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Angry Hanley Ramirez punches cooling fan in dugout; has two stitches put on knuckle, but expects to play Friday

ST. LOUIS -- The Marlins lost Sunday's first half finale in frustrating fashion. But even before Heath Bell blew his sixth save of the season, Hanley Ramirez lost his cool in the Marlins dugout.

After grounding out to second base in the sixth inning and falling to 2-for-22 on the road trip, the third baseman returned to the Marlins bench and punched a cooling fan in the dugout, slicing his knuckle and forcing him out of the game. Ramirez had two stitches put on his knuckle just above his ring finger. But Ramirez and the Marlins expect he will be fine for the start of the second half.

"Very stupid injury, very immature," an angry Ozzie Guillen said afterward. "You're going to hurt yourself because you can't hit? Good hitters don't do that. Good hitters battle back and try to get better. Your injury doesn't just hurt yourself, you hurt your ballclub."

Ramirez was replaced by Donovan Solano, who struckout with the bases loaded to end the ninth. The Cardinals then rallied with three runs off Bell to win the game.

"I got mad," Ramirez said of why he punched the cooling fan. "I think its starting to bother me because I know we can do better than this. Personally, I'm not comfortable with what I'm doing right now. I know I'm playing hard, but at the same time I have to produce more."

Ramirez came into the season with high expectations. Some in the organization thought he might in the MVP discussion. But he's hitting just .248 with 12 homers and 44 RBI.

"I think for me, I'm struggling right now. I'm not frustrated at all. But I get mad because I know I do better than that," Ramirez said. "It's going to be better than that."

His manager, however, isn't amused.

"I don't pay attention to stupidities," Guillen fired when asked to explain what happened. "That made me mad. Players get hurt for no reason -- hitting stuff. That's very childish. We're not kids. We're grown people. When you struggle and you're a great player you have to try and be better. To be honest with you I didn't even ask him, I was so disappointed.

"We built this ballclub around him. This is the man in this ballclub and I never criticized Hanley Ramirez for not having the season we thought he had, but I will for hurting himself."

> As for Bell, it appears Guillen has reached the point where he knows something has to be done. He said the situation will be discussed and changes will probably be made after the All-Star Break.

"I stand behind him, but on another hand he's got to be better than that. He is better than that," Guillen said. "If he doesn't get better, I'll find a solution. I will find a solution because I just get tired to watch this, very disappointing to watch this everyday. I try to give this kid confidence, hopes, but you get to the point where we have to win some games. A game like that, it hurts. We've been hurting a lot.

"I have to make a decision, a solution, it will be drastic. But I will do it. We'll wait until the All-Star Break and I will pick whoever is better out there to do the job."

Bell, who has blown six of 25 save opportunities and relinquished the lead a few other times this season, said he understands if his manager has to make a move.

"That's Ozzie decision. He's had my back and I like Ozzie as a manager. But he has to do the best thing, the right thing for the team and right now I plain out suck," Bell said. 

"I feel like I've let the whole organization down. I'm the reason we're 10 games back, plain and simple. I've had the worst first half I've ever had and I think all my teammates can definitely blame me. If I had been doing my job we'd be right in the hunt."

Bell said he didn't apologize to teammates afterward because he's giving it his all.

"If I come in here and say I'm sorry that means I didn't go out there and give 110 percent. But I went out there doing the best I can," Bell said. "Did I let them down? Yes, of course. But I think my teammates know I'm going out there and giving everything I have. For some reason, it's just not working. Right now my job -- is one of the main reasons we're under .500 and not five games above."


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Hanley expects to play Friday? Too bad heb didn't break his hand like Doyle Alexander of the Yankees did back in the 70's; that way we wouldn't have to suffer any more of his 0-4s. Between June and July Hanley's batting about .200 and is a major reason, along with Bell, why this team SUCKS.

Bell has nothing to apologize for, I agree with him. It's not like he isn't TRYING; he is. He just doesn't have it anymore. PERIOD. The fault is all Ozzie's for continuing to force feed him to us in the 9th inning and for not having someone ready to come in at the first sign of trouble.

Mr Wipple

After reviewing the game ending play in slo-mo,Lomo double-clutched getting the ball out of his glove to throw in short left,then Buck caught the ball on a bounce with his stomach,then grabbed it with his bare hand ,trying to make the tag. Epic fail with the game on the line from both ends. Winning teams make that play....

Leo Orestes Barberie

Alex, Isn't this a great country when you and i can agree that a guy doesn't have it anymore "period" and yet said guy is guaranteed to make as much in the next 3 years for being horrible that someone else who is a surgeon saving lives and making 500,000 would take 54 years to make. America!!! Land of Opportunity!! and especially if you close,play 3B, SS or catch for the Miami Marlins


Same old shite from this group. Hopefully Bell will break his hand and be done forever.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Heard Tommy Bahama will be in Durango, CO. I was there once, if I was there over the break, I would tell Tommy not to gear up for the fastball.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Flags, I read your comment fast and I thought you said "same old Shiite" and I wondered why is Flags starting that up. Now that was funny.

Leo Orestes Barberie

I was thinking of all the poor slobs out there only making 200,000 a year that it will take them 135 years to make what Bell will make it 3. Kinda puts a perspective on things and makes you want to beat the crap out of next guy who moans about the "unmerciful" booing some player takes. I wonder if those 73% of Americans between the ages of 50-60 who have not saved enough money to retire and will need to work at SOMETHING until the day they die--Well, I wonder if they care about Heath Bell's feelings?


Hanley, what an idiot.
Heath, what a failure.

Can they just send both of them down to AAA already? Damnit Marlins.

Leo Orestes Barberie

I Know!! I Know!!! Baseball players are "entertainers" and none of us ever complain about what Meryle Streep makes for a movie. The difference is Meryle Streep makes GOOD movies and when "entertainers" bmake BAD movies they only last 2 hours or so and we walk out and forget about it. We don't have a visceral connection to Streep, Nicholson, Pacino and others BUT we do feel for our baseball team and when ONE!!!!! guy has single handedly ruined a season for that baseball team--Well, we tend to be a little irked. And that baseball season goes on for 6 months and if it's a bad season that hurts a lot more than a 2 hour bad movie.


At least we can vote Obama out. We have to put up with THESE idiots, Bell and Ramirez, every day.

Eddie S

I FULLY BLAME OZZIE FOR BELL'S FAILURES. A few months ago Ozzie had a short leash for Bell. What happened to that short leash? Ozzie better have someone else closing for the 2nd half of the season.NO ONE COULD HAVE DONE WORSE THAN BELL. OZZIE BE A MAN AND PUT CISHEK AS THE CLOSER. HAVE HANLEY BAT 7TH UNTIL HE LEARNS TO HIT AGAIN. GIVE BELL THE LONG RELIEF JOB JUST SO HE CANT BLOW ANYMORE GaMES IN THE LATE INNINGS.


Come on Hanley, look at Big Z. At least he used a bat to attack the water cooler.


Jeez Hanley...if you're gonna slug something let it be Chow Bella.


LMAO @ LOB! I love this country!

Leo Orestes Barberie

I'm seriously wondering how Hanley will scratch himself over the break. He better have surgery as soon as possible, either that or employ a cast in multiple areas.


Next series...4 games with the Nats...wining 3 or 4 is looking like it has to happen.


@ Mr Whipple: I am already sick of typing over and over again that Lomo has no business in LF; been doing it ALL YEAR. This is the fault of this CHEAP OWNER & FRONT OFFICE that we signed this washed up overweight 34 year old closer that even the Padres didn't want anymore and also theirs and Ozzie's fault that we keep using all these infielders, 1st basemen & DHs in the outfield.


Why the hell does Guillen even warm up Choate if he's gonna let Choate watch Bell throw the game away from the bullpen? Hello, is anyone awake in the Marlins dugout?

Ken Murphy

Oldtimer Manager Alvin Dark wrote a book entitled " When in Doubt Fire the Manager " . Take heed Marlins
Ken Murphy

Leo Orestes Barberie

I just thought of something while checking the scores--

Who is the best player(NO current Marlins) in Major League Baseball that was a draft selection by the Marlins after 2002? Is there a "BEST" player that was signed by the Marlins after 2002? This is unbelievable. There may not be one. Is that possible? I would love to hear candidates.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Alvin Dark is still alive and living near Clemson, South Carolina.


"Why the hell does Guillen even warm up Choate if he's gonna let Choate watch Bell throw the game away from the bullpen? Hello, is anyone awake in the Marlins dugout?"

Posted by: Bob

Exactly my point. Bell was imploding, he had NOTHING, it was plain to see, and Ozzie just sat there and hung him out to dry. The merciful thing to do was to yank him.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Stan, Flags, Laurel, Alex, Glags, Flav, ANYONE---PLEASE name a "good" Marlins signee post 2002 in the Majors.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Have Beinfest and the rest of the cast really been that bad? is that conceivable? There are NO "good" Marlins signees??????/

Leo Orestes Barberie

Alex, I guarantee if he yanks him Bell throws a tantrum post game. Not that should have stopped him but please realize that Heath Bell really doesn't totally get it either. Of course at 9,000,000 a year for BS(Blowing Saves) why even try to get it?


I just don't know why Stan M would say I think his last name is Frisaro, though. Some of the things Stan says I just do not understand.

By the way, Stan, when Reyes got picked off and did not even move, he was daydreaming. If he had FLINCHED towards second base, yeah, I agree that he was caught when he was about to take off. But he didn't move a muscle! The ball was in the 1st baseman's glove and Reyes didn't even MOVE. That can only happen if the runner takes his EYES OFF THE PITCHER, because if he had seen the pitcher going towards first base he would either A) take off for second or B) try to get back to 1st. That he did not even MOVE means he took his eye off the pitcher, something you never do, not with a lefty.

I know you disagree, Stan, but to me Reyes is another BUST like Hanley is, at least for the First Half of this year. I have no idea why we are giving him a pass, but he does not deserve one. The kid is batting 70 POINTS BELOW last year and a good 25 points below his lifetime BA, and he deserves a good bit of the blame for our anemic offense, and inconsistent defense.

Mr Wipple

The only good Miami player signed as a rookie after 2002 was Wes Welker...and we know where his career went.


Anyway, barring a miracle, this season is OVER. The funniest thing I read today was that MORON Samson crying about no Marlins on the All Star team.

Leo Orestes Barberie




Come down for the 4 Nats games or not?

The positive would be an attempt to rile up the natives close to the bullpen. Of course they will probably remove the 64 year old guy, and that would be Game 1 shot to Hell. Then I'm wondering if they don't let me in anymore because I criticized the high price free agent acquisition. It's a conundrum. I have no intention of sitting in that Mauseleoum and not expressing my thoughts--in a totally NON_PROFANE and NON PERSONAL manner. Everything will be baseball directed.


Stay Home????


That's why I call him Dumbley.


Send that fat@ss to the minors already.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Samson, are you going???

My sign will not read "Han-Ram" or some such puff.

Samsons Boyfriend

Will be there for Mondays game.

Stan M

Bemoaning the signing of Bell will get us nowhere. What's done is done and that should be obvious. Bemoaning how he is used is another matter entirely. And there we come back to Ozzie. Of course LoMo doesn't belong in LF but right now there is no choice. We can't switch him with Lee and no other outfielder can hit nearly as well as he. Salerno hasn't had the oportunity to screw up out there yet...thank goodness, and Dobbs has conducted himself well to date. Wouldn't it be nice if Kearns started to hit like he did in April. Either Kearns, Coussins, or Salerno is a goner when Bono returns. Easy choice before today's pinch homer. It's hard to face reality. Maybe we still could have done well even if Hanley hit .250 and Buck hit.200, and Gabby was so bad he was sent down. Maybe. But we damn sure couldn't and can't win after what the misused Bell has done to us. If he really wants to give 110 per cent as he says, he should volunteer to go down to the minors where he can get a lot of work and possibly straighten himself out. There are many ML managers, past and present who would insist that he volunteer. He can't do it with the big team without costing more games.

Samsons Boyfriend

Cousins will be back in the Crescent City on Boni's return.

Miami Demolition

Anybody have Armando Benitez' #


SB...Boni is taking Stanton's spot for now.

Samsons Boyfriend

sb.....dont be surprised when you see Coghlan Up...Cousins down

Samsons Boyfriend

Cardinals are now 2-31 when trailing,entering the 9th.


Since the Marlins have nobody in the All-Star game, I'm going to reread the best book I've ever read, The Fabric of the Cosmos, and forget about baseball for four glorious days. It will take that long to get my blood pressure back down to semi-normal.
What happened with Hanley today in the dugout — is that what they mean by the sheet hitting the fan?
Maybe that outburst isn't all bad. At least it's starting to get through to Hanley that he's dragging his team to new depths.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Samson, I will be there every game. I just decided. Booked the flight, hotel and car. Will get to see 2 of my favorite teams the Marlins and YOUR East Division leading Washington Nats. Will have to come up with a place to meet. After your "Samson activity" I probably should not say what I'll be wearing--they will probably have a swat unit waiting for us---I'll come up with something. Sad!!!! We must be that paranoid!!

Armando Quinoa

This team will not win under Guillen. Choete was ready with a lefty hitter and he let this wash up reliever pitch to Delcazo. Fire Guillen

Leo Orestes Barberie

Oh My Goodness!! Do you think I will be able to procure tickets? I'm sure the demand will be huge.

Stan, I'm going to do a scientific test to determine the number of people there. It will get me within a 1,000. I hope Tommy is wearing one of those leisure suits. My FIRST trip to Marlin's Park. I'm giddy or something.

Is Joe's open year round now?

Samsons Boyfriend

Ok ..we can meet at the stadium ...will confirm later in week...

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear SB, It would be a riot if you were one of those "shoppers" associated with organizations to check on employees and you really were THE Samson trying to see what is happening on the Blog. Now that would be the ULTIMATE Shopper.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Remember!!!!!! America gets introduced to the ZOO that is YOUR Miami Marlins on July 11 on Showtime. The Marlins agreeing to this is analogous to Nixon keeping the tapes. Get Showtime if you don't have it!!


And Stan, GOD FORBID if Kearns is put back in the outfield again! I still remember the game earlier this season where he turned around the wrong way TWICE going back on a ball that went for a triple.

Neither Kearns, nor Dobbs, nor Lomo should EVER be playing in the outfield, PERIOD. As long as that idiot Ozzie continues writing ANY OF THOSE NAMES ON THE LINE UP CARD in the OF, the Outfield Follies will continue.

Mr Whipple

Sorry to say Alex, that yes, Ozzie will continue to write those said names in the OF,and yes, the follies will continue. New follies will start next Fri nite.


"Bemoaning the signing of Bell will get us nowhere." - Stan M

There is nothing that we can do or say that will "get us anywhere", Stan. Do you think anyone gives a damn about what we write? Do you think this idiot owner and moron manager, or any of the Front Office clowns CARE about how we feel about this abortion? They don't care, Stan! They've been getting away with giving us fans THE SHAFT for YEARS; do you really think that anything will ever change? It won't! I don't post here because I think doing so might "get us somewhere" or have some sort of positive effect. I post here just to know that I'm not the ONLY ONE that sees this disaster unfolding, not because it might HELP in any way!

This isn't NY where good sports writers like Dick Young DIRECTLY TOOK ON THE OWNERSHIP and MANAGEMENT of the Mets & Yankees! These so called "sports writers' don't give a damn, and neither do most of the fans. In any other baseball city sports radio would be blowing up tomorrow about this team. Not here, Stan.

We are basically just pissing in the wind here, Stan, complaining to each other, preaching to the choir. If this team ever gets it's act together and starts making good decisions both on and off the field, it will be by accident, not because of anything any of us said.

Best thing we can do is BOYCOTT THIS TEAM. Stop going to games. Co-ordinate with everyone here to call Sports Radio en masse to complain about this garbage. Get a bunch of guys to go to a game and wear bags over our heads. Get a bunch of guys to go to a game and walk outside with SIGNS protesting bad baseball. It would be great if the laughable sports media here actually SUPPORTED THE FANS. But none of these things will happen. Like I said, we are just pissing in the wind.


See, THAT'S why I post here! To hear guys like Mr Whipple confirm what I already know, and because it's good to have people to commiserate with. Not because I expect anyone to hear what we say.

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