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Survey: Guillen "least respected" manager; Stanton in "best physical shape"

    Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen didn't fare well in a Men's Journal magazine survey of 100 big-league players. When asked to identify the manager they respected least, Guillen was mentioned by 36 percent of the respondents -- considerably more than the runner-up, Boston's Bobby Valentine (14 percent). Third on the list is Cleveland's Manny Acta (5 percent).

    Ozzie In a release from Men's Journal: Players bristle that Guillen is "loud" and "can get under your skin." Says one opponent, "He loses it all the time." Adds another, "He always preaches that he backs his players, but he's been known to throw them under the bus." A rival reliever says, "You can't call your guys out every weekend, and he does that."

    Given how outspoken and prickly both can be, more so than most managers, it really comes as no surprise that Guillen and Valentine head the list. So far, though, I've yet to see Guillen throw any Marlins player under the bus, or call anyone out, and there have been a couple of occasions when I thought he might.

     The survey also asked players to identify the "player in best physical shape." The winner: Giancarlo Stanton, who was mentioned by 28 percent of the respondents. Giancarlo

      From Men's Journal: "He's a real-life Under Armour mannequin," one major leaguer says, marveling at the 6-foot-5, 248-pound outfielder, a former USC football recruit whose off-season rituals include running the stairs at UCLA's track stadium. "He's not normal, not human." An NL slugger adds, "I don't think he has any body fat."

      The full poll results are published in the July issue of Men's Journal, which hits newstands on Friday.