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Solano, Ruggiano making a case for more P.T.; Bonifacio out through All-Star break


      Neither Donovan Solano nor Justin Ruggiano are in tonight's lineup for the Marlins. But look for them there with greater frequency in the future. Ozzie Guillen said "those two guys are going to have more playing time." What's more, Guillen said he would have no problem giving Solano a spot start at third for the slumping Hanley Ramirez and Ruggiano a start (or more) in center if Coghlan doesn't pick things up at the plate.

      "I like the way Ruggiano plays in center field," Guillen said. "I might get him more at bats there depending on how Coghlan's doing. I'm not afraid to play those two guys. I just told somebody yesterday, if we're going to give Hanley a day off, I don't mind playing Solano at third."

      The versatile rookie has already played some outfield, second base and short for the Marlins. But it's not as if Solano's some neophyte at third, either. He saw action in 173 games at third over the course of his seven minor-league seasons.

     Solano is hitting .455 (10 for 22) after driving in two runs Monday with a single and sacrifice fly. Ruggiano is at an even .400 (8 for 20) with six extra-base hits, including four doubles and a pair of homers. Coghlan entered Tuesday's game with a .146 average while Ramirez has just one hit in his past 25 at bats.

      "He's had huge hits for us," Guillen said of Ramirez. "But he's very inconsistent. I wish he was more consistent day in and day out. Hopefully he'll get better. But, every day, we don't know what we're going to get."


      While the stiches were removed Tuesday from Emilio Bonifacio's left hand, Guillen said he doesn't expect him back until after the All-Star break. If that turns out to be the case, Bonifacio will have missed close to two months with an injury he suffered on May 18 in Cleveland.

       Bonifacio told our sister paper, El Nuevo Herald, that he hoped to begin swinging a bat in 10 days and planned to have the injured surgically repaired thumb re-examined in two weeks.

       "We have to stick with the plan, and the plan is maybe right after the All-Star break," Guillen said. "That's a pretty sensitive spot."


       Guillen said Carlos Zambrano would make his next scheuled start, on Friday in St. Petersburg, when the Marlins open a three-game series at The Trop. Zambrano exited his most recent start with lower back pain. Guillen doesn't want Zambrano trying to swing the bat so hard. With the designated hitter, Zambrano won't be hitting in either of his two upcoming starts, in St. Pete and Boston.



       Marlins: 1. Reyes, ss; 2. Infante, 2b; 3. Ramirez, 3b; 4. Stanton, rf; 5. Morrison, lf; 6. Sanchez, 1b; 7. Coghlan, cf; 8. Buck, c; 9. Buehrle, p.

       Red Sox: 1. Podsednik, cf; 2. Pedroia, 2b; 3. Youkilis, 1b; 4. Middlebrooks, 3b; 5. Gonzalez, rf; 6. Shoppach, c; 7. Aviles, ss; 8. McDonald, lf; 9. Buchholz, p.

       Umpires: HP -- Reyburn; 1B -- Wolf; 2B -- Cousins; 3B -- Kulpa. 



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"Neither Donovan Solano nor Justin Ruggiano are in tonight's lineup for the Marlins. But look for them there with greater frequency in the future. Ozzie Guillen said "those two guys are going to have more playing time."

What the hell is he waiting for? Does he expect Coghlan to suddenly remember how to hit again. Tonight's line up has three almost sure outs in a row: Buck, Coghlan & Buerhle. Hard to win like that. Well, maybe they'll get lucky tonight.


What does he mean by "I might get him more at bats there depending on how Coghlan is doing." Isn't it fairly obvious he's not doing anything. So by his own logic Ruggiano should be playing. Ozzie and logic don't go together I suppose.


Ozzie is a complete idiot!!! Either Solano or Ruggiano need to be in the line up at all times! I would prefer both. And do not give me the lefty righty match up BS. Coggs stinks. Great kid. Terrible hitter. I am still not drinking the LoMo Kool-aide either. The catcher situation is a bit more complex.


Last night...leadoff triple and a sac fly from Solano...tonight a triple and then 3 strikeouts in a row by a guy without huge SO numbers. This team is a reflection of it's manager and coaching staff. What the hell was Espada thinking sending Reyes? Time for Coghlan to head to seminary college. .143 .143 .143 Ozzie really dude c'mon the career is over for this kid. Play someone that can hit.


Just a thought...would the Markins ever think about using Infante as trade bait?


Any thoughts on using Infante as trade bait?


@Flagstaff: Sure why not at this point the only untradeables are Stanton and Johnson. Does that mean you're already counting the Fish out of it though? Who do you put at 2B though, Coughlan or Bonifacio? It does free up a starting spot for one of these 2 kids that are hitting.

I for one would rather see the team make a play for an everyday guy that is solid in the field and could hit .280 w/ some pop. Interesting that the Dodgers now have about $250 million locked up for Ethier and Kemp. Better believe they'll make a play for Hamels this offseason for what would be a very good 1-2 w/ Kershaw and Hamels.


Why is it that every other SP looks like Cy Young against these guys?


Unbelievable, the Fish roll out a lineup tonight where 5-8 have a cumulative BA that's probably below the Mendoza line.

I need a stat geek somewhere, Clark maybe? What is the latest poin in the season where 1/2 a team's regular lineup was collectively below .200? This has to be historic.


Ok maybe I was wrong about LoMo. He seems to be finding his way out of it. Maybe there is a reason Ozzie refuses to let Solano and Ruggiano play. In the 9th tonight after LoMo lead off with a single why didn't he have Murphy pinch run for LoMo and have Solano and Ruggiano pinch hit for Buck and Coggs. You have to do better than this Ozzie!!!!!! You keep trotting the same stiffs out there and this is what we get.


Please Ozzie start playing those two guys before Perez screws up their approaches and swings...


The Marlins are playing the Red Sox in their brand new park and the fans don't bother to show up. That's gotta be scary for anybody who cares about the future of this team. If it hadn't been for Sox fans, they wouldn't have had 20,000 people there.
PlayOffense, you're dead on about the situation in the ninth inning. You just cannot allow Coghlan and Buck to bat in that situation.


This was the worst game I have seen this team play all year. Started the game with a Reyes lead off triple, and Hanley and Infante stranded him there. Stanton too, but he had two outs when he came up. Hanley and Infante could have driven in the run with a simple productive out, something this team is miserable at. Then Reyes gets himself thrown out at home by 30 feet a couple innings later. Like this team is such a great hitting unit that they can afford to just give away outs like that.

And finally Ozzie's managing in the 9th inning really made me sick. Lomo gets a single. So Ozzie sends Ruggiano to run for him, knowing that he has Gaby, Coghlan (0-16, batting .140) and John Buck (.163) coming up. I couldn't believe my eyes as he let Coghlan and then Buck hit while Solano sat on the bench and Ruggiano's bat was wasted as a pinch runner.

I have been generally supportive of Ozzie and his moves so far, but I'm starting to get really teed off lately. These line ups are horrible. Tonight we had Coghlan, Buck and Buerhle batting 7-8-9. That's three automatic outs. What is he trying to prove with these kind of line ups? What was he thinking not pinch hitting for Coghlan & Buck? Is he following the orders of the Front Office who are telling him who to play? If so, does the Front Office even care that this team will be below .500 by this weekend if they don't stop with this nonsense?

I've heard some Marlins fans worrying about what attendance might be next year. I think they better worry about what attendance might be this year if we are below .500 and out of the pennant race by the end of June! Miami people will stay away in droves if the team is out of it. The Front Office better wake up to that fact and soon.


@ PlayOffense, Murphy is gone, DFA'd. But I still agree with what you are saying. Solano & Ruggiano should have pinch hit for Buck & Coghlan. Letting those two bat was like conceding the game. Terrible managing by Ozzie; first time I have said that all year.

And Edwin Perez seriously must go as the hitting coach. The Cubs just fired theirs, and our team BA is about the same as The Cubs'.

Hanley got one weak infield hit and one blooper, giving him 3 hits for his last 29 ABs. But in the first inning with Reyes at third and one out, he struck out pathetically. And that first inning was the critical inning of this game.

And Stanton suddenly looks like he did in 2010. The Golden Sombrero for him tonight, four strikeouts.

Buerhle took his cue from JJ and pitched a great game, but it didn't matter. We just suck right now. Can't hit at all.


Thanks for the info about Murphy. I missed that one. Something has to give. If nothing changes nothing changes. Baseball is a big stay the course sport. We are about to stay our course right out of contention.


"If nothing changes nothing changes." - PlayOffense

Exactly. It's why I have been pushing for Eduardo Perez' dismissal. It's a clear change that has to be made. This is basically the same team since 2010, and never have they hit this poorly. Hell, their main problem used to be pitching. Now we are finally getting decent starting pitching, and the hitting goes right in to the toilet.

I was hoping that Ozzie would be the kind of manager that would play whoever he needed to win the game, whether a guy is a "star" or not. Yet he stubbornly continues to play Buck and Coghlan. In the article above he says he might give Hanley a rest and let Solano play 3rd base. I hope he does that, because he has been putrid. He's 3 for 29, and two of those are an infield hit and a blooper, and he has had countless poor ABs like in that 1st inning, when he failed just make contact. Can't afford too many games like that from your #3 hitter!


Remember in Spring Training the Brass Said "As Hanley goes we go" Well El Cheapo Owner guess what? Its time for Hanley to GO. Trade the over rated, over paid FOOL. He has made some good plays at third and some terrible throws. Anyone watch the play tonight that he bailed out on the throw from Coghlan?? He could have blocked the plate but decided to whiff at the runner and MISSED.
Will someone take HANLEY, BUCK, throw in NOLASCO, say
MINNESOTA, they have a decent catcher that can hit.
ANYONE, ANYONE????? We need help NOW if not, we will not make the playoffs.


WTF are you talking about? Hanley could have blocked the plate? at Third? Smoke much weed?

Eddie S


Stan M

An excellent point above about pinch running with Ruggiano and then having to let Buck hit. A terrible goof. Those of us who have been around this blog for some time almost universally like Coghlan. Last night, his catch literally saved two runs; he gets a great jump on the ball. Yet he is obviously too screwed up at the plate to keep playing him at the major league level. When sound he was one of our, if not our best player, so there is too much upside there to give up on him. I hope he is sent to AAA for about a month and then brought back for the stretch run, if there is one. Anyone hitting in his position can't help but be an improvement.

The Cubs are going nowhere and Soto (currently on 15 day DL)seems to be in their doghouse. He should be available for little and even his bad years are much better than anything Buck can produce. We cannot compete all year with that hole in our lineup. The other holes, while equally evident, and correctable. Not so with Buck and this should be apparent to all. We need to do something to shake up this team's offense. Even when we were doing so well, winning was hiding our meek run output. As a hitting coach, Perez is his father's son and little else. If we have to, get rid of the father, too,; but Perez must go.

Last night the announced attendance was 29,000+. Less than half the seats were occupied. Season ticket holders wouldn't be no shows for the Red Sox and there couldn't possibly be 10,000 people walking around the concourse.This is much more serious in the long term than our current offensive blight.

Can a team legally give false attendance figures? What is your take on this? Something is wrong here.

Flav C

@ rbleigh:

Worse 1/2 lineup (as far as collectively hitting bat avg) since 2004 (more than 70 At-bats per hitter):

1st - 2012 (April/May/mid-June) LoMo/Buck/Cogs/Gaby - Bat Avg: .172

2nd - 2009 (April/May/mid-June) Cantu/Uggla/Maybin/Paulino - Bat Avg: .229

3rd - 2011 (April/May/mid-June)
Hanley/Buck/Cogs/Stanton/Infante - Bat Avg: .230

5 Worse Team batting avg months since 2004:

June 2011 - .225
April 2012 - .228
July 2010 - .230
June to date (2012) - .233
Aug 2008 - .235

Just out of curiosity, this is the teams' performance under a hitting coach since 2004. Actually, since then, the Marlins only had 3 hitting coaches:

Presley (2004 - late July 2010)

Bat Avg: .263
Runs per game: 4.6
HRs: 1 per 32.5 at bats

Mallee (late July 2010 - mid June 2011)

Bat Avg: .247
Runs per game: 4
HRs: 1 per 37.7 at bats

Perez (mid June 2011 - current)

Bat Avg: .245
Runs per game: 3.8
HRs: 1 per 37.9 at bats

Interesting coincidental fact is that Presley was sent away (along with Fredi) when the team was facing its worse batting average in Marlins history until then (July 2010 - .230).
Mallee was sent away after a 7 game slump and then worse bat avg in Marlins history (June .225). Some days later, Edwin resigned.

Numbers above are just data. No assumptions or analysis made here.

Flav C

Correction: On Jim Presley, it should say (2006 - late July 2010). I apologize for the typo . Prior to Presley, Marlins hitting coach was late coach Robinson, God rest his soul.

Flav C


You might want to read this article. It can shed some light at some of your questions:



Not sure if any of the stuff you post is true or not, Flav. Just like the nonsense you posted yesterday about Josh Johnson's "six bad starts in a row". I'm still waiting for you to point them out. Here, let me help you out by posting his Game Log:

You will probably accuseme of "being on your case again', Flav C, but I really don't care. I just want to know about these "series of 6 bad starts" that JJ had.
Apr 4 vs. St Louis - 6 innings, 3 ER - quality start
Apr 11 vs. Philly - 3.2 innings, 7 ERs - bad start
Apr 17 vs Chi - 7 innings, 2 ER - quality start
Apr 24 vs NY - 6.2 innings, 1 ER - quality start
Apr 29 vs AZ - 5.1 innings, 5 ER - bad start
May 4 vs SD - 2.2 innings, 6 ER - bad start
May 9 vs Hou - 7 innings 2 ER - quality start
May 15 vs. Pit - 7 innings 2 ER - Quality start
May 20 vs. Cle - 7 innings 1 ER - Quality start
May 25 vs SF - 5 innings 3 ER - not a bad start, got W
May 30 vs Was - 6 innings, 3 ER - quality start
Jun 6 vs ATL - 7.2 innings 2 ER - quality start
Jun 11 vs Bos - 7 innings 1 ER - quality start

Obviously there were no "six bad games in a row". Looks like TWO BAD STARTS IN A ROW. But we all know why you posted that stupidity: because I put a post saying "Welcome Back, Ace", about JJ. So you of course had to try to piss on it with that garbage about "six bad starts in a row". Very CHILDISH, Flav.

You don't like me. Fair enough; I don't like YOU either. But I'm not going to purposely post MISINFORMATION or LIES here just to try to contradict something you posted. We should always post THE FACTS here.


Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Have a nice day.


PLEASE IGNORE THE ABOVE POSTS, FLAV C. I didn't know you had replied on that other thread. My mistake. Oh, and I answered you over there.

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