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Zambrano knocked out early vs. Rays, leaves with stiffness in his lower back

Carlos Zambrano endured his shortest and roughest outing of the season Saturday night against the Rays.

But that wasn't the worst of the news.

Carlos Zambrano
Carlos Zambrano was knocked out of Saturday's game after just 2 1/3 innings with lower back stiffness.

The 30-year old right-hander walked off the mound accompanied by Marlins trainer Mike Kozak and was diagnosed with lower back stiffness. He gave up seven earned runs and five hits in 2 1/3 innings.

After needing just seven pitches to get through the first inning, Zambrano threw 36 pitches in the second as he struggled with control. The Rays batted around and scored five runs.

Although he struggled, there weren't any signs something might be physically wrong with Zambrano until he walked Carlos Pena with one out in the third.

Moments after walking Pena, third baseman Hanley Ramirez and catcher John Buck jogged over to the mound. Kozak, pitching coach Randy St. Claire and manager Ozzie Guillen quickly followed along with plate umpire Brian O'Nora

After a short meeting, Zambrano remained in the game and threw five pitches to Ben Zobrist before the switch hitting second baseman crushed an 86-mile per hour fastball into the upper deck in right field for a two-run home run. 

After that, Ramirez and Buck returned to the mound and waved Guillen onto the field to come take out Zambrano.

Even with his rough start Saturday, Zambrano has pitched well for the Marlins since being acquired in a trade for Chris Volstad this past winter.

He went 7 2/3 innings in his previous start Sunday in Philadelphia and hit a home run. He was 4-3 coming into Saturday. His ERA -- counting Saturday's start -- is 3.55. 


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Fed Up With Losing

The real Zambrano has finally shown up. Great acquisition, Beinfest. Fire Ozzie, then fire sale. Season = Over. Bums. Another great night for Miami sports.


Your an idiot!!!


All good teams have that one pitcher that they can count on to get a win when they absolutely have to have one, the guy known as "the stopper". Who is our stopper? Will it be Anibal Sanchez on Sunday? He obviously has the stuff, but in the past when we needed him to step up, he has come up short. JJ used to be the stopper, but can we really count on him to be The Man anymore? Big questions, that I hope get answered positively for us, or the losing will continue.

The team's lack of hitting continues and it is starting to affect the defense. Desperate to get some run production from somewhere, Ozzie has been forced to rush Kearns back into the line up and he hurt us in LF Friday and at 1st base Saturday night. Once again, and I've said this all year long, playing guys out of position is a bad idea. Of course, if you are shill and and a butt kisser of the Marlins Front Office, you will lose your mind when I say things like that. If you know baseball, you already KNOW that playing guys out of position is a bad idea.

Hanley Ramirez, who everyone was ready to crown as Comeback Player of The Year after the Philadelphia series, is hitting .166 in the past week, 4 for 24, with 3 of those hits being the HRs he hit in Philly. Since Philly he is batting .058, 1 for 17. As has been the case with Hanley in recent years, he is disappearing against teams with good pitching. We need him to snap out of it.

There are some bright spots, however. Ruggiano has shown that he is a bonafide center fielder (in other words NOT a converted infielder) with a great arm and he can hit as well. This kid should get major playing time, even after Bonifacio gets back. And I like Solano as well. He might be the exception that proves the rule, a guy who actually does well playing an unfamiliar position. Time will tell.

But there are still a lot of troubling signs. John Buck continues to be absolutely terrible. I wonder who really believes that this team can contend for a playoff spot with two automatic outs in the line up, Buck and any pitcher not named Zambrano. I do not. If this team really expects to contend, something has to be done about Buck. The rest of the team isn't hitting well enough to overcome those automatic outs. And the bullpen, other than Cishek, Bell, Mujica and Choate, is lousy. That's going to hurt during the long hot dog days of summer coming up. But most of all the hitting continues to be pathetic. Even if they fire Eduardo Perez it probably won't help. Maybe getting more guys like Ruggiano & Solano, guys who were never coached much by Perez, might help us. LMAO


Fed Up, I'm just a 56 year old guy who has been playing watching and coaching baseball since the days of Koufax and Ford. I freely admit that sometimes I'm wrong about a player; a guy I liked turns out to be a bum. It happens to everyone.

But after reading the nonsense and stupidity that you post here night after night I have come to the conclusion that not only are you an idiot like Glags said, but you are also nothing but a TROLL. This team is far from perfect, and right now they are struggling. But they are far from bums. When they were winning all those games in May, your stupid little mouth was SHUT, like all TROLLS and idiots do. Trolls are the worst losers in this modern internet world. They are usually nobodies in real life who never played any sports because they were fat, slow, and talentless. So they get their jollies out of posting VOMIT of the type that comes out of your stupid little mouth. It's the only way you can get anyone to PAY ATTENTION TO YOU, because on line we can't SEE what a loser dork you are. After you post your swill, you probably go to your room in mommies house and play with yourself, because trolling gets you all EXCITED, you moronic LOSER. LMFAO



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Alass..you defined yourself...a troll...

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