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SI profiles Stanton; Fernandez debuts; Yelich drives in 7

      Sports Illustrated features Giancarlo Stanton in a four-page spread this week (LeBron James is on the cover, so Miamians can drool all over the issue). The piece is written by Albert Chen:


      Before games opposing players and coaches linger on the field just to watch Stanton take batting practice. One day in Philadelphia, Phillies manager Charlie Manuel asked (former manager Edwin) Rodriguez if he could stand behind home plate to watch the prodigy hit. As Stanton launched bomb after bomb, Manuel just shook his head in silence, and afterward he said to Rodriguez, "I've never seen anything like this."

      Keep in mind, Manuel has been eye-balling the Phillies' big basher, Ryan Howard, for years.

      Another excerpt, in Chen's own words:

      Here is the player to bring back the magic and the thrill of the home run. Here is perhaps the first great slugger of the poststeroid era.


      Jose Fernandez made his debut for Single A Jupiter earlier tonight and allowed four earned runs on five hits over five innings. Fernandez, who was promoted from Single A Greensboro after going 7-0 with a 1.59 ERA, whiffed four and also threw a wild pitch. Fernandez was the Marlins' first-round draft pick last year.

      Yelich But the big star for the Hammerheads at Roger Dean Stadium was another of the organization's top prospects, outfielder Christian Yelich. Yelich went 4 for 5 with a pair of homers, including a grand slam, and 7 RBI.

      Yelich, who was the Marlins' first round pick in 2010, is hitting .290 with nine homers and 28 RBI for the Hammerheads.


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keep an eye on these kids
the marlins have something special brewing
keep the faith marlins' fans


The Sports Illustrated cover curse strikes again


No such thing as Sports Illustrated cover curse. Plenty of champions get right on the cover when they win, and plenty of teams (Bulls, Lakers x3) have been able to win the championship the following year and sometimes three-peat. No curse whatsoever there buddy.


Some good news from the farm nice.

Stan M

Flags, you are a moron. And LB, you are a moron, too. And I am also a moron. I know this to be true because Robert H told us so in the last post. Horrible news or what?


who cares about news from the farm...this team still stinks

Stan M

Was scouring teams around both leagues to see how many could use Hanley. There are many, but few that match up well with our needs. One was the CA Angels who might give us Trumbo and a PTBNL for Hanley. I'd do it. Another, and this would only happen if Loria decided something drastic was needed to stimulate the fan base. That would be Hanley and Nunez(sic) for Grienke. Another really big trade would be Hanley and a little more for Pense. Should the Rays fall out of contention, a blockbuster that would help both clubs would be Hanley and Infante for Zobrist and Upton...I don't like this one myself just showing it for arguments sake. If we really need something drastic because this year was terrible and attendance was nowhere near expectations, Josh Hamilton would be an ideal slugger who could reach or fences and could pay a lot toward his salary with the added attendance. I know it's a dream, but it sounds reasonable to me under the circumstances above. Free agents that could be considered if still available are Quinten, BJ Upton (I don't like him) and Pierzynski to catch for 1 or 2 years. Doumit will also be a free agent and he has the power to reach our fences and can catch. I'd also go after Giambi for several reasons. And if we give up on Patterson and Cousins, I'd love to bring Pierre back as a 4th outfielder and pinch hitter and his attitude would be a tremendous asset. Just for amusement's sake, Cody Ross might be available with the Red Sox 2 injured outfielders returning. But it's tough to admit a mistake. I know what everyone will say; dream on dumbo.

Stan M

Agree about the farm. Let's hope Yelich and Ozuma are soon moved up to AA . I'd also like to see Smolinski go to AAA and Keys (who is hot again) to high A. The other pitcher who was promoted to high A ball, Conley, a LHer, should pitch in the next day or two. Fernandez was mediocre in his first start, but not terrible. The kids 19YO for crying out loud. I believe Conley is 21 or just turned 22...not sure. He's no slouch either. Should Yelich perform well at AA, it is not inconceivable that he could arrive around the All Star game next year. He can play OF or 1B.

the ringmaster

dream on dumbo


Marlins sham exposed @ stltoday.com...Tipsheet: Jeff Gordon..


What's with all this "fire sale" talk....you guys are talking like a Huizenga,Henry,Loria/Sampson. You guys want to get rid of this player or that player. What I have read here is mostly laughable....wanting to get rid of Hanley, LoMo,,,etc...another team isn't going to give the Marlins anything better.

May I suggest....get off the laptop & go out to Marlins Park & enjoy a game.....c ya @ the game fellows!


Not sure what he exposed. At least one person if not more have touched on the topics this guy wrote about.

This is definitely good news but doesn't do anything than give us hope of a brighter future.

Stan, we can dream but realistically there's no reason for these teams to sell away any of the players you mentioned. These are major cogs in their line up that could potentially cost them in the end. Hanley for Trumbo is not a fair trade for the angels. Hanley sucks simply put.

As for best matchups I still think we can pry D'arnaud from the Jays for a starter be it Anibal or Zambrano. Two guys you have to figure won't be on next years pitching staff.


you guys are right...the team is going nowhere and they are stuck with what they got...just go to the games ...it's cheap on StubHub.com

Stan M

Glags, I like your idea. You presented it before but I couldn't remember the young catcher's name. Most of the players I discussed are free agents after this year. Grienke, Hamilton, Upton, Doumit, Pierre, Giambi. Reason I mentioned Trumbo is because he is a little redundent for the Angels and the left side of their infield could really use Hanley...and don't forget the player to be named later...Nunez?(sic)

Kenny W

White Sox are sure glad the Lizard of Oz is gone. Winning again,good riddance to the illiterate idiot.

Baseball Stew

With 87 games to go, Marlins play only 27 games against sub.500 teams . Do the math ...Put a fork in the Fish....They're done.

Flav C

Conley already pitched his first game last Wednesday with the Hammerheads and got his first W, allowing only one hit and 1 ER, while whiffing 4.


I'm supposed to be thrilled over someone hitting .276 in the minor leagues? Yawn.


Bad news about D'arnaud. He was hitting .333 in Vegas but tore the pcl in his knee on Wednesday and is out indefinitely. Hate to see a young catcher do things like that to his knees because you just know it's going to come back to haunt him as his career goes on.
Stan M,
There is major disagreement over whether I am, in fact, a moron. My kids think so, but my boss thinks I'm an idiot and my wife thinks I'm an imbecile. Guess I'll hook them up with old Robert H. and let them sort it out.


Love it Stan!!! I laughed so hard with your post. Made my day. Hope Springs Eternal for us morons.....spitballer is right too...I am looking forward to seeing the team in Phoenix regardless of where they are in the standings. Read Cote's piece and his interview with Loria...all indications seem to point to this team staying together..maybe a trade here or there but he doesn't appear to be worried so why should we right? I do hope we destroy the Phillies this weekend and whatever happens don't let Utley beat us.

Flav C

Clark --
Not trying to be a pain the neck, but Yelich's stats mentioned in your article are a bit off:

He's batting .290, with 9 HRs and 28 RBIs.


Not being a pain at all, Flav C. I grabbed his stats going into last night's game. It's sort of like reading the first page of a major Supreme Court decision and announcing the news before reading the rest of it. Sort of. Anyway, I fixed the info -- Clark

Freud's Theory on Sports Fanatics

There is no sorting it out...moron,idiot and imbecile are appropriate adjectives for any Marlins fan that thinks this team has a play-off making chance.


SB, thanks for the update. That's dissappointing.


Unfortunately, this is done with wires and a stunt girl, but it's still fascinating. If you haven't seen the amazing ball girl catch, take a look.


Four of the Marlins' starters in tonight's game have batting averages lower than the lowliest hitter in the Phillies lineup. And the Phils are in last place. Hmm.


I wonder how many of you FAKE marlins fans will be crying if Hanley gets traded to a team like the Yankees and he ends up Putting big numbers like I know he can

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