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Giancarlo Stanton goes Monster hunting

    BOSTON -- Much to the dismay of batting practice gawkers -- a legion that includes Boston outfielder Cody Ross -- Giancarlo Stanton has re-designed his regimen to hit pretty much everything to right, and line drives at that.

    But Stanton confessed that he took a few pokes at Fenway Park's fabled Green Monster when several Marlins showed up for a round of "early" B.P. on Tuesday.

    "I let a few loose," Stanton said, chuckling. "There were a few. You're not fully warmed up in early B.P. but I still got a few out. It's cool. You don't need to necessarily get under the ball. It's high. But you don't have to change anything to get it up over that thing."

    Ross, by the way, was upset that Stanton wasn't aiming for the fences during batting practice when the Red Sox were in Miami. Ross had talked his Red Sox teammates into hanging out in the dugout when the Marlins took B.P., just to see Stanton. When Stanton kept hitting opposite-field line drives, Ross yelled out for him to give the ball a jolt.

    Stanton obliged and hit one over the Red Grooms sculpture.

    The Marlins could use a real home run or two right now, from Stanton or anyone else. The Marlins have hit only five home runs over the past 12 games (10 losses). The power isn't the only thing missing from their attack. They've stolen only one base as a team during the stretch.

    Individually, take a look at what their core players have done since June 5 when the Marlins began their tumble:

    Omar Infante 7 for 44 , 0 HR)

    Stanton (8 for 46, 1 HR)

    Hanley Ramirez (6 for 41, O HR)

    Logan Morrison (8 for 36, 1 HR)

    Gaby Sanchez (4 for 24, 0 HR)

    Jose Reyes (13 for 15, 2 HR)

    John Buck (4 for 26, 0 HR)


    Marlins: 1: Reyes, ss; 2. Ramirez, 3b; 3. Stanton, rf; 4. Morrison, dh; 5. Dobbs, lf; 6. Infante, 2b; 7. Cousins, cf; 8. Sanchez, 1b; 9. Buck, c. Pitching: Buehrle

     Red Sox: 1. Aviles, ss; 2. Pedroia, 2b; 3. Gonzalez, rf; 4. Ortiz, dh; 5. Youkilis, 1b; 6. Middlebrooks, 3b; 7. Ross, lf; 8. Kalish, cf; 9. Shoppach, c. Pitching: Buchholz.


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Watch Cody go 5 for 5 tonight. I'll be sick.


Gaby and Buck should be embarrassed Ozzie moved them down to the 8 and 9 spots.


You can only survive so long with a 84 mph fastball. Journeyman are just that.


Holy LoMo! Props baby for a great breakout game!


trade him to an AL team as a perfect DH that cant field

DumAzz Baseball

Another heads-up play by Slo-mo the Lumox to get thrown out by 10ft at the plate after running thru the stop sign at 3rd.

Revenge is a gutted Marlins team

Way to go Cody..hope he guts the Fish the whole series.


Runner on 3rd no out, cant score a stinkin run. This team blows fish chunks.

lipschitz happens

Lomo is playing a better game than any Marlin has played since 1897 and some jerk is whining because he got thrown out at the plate. Go slap your kids around again and stay off the computer.

lipshitz blows

go back to ur schlitz ,lipshitz...big freakin deal about Lomo's game..they still lost and still suck u azzzzzzhole.

dipschitz never happens

hey dipshitz happens...go slap yourself around and stay off the computer, jerk-off.


Say good bye to the 2012 season, Marlins fans! The way Ozzie managed this game was the way a guy manages when he he has CONCEDED the season. He did NOT manage as if winning this game was important. Why bring in Chad Gaudin with a one run lead? Everyone knows Gaudin will give up runs. And why not pinch hit for Buck oin the 9th if you are really trying to win? No, it appears that Ozzie and the Front Office (there's no way Ozzie throws in the towel without the Front Office's permission) have decided that this season is over as far as trying to contend, and they have obviously decided to become sellers at the trade deadline.


Oh, and how many times have I said that Hanley Ramirez is killing the Reyes deal? He did so again last night, striking out with Reyes at 3rd base and no outs. As I have said, the Front Office made a huge mistake in building this team around the gamble that Hanley would return to form. If Hanley doesn't produce, what's the use of having Reyes? If Hanley doesn't produce, we are left with another table setter that has NOBODY TO DRIVE HIM IN.

Sure, Stanton and Gaby and the rest of the guys that aren't hitting are also to blame, but Hanley Ramirez "coming back" was the main key to the entire Marlins offense, and the main reason to sign Reyes.


Of course I hope I'm wrong about the team conceding already. I am a die hard fan and I WANT to be wrong, dead wrong. But I'm afraid I'm right.


The truth is that they will be rebuilding this team once again! Expect a whole new team next year loaded with rookies, like the 2006 team. You want some more truth? This team had a chance to win during the 2008 & 2009 seasons, but the Front Office had no interest in winning then. They did zero at the trade deadline those years even though we were an above .500 team, just a few games out from a Wild Card spot. They did nothing and basically blew their chances. Now they will be in rebuilding mode yet again next year. Just watch! I hope I'm wrong, but I've seen this movie before; I know how it ends.

I guess it makes sense as far as they're concerned. The nightly sell outs are not happening, and although the attendance is much better than at Sun Life, that's not good enough for owners on the hook for big bucks off the Reyes and Bell deals. Now they can be sellers at the trade deadline and dump a bunch of guys they don't want.


The Marlins will not be able to dump salary,as nobody will take Reyes or Bells contracts without Loria paying part of them,which he wont do. Gaby, Cogz,Petey,Cousins and Lomo are worthless as trade bait now. Only players worth anything are in the low minors now, and Marlins would be making a mistake trading them this year. Soooo,they're stuck with what they got..a .500 team..Just enjoy the rest of the season,trying to pull a wild card out of a hat. Maybe Stanton will get his head out of his ass ,and get hot again.

Dipshitz Lipshitz

Whoopee!!! Big game for Lomo..good thing it's Fenway..would 've been long outs in Marlins Park.


I agree with Beinfart...we're stuck with this band of losers and their uninspiring manager the great wizard of Oz. They have no value as trade bait and who would want them? Maybe a team or two would go after LoMo but wouldn't part with any talent worth a damn. Yep this combination of mediocrity will finish off the season and more than likely dissipate. Gaby should hang up the spikes and open an empanada stand next to the stadium, Buck could go sell painted hockey masks as art at Bayside, Hanley can rent Seadoo's at a beach in DomRep, Anibel can have another kid, Ricky can go back to LA and open a low-rider shop, JJ can go work the farm, Infante will go back to PR and open a baseball clinic for bench players and Cogs will open a church.


The sacrifice bunt is foreign to the Marlins except when the pitchers attempt it on 3rd strike. Buck on first (shock), no outs, does Reyes bunt? No he hits into a dp which cost them a run. The Red Sox sure knew how to bunt.

Billy the Marlin

Cant wait until after the All-Star break when the Marlins play the Cubs Pirates and Padres again. Until then its .500 all the way.


Fish struck out 4 times last night, so you're the winner. Doesn't seem like much consolation, does it?

Jimmy the Geek

If Marlins are out of it at trading deadline the first to go will be Anibal Sanchez...take it to the bank.


Lol laurel...I got 8 SO in tonight's game!! And how about the article on Loria saying not to worry? See how great it would be to work for him? No expectations...He's happy to be only a few games out of the Wild Card? Scary part is Lomo drove in all the runs yesterday....Hammering Hanely can't hit a sac fly at this level and look now we're below .500. Good job Clark in asking the owner some questions...no surprise how he answered them but now he's on record as not being concerned. I guess when you're that rich you don't have to worry about squat.

Jimmy the Geek

Loria says it's going to be "one hell of a run". Reminds me of the Samson statement at Fanfest 2010 "this season will end in a pile". Both Loria and Samson predicting the runs and piles of the Marlins seasons. Both predictions will come out the same. Diarrhea. From both their mouths and their loyal followers bowels for believing their B.S. in the 1st place.

The Buck Stops Everywhere

I've mellowed tremendously from previous times on this Blog when a was a real pain. There was no real reason and I apologize.

If i may say one thing about this current team it would be they are currently not really watchable as constructed. I Really told my wife that I must take a hiatus as this is senseless. It is the AB's of Buck that finally got to me. There is no excuse for this man being on a MLB roster. He has no redeeming qualities as a player. I just watched the Tigers lose Alex Avila, they went to Gerald Laird, they neded a backup so they went to Omir Santos--not a real answer but still better than Buck--they cut him and call up another catcher frpom Triple A who is still better than Buck. Add that to the fact they have 3 other catchers near Major League ready while the Fish have Stillworth floundering in Jacksonville. The point is these parts such as John Buck are replaceable and especially when they are hitting .160. I will be down for a series and will also be on the road and especially when they play the Nats. i know i can get a "Buck O'Meter" into Nats Park and I plan on showing Buck's average per at bat. I know I'll be censured in Miami but I know the people in Washington and have already gained approval. Hell, they don't care. It's not a Washington player. I don't know what to say about Gaby, Coghlin, Petersen and the rest AND NOW!!! Infante has that glazed look over his eye as if he has just been told he must spent the next 30 years on a desert island with Roseanne Barr. This stuff is just too sickening to view. I have my good buddy tell me these guys are entertainers IF they are entertainers it is really a bad Grade B reprise of House pof the Living Damned. I know where the Fish stay in Washington and am looking forward to buying Ozzie a drink in the hotel bar. He NEEDS it!!! Hell!! We all need it!!!


What are the chances that Loria's working feverishly behind the scenes to acquire Ozzie's old buddy Carlos Quentin? Or maybe Carlos Lee? That lineup definitely needs a Carlos. Not at the end of July when it's too late, but right now.
I'm going 6 SO tonight.


Buck Stops... get Ozzie an 8-ball along with the drinks and he may light a fire under these players, and return to the old Ozzie speak that he's good for.

Jimmy the Geek

the Geek sets the Marlin K line tonite at 8 K's.

Stan M

Despite all the crap that has been gong on, it was really nice to see LoMo break out. He's an easy guy to like. This Gabby and Buck business is really getting serious. It's pretty obvious now that neither is ever going to improve, they are simply overmatched. And what has happened to Infante. The before and after stats from his grandfather's death are astounding. Even his defense has suffered.


LMFAO!!! Those are some really funny posts. Hanley renting SeaDoos! Buck selling hockey masks. But it's true. These guys are pathetic. When Hanley struck out AGAIN with Reyes on 3rd base and no outs, that was it for me! This team can never win if they can't play simple, fundamental baseball. I coached Little League kids with higher baseball IQs than this team. Kids who knew not to swing at a first pitch when a pitcher just walked a couple of guys and is struggling to throw strikes. But Hanley has done that SEVERAL times this year, popped out, and killed rallies. I had kids who knew to just try to make contact with a runner on third and less than two outs. I coached kids who KNEW that if we are losing by 3 runs leading off in the 9th inning, try to WORK OUT A WALK because you can't hit a 3 run HR with nobody on base; make the pitcher throw AT LEAST one strike.

But this team either doesn't KNOW how to play situational baseball or they are SELFISH and don't care. Either way, it's a coaching issue, because if they don't know, someone should TEACH THEM, and if they don't care, they shouldn't be playing.


"What are the chances that Loria's working feverishly behind the scenes to acquire Ozzie's old buddy Carlos Quentin? Or maybe Carlos Lee? That lineup definitely needs a Carlos. Not at the end of July when it's too late, but right now."

I would like to see them try to do something, but I would be shocked if they did. I think they are shutting it down, fellas, I don't care what LIE-ria says.


the only Carlos that Loria is going to get is a latin singer for the after the Saturday Nite game concerts.

Hanleys' swimming coach

If you rent a Sea-Doo from Hanley, just keep going because Hanley cant swim. Cheap Sea-Doo.


I don't know if Hanley can't swim, but he definitely can't hit a simple ground ball to the right side to drive in Reyes from 3rd base! Hanley is the complete opposite of CLUTCH.


How bout selling shirts that read like this:

14 SO's and Counting


Man we are getting cynical. Alright let;s only send positive thoughts towards our team!! Cmon guys turn this ship around and knock the snot out of the Sox!!


Put a roof on Fenway? That is about 10 million deep on the list of problems associated with climate change. How about, instead of putting roofs on ballparks, you folks in Miami build a ballpark near a subway station, and make cars something other than Plan A.

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