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VIDEO: Ozzie Guillen 'embarrassed' his team playing this way

Here is the post-game video of manager Ozzie Guillen after Saturday's 7-1 loss to the Blue Jays.


Opening statement...

“Did you see the two ladies sleeping up there? That’s the freaking way I feel. I don’t blame them a bit they were sleeping there.”

“We should be embarrassed. I think we play tight. I think we’re waiting for something bad to happen. This game is about making things happen... The only way you survive out of this is get your head out of your butt and start to play, no looking behind somebody’s shoulder. Who can pick me up? What I can do? What I should do?”

“The talent is out there. We underachieved. I don’t think we played up to the caliber we should play. Bad at-bats, terrible at-bats, especially with men in scoring position. Bad managing, bad coaching, bad pitching. It’s a scramble of a lot of s---.  Put it that way.”

Q: Why are you being patient?

“I’ve been patient because I’ve seen this team play very well, but at the end of the day I think we should be ashamed. I’m ashamed of myself... I will take full, full blame about all this stuff. I don’t blame anybody because I’m the one who believes in the players. I’m the one who puts them in the best spot to succeed and they’re not, but at the end of the day guys got to do it.”

“It’s hard to replace 10 guys. That’s very hard... One guy gets three hits one day and the next day he’s 0-for-4 with a different approach. One guy throws the crap out of the ball one day and the next day he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Maybe it’s a lack of experience.”

Q: Did you have a meeting with the team?

“I had one last week. I look like Obama, having a meeting every freaking day. I’m not that type of manager. They never even see how I can get. That’s why I’ve tried to be patient, talking very normal here, but what I see is terrible. What I see is pathetic, including myself. I take the blame. I do take the blame, but in the meanwhile I have to see something different. There are a few people here that feel a little bit too comfortable and that’s going to change. I’m getting paid to win games and I’m not doing my job right now.”

“I always believe in this quote, I don’t know who said it: Bad teams have meetings, winning teams kick ass. That’s why we had three meetings the last three days, the last five days, because we’re not a good team right now.”

Q: Why didn't you talk to the players?

“I might say the wrong thing then tomorrow I will regret. I have a lot of kids in the clubhouse and I have to figure out how we’re going to talk to then. All of a sudden you say something, it’s not proper in that particular time, maybe they get worse or they get scared now because they have fights against them, fans and the manager.”

"If we are the problem, our coaching staff, myself is the problem, well, speak up. That’s easy. If you think we’re doing too much, we’re not doing enough, I’d like to hear, but they’re the ones who perform and we’re not performing the way we should."

Q: What happened in your meeting with your assistants?

"When I said how we can make this thing better, they rolled their eyes. That’s not a good sign. A lot of people are blaming coaches, blaming moves we make. We’re doing everything we can.

"That’s the first time in my life since I’m managing baseball, coaching, I had one of the players working batting practice with me. I mean, I care. It’s not because I don’t believe in Eduardo [Perez], it’s just because I had a few ideas. It’s the first time I ever did that."

Q: Are there enough leaders on the field? 

"No. It’s easy to lead the team when you’re hitting .390 and 100 home runs and pitching shutouts every day. Right now we don’t have anybody. It’s easy to lead the team when you’re a great player, but when you’re down on your knees begging for help, it’s hard to be a leader. I don’t need leaders. I need good  players. I need them to go out and perform the way they should. Everybody here,  I think they have good enough talent to compete at the big league level.

“I believe in myself. I believe in my coaching staff. They should believe in themselves too playing in the big league level. We’re not playing well? Well, do something about it. I hate this word: “We’ll get it tomorrow.” [Expletive] tomorrow. Get it now. Get it down. I don’t believe in tomorrow because tomorrow you don’t know what’s going to happen.”


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Ozzie has lost me, and I was a huge supporter of his. He has a different line up out there every day; how can a team ever get in a groove like that? He is way too in love with guys like Dobbs & Kearns who should be pinch hitters, not every day players. He continues to play guys in the outfield that are NOT outfielders. He keeps guys who CAN PLAY on the bench, guys like Ruggiano. And he has kept Hanley in a spot in the line up that he doesn't deserve, batting third or second.

As for the question about leaders, hell, we talked about that already. This team HAS no leaders! They traded away the only two leaders they had, Uggla & Cody Ross. No one else has the respect or the tenure on this team to lead.

But a lot of this is NOT Ozzie's fault. The CHEAP front office deserves a lot of blame for destroying the bullpen and for not having gotten real outfielders, etc.


Did he say not looking for a leader? After this low key tirade missing is the fact that JJ pitched is A.. off and could have gone another inning to carry this team. When he's on he is on. Manager should be able to see these things and let him go. JJ's pitching well enough now that when he is having a bad game he still gets out of jams. Today two hits, 7 innings. 95 pitches is not the limit especially when your looking for a victory for a team on the ropes. The manager showed 'his' leadership style by not believing in its leader.

Joe Bagadoughnuts

If Ozzie isnt interested in tomorrow,how come he didnt have Bell pitch the top of the 9th,at home in a tie game?


Josh Johnson? Did somebody mention JJ? Ok, I will re-post this from the last thread, because after all, it's the only GOOD NEWS this team has:

Josh Johnson ONCE AGAIN has stepped up and pitched like an ACE. I am very proud of that kid and the way he has battled and learned to pitch this year despite diminished velocity on his fastball. The ONLY Marlins pitcher that is pulling his weight is JJ, and he DESERVES our kudos. JJ is showing us all who the REAL Ace of our pitching staff is.

Too bad that Anibal Sanchez and Ricky Nolasco ONCE AGAIN fell apart in June, the same exact way they did last year. Ricky, I can understand. He was never more than a #4 or #5 starter, but Anibal was supposed to be a true #2, maybe even an Ace in the making. But no. He has Ace stuff, but he does not have the HEART OF AN ACE. When the chips are down and the team needs him the most, he FOLDS like a cheap suit.

Only Josh Johnson has pitched like an ACE during this terrible June: his ERA is 2.18 for the month. Shall I repeat that for ANYONE? Josh Johnson's ERA is 2.18 for the month of June. I believe the case is CLOSED about who the true Ace Pitcher is on this team. He has had about 2 or three bad starts ALL YEAR, all of them early this season when he was still learning how to PITCH, rather than THROW. See, that's what you gotta do when you can no longer hit 97 on the gun. He's learning quite well. Hopefully he will be the Main Man on this pitching staff someday, when they finally GET SOME DECENT PLAYERS & COACHES AROUND HIM.


June ERA's:

JJ - 2.18
Anibal - 8.06
Nolasco - 7.66
Buerhle - 5.48
Zambrano - 7.54

It's pretty clear which pitchers are performing this June and which are not. Of course the Marlins ABYSMAL hitting is partially to blame for this. These starters pitched their butts off all year and GOT ZERO RUN SUPPORT. I am not surprised that they finally started having problems. It's very hard to go out there every night knowing you pretty much have to pitch a shutout NOT TO LOSE. Sooner or later that was bound to affect the starting pitchers. Pitchers change their pitching style when they think they have no margin for error; they try to be too PERFECT, not to make ANY MISTAKES, and when you pitch like that, you WILL make mistakes.

The biggest problem with this team, despite the above ERAs, is still the anemic offense. And I STILL can't believe that Eduardo Perez has a job.


I have to agree with Alex about lineups. When the team slumped to start the season, Ozzie ran a different lineup every night and couldn't shake the team. He's doing the same now. I also agree that he should play Ruggiano every day until the Marlins acquire someone better or Bonifacio comes off the DL. He should leave LoMo and Ruggiano in every day instead of starting Kearns and Dobbs so often.

Also agree with porcupine. Ozzie is channeling Fredi when he pulls his starter too early. But what the hell is wrong with the 'pen this month?

Flav C

Alex, porcupine - both definitely right about Ozzie imbecile move. The bullpen had already been hit hard all these other games and here you have a pitcher delivering what you need: A great game and he could go deeper in it, sparing the bullpen. But on the same inning he made this imbecile move, what else did he do? Infante hits a RBI double, nobody out. Next at bat was Gaby who had been horrible until then. Goddamn it, BUNT INFANTE TO THIRD! Take your chances with Hayes making contact, squeezing-bunt!! Take your chances with the pitcher throwing a wild pitch! Take your chances with the pitcher IBB Hayes and let JJ hit! He swings well!
It amazes me how low Baseball IQ several of those managers have, after spending so many years in the professional league!
The worse part was seeing the Blue Jays playing small ball. A team notorious for not knowing how to do it. Even their fans were mocking the Marlins, making fun of this fact. They came to this series having 6 sacrifice bunts in the entire season. 6 !!!!! They had 3 today!!
Alex is right - no matter how much lipstick you put in this pig, it still is a f**inkg ugly pig.

Scott Pose

Flav, they are about to experience something far worse than our harangues. they are about to run right smack dab into South Florida apathy. And this apathy will also be driven by the absolute distaste so many have for the Benefactor and the Son-In-Law. People can't stand these guys and they would LINE UP NOT to go to games if that was possible. You can get the feeling from Blogs and conversations that South Florida will get the same perverse pleasure in this wreck as they do a nine mile backup going the other direction on 95 in the morning. I know I'm looking forward to it. I'm going to treat them as the 62 Mets and just take pleasure from the gaffes. The verbal malaprops of the manager, the outfield play of the Swoboda and Frank Thomas clones. the pitching staff with JJ portraying Al jackson. It will be a beautiful year.


I sit behind the Marlin dugout and see a team that is not responding to this coaching staff. These are players that are capable of playing on a much higher level then what they are doing now. They are walking around with their heads down and the season is not even half over. Ozzie says they're playing tentative and scared, well thats a coaching issue, especially when you have youth. This will continue until a new staff comes in.


You know, we were all TOLD ALL ABOUT OZZIE by Chicago fans when we signed the guy. But I DISMISSED these comments as nothing more than SOUR GRAPES by a scorned fan base that was ungrateful towards the only manager to deliver Chicago a World Series winner in the last 100 years, give or take.

Then we Ozzie made his stupid Fidel remarks, I still supported him; my comment at the time was simple - I could care less about his politics, all I care about is CAN HE MANAGE THIS TEAM?

But lately I am starting to get this really sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. What if everybody was 100% right about this guy? What if he really IS a loudmouthed loose cannon without a CLUE of how to manage a team correctly?

I mean maybe SOMETHING IS GOING ON WITH THIS TEAM, as Flav C implied in a recent post. It's almost as if the entire team is pulling a protest of some sort, like a "working strike", or a job slowdown like certain unions have done from time to time. Maybe the entire team hates the guy. I know it sounds crazy, but what other explanation can there be for consecutive years of the June Swoon? Or maybe they all hate Loria, and are doing what they can to sabotage HIM.

Like Scott Pose says, this can get very ugly VERY SOON. Especially if the fans start staying away in droves.

Scott, I REMEMBER the 62 Mets, although I was only 6 years old at the time. What I remember most was how much New York LOVED them, lousy play notwithstanding. This team will NOT be the recipient of that sort of affection from these fans here in South Florida. You called it: they are gonna get APATHY, in spades.


Just watched the replay, and man did Cishek look lost in the ninth. Guillen should've brought in Mujica to start the inning, not after Cishek gave up a home run and bobbled the throw home and let this game get completely out of reach for the Marlins' anemic offense. At times, Cishek has looked like the Marlins closer. You don't let a closer pitch more than one inning. Cishek is an 8th inning guy, possibly closer. You bring in someone else to pitch the 9th, if not Bell then someone else. What a shame of a game.

After watching that again, I have to say Ozzie lost me too.


This is the first season that the Marlins have consistently gotten good crowds at home. I don't remember ever hearing the crowd roar for the Marlins at Sun Life. Here, you get the roar and you get the boos. And STILL the Marlins don't react. It's a damn shame. Their getting support and they don't give a damn.


Flav, National League style managing is obviously foreign to Ozzie. He hardly ever bunts, I can't recall any squeeze plays, and he evidently doesn't believe in pinch runners or John Buck would not be clogging up the basepaths in the late innings.

Another thing he seems to have a problem COMPREHENDING is the concept of a "lefty specialist" reliever, such as Randy Choate. He keeps allowing Choate to pitch to right hand hitters and it has cost us.


I'm glad we are starting to agree with each other more and more, Flav. But I wish it were happening because the team was going great guns and we both liked what we saw. Instead we are agreeing because we both HATE what we see, and that sucks.


So I was reading Ozzie's comments and thinking....he contradicts himself by saying that he is responsible but in the same breath says that his coaches are all working hard but the players aren't performing. He's clearly very unsure on how to manage this mess. Don't know if anyone could but he clearly can't too. Let's see what happens next year because if he goes it will be next year.


Wow we're in last place I just realized. EPIC FAIL! The season is almost over isn't that just FU_ked? It blows....this team and all around it BLOW! Frustrated fans everywhere. They should pay us to wear their hats and jersey.


Eisenhower remarked that "In war,morale is everything".
Morale for the Marlin players emanates from the personality and capability of a manager.
This is why the "buck" stops at Guillen. Take it from a Chicagoan, this town was elated to be rid of him.
Where is Jim Riggleman?
The players deserve their World Championship uniforms, not circus-clown garb, and a manager who inspires confidence and who hires a decent hitting instructor.


Ozzie said the coaches are working very hard but the players are not performing. If all, or almost all, the players are not performing, has it ever been considered that maybe there is a problem with the coaches?

Joe Bagadoughnuts

When Ozzie asked his coaches how they can make this thing better and they rolled their eyes, says that the coaches think it's the players fault. Lack of talent...poor execution etc. Then get new players. Ozzie and his staff arent going anywhere,for at least another year,anyway. Get some fresh blood. Dont wait too long hoping these guys come around,and the problems fix themselves.They wont. Time for the FO to do something about it. Make some moves to upgrade the roster ,whatever it takes.

Stan M

Someone above mentioned the 1962 Mets and that despite their awful season, they were beloved. I was there and there were many reasons for fan approval. Primarily it was the NY return of the National League and some old Dodger players. However, the Mets had another plus factor. Their manager was "the ol' professor", Casey Stengel. In a past post, I speculated that Ozzie could very well be a manager who didn't see the newer trends that other managers have embraced. Well, this is becoming more and more evident. He simply doesn't understand how the game, and its players have changed. Now it's me first, my stats get me a new contract, I can be on any team as long as I'm paid properly, and we're all in the same union anyway. And with that attitude, they'll swing at a 2-0 pitch right after the pitcher walks 2 before them, will run through a coaches sign for God knows what reason, and swing just like always despite just making contact would get the team a run. There are several major league managers who have worked around these modern trends, but Ozzie is not, nor will he ever be, one of them.


Wonder who called yesterday's team meeting and what transpired there. From some of the comments Reyes has made, maybe he's ready to step up and become the team leader. We've mentioned that he doesn't have the tenure to take over the role, but nobody on this team does have the tenure other than Hanley — and that ain't gonna happen. We've also mentioned that he doesn't have the personality you usually associate with a team leader, but maybe his easygoing style and the respect he's earned over the years will make him just the guy to take this young team by the nuts.
Sometimes in a vacuum, unlikely leaders emerge, just as when Longoria, one of the youngest of the Rays, stepped up to take the leadership role on that team a couple of years ago.
Again, I hope somebody is able to tell us what went on in that team meeting. Should be more interesting than anything that's happening on the field.

Stan M

I posted this too late for anyone to see a couple of days ago and it is still topical because of how the Dodgers treated a player who drastically needed help 65 years ago. The columns got messed up when it was posted...sorry.

A bit of history and a few words about "the Duke".
To my way of thinking, three people in the 1900s had a profound effect upon baseball. (I'm not counting the evil Marvin Miller who brought the all powerful union.)Babe Ruth for obvious reasons. Bill James for introducing new ways of evaluating players and just about everything else. And Branch Rickey for developing the farm system and also different ways of looking at performance. Here is one example:
After WWII an ultra talented but immature young player with the sweetest swing named Snider came to the Dodgers. He had no idea of the strike zone...sound familiar? That's why I'm telling this story. So Rickey had Snider stand in the batters box for hours and just watch pitches and call out ball or strike. A more experienced hand (I don't remember who) stood behind him and verified or contradicted Snider's calls. The Duke went on to the HOF and Dodger legend. If one of you looked up his stats you might question his credentials. Here are some comparisons with Willie, Mickey and the Duke.
In 1953 Mays was in the Army, so here are comparisons of Snider and Mantle:
Mantle 105 24 3 21 92 .295 .895
Snider 132 38 4 42 126 .336 1.046
For the next 4 years all 3 patrolled CF in New York
Mays 455 104 54 163 418 .323 1.022
Mantle 483 92 34 150 425 .331 1.077
Snider 449 131 25 165 459 .303 1.040
LF for Mays was 277 feet away. RF for Mantle was the Babe Ruth short porch. RF for Snider was the famous wall that was 38 feet tall. The next year Snider moved out West to the temporary Colosseum where the RF power alley was 440 feet away, yes, 440 damn feet! A total of 9 homers were hit there all the first year. Snider was 31 years old! After the move he only hit over 20 HRs once...23. One can only imagine what his stats would have been had he stayed in Brooklyn after hitting 40 or more HRs for 5 years in a row! I absolutely loved the guy.


its the players ,dummies

Stan M

LB, it might be just a rumor but I dreamed that in the meeting the players formed 2 lines and made Perez run between them while pelting him with used athletic supporters. Buck was not allowed to participate


Stan M,
That's gotta be a dream. Why would Marlins players have athletic supporters?


Lol funny post Stan and laurel.


A few responses:

"That's gotta be a dream. Why would Marlins players have athletic supporters?"

Posted by: laurelbowie

LMFAO!!!! Good one!

I remember the incessant arguments growing up about who was the best center fielder in New York, Mays, Mantle or Snider. Nowadays he's like the forgotten man, but anyone with half a brain should realize that IF HE WAS BEING COMPARED TO MANTLE & MAYS he was something REAL SPECIAL.

I sometimes think John Buck is getting messages from "The Old Perfesser" from beyond the grave. Like when he hurt himself on that HR swing, I can just hear Casey saying "swing hard in case you hit it!".

True, the 62 Mets got love in large measure due to some old "Bums" on the roster, and because of Casey, but the players were also really LIKEABLE. On the Marlins, who is LIKEABLE? Stanton, Lomo, Bonifacio, for sure. Reyes.

But I can't see Reyes as a "team leader". In NY he was part of a card playing Latino crew of players that caused Mets' managers some discipline problems.

Posted by Stan: "they'll swing at a 2-0 pitch right after the pitcher walks 2 before them, will run through a coaches sign for God knows what reason, and swing just like always despite just making contact would get the team a run."

I have been ranting about this all year, and if a manager doesn't know what to do about guys who do stuff like that, he shouldn't be managing. You say it's a sign of the times and all managers have to deal with players who do zhit like that, but I DISAGREE. Look at Atlanta; they are CONSTANTLY scoring runs on productive outs. I guess Fredi is a Good Manager? Hell, look at the Blue Jays! A big HR bashing team is taking the Fish TO SCHOOL on how to play smart baseball! Look, if guys are not playing SMART BASEBALL, as the manager you can FIX IT by benching those who are killing the team with stupid or selfish play.

Unless, of course, the FRONT OFFICE is telling YOU who to play. Then you are F**KED.

Stan M

LB, those athletic supporters had a Toronto Blue Jay logo on them. Failed to mention that. Is it true that Buck is doing a commercial for Sanitary Napkins? I have it on good authority that he refuses to wear a bra. Something about being a Free Agent. But he does keep his hair short and said it's because he's a team player. He likes to sit near the ball boys so you can draw your own conclusions. Other players say he loathes that girl announcer and refuses to take a shower anywhere near her. They did say that he is a big horse lover. But when he ropes cattle, he rides side saddle. This is getting much worse, better stop now.

Stan M

Alex, just to keep my comments accurate, I didn't say that all managers have to put up with selfish performances. I did say all managers must confront that type of behavior, but also that several managers have worked around this behavior. Many organizations frown upon it and I would include what was called "the Oriole Way", and the Dodgers had a top to bottom way of doing things correctly as do the Braves whom you mentioned. Situational hitting is bad enogh, but outfield throws that air ball the cutoff man are my pet peave because it is such a simple thing to learn.


I didn't mean to imply that you said all managers have to put up with selfish performances, although if you HAD said that, I wouldn't disagree; that's how players ARE these days, many of them.

I really don't know how you can work around it. You have to put a stop to it. Back in the old days guys got FINED for swinging at pitches that they were supposed to take. Repeat offenders rode the pine. What is Fredi doing in Atlanta? Or is he just lucky that he has few Hanleys on that team?

Stan M

One time a Giant hit a HR (when they were still rare) on a take sign, and John McGraw fined him. We have to stay on Bucks rear end (oops, now there is a Freidian slip) because he hits a HR when we do.

Today's announced attendance was 27,888 and the park was 75 percent full. Was it? I didn't watch again.


It's very hard to say what the real attendance is, Stan. When I went to the ballpark when JJ won against the Red Sox, I saw that a lot of people do NOT sit in the seats that they bought. And why should they? You can walk around the Promenade and see the game very well, better than if you bought an upper deck ticket. So maybe there really were 27K+ at the stadium. But I don't know for sure. The Marlins Front Office could also be lying, which I would believe in a heartbeat.

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