hell is Randy St. Claire? This guy has been working with the majority of this group for years now and look at their regression! Wasn't he the Expos pitching coach as well? Must be in good with Loria. How bout start rebuilding and getting rid of Anibel and Ricky in a package deal for some youth? Big Z will be gone next year so who cares about him and JJ we'll see. Trade Infante to a contender needing defense and let the Colombian kid play second for the remainder. Then after the season cut out the cancer Hanley once and for all. I'd rather watch young talent play hard then this group with no balls! After LoMo got plunked did a Marlins pitcher come inside? Nope. No balls!


did anybody see the article posted at Yahoo Sports? Loria says there is nothing to worry about. He must be talking about the Tropical Fish, they are all doing fine.

The baseball team has some good talents, but, I think the problem is that they are not a good team. It takes a team to win games. How do they become a good team? Changes, starting at the top.


What should have every real Marlins fan STEAMING is that they had SIX YEARS to get ready for this season! How do you think REAL MARLIN FANS felt when we found out that Loria was getting millions from Revenue Sharing and POCKETING THE MONEY? We had some decent teams in 2008 and 2009 and maybe a few bucks spent at the trade deadline those years would have produced a playoff team. But then it came out that Loria was pocketing that money and basically NOT EVEN TRYING TO WIN during those years! So why did we even bother going to games? He should have just come out and TOLD THE TRUTH: "Fans, don't expect us to try and compete until the 2012 season. I'm not putting any money in until then."

At least that way we would have had a CHOICE. But we supported those teams thinking that the Front Office was REALLY TRYING TO WIN and the truth is THEY WEREN'T. And to top it all off, if they were saving all that money for the 2012 team, and THIS IS THE BEST TEAM THEY COULD COME UP WITH, THEN THEY SHOULD ALL BE FIRED IMMEDIATELY.

Seriously, guys, they had since 2006 to build this team, and THIS is the best they could do? Infielders and 1st basemen in the outfield? Washed up pinch hitter types like Dobbs & Kearns STARTING? A bullpen that has NOBODY DECENT AT ALL for middle relief? I'm telling you, these guys are LUCKY that they are not in New York, Boston, St. Louis or even Milwaukee! The fans and the press would ROAST THEM ALIVE. But here in Miami where a cornerback's hangnail is a sports page headline, these CLOWNS can get away with ANYTHING.


"This is awful to contemplate, but be honest. How many of you are hoping that Buck's injury will keep him out till Kingdom come? I'll admit it." - Posted by Stan

Ok, ok, I'll come clean as well. As soon as I saw buck grabbing his hamstring I said out loud (to the TV, LOL)"YEAH!!! Great! Maybe he'll go on the DL for 15 days!"

Now I know that is a terrible thing to hope for, and I hope I don't pay for it someday karma-wise, but I'm a Marlins fan, and Buck being out of the lineup for at least 15 days is something I believe most Fish fans would want.

Scott Pose

It's not like you were wishing the Ebola Virus on the stiff. He will still be paid while not producing just as he is now being paid for not producing. there are many bad thoughts--I was raised Catholic--that you should feel bad about popping in your head BUT Buck going on the DL for the duration of his contract is not one of them. He will still be paid. His kids will still eat--as will 4 generations out if he has any financial acumen and his wife will stay with him. Buck will be fine.

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