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VIDEO: Heat forward Shane Battier takes BP, chats up Marlins Park

Before he grabbed a bat and took swings in front of a few thousand fans at Marlins Park Saturday afternoon, Heat forward Shane Battier warned Marlins assistant Gary Thurman he only had "singles power."

He was wrong. 

Battier, one of the three-point specialists in the Heat's run to the NBA title, drilled two pitches to the warning track and actually had a pretty nice swing. Not bad for a 6-8 guy with a huge strike zone.

Here is what he said afterward:

Watch Battier hit. I might have actually gotten the shot of him sending one of the long balls he hit to the warning track.

The Heat forward took time to talk to Hall of Famer Tony Perez and Marlins left fielder Logan Morrison before and after BP. He also was invited into the Marlins clubhouse where he shook hands with the team.

Chris Bosh, who threw out a pitch at Sun Life Stadium last year, is also expected to visit Marlins Park Saturday. Battier will throw out the ceremonial first pitch.


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Mike Dunn looks awesome! Great work!

To Hell With David Samson

And Queef Smell will be on to blow it in the ninth.


Gaby Sanchez really has no place on this team. He's done as a Marlins player. He was loudly booed today and cost the team two runs. Time for him to be released.


Whoopee!!! Marlins beat the last place Phils 2 in a row..Parade before tomorrows game. Marlins have a 3 game winning streak... Whoopee!!! If the Marlins win tomorrow it will be a holiday in Little Havana on Monday


Last time I checked both Hamels and Lee were quality pitchers....haters.


Marlins finish June 4-1 against sub.500 Phillies...4-17 against over .500 everybody else...

Doodley Squat

Are you saying the Marlins cant beat good teams?


Thats what their record says and with only 25 games out of 85 left against sub .500 teams ,it will be a looooong summer for the Fishsticks

Stan M

Even when he was at his best, Gabby would rank in the bottom third of ML 1st basemen. He is taking up a valuable roster spot as is Kearns. Can't trade Gabby, who would want him. As he was a catcher, although not a good one, his only chance to return to the big leagues would be to go down for intensive training as a catcher...unless he can't throw at all, then it's bye bye.


Marlins win the Battle for the Basement Series against the Phillies...bring on the crappy Brewers.

Stan M

Gabby was booed! Did you hear the response when Bell gave up that double? One of the TV announcers was trying to pass it off as encouraging chants to Ruiz for his hit, but the other was more realistic...they really let Bell have it.

Dunn looks fantastic. Have to give Ozzie credit for not giving up on him. Coghlan hitting .282 in last 10 games, 8 of which were away games. Good OBP, few Ks.


This is my first time to post here, but a really must apologize for my son. Any time you see comments like those above with no name, those are normally left by my 12-year-old boy Drew, who is very slow and actually knows nothing about baseball because twice we took him to games in Jupiter and both times he got very frightened of the baseball and the crowds and we had to take him home. He isn't supposed to be on the computer at all with his condition, but I just can't watch him every minute. So I apologize to everyone who must be very annoyed by his nonsense.


should've gotten an abortion

the gang at metro zoo

that's what you get for screwing an orangutan


Gaby WAS booed, and he deserved it. But Stan M, for once I have to disagree with you big-time. Gaby is actually a pretty good defensive first basemen and has saved the Fish's bony butts many times, including on at least two notable occasions just in the last two games (once on the last play of today's game and the other when Buck tried to throw the game away on a pickoff play yesterday). There is no way he is in the bottom third of first basemen defensively. I'm as sick as everyone else with Gaby's total incompetence at the plate and would like to see him gone, but I can't see just releasing him. I think there are teams who would give up something valuable for a first baseman who was a Gold Glove finalist and an All-Star last year, even though he made the All-Star team by default. If they give him away and some hitting coach turns him into a .280 hitter, we'll all be grousing about the FO's stupidy for years to come.
By the way, Rochelle, I feel for you.


It wasnt an Orangutan. Drew's father happpens to be a very handsome Baboon named Jaquan. Found out to late that mental illness ran on his mother's side ,who were lowland gorillas'. Oh well.

Dr. Doolittle

sounds like Rochelle, Drew and their relatives ,fit right in with this group of Marlins players and fans.

Stan M

LB, I was only talking about offense with Gabby and didn't express my point clearly. You are perfectly right regarding his defense. About a month ago I reviewed all of the other 29 teams and only found 3 that I felt would be improved with Gabby at 1B. Unfortunately he hits like a catcher so I still think that would be a possible alternative. Disagree with me any time, it makes for a more interesting blog.


Stan totally agree it was a nice try by Rich and Tommy but those were boos. Two shots at a sac fly? I'll give anyone one pass but a professional should get a sac fly. He's gone soon.

Stan M

LB, went around majors and compared first basemen to a Gabby who could hit .280, 15-20HRs, 80-85RBIs. See what you think. I still only see 3 teams not as good

First I'm listing teams whose first baseman is so much better that it isn't even close:
Yankees, Reds, White Sox, Red Sox, Detroit, Angels, Blue Jays, Rangers, Cards (Craig), Braves (10)

Next is a list of clubs that are either a wash, or have a player with tremendous potential:
Cubs (Rizzo), Royals (Hosmer), Mets (Ike Davis), Podres (Alonzo), AZ (Goldschmidt), SF (Belt-Posey), Seattle (Smoak), Braves (LaRoche) (8)

Now either icons or a wash with no trade possible:
Rockies (Helton), Astros (Lee better hitter but would be good trade), Twins (Morneau), Brewers (C.Hart but could move back to OF), Phils (Wiggington-Howard), Indians (winning with Kochman-wash), Pirates (winning with Jones-wash), Rays (many-Gabby not a fit) (8)

Here are teams where Gabby would be an upgrade:
Oakland (nobody), Dodgers (Loney), Balt (Reynolds)


Stan m, braves first baseman is freddie freeman come on man

Stan M

yes, and your point is? He's 22YO with tremendous potential. Had eye problem, supposedly now corrected. He's many levels above Gabby, more a match with LoMo...IF...LoMo were back to normal. I seriously wonder if the Braves would trade Freeman even up for Hanley. I damn sure wouldn't. Can't see why you question that one. What is your reasoning? You can't just throw out a generality without backing it up. I'd respectfully like to know more. Am rethinking the Rays though. That's a tough one.


Stan M,
You've obviously put a lot more effort into your research than I have and you'e right — there aren't many, if any, teams out there looking for a starting first baseman of Gaby's current caliber. My only point is, there is somebody out there who would give something — even if not much — for Gaby and it would be a mistake just to dump him without testing the market simply because we're so frustrated with the way he's performing. Even as a defensive backup for a big-stick, no-glove first baseman like Fielder, he's gotta have value to somebody, maybe as part of a package with the soon-to-return Ovieda.
Anyway, I admire the work you've put in on this and I'd sure hate to be on your hit list.

Dump those Stiffs

Why dony you research where they can trade Lomo the Clown, along with Gaby.

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