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Angry Hanley Ramirez punches cooling fan in dugout; has two stitches put on knuckle, but expects to play Friday

ST. LOUIS -- The Marlins lost Sunday's first half finale in frustrating fashion. But even before Heath Bell blew his sixth save of the season, Hanley Ramirez lost his cool in the Marlins dugout.

After grounding out to second base in the sixth inning and falling to 2-for-22 on the road trip, the third baseman returned to the Marlins bench and punched a cooling fan in the dugout, slicing his knuckle and forcing him out of the game. Ramirez had two stitches put on his knuckle just above his ring finger. But Ramirez and the Marlins expect he will be fine for the start of the second half.

"Very stupid injury, very immature," an angry Ozzie Guillen said afterward. "You're going to hurt yourself because you can't hit? Good hitters don't do that. Good hitters battle back and try to get better. Your injury doesn't just hurt yourself, you hurt your ballclub."

Ramirez was replaced by Donovan Solano, who struckout with the bases loaded to end the ninth. The Cardinals then rallied with three runs off Bell to win the game.

"I got mad," Ramirez said of why he punched the cooling fan. "I think its starting to bother me because I know we can do better than this. Personally, I'm not comfortable with what I'm doing right now. I know I'm playing hard, but at the same time I have to produce more."

Ramirez came into the season with high expectations. Some in the organization thought he might in the MVP discussion. But he's hitting just .248 with 12 homers and 44 RBI.

"I think for me, I'm struggling right now. I'm not frustrated at all. But I get mad because I know I do better than that," Ramirez said. "It's going to be better than that."

His manager, however, isn't amused.

"I don't pay attention to stupidities," Guillen fired when asked to explain what happened. "That made me mad. Players get hurt for no reason -- hitting stuff. That's very childish. We're not kids. We're grown people. When you struggle and you're a great player you have to try and be better. To be honest with you I didn't even ask him, I was so disappointed.

"We built this ballclub around him. This is the man in this ballclub and I never criticized Hanley Ramirez for not having the season we thought he had, but I will for hurting himself."

> As for Bell, it appears Guillen has reached the point where he knows something has to be done. He said the situation will be discussed and changes will probably be made after the All-Star Break.

"I stand behind him, but on another hand he's got to be better than that. He is better than that," Guillen said. "If he doesn't get better, I'll find a solution. I will find a solution because I just get tired to watch this, very disappointing to watch this everyday. I try to give this kid confidence, hopes, but you get to the point where we have to win some games. A game like that, it hurts. We've been hurting a lot.

"I have to make a decision, a solution, it will be drastic. But I will do it. We'll wait until the All-Star Break and I will pick whoever is better out there to do the job."

Bell, who has blown six of 25 save opportunities and relinquished the lead a few other times this season, said he understands if his manager has to make a move.

"That's Ozzie decision. He's had my back and I like Ozzie as a manager. But he has to do the best thing, the right thing for the team and right now I plain out suck," Bell said. 

"I feel like I've let the whole organization down. I'm the reason we're 10 games back, plain and simple. I've had the worst first half I've ever had and I think all my teammates can definitely blame me. If I had been doing my job we'd be right in the hunt."

Bell said he didn't apologize to teammates afterward because he's giving it his all.

"If I come in here and say I'm sorry that means I didn't go out there and give 110 percent. But I went out there doing the best I can," Bell said. "Did I let them down? Yes, of course. But I think my teammates know I'm going out there and giving everything I have. For some reason, it's just not working. Right now my job -- is one of the main reasons we're under .500 and not five games above."


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And don't get me wrong: I LIKE Lomo! Just not in the outfield! He tries his best, but he's NO OUTFIELDER! I like Dobbs too. As a PINCH HITTER. There's a good reason that's what he has been doing these past years. Ditto Kearns. Not an outfielder, but a good bat off the bench.

Mr Whipple

Call Sports radio and talk about the Marlins...to who? Bucket Head Joe Rose? or The Marlins Flagship/Heat station? There is no Marlins talk radio in S.FL.not longer than 5 minutes...maybe the Cro at .640am maybe..when he is on. Call him, homey's.


HILARIOUS: "Hanley Ramirez came into the season with high expectations. Some in the organization thought he might in the MVP discussion."

PLEASE GET ME WHATEVER CRACK THEY ARE SMOKING! Nobody in his RIGHT MIND could have had any earthly reason to think Hanley "might in the MVP discussion." I mean seriously, based on WHAT could anyone have had such a moronic thought? Hanley hasn't hit well since 2009. He has been hiding behind the injury excuse these past years, but I saw enough from him when he WASN'T injured to see that him having an "MVP" type season was not going to happen. Any FOOL could see that by watching him the past few years.

But once again, this is MIAMI, which means idiots like Samson can get away with saying such incredible bullspit and nobody in the press will even call them out on it.


Mr Whipple, at 10 AM on 640 Troy Stratford is always asking Marlins fans to call in. I do sometimes. But very few other guys do.

Mr Whipple

Remember the Hanley TV commercial before the season started?? the one with Hanley writing on his bat, all the names of the twitter people that trashed him on twitter during the off-season. Hanley will have to order several dozen more bats than usual this year,just to keep that promise.


Not to smart punching a inaminate object Dummy! Sheesh what an Idiota this guy is,,,lol


As a season ticket holder I'm more frustrated by Hanley's lack of hustle than I am at his lackluster productivity. Hanley has become a cancer to this team and must be removed as soon as possible.
The two other players on this team that are totally useless are John Buck and, of course, Heath Bell.
Not only is John Buck not hitting, but his play as catcher is atrocious. Can't throw out a runner stealing, not sure that his play behind the plate is even average. Get rid of him ASAP.
I can't even discuss Heath Bell as I'm sure his performance or lack thereof, is a major contributor to some of the crappy play by our team.
Disappointing losses are contagious. Ozzie's patience with Bell and the lack of hustle from Hanley show a lack of leadership on his part.


Guillen is the GW Bush of managers. Takes his team into the toilent and finds someone else to blame.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Alex, I can almost guarantee that if I wore a bag over my head Friday night that I would not be allowed in or would get tossed once I was in. It's not like they would brook any type of protest in the nice,new stadium.

The REALLY sad thing is with Reyes and Ramirez(two very recent NL Batting Champs) stinking it up, with Boni's injury, with Buck being Buck, with the unexpected demise of Gaby and Coghlin,with the presence of only Dobbs on the bench(when he isn't playing}, with some of the worst outfield defense of the last 5o years--this team would STILL be in 2nd place in the NL East and no less than 4 games behind the Nats and atop the Wild Card IF Bell had performed in only an average--NOT BRILLIANT!!!-----manner. With allthe numerous flaws, it is obvious this team still had enough talent to be a player in the NL. I can't recall a relief pitcher in last quarter of a century who personally destroyed the season of a team that could have been a threat.

I was going to bring in a sign that read:

"Ask not for who the Bell tolls.
He tolls for all Marlins fans."

Then I realized there is NO way I get the sign in there, but I get it in in Washington, Atlanta and hopeully Arizona. Maybe even a little ESPN time.

Marlin Fan

Another horrible loss. Ozzie has proven his inability to manage. I think Chicago won the World Series IN SPITE of him . It took him 80 plus games to realize a change needs to be done with Bell?????? He wants " to give the kid confidence , support , and hope" ??? Hes a grown 34 yr old man !!!! Sanchez was sent down for not producing , and Bell???? Oh wait , he's making 8 million . ... I'm hoping for a .500 season and to dream of a wildcard.

Stan M

LOB, if you do use it, add an "M". Some nice thing about 2012 for a moment:
*The rise of the Nats, Pirates, and Mets, defying most of the experts
*The special attention Chipper Jones is getting
*That tiny 2nd baseman on Houston
*Following Harper snd Trout as they exceed expectations
*Observing Maybin's dismal showing after our trade
*See Pujols struggle after he took the money and ran.
*Watching Loria fall on his face despite spending so much of the taxpayers and other teams money
*Being able to converse with so many fellow posters on this site who understand baseball.
*Hearing Vince Scully via Direct TV even if it's the last time.
*Following 4 or 5 of our top prospects as they perform well.
Watching the professionalism of Buehrle as he goes about his job

Stan M

Marlin Fan, look where the White Sox are now with a new manager. Helps to prove your point.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Is Cro still uttering "Call Me!!! Talkin baseball" ?? That would be hilarious Sports radio in the Carolinas is totally different. They are actually too polite and let people stay on too long. As you can guess I'm a regular and people actually recognize my voice around the area--much to my wife's consternation---AND they don't even utilize a 7 second delay!!! Imagine that in South Florida???????

Marlin Fan

As for Buck, how on earth can a starter be hitting .170 for most the year , AND STILL START??, and that's with poor defensive skills. Were not asking him to be Bench or Piazza with his hitting , but at least keep them honest and hit what, .230 or so......Ramirez makes Reyes look like Charlie Hustle, pathetic .

Leo Orestes Barberie

Alex(And any other frequent attendees at games), Obviously I won't be able to park with Season Ticket people so do you have any suggestions where to park? I trust you guys more than the marlins site. You must realize the people who payed 27 million for a 34 yrear old over used closer also are responsible for that site.


As all athlete's will tell you, to perform his/her sport of choice is OVER 90% mental. Baseball is a mind game being played mentally unprepared. You can take a player like Scottt Cousins who fits a perfect profile and mentally prepare him to becone an accomplished hitter in 1 hour. I challenge anybody to prove me wrong just as I challenge anybody to let me prove me right.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear Stanley, What an inexcusable faux pas. Of course I will say "whom", of course I will be the "who" that gets ejected with that sign. BUT---imagine me with a great big grin---they can't stop me in other stadiums.

I wish I could tell you where I was sitting and what to look for but I really think Samson reads these blogs. He would be the type who would want to know what is being said of a negative nature. I'll meet you in Atlanta for some games or you can meet me and I'll do all the driving. 2 hours and 20 minutes from here.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear Swamp, Do you think ANYONE can be taught to hit? Does an athlete not require a special muscle tic to hit a baseball? It would be interesting to see you instruct a DEDICATED John Buck to hit. I also would like to see you get your methods wrapped around Jeremy Hermida, Matt Dominguez, kyle Skipworth, Brett Carroll and a host of others.

Leo Orestes Barberie

In fact I would pay for your transportation to South Florida to see you work with the Marlins. The difficulty would be convincing the Marlins to let you near the team. I sincerely believe you could have done no worse with Hermida, Dominguez, Skipworth and Carroll than the guys they utilized. Hermida was by acclamation the "best young hitter coming out of high school" the year he was drafted. Dominguez and Skipworth stalled. ramirez has changed his entire approach SINCE winning a Batting Title, Sanchez falls across the plate, watch Coghlin on tape and you see a totally different swing from when he first came up, Buck hit .280 in 2010-----It is really bizarre. i expect someone to finally screw up Yelich and Ozuna will NEVER get the help that his potential warrants.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Laurel, You must read "Yours In Truth" about Ben Bradlee. Woodward and others are aggravated because it opens up some doubts about "Deep Throat" actually having been a "composite", it also appears one of the sources was definitely a grand juror who "Woodstein" had said had never given any info. In its totality I was really impressed with Bradlee as a true Renaissance Man. read it.

Sorry. It has nothing to do with sports so I'm not suggesting it to many people. Maybe Clark and Manny would be inspired.

Stan M

There is at least one prerequsite and that is superior eye-hand coordination. That assumes good reflexes. I would agree that pitch selection can be an acquired skill and maybe even pitch recognition. Lastly, as you say, one can also learn situational hitting. That is, unless you're a Marlin.

I've read that Justin Upton might be on the block. That's nice. But I hope with my heart and soul that we don't go near him. One Hanley is already too many.

Stan M

LOB, I had a very strict female professor in a grduate course sternly point out that injuries become aggravated but people become irritated. It was misused in a Master's Degree paper and this old school department head didn't like it one bit. When I say strict and old school, when a female student came to class in culottes, she sent her home (in tears) with instructions to dress properly as a young lady should.
Ah, they were the good old days...I guess!


I already have Yours In Truth high on my list. Any book that has Woodward baring his claws the way that one has must be a fun read. Managing a newsroom — especially an old-style newsroom before computers ruined it all — was a lot like managing a baseball team, and those I knew who "played" for Bradlee considered him a player's manager.
Of course, maybe that's a bad analogy. I mean, can you imagine Ozzie overseeing the details of the Watergate investigation?


I was thinking that the Heath Bell signing and subsequent contract could have a ripple effect throughout baseball with the closers role. Owners around the league will hopefully take note and begin to make the change out of this ridiculous cycle of bringing in one guy for three outs in the 9th. We saw yesterday the insanity that is the closers role first hand. Both Cishek and Dunn were dominating and either could have finished the game BUT NO Ozzie and the crew bring in the Death Bell for the save. I remember growing up in St. Louis watching Bruce Sutter or Lee Smith come in for two innings or more sometimes to finish off a game. I'm sure that closers around the league are pissed at Bell because hopefully this "position" as "closer" will soon be a thing of the past in our modern era. Everyone knows that this whole SAVES stat is a joke. With the exception of Mariano Rivera, who is near retirement, it's a crap shoot. Got a guy that's pitching well in the 8th, leave him in and finish the game. Now I understand that you can't expect that every night from one guy but the Fish potentially have three that can fill that role with Dunn, Cishek, Oviedo. Time for this supposed "free thinking" manager Ozzie Guillen to change the rules back to the "old school" and have guy's ready to finish the game for a win!


Does anyone feel like this whole season is just surreal and not really happening? It might be the first time in my life that I have struggled with sitting down and enjoying the game. When I watch the Marlins there isn't any particular player of player's that I find myself really getting behind with the exception of Stanton. Who just LOVES Hanley? Reyes seems like a loveable guy but his performance thus far has been mediocre, JJ?, LoMo, a little, Infante? Nope. It just says something about a franchise when I find watching bench guys like Ruggiano or Dobbs to see if they can overachieve. I still love the Marlins and they'll forever be my team. I just wish we could start this whole season over but there are no do overs are there?

To Hell With David Samson

Again with the talk of boycotting the Marlins. Yeesh. For the umpteenth time, BOYCOTT THE SPONSORS! Hit the companies that support this swill where it hurts. Heck, I'm boycotting everyone who advertises on Fox Sports and 790 The Ticket, even if they're not advertising during Marlins games. You want to make a statement? Go all out or, like Hanloaf, don't go at all.

By the way, Stanton's career has peaked.

Stan M

I feel exactly same way.


Giancarlo27_ profile
Giancarlo27_ Made it out alive....Who needs crutches? I ran home

Good tweet from Giancarlo!!

To Hell With David Samson

Giancarlo ran home, but the third base corch held him up as he was putting his key into the door and sent him back to the curb.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Flags, This season has ALREADY happened thanks to Bell. I know I will have to semi mind those proverbial P's and Q's in Miami but when the Marlins hit DC at the end of this month and with my seats next to the visitor's bullpen secured, it is going to be a fun time indeed. The key is NEVER use profanity or say ANYTHING about family but I'm just thinking that leaves me a whole bunch of material.

Will never forget the standing ovation I got in Philadelphia for my comments to Gregg. That was a fun series.


Let him have it! A professional athlete should be in better shape and certainly should be able to perform much much much better than what Heath Bell has shown this year. Did anyone see in yesterday's game Heath Bell yawning when they were talking about the heat? The camera panned to his fat arse yawning and quickly panned away! Now I don't expect bullpen guys to be lifting weights during a game but for cripes sake if your Bell show a little interest. The guy is a head case too. Numerous good posts about him walking off the mound and taking deep breaths and fidgeting all the time. Ridiculous.


Newsflash!!! Did anyone read that Bell is retiring and giving up his contact?

Just kidding.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Heath Bell makes 55,555.56 for each of 162 games. Doesn't matter if he pitches or not. He is going to be paid 55,555.62 for sitting on that fat,obese butt or blowing a save. Doesn't matter. Do you guys think if maybe people who will NEVER be able to afford to retire started to think about that, that just maybe, enough people would say "The Hell to this nonsense" and maybe start reading, playing a sport, Volunteering, listening to good music or any activity with value?/--besides watching slobs and/or reprobates play a game??


Time to move to the new thread? LOB, you can't come IN TO STADIUM wearing paper bags on your heads. But you can have them IN YOUR POCKET and then put them on. The worst they can do is ask you to remove them.

As for parking, I would get there a good 60-90 minutes before Game Time and park on someone's property. The streets are full of guys renting spots between 5 and 10 bucks. Or you could pay to park in the official garages, but that will cost you $25. If you choose to go that route, get there EARLY anyway so you don't have to park way up high. Otherwise it will take you forever to get OUT of the garage after the game.


The post by flagstaff that begins with "Does anyone feel like this whole season is just surreal and not really happening?" is spot on!

This team has been playing very listlessly, without a lot of fire, and I agree 100% about the lack of LIKABLE Marlins to root for. Obviously there's Stanton, and the Cinderella Man, Ruggiano. I also pull for JJ to get his form back; he's very likable. Lomo too, and yeah, Dobbs as a Pinch Hitter. I don't like Dobbs playing in the field. Cishek, yes of course and Buehrle, the consumate pro. But that's about IT! Reyes and Hanley are starting to become like one really mediocre player named Hanley Reyes, LOL! Buck is a nightmare, Infante is inconsistent as hell. Anibal Sanchez has 20 game winner STUFF, but no mental toughness, no bulldog tenacity. And on and on.

Bottom line: this is not a fun team to watch, and the games haven't been enjoyable. Even the wins have been torturous.




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